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Mimi Usada from the Art of Saitom (NSFW)

Saitom’s profile has skyrocketed in recent times, thanks in large part due to his design work for the Xenoblade Chronicles games, but he’s been a prolific artist for quite some time. Aside from his more mainstream work, he’s produced a … Continue reading

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Year Thirteen Retrospective

Well, the site is a year older today. The pace of updates is still not as frequent as I would like, and I’m actually sitting on a couple of photo sets right now that just need writeups. That said, I’ve … Continue reading

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Reika Shimohira from Gantz: O (Prime 1 Studio White Version)

First, a couple of administrative notes: this site recently went through a database upgrade and I’ve noticed a couple of odd things. One is that the sidebar mysteriously disappeared until I tweaked the site layout, and another is that special … Continue reading

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M ~Histoire d’M~ from the Art of Ama Mitsuki (NSFW)

Happy Christmas all; I hope you’re having a good, happy, and healthy holiday season. First, a personal update: it’s been a busy past couple of months for me, though in a good way. I took a trip to Vegas a … Continue reading

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Dame Valerie from the Art of Shinsuke Inui (NSFW)

We took a look at The Literary Type a couple of weeks back, but that wasn’t the only figure that Native released last month; they also shipped this figure, on the same day no less. This character is named Dame … Continue reading

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The Literary Type from the Art of Akemi Mikoto (NSFW)

It’s been 457 days since the last time I reviewed a hentai figure. That changes now, starting with this figure of a girl called, strangely enough, The Literary Type.

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Luna from Epic Seven

I’ve mentioned several times that Epic Seven is now my primary game. I’ve also said that one of the reasons I enjoy gacha games are the attractive character designs generally intrinsic to the genre, and that I am looking to … Continue reading

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Mordred from Fate/Apocrypha (Saber of Red Version)

I’ve written a lot about my newfound fondness for mobile games – specifically, gacha games. Besides Epic Seven, which is my main game, I’m enjoying Counter Side, though I know little about its game mechanics – a rather liberating circumstance, … Continue reading

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Charlize from Lineage II: Revolution

As Hemingway wrote, my descent toward becoming a degenerate mobile gamer occurred in two ways: gradually and then suddenly. For much of the last thirteen years, I’ve spent most of my gaming time playing World of Warcraft, to the complete … Continue reading

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KOS-MOS from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Some time back, Good Smile Company released figures of Pyra and Mythra from Monolith Soft’s popular role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles 2; they sold out quickly and subsequently commanded impressive markups in the secondary market. Happily for collectors, they’ve since been … Continue reading

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