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Preorder Outlook XXVII

I had hoped to space out this post a little more after the last one, but figure makers have rolled out a ton of new stuff since then. This post already took way too long to write, so let’s go ahead and look at some stuff I’m thinking about buying.
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Preorder Outlook XXVI

There’s a certain theme going on here; a certain singular joyfulness, if you will.
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Preorder Outlook XXV

It’s the end of the month and that means it is time to look at some figures that I am thinking about ordering. This past month’s Wonder Festival saw many great figures make their public debuts, and though not many of them have shown up at retail websites yet, there’s still a lot of nice stuff that is now available for preorder. Let’s take a look at a few of those figures.
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Year Four Retrospective

Tentacle Armada is four years old today. That’s 232 figure and doll reviews, 38 dakimakura cover reviews, and one tentacle stand review. I’m pretty amazed that this site is still around, and that I’ve managed to stick to a fairly consistent posting pattern (six posts per month for the last twelve months). As I provide every 23rd of February, here is the usual anniversary wrapup post where I write about my thoughts regarding the past year and what my plans are going forward.
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Preorder Outlook XXIV

Since I have a self-mandated quota of six posts per month to reach, it’s time to look at some of the stuff due for release later this year (that also means that there will be a pillowcase review tomorrow). Although we haven’t even gotten past January, manufacturers are already unveiling their summer release schedules. It seems like a bit of a slow year thus far, but with Wonder Festival just a couple of weeks away, we’ll certainly be seeing a lot more good stuff. For now, let’s take a look at a few figures that are already available to order.
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My Five Favorite Figures of 2012 & Year-End Thoughts

As is traditional during this time of the year, this post will list my favorite figures of 2012. Unlike previous years, it wasn’t easy for me to come up with this list; in fact, I changed my mind once while taking photographs of these figures. Usually, there’s at least one figure per year that I really love, the sort of figure that, if it were to be damaged, I would move the heavens and earth to find a replacement for it. That figure is usually an Alter figure; in fact, Alter has made my favorite figure of each of the last three years. What about this year?
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Preorder Outlook XXIII

This should be the last preorder post of this year, and it’s an odd one as there’s nary an Alter or Good Smile Company figure to be found in it. I’ve seen some speculation that Good Smile Company’s quality is falling off, and I suppose there’s some justification to that, given that some of their products have had some egregious errors (like Black Rock Shooter – that reminds me that I still have to paste that star on her ass) and others just fail to impress (like Inori, whom nobody seems to really love, which I guess is only appropriate for a character from a show like Guilty Crown). I don’t really know if I fully subscribe to that idea, but then, I only buy their scaled figures, and not a lot of them at that. Alter, though – they’re just not making a lot of stuff I’m interested in buying. That makes this post a peculiarly FREEing-dominated outlook, and given my poor initial opinion of them, that’s a trend I’m having some difficulty adjusting to.
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Preorder Outlook XXII

It’s been a couple of months since the last preorder post, so it’s a good time for a new one. A lot of very nice figures have gone up for order recently, and there was also all that weirdness between Orchid Seed and Amiami, so there’s a lot to talk about; let’s get to it.
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Preorder Outlook XXI

It’s that time of the month again. No, not that time, it’s time for me to discuss the figures I’m thinking about possibly preordering. Figure makers were busy showing off their new goods at Wonder Festival last month and we’re starting to see some of those goods go up for order. Hard to believe that there’s stuff up for sale that won’t be released until next February, but that’s the way collecting goes.
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Preorder Outlook XX

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and since Wonder Festival is just around the corner, now is a good time to look at some upcoming figures, before the inevitable deluge of Vocaloid, Sonico, and Fate/stay night figures hits us.
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