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Dakimakura Review – Takeda Shingen from Ouka Sengoku: Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!? (NSFW)

Takeda Shingen Dakimakura Review

Time to give pillowcases a little bit of love. Lolis aren’t really my thing, but when the loli is named Takeda Shingen-chan, how can I say no?
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Dakimakura Review – Chizuru Tendou from Renai Saimin – Tsun na Kanojo ga Dereru Saimin (NSFW)

Renai Saimin Chizuru Tendou Dakimakura

Comiket 79 took place last December and I bought some of the doujinshi that premiered there through Toranoana. There were also a lot of dakimakura covers sold there and I didn’t buy any of them, since the releases were strictly limited edition and I didn’t feel like going through the hassle or expense of using my favorite proxy services. One of the pillowcases I wanted was this one, and after reconsideration I briefly contemplated picking it up off of Yahoo Japan Auctions. A couple weeks after C79, I loaded up Amiami’s webpage and was surprised to see this dakimakura cover listed on their site. I put my preorder in with the quickness, happy that I wasn’t going to have to pay a proxy markup. They’ve since added a couple more dakimakura covers that I thought were Comiket exclusives, which is gratifying indeed.
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Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters!

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

I guess it’s no shame to admit that I’m a typical shallow, hormone-driven male. When I assess a figure for purchase, I first judge it on whether I like the character but since I’m not familiar with most of the characters that are turned into figures, I mainly judge on looks. In this particular figure’s case, “looks” means panties. I know nothing about the character or where she comes from, but I know that she’s flashing her panties with a smile, and that’s enough to meet the requirements for my collection.
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Shoujo S from the Art of Hanaharu Naruko (NSFW)

Native Shoujo S from Hanaharu Naruko Figure Review

I got a shipping payment request for Shoujo S from Tokyo Hunter the other week, and after I sent off the money, I had the feeling that something felt unusual about the whole deal. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but after thinking about it for a moment, I realized what it was: Shoujo S came out right on time! How rare is that? Native listed June as her release month, and she came out right on schedule, which is very peculiar. It’s a bit like where I work; we had this big party a few months back because we managed to ship out a patch for our product on time. Now that’s more sad than peculiar.
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Rika Shiraki from Bible Black (NSFW)

Miyabiya Rika Shiraki from Bible Black Figure Review

Hentai is something of a niche genre in a niche medium, lurking off to the side away from the mainstream. Although the hentai industry is incessantly assailed by critics and censors and region 1 distribution is all but dead and devotees of cartoon porn are a peculiar breed within a hobby that already carries its own forceful social stigma, figure manufacturers are nothing but enthusiastic about adapting characters from hentai games and anime. Even hardcore series such as Demonbane, the Rance franchise, and Escalayer have made the happy jump from 2D to 3D courtesy of big names like Alter, Max Factory, and Kotobukiya.

I’ve found it curious that Bible Black hasn’t gotten a great deal of attention from figure makers, despite its varied cast and the respect it has received as a dark, edgy show with an actual plotline. Admittedly, the plot mainly works to facilitate the raping but that’s only to be expected for a show like that. At any rate, it appears that Miyabiya is out to rectify this oversight, and so we have here their first Bible Black figure, Rika Shiraki.
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Kanu Uncho from Ikki Tousen

Alter Kanu Unchou from Ikki Tousen Figure Review

Although I like Kanu Uncho, I wouldn’t call her one of my favorite anime characters, particularly given her questionable characterization in the last two seasons of Ikki Tousen. Nonetheless, I own more figures of Kanu than any other character, and Alter’s version is number six in my collection. I’ve had it sitting in its box for a couple of months now, and today seems like an auspicious day to write about her since I want to watch basketball and I think I can bang out this review real quickly.
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Mafuyu Orifushi Dakimakura from Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo (NSFW)

Mafuyu Orifushi from Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo Dakimakura Review

Back before I started this blog, there was nothing I wanted more than a dakimakura cover. I was elated when I got my first one, and while I got a second one in short order, I figured that I wouldn’t get many more; after all, dakimakura are some of the most impractical things to buy in this hobby. The pillow is too big to keep on my bed, I can’t actually hold it since I don’t want to get it all funky, they’re too expensive to hang on the wall, and owning even one outs you as a hardcore anime freak. Nonetheless, they keep coming out and I keep buying them, and here I have dakimakura number five.
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Mio Akiyama from K-ON!

Alter Mio Akiyama from K-ON! Review

We are here today to take a look at a cultural icon, one of the most famous things in its field. Indeed, it is so ubiquitous that some might say that it is overused and overexposed. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at the Fender Jazz Bass.
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Seena Kanon from Shining Wind

Orchid Seed Seena Kanon from Shining Wind Review

Sometimes when you first see a figure, you know right away that you’re going to get it regardless of price or difficulty of acquisition. You religiously scan all the figure news sites for the latest scoop, you load up Japanese pages and run them through Google Translate and do your best to interpret the results, you count down the days until its release date, and above all, you fervently, feverishly pray to all the gods above and below that the manufacturer please, please, please doesn’t screw it up. How many times have you’ve seen a figure’s prototype shots, excitement building unabated, and then, when the production sample photos come out, felt anticipation displaced by distress, lust metamorphosing into ire as you wonder, “How the hell did this happen?”

Then, when you get your shipping notice, you hope that maybe you overreacted, that your concerns were unmerited, and that your pretty little anime figure will rekindle the love for it that you first felt.
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Kanu Uncho from Ikki Tousen (Project Dynamite #001 Extra Color Version) (NSFW)

Yamato Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen Review

Here is yet another manifestation of Kanu Unchou, the preeminent poster girl of the Ikkitousen franchise. Some people – probably a lot of people, actually – would say that Kanu is ridiculously overrepresented and that the plastic used to manufacture Kanu figures could be better used elsewhere. Like on that Black Rock Shooter girl, for instance. I wouldn’t be among them, myself; I like Kanu, I’ve liked Kanu since she first appeared in Battle Vixens. I initially thought Hakufu and Kaku Bunwa were going to be the series’ main characters, so I’m quite happy that Kanu has received the love that she has. While there are about a billion figures of her out there, this version of Kan-san is a little bit different than the rest.
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