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Star Ocean thoughts

Fourteen hours into Star Ocean: The Last Hope, I think I can declare that Edge Maverick is the most pathetically naive main character of any Japanese RPG I’ve played. I’ve played a lot of them, but if there is one … Continue reading

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Nanjyou Ran from Sengoku Rance

Another character from the acclaimed erogame Sengoku Rance, Nanjyou Ran appears to be one of the game’s principal female love interests. This particular figure is in a solid 1/6 scale and was designed and sculpted by Volks.

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Today’s acquisitions

I got new stuff today. I’m hoping Star Ocean is as good as Tales of Vesperia, but I have this feeling that I’m going to be disappointed.

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Senhime from Sengoku Rance

I got this figure about a year ago from E2046. The original garage kit was designed and sold by Volks, and this figure is a prepainted, pre-assembled resin kit, 1/6 scale in stature. I felt a little bit of trepidation … Continue reading

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