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Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion (Motorcycle Version 1)

E2046/Vispo Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion Figure Review

Continuing with the Evangelion kick, let’s take a look at Asuka as a motorcycle racer. There is a peculiar dearth of Asuka figures out there, although Alter and Kotobukiya each recently unveiled figures of her in her recent motion picture form. When I try to think of a definitive Asuka figure, my mind draws a blank, and so it doesn’t bother me when I see any of the Eva girls dolled up in a manner incongruent with their anime presentation. Heck, they’ve been used to pitch canned coffee and instructional typing software, among other things, making them perhaps the most protean anime characters around.
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Mari Illustrious Makinami from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Kotobukiya Mari Illustrious Makinami from Neon Genesis Evangelion Figure Review

The longevity and impact of the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise is nearly without peer in anime, and a large part of its lasting popularity is due to its iconic characters, particularly Rei and Asuka. And what’s not to like about them? Both are young, sexy girls who are curiously well-developed for their age and wear tight bodysuits when going into battle. One is a taciturn, robotic introvert and the other is an assertive, mercurial hotshot with the temperament of nitroglycerin.

None of Gainax’s other properties have come close to the endurance of their foremost creation, and so they’ve taken the obvious course of action and remade the series, sticking in a new girl in the process. In this hobby, it’s the closest thing to having your own money printer.
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Hyper Nurse Victory Yuno from Keumaya (NSFW)

Hyper Nurse Victory Yuno from Keumaya Figure Review

I’ve reviewed a couple of Keumaya figures here and I think I’ve converted a few people on the interwebs into Keumaya fans. I’ve been looking forward to Hyper Nurse Victory Yuno for a while and now that she is here I am happy to spread the good word about Keumaya once more.
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Elwing from Shining Wind (Goddess of Forest Version)

Kotobukiya Elwing from Shining Wind Figure Review

You know, character introductions can be really tough for me to write sometimes, especially when I don’t know jack about a character’s background. When I do, it’s pretty easy, but for a character like Elwing here, I don’t really know anything about her and I’ll sit in front of the keyboard trying to come up with something witty to write, but in this case, I want to go back to playing video games and admiring my new pillowcase, so I’m just going to say that I like Tony Taka’s art, I like big figures, I like cheap figures, and I like figures where the subject isn’t wearing many clothes. Put all those together and you’ve got my attention, and that’s why I have Elwing.
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Velvet from Odin Sphere (SIF EX Version)

Yamato Velvet from Odin Sphere Figure Review

Last year, when figure sites posted up pictures of Velvet, the figure-buying collective gushed over Bubba’s latest creation. Would it make into mass-market form? If so, who would do the honors? Max Factory, maybe? They and Bubba had collaborated before, and Max Factory has certainly always had the full confidence of the fanbase.

Then Yamato announced that they would be doing the job. Exuberance evaporated into anxiety and exhilaration flash-boiled into exasperation.

I wasn’t too distressed since I like Yamato, but I wondered how she’d turn out; Yamato’s done a nice job with REFLECT’s sculpts, but I was curious as to whether they could do justice to Bubba’s masterpiece. How did she turn out?
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Ryomou Shimei from Ikki Tousen (Shunya Yamashita Version)

Daiki Kougyou Ryoumou Shimei from Ikki Tousen Review

The Ikki Tousen franchise is a licensing juggernaut, and with five Kanu Unchous in my collection, I am scarcely immune to its wiles. However, while the manga fields a bewilderingly large cast, for years my only non-Kanu figure was Griffon’s awful Ryofu Housen figure from way back. Now, with Daiki Kougyou’s Ryomou Shimei in my collection, that count increases to two.
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Hyper Nurse Painkiller Kotone-chan from Keumaya (Black Version) (NSFW)

Keumaya Hyper Nurse Painkiller Kotone-chan Review

While Western popular culture features a number of parallels to its Japanese counterpart, one aspect that does not have a corresponding analogue is doujin, the vast conglomeration of self-published comics, video games, music, and more. Doujin is such an integral part of both the culture and industry that such works can command influence and popularity far beyond their humble origins; for example, the Touhou Project started as a series of 2D shooting games but has since grown into a powerful franchise complete with its own fan-made doujin works, and its significance as a cultural phenomenon is probably greater than its importance as a video game.

When one thinks of doujin, one often thinks of comic books, and probably pornographic ones at that. Certainly fan-made comics are a huge part of this mass of culture worship – the attendance figures of Comiket are proof enough of that. However, doujin encompasses all forms of media, including figures. There are numerous fan-made figures, usually sold in very limited quantities as resin model kits. Preassembled figures, however, are quite rare; while it is not technically complicated to create a comic book or a music video, manufacturing a complete, painted figure seems to be beyond the means and ambitions of many creators.

However, there is one doujin circle that is known primarily for their PVC figures. Keumaya has been making their own figures since 2006 and selling them at conventions and on Toranoana. They’ve carved out a comfortable niche as an independent figure creator, which is quite impressive even without taking into account the quality of their products.
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Wind Goddess Rafale from the Amaha Collection (NSFW)

Wind Goddess Rafale from the Amaha Collection Review

The battle bikini is one of the most stereotypical tropes in fantasy art but if you ask me, it doesn’t get nearly as much appreciation these days as it should. For example, when Sega resurrected the Golden Axe franchise, they did the right thing in selecting Tyris Flare as the heroine but then they revealed an appallingly lowbrow taste by giving her pants. To be fair, her famous battle bikini is unlockable, and since the game seems to have been quite awful I doubt anybody else cares, but the mere option of pants still demonstrates the disrespect this timeless battle uniform receives. Also, when Wrath of the Lich King was released, Blizzard inexplicably made all of the armor sets as puritanical as could be, despite having gone entirely the other way when they designed The Burning Crusade. Now, one could argue that a battle bikini might provide inadequate protection in a frozen wasteland, but I have my doubts that a heavy suit of full plate is any more practical for trudging about in the arctic. Furthermore, if realism were really the name of the game, all of the characters would be wearing fur coats and mukluks, as even a full-body cast iron tuxedo ain’t going to protect nobody when a hundred foot-long dragon decides to step on you.

Fortunately, the beauty, utility, and elegance of this piece of equipment is still apparent and to that end, we have here an homage to the battle bikini in the form of Wind Goddess Rafale. I don’t see anything here that validates her divinity, but I will take the manufacturer’s claim for what it is worth.
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Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Real Image Version)

Max Factory Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Review

Backstage we’re having the time
Of our lives until somebody say
Forgive me if I seem out of line
Then she whipped out her gun and tried to blow me away!

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Collet from the Art of Tony Taka (NSFW)

Native Collet from Tony Taka Review

We all have our dreams, things that we hope to do, things that we hope to become, things that we hope will come to be. For me, this figure represents the culmination of a dream that I’ve dreamt for a long time. It’s one that I always wished would be fulfilled but never really expected to. After waiting for so long, after holding out hope for so long, my dream has come true: I can finally say that I own a figure with a realistically-sculpted anus.
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