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Rie Kawai from Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara … ~ (NSFW)

Rie Kawai from Lovers

One of the things that I am thankful for is that there is such a huge assortment of high-quality ero figures. Not all that long ago, it was scandalous for a figure company to even reveal a sculpted nipple and now we have, well, this sort of thing. There are a bunch of similarly explicit figures in the current review queue but we’ll start with Rie Kawai, who is all dressed up in a superb outfit.
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Dakimakura Review – Rie Kawai from Lovers (NSFW)

Rie Kawai from Lovers Dakimakura Review

These days, it’s not difficult to find information regarding dakimakura covers. However, even with all the resources that are available online, sometimes it’s hard to find a full picture of a particular pillowcase. Such was the case with this one; I found an image of one side but didn’t know what was on the other side. As I’d seen a doujinshi depicting this character wearing this costume during a middle stage of pregnancy, I was hesitant to pick this one up since I didn’t want to drop ten thousand yen just to receive an unpleasant surprise, but then I was like screw it; I like Rie Kawai’s character design and I figured the reverse side wouldn’t be that bad. Plus she’s decked out in bondage stuff. I figured it’d still be worth it, even if I only liked one side.
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