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Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono (Plum Version)

Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono

While I buy lots of figures, a quick glance at my collection indicates that I tend to buy figures of older characters who are often wielding weapons. You won’t find that many loli characters on my shelves, for the simple reason that while I don’t dislike them, they’re not really my thing. I usually like characters that are a bit older. So why did I buy this figure of Nymph? A careful and deliberate examination of the image above will reveal the reason.
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Mafuyu Orifushi Dakimakura from Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo (NSFW)

Mafuyu Orifushi from Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo Dakimakura Review

Back before I started this blog, there was nothing I wanted more than a dakimakura cover. I was elated when I got my first one, and while I got a second one in short order, I figured that I wouldn’t get many more; after all, dakimakura are some of the most impractical things to buy in this hobby. The pillow is too big to keep on my bed, I can’t actually hold it since I don’t want to get it all funky, they’re too expensive to hang on the wall, and owning even one outs you as a hardcore anime freak. Nonetheless, they keep coming out and I keep buying them, and here I have dakimakura number five.
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Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Cuteness isn’t something that I usually account for when I’m deciding which figures to buy. I much prefer sexy to cute, and many of the tropes associated with young, loli-type cuteness in anime – short stature, pigtails, an undeveloped rack – don’t really do much for me. Nonetheless, when MegaHouse announced that they were putting out a figure of Sora, I was captivated by the publicity shots, and I decided right away to put in a preorder.
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