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Dakimakura Review – Eva from Record of Agarest War 2

Eva from Agarest War Dakimakura

Nothing intimidates me like doing a review of a poseable figure, so instead we have here another dakimakura cover review. And it’s not explicit! Sort of. The Agarest War games have a saucy reputation though I am told that the level of suggestiveness veers more towards fanservice than full-blown hentai. This one has a little bit of both, I guess.
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Record of Agarest War Really Naughty Limited Edition

Agarest War Really Naughty Limited Edition

This news is a couple of days old, but in case anybody hadn’t heard, Aksys Games is releasing the strategy RPG Record of Agarest War in the United States in April. This game’s gotten a lot of flak for being softcore porn, but from what I can tell, its suggestiveness is more along the lines of Ar Tonelico or Super Robot Wars OG Saga than Battle Raper. You wouldn’t be able to infer that from Aksys’s pack-ins for the limited edition of the game, though, since they’re throwing in an oppai mousepad and a pillowcase. The latter item unfortunately isn’t a full-sized dakimakura but it’s still looking pretty good.

Anyway, the Really Naughty Limited Edition is awesome but what caught my eye was something in Aksys’s announcement video. It features a white guy acting goofy with the goods and some porno-style music. Towards the end of the trailer, another white guy comes into the scene and you see this:

Pay no mind to the white guy or his funny face and look over to the left. See that? That’s KOS-MOS! The Aksys guy has a KOS-MOS figure! How awesome is that?

Record of Agarest War is scheduled to come out in late April, so Xbox 360 owners should go put in preorders for the Really Naughty Limited Edition right away. Unfortunately, it appears that PS3 owners are going to left in the cold in this respect, so I guess they’ll have to put in their orders whenever the game is available for download on Sony’s network or something. There’s more information about the game over on Ota desho.

One other Aksys note, they’re bringing over the Cave shmup Deathsmiles on the 360. I don’t know much about the game yet but I’m happy to see it make its way over to the US. I still have to spend some quality time with Mushihime-sama Futari, I bought it back in November but I haven’t played it for more than fifteen minutes yet (which is actually longer than I’ve played Dragon Age).

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