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Preorder Outlook IX

It’s been a couple of months since the last one so I think it’s a good time to take a look at some of the figures I’m thinking about preordering. Time is flying right by, it looks like a lot of figure makers have shown off their products through much of the first half of this year. Me, I’m still struggling with remembering to write 2011 instead of 2010.
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My Five Favorite Figures of 2010 & Year-End Thoughts

It’s the end of the year and in accordance with tradition, it is time for a list of my favorite figures of 2010. As with last year, this list only includes mass-produced PVC figures.
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Preorder Outlook VIII

It’s been a while since the last one so it’s a good time for me to collect my thoughts on some figures that I’ve either already ordered or am thinking of ordering. 2011 is looking like an excellent year for figures, and there are a few in this post that have already shot to the top of my wishlist. The pictures here are from Hobby Search, as always my favorite place to buy figures from. I don’t have any advertising on this site and I probably never will, but if I did, I’d roll with Hobby Search. Speaking of Hobby Search, they did send me my Black Rock Shooter stickers – for free, even including EMS shipping – but I haven’t gotten around to slapping one on her butt yet; when I do, I’ll get pictures up here right away.
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The Ideas That Didn’t Work

When I started doing figure photographs, I stuck with plain-colored backgrounds: first a hideous blue curtain and then a lot of black and white. I got pretty bored of doing that so now I try to do weird stuff. However, being that I’m not a very experienced photographer, a lot of my ideas don’t turn out very well. Some of them are salvageable with some modifications or liberal Photoshopping, some of them require some re-thinking before becoming viable, and some of them are just so bad that I look back at them and wonder what in the world I was thinking in the first place. They say that there’s no teacher like failure, so this post is a tribute to the value of education.
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Preorder Outlook VII

I like to do preorder posts every three months or so, and as it’s been exactly three months since my last such post, today is an auspicious day to write one up. While putting this list together, I was surprised to find that there aren’t any Alter figures that I’m looking forward to that I didn’t list in the previous post, and that there are five Good Smile Company figures in the list despite me having not bought a single figure that GSC released this year thus far. There’s not a single Max Factory PVC figure in the list either, though as they seem to mainly do Figmas these days, that’s not too surprising. As usual, most of the pictures come from Hobby Search, my favorite figure store.
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Preorder Outlook VI

I usually like to space out my preorder posts every few months, but I spent several hours last night shooting pictures, all of which I am going to throw out. That means I have no figure review ready and you know what that means: that’s right, it’s filler time! On the positive side, there have been a number of nice new figures that have been announced in the last couple of months. As usual, pictures are taken from Hobby Search, my favorite place to buy figures.
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Preorder Outlook V

It feels like it’s been a slow year for exciting figure releases, but there have been a few impressive figures announced recently so it seems like an appropriate time to take a look at some upcoming releases. As usual, pictures are shamelessly borrowed from Hobby Search and Amiami, my favorite places to buy figures.
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Recent Non-Figure Acquisitions

Most of my discretionary spending budget is allocated to figure purchases but every now and then I buy other stuff. Here’s a few things that I’ve picked up in the past month or two.
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Random Thoughts VIII – Why is it so hard to buy h-manga?

So I wanted to buy this porno manga. The first place I checked was Amazon JP but unfortunately they’ve labeled this item as adult and thus will not ship it overseas. Undaunted, I next hit up J-List, knowing that they have a selection of h-manga. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. I looked up Sasuga Books but they didn’t have it either. Then I found out about Rakuten, saw that they had it, and was delighted to find out that they ship internationally. Delight turned to dismay as I found out that this isn’t one of the items that they’ll ship internationally, but they did provide a link to Tenso along with a recommendation to use them for items that can’t be shipped outside of Japan.
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One Year Ago, One Year Later

Over the past few years, I’d given thought to starting up a figure blog, but when I actually kicked it off, I figured that the most likely result would be that I’d have gotten bored after a couple of months and called off the entire enterprise. A year later, I’ve somehow kept up with it and nobody is more surprised that this thing is still going than me.
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