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Senhime from Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (Queen’s Gate Version) (NSFW)

Queen's Gate Senhime Figure Review

Numerous figures of the Queen’s Gate characters have been released, offering different takes on the characters depending on the artist that illustrated the respective game book. The Queen’s Gate version of Senhime, however is rather unusual in that she has no game book; her appearance is based off of a single illustration by the artist Yoshikazu Miwa. Perhaps better known by his doujin circle name Synthetic Garden, I’ve been a fan of his art for a long time, particularly because his work encompasses themes like tentacle hentai, girls in bondage, and girls with big breasts. He seems an unlikely choice to provide a Queen’s Gate illustration, particularly one of a character like Sen Tokugawa, and the resulting figure is one that comprises an unusual synthesis that is much more about his style and much less about the anime character.
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Senhime from Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls

Alter Senhime from Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls Figure Review

The girls-with-melee-weapons trope is one of my favorite themes in anime. My very favorite? No, that would be tentacles. But it’s close, I cannot deny that. There have been a bunch of figure series centered on this concept, with the Queen’s Blade franchise perhaps being the most successful – though personally, I will always regard that figure line as an abject failure until someone makes a figure of Irma. There’s also the Shuraki series, though that ended without a figure of Monicadred, the white-haired loli girl. Now we have the Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls series. I don’t know what a Hyakka Ryoran is, but it’s plainly obvious by the second half of the name that the originators clearly understand what audience they’re going for.
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Senhime from Sengoku Rance (FREEing Version) (NSFW)

FREEing Senhime from Sengoku Rance Figure Review

I was thrilled to learn that FREEing planned to follow up their version of Kenshin with my favorite Sengoku Rance girl. I got my preorder in right away and counted down the days until her April release date. Of course, figure manufacturers delight in my disappointment, and so Senhime got punted back one month and then another. In a happy bit of serendipity, the delay threw her right into Amiami’s 15% discount sale, and given that she was relatively pricey, I guess I don’t mind.
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Doujinshi and Doll Stuff, Part 1 (NSFW)

People are surprised when I tell them that I collect dolls, and what is perhaps even more surprising is that I’ve been collecting dolls for far longer than I’ve been buying anime figures. I don’t play around with them much – most are stuck in a drawer or in a couple of cardboard boxes now – but I do enjoy buying them and dressing them up. More recently, I’ve begun collecting doujinshi, and with most of my June preorders yet to ship I thought that I’d take some time to share these things.
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Senhime and Mishiro Re-shoots

I said something a week or two ago about having a bunch of preorders due this month. Ha! I’ve watched with helpless dismay as figure after figure is pushed back to September and October. It’s almost enough to drive a man to tears. To assuage my lachrymose despondency I went ahead and re-photographed Senhime and Mishiro Akatsuki, the girl with the helicopter hair.

Does anyone think that anything is actually getting released this month? Should figure manufacturers just preemptively bump back all of their releases by a month? Was Michael Vick’s signing by the Eagles a good move? Maybe it’s time to work through the figure review backlog; Alter’s Nadie might be next up, then.

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Senhime from Sengoku Rance (Alter Version)

Alter Senhime from Sengoku Rance Review

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Senhime from Sengoku Rance

Volks Senhime from Sengoku Rance Review

I got this figure about a year ago from E2046. The original garage kit was designed and sold by Volks, and this figure is a prepainted, pre-assembled resin kit, 1/6 scale in stature. I felt a little bit of trepidation before buying it as the price tag was near twice what I’d pay for a PVC figure from Alter or GSC or anyone, and I definitely had no assurances regarding the quality control of a Hong Kong-based recast company.
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