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Meiya Mitsurugi from Muv-Luv Alternative (Kotobukiya Version)

Continuing with the tight bodysuit theme, today we’ll take a look at Meiya Mitsurugi, the heroine from Age’s eroge Muv-Luv Alternative. Kotobukiya, of course, has made a number of figures of the characters from Total Eclipse – quite probably the … Continue reading

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Horizon Ariadust from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (Volks Version)

A figure that is released late is nothing new; many collectors breathed a happy sigh the other day as Alter finally shipped the figure of that one Steins;Gate girl with the bicycle, nearly fourteen months after it first went up … Continue reading

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Preorder Outlook XXX

Having run this site for almost five years now, I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon: every time someone links to this site, a note is typically appended stating something to the effect that this site might be adult-oriented or explicit or … Continue reading

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Mikan Yuuki from To Love-Ru Darkness (Precious Collection Version)

The harem high school comedy is a staple of contemporary anime. To Love-Ru is representative of the genre and, judging by its three seasons of shows, is one of the most popular examples of the type. However, despite its success … Continue reading

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Aegis from Persona 3 (SIF EX Maid Uniform Version)

As anyone who follows the news knows by now, when one lives in a time that requires decisive action and heroic effort, the American thing to do is to call it a day and shut it down. Eventually, however, one … Continue reading

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Maya Kamiwazumi from Fault!! Service: Aratanaru Rival (NSFW)

Making up for lost time, we will once more examine another ero figure. However, while the Freezing girls merely come from a fanservice-heavy TV anime, Maya Kamiwazumi stars in a bona fide eroge and anime. Fault!! Service: Aratanaru Rival is … Continue reading

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Dakimakura Review – Kinmokusei from the Art of Carnelian (NSFW)

It’s time for pillow talk. Right now, the new hotness in the pillowcase world – and the anime world in general – is the Kantai Collection, further proof – in case anyone needed it – that you can slap a … Continue reading

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Preorder Outlook XXIX

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and there have been a bunch of figures that have gone up for order in the interim. We’ve got some video game characters, a necromancer, a lot of redheads, a … Continue reading

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Ganessa Roland from Freezing (Sexy Version) (NSFW)

The fourth FREEing Freezing girl is Ganessa Roland, a student at West Genetics with the nickname “The Angel of Binding.” Like series heroine Satellizer, she’s a British girl, though while Satella is timid and withdrawn, Ganessa is a haughty, arrogant, … Continue reading

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Rana Linchen from Freezing (Sexy Version) (NSFW)

Freezing is one of the worst anime series I’ve watched to completion but that hasn’t stopped it from inexplicably getting a second season (titled, with all appropriate subtlety, Freezing Vibration). Nor has that stopped it from receiving a number of … Continue reading

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