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Dakimakura Review – Chizuru Tendou from Renai Saimin – Tsun na Kanojo ga Dereru Saimin (NSFW)

Renai Saimin Chizuru Tendou Dakimakura

Comiket 79 took place last December and I bought some of the doujinshi that premiered there through Toranoana. There were also a lot of dakimakura covers sold there and I didn’t buy any of them, since the releases were strictly limited edition and I didn’t feel like going through the hassle or expense of using my favorite proxy services. One of the pillowcases I wanted was this one, and after reconsideration I briefly contemplated picking it up off of Yahoo Japan Auctions. A couple weeks after C79, I loaded up Amiami’s webpage and was surprised to see this dakimakura cover listed on their site. I put my preorder in with the quickness, happy that I wasn’t going to have to pay a proxy markup. They’ve since added a couple more dakimakura covers that I thought were Comiket exclusives, which is gratifying indeed.
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