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Fuumanin Hime Kagura from the Lechery HENTAI Series (NSFW)

Kagura Hentai figure

The conventional wisdom would have it that Japanese anime and tentacles go together like politics and corruption. As is often the case, the veracity of this stereotype is overstated; these days, even in adult-oriented media, there aren’t really that many tentacle-centric anime series and games. This is also true regarding figures; despite the name of this site, I don’t think I’ve actually ever reviewed a figure that incorporated tentacles as a central feature of its design, and that makes this post a watershed moment in the seven-year history of this site.
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Doll Review – vmf50 Shiho

vmf50 Shiho by Yamato

Yamato’s vmf50 lineup hasn’t always had a clear identity. Its closest analogues – Azone’s original and Hybrid Active Figure series and Volks’s Dollfie Dream line – have, in contrast, clearly-defined target markets. The Dollfie Dream and HAF dolls are generally modeled after characters from anime culture, whereas Azone’s original dolls are simply happy-looking female characters, with the occasional scowling Goth-loli character thrown in on occasion. The vmf50 series is, however, much like Yamato’s larger product line: all over the place. At first, it seemed like they were interested in appealing to anime fans, and their early dolls, such as Risa and Yumi, featured anime-like styling. Then they made a doll of Nitroplus mascot Super Sonico, which was quite unexpected, at least by me. Subsequently, they switched over to using artificial eyes in their newer dolls and introduced a host of body types, principally distinguished by bust and leg size. After observing their product line for the last several years, I think one can simply say that Yamato wanted to make really sexy dolls, with costumes and characteristics that frequently strayed into ero classification. This doll, named Shiho, is one of the more overt examples, as can obviously be seen.
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Photography Exercise – vmf50 Dolls (NSFW)

vmf50 Simone in a red dress with a guitar

This site is mainly about pictures of figures, and it’s also about pictures of pillowcases. However, it’s also about pictures of dolls and it’s been too long since I’ve posted anything about my doll collection. That absence is not for lack of new material – on the contrary, I’ve steadily acquired more doll things, and today is the day I choose to share them. It’s also the start of what will hopefully be a continuous – though probably occasional – series of posts in which I take pictures centered on a theme, with the idea that the post will be more about photography rather than about an individual doll or figure. This inaugural post is somewhat nebulous in range but future posts will be more narrowly confined, and I’ve got a bunch of ideas planned out.

While I’m being introspective … you know, this site is also supposed to be about eroge reviews but I’ve only ever posted one, and I don’t know if I’ll do any more. Most of the eroge I play are visual novels and it’s pretty tough to write anything meaningful about a game that you just click through all the way to the conclusion. But anyway, on to the dollie stuff.
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Doujinshi Stuff Part 3: Fate Testarossa Edition (NSFW)

It’s been a long time since I last mentioned the doujinshi I’ve purchased. Too long; it’s been three months since Comiket 79. I meant to show pictures of all the stuff I’ve gotten but looking through my collection, I was surprised to see how many Fate books I’ve got. Accordingly, this post will mainly be about her, and a little bit about her white devil magician girl compatriot.

Incidentally, a lot of the doujinshi I show here features stuff like monster rape, gang rape, and tentacle rape. If those sorts of things offend you or repel you, I strongly, strongly urge you to continue reading so that I might have a chance to change your mind. Tentacle rape is surely the most beautifullest thing in this world and I hope I can bring people to appreciate its elegance and delightfulness. All righty, with that out of the way, let’s proceed.
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vmf50 Tentacle Stand (NSFW)

vmf50 Tentacle Stand

I have a moderately large collection of figures and anime-related merchandise, with much of it comprising characters I am not well acquainted with. I buy a lot of stuff, and often I buy stuff just because I think it looks good. However, more precious to me are the products featuring characters that I love or themes that I enjoy. Sometimes I see a figure and think that it was designed exactly the way I wanted it to be, and naturally, those figures excite me much more than the other ones.

This particular product here isn’t a figure; it’s a doll stand, of all things. But when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. There wasn’t any question about not acquiring it – it was so perfect that I would have moved heaven and earth to own it. Thankfully, getting it didn’t take more effort than ringing up a proxy service. But what exactly is this thing?
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More vmf50 Stuff (NSFW)

Yamato vmf50 Miu and Risa

I mainly collect figures, and I don’t intend to switch over to collecting dolls or Figmas or whatever, but I gotta admit that those two things have a big huge advantage over the PVC stuff. Namely, you can pose them in pornographic positions. It’s hard as hell to do that with scale figures (though I’ve tried) and it’s one of the big reasons I buy dolls. I’ve got vmf50 Risa (who I renamed Simone) but well, doll pornography works best with two or more dolls; I guess doll masturbation is okay too but I keep an eye on my keyword stats and I don’t think anyone’s ever gotten to this site by searching for that. So with that in mind, I decided to get another vmf50 doll, and some other stuff.
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Eroge Review – Zanjibaru 斬死刃留 (NSFW)

Zanjibaru Cover by Akito Tamiya

Anime culture has spread across the globe, with anime, manga, and merchandise available from Moscow to Melbourne. However, one aspect of anime culture that hasn’t had much success in the export market is eroge. There’s various reasons for that, mostly due to legal concerns and the fact that few companies care to expend resources localizing a product into English when it probably isn’t going to sell well. However, many of my favorite character designs come from h-games and I’m certainly a fan of anime pornography so I’ve been interested in trying out eroge for a while. I’ve played a few that were localized by JAST USA, but I wanted to play something a bit more hardcore. I found out about Zanjibaru while reading Mou Yamete!, and as it features cute fighter girls, demons, tentacles, and maggot birthing, I figured I’d give it a shot.
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Shoujo S from the Art of Hanaharu Naruko (NSFW)

Native Shoujo S from Hanaharu Naruko Figure Review

I got a shipping payment request for Shoujo S from Tokyo Hunter the other week, and after I sent off the money, I had the feeling that something felt unusual about the whole deal. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but after thinking about it for a moment, I realized what it was: Shoujo S came out right on time! How rare is that? Native listed June as her release month, and she came out right on schedule, which is very peculiar. It’s a bit like where I work; we had this big party a few months back because we managed to ship out a patch for our product on time. Now that’s more sad than peculiar.
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Artbook Review – Mahou Shoujo Ai Illustration Collection (NSFW)

Mahou Shoujo Ai Artbook Review

So a few days ago, Blowfish posted a writeup on the Queen’s Blade Leina Battle Book. It’s a great-looking book and the best part about it is that it features Nyx, the peasant girl-turned-sorceress-turned-tentaclebait. However, that means that his site has more tentacles than mine. I’ve been running this site for over a year, I’m a big fan of tentacles, my site is even named after tentacles, but now Blowfish has more tentacles on his site than I do on mine. That’s unacceptable, it’s completely unacceptable, and I need to do something about it. So to restore balance to the universe, here we have a quick review of the artbook Mahou Shoujo Ai Illustration Collection.
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