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Velvet from Odin Sphere (SIF EX Version)

Yamato Velvet from Odin Sphere Figure Review

Last year, when figure sites posted up pictures of Velvet, the figure-buying collective gushed over Bubba’s latest creation. Would it make into mass-market form? If so, who would do the honors? Max Factory, maybe? They and Bubba had collaborated before, and Max Factory has certainly always had the full confidence of the fanbase.

Then Yamato announced that they would be doing the job. Exuberance evaporated into anxiety and exhilaration flash-boiled into exasperation.

I wasn’t too distressed since I like Yamato, but I wondered how she’d turn out; Yamato’s done a nice job with REFLECT’s sculpts, but I was curious as to whether they could do justice to Bubba’s masterpiece. How did she turn out?
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Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere

Alter Gwendolyn Review

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