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Haruka Takamori from Beat Blades Haruka

Alter Haruka Takamori from Beat Blades Haruka Review

Haruka Takamori is the protagonist of Beat Blades Haruka, an erogame made by Alicesoft (NSFW). I played through part of the game, and under my direction poor Haruka often ended up being explored and abused in ghastly ways. No doubt my lack of comprehension of both Japanese and the game’s mechanics contributed to her inferior battle performance. Beat Blades Haruka has very nice artwork, but I was hesitant to pick this figure up because I thought the face didn’t look entirely accurate to the game graphics.
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Today’s acquisitions

I got new stuff today. I’m hoping Star Ocean is as good as Tales of Vesperia, but I have this feeling that I’m going to be disappointed.

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