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Dakimakura Review – Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (NSFW)

Sena Kashiwazaki Dakimakura Review

Time for more pillowcase talk. This one features Sena Kashiwazaki, the rich, insecure, somewhat bisexual eroge enthusiast from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. I like the manga and I’ve been a fan of Buriki’s art for a while – entirely because of this picture – and I was pleased that the anime adaptation was a lot of fun to watch. Despite not straying past the bounds of convention, the characters are likeably quirky, and it was refreshing to see a show with a male lead that wasn’t completely clueless, milquetoast, or pathetic. It’s one of the few harem-style shows where I didn’t dislike any of the characters, and I’m not sure which one is my favorite. I guess I’d call it a tie among Sena, Kobato, and Rika, but all the characters are cool. Grading strictly on appearance, I’d probably roll with Sena, though, which is why I have this dakimakura cover.
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Dakimakura Review – Lucrezia from the Art of Carnelian (NSFW)

Lucrezia from Carnelian Dakimakura Review

Time for more pillowcase show-and-tell. This one comes from Carnelian, surely one of the most famous illustrators in the anime world. She’s a veteran artist, having been around as long as I’ve been on the internet, which goes back to the mid-90s, but although she’s quite well-known, she’s never had the sort of commercial stature of someone like Tony Taka or even newer artists like redjuice or Huke. She’s contributed character designs to just a couple of mainstream anime – Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito probably being the most prominent – though H-anime fans will also remember her work in Moonlight Lady. Instead, her work is much more visible in the doujin community, where she is very active. In particular, there are a number of dakimakura covers featuring her art; this particular one was released last summer during Comiket 80 and depicts an original character named Lucrezia.
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Dakimakura Review – Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos (NSFW)

It’s time for pillowcase show-and-tell, and today we’ve got one from Infinite Stratos, that sci-fi harem show whose most notable contribution to anime culture is the tremendous amount of quality porn it has inspired. While the show’s plot is nothing special, several of the characters are agreeable enough, with Charlotte Dunois perhaps being the most likeable. Leaving aside her initial assumption of a male identity named Charles, she’s the one sane girl in a school packed with psychotics and lunatics. Even-keeled, friendly, and cheerful, she stands out amongst the principal members of the cast, and so it’s not surprising she’s got a ton of doujin merchandise, including a bunch of pillowcases. This one is from Evening Call, a circle that specializes in making dakimakura covers.
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Dakimakura Review – Vivio from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (NSFW)

Vivio from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Dakimakura Review

Though Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has finished its television run – at least until they decide to animate ViVid and Force – its popularity continues to flourish thanks to a huge spectrum of goods featuring its characters. The list of official goods is impressive, comprising cups, notebooks, cell phone straps, video games with its own impressive selection of goods packed in, and so on … and of course, where licensed makers choose not to provide, doujin circles are there to step in. This is particularly true with pillowcases, and while the Nanoha series has some competition from Madoka for the throne of the magical girl genre, the new contender cannot contest Nanoha’s popularity when it comes to dakimakura covers.
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Dakimakura Review – Teresa Beria from Seikon no Qwaser

Teresa Beria Dakimakura Review

It’s pillowcase time and while this one is not nearly as salacious as the ones I usually buy, I’m a fan of Seikon no Qwaser and I particularly like Teresa Beria, the reserved and taciturn Maria. In anime and video games, I like quiet, duty-minded girls. I’m more of a Rei fan than an Asuka fan and more of a Yuki fan than a Haruhi fan. I like KOS-MOS a lot though that sentiment is tempered by how bloody awful Xenosaga is. Fate is my favorite Nanoha character, though admittedly I’ve only seen the movie and the first few episodes of StrikerS. I really liked Noir, and that’s mainly because the female characters weren’t whiny, tsundere, or clingy – they just went around doing their business. And that’s what Teresa is like; she’s a quiet tulip enthusiast who helps out series lead Sasha in his quest for revenge. She occasionally steps into the fight with a bow and arrows. And she occasionally gets sexually assaulted, but that’s par for the course for all the Qwaser characters – including Sasha – so it’s all good.
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Dakimakura Review – Takeda Shingen from Ouka Sengoku: Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!? (NSFW)

Takeda Shingen Dakimakura Review

Time to give pillowcases a little bit of love. Lolis aren’t really my thing, but when the loli is named Takeda Shingen-chan, how can I say no?
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Dakimakura Review – Hinata Harigaya from the Art of Nakaba ReiMei (NSFW)

Hinata Harigaya Dakimakura

You know what they say about the best-laid schemes of mice and men. I had hoped to have had Saber Alter’s backdrop ready by now but other events – including a prolonged period of exultation after watching the Lakers get crushed and ignobly ejected from the playoffs – have dictated otherwise, so let’s take a look at a pillowcase instead. If anybody wants to know my thoughts about Saber Alter, I think she’s one spiffy figure.
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Dakimakura Review – Rie Kawai from Lovers (NSFW)

Rie Kawai from Lovers Dakimakura Review

These days, it’s not difficult to find information regarding dakimakura covers. However, even with all the resources that are available online, sometimes it’s hard to find a full picture of a particular pillowcase. Such was the case with this one; I found an image of one side but didn’t know what was on the other side. As I’d seen a doujinshi depicting this character wearing this costume during a middle stage of pregnancy, I was hesitant to pick this one up since I didn’t want to drop ten thousand yen just to receive an unpleasant surprise, but then I was like screw it; I like Rie Kawai’s character design and I figured the reverse side wouldn’t be that bad. Plus she’s decked out in bondage stuff. I figured it’d still be worth it, even if I only liked one side.
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Dakimakura Review – Eva from Record of Agarest War 2

Eva from Agarest War Dakimakura

Nothing intimidates me like doing a review of a poseable figure, so instead we have here another dakimakura cover review. And it’s not explicit! Sort of. The Agarest War games have a saucy reputation though I am told that the level of suggestiveness veers more towards fanservice than full-blown hentai. This one has a little bit of both, I guess.
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Dakimakura Review – Chizuru Tendou from Renai Saimin – Tsun na Kanojo ga Dereru Saimin (NSFW)

Renai Saimin Chizuru Tendou Dakimakura

Comiket 79 took place last December and I bought some of the doujinshi that premiered there through Toranoana. There were also a lot of dakimakura covers sold there and I didn’t buy any of them, since the releases were strictly limited edition and I didn’t feel like going through the hassle or expense of using my favorite proxy services. One of the pillowcases I wanted was this one, and after reconsideration I briefly contemplated picking it up off of Yahoo Japan Auctions. A couple weeks after C79, I loaded up Amiami’s webpage and was surprised to see this dakimakura cover listed on their site. I put my preorder in with the quickness, happy that I wasn’t going to have to pay a proxy markup. They’ve since added a couple more dakimakura covers that I thought were Comiket exclusives, which is gratifying indeed.
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