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2011 In Review & My Five Favorite Figures of the Year

2011 has flown right by, and as usual, here is the wrapup for this past year. I’ll start off with my five favorite figures of the year and then talk a little bit about what some figure makers did in 2011.
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Preorder Outlook XV

Happy Christmas to everybody. Nominally this is a time to celebrate with one’s friends and family but we all know it’s also a time to buy lots of really cool stuff. And since this site is all about figures, let’s take a look at some figures that look pretty cool and are worth some money.
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Random Thoughts: On Prints and Post-Processing

For most of us, the process of taking pictures is digital from start to finish. The picture is captured by a digital camera, uploaded to a computer, optionally imported into Lightroom, Photoshop, or some other processing application, and then is typically viewed on a monitor or a device LCD, probably in a browser window. However, there’s something really neat about seeing a printed version of a photograph. Even though I scarcely used a camera during my childhood, I was always thrilled to see pictures after my dad brought them back from the one-hour photo processor (unless the pictures were of me – I hated having my picture taken). Now, it takes a bit longer than an hour to get prints delivered – unless you go to a local Costco or other print shop – but it’s no less delighting.
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Preorder Outlook XIV

New preorder post but no Fates are listed within … what is this world coming to? Though this post is lessened by the lack of Fate, there are still a lot of great figures that are up for preorder, so let’s get to it.
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Random Thoughts IX

I am old and the mind wanders when it gets old. Thus, this is the post in which I write about various random things.
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Preorder Outlook XIII

The period before last month’s Wonder Festival was weak with respect to preorders, but with the sequence of major conventions over and done with, figures have been going up with great speed. Figures are also getting released, but I wouldn’t know anything about that because Amiami is not shipping one of my orders, despite me e-mailing a request to do so. It’d be really nice if they had an automated order management system like a certain other retailer so I could get my stuff with a minimum of fuss.
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Preorder Outlook XII

For the past few weeks, it seems like there’s been nothing up for preorder but re-releases and recolors and figures from series that already have a ton of figures like Strike Witches, Bakemonogatari, and K-On! Some of the recolors are attractive, except I already have the originals, or I’ve got them on preorder. But there have been a few interesting figures that have gone up for order in the last few days, so now is as good a time as any to take a look at them.
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Preorder Outlook XI

Another month, another list of preorders to think about. Figures are coming out fast and furious and since my Junko pictures came out junk, let’s take a look at some of the things I’ve ordered and am thinking about ordering.
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Preorder Outlook X

I’ve mentioned elsewhere how it seems a lot of figure review sites are drying up. You wouldn’t guess that seeing how many figures are getting trucked out these days, though. It’s barely been a month since I wrote my last preorder post and there’s already around a dozen new figures that have caught my eye. And since I need a filler post – because I’ve got a nice streak of seven posts per month going on and my obsessive-compulsive disorder tells me that I need to maintain that streak – now’s a good time to take a look at them.
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Year Two Retrospective

This site has been on the internet for two years now. Imagine that. Just before I started up Tentacle Armada, I was in the throes of World of Warcraft addiction. I abruptly quit the game when the Wrath of the Lich King expansion came out and decided to kick off a figure review site. I can scarcely recall what things were like back then; it feels like I’ve been running this site for as long as I can remember. Blog years ought to be measured in dog years, where a year of blogging feels like seven years of life.

I don’t spend much time talking about the site itself but as today is an auspicious day, I will make an exception. Let’s take a look at how Tentacle Armada has evolved over the past year.
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