Dizzy from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Alter Version)

Dizzy from Guilty Gear X2

Back when I wrote about Kotobukiya’s Dizzy, I mentioned that I wished a better manufacturer like Alter or Max Factory had done the figure instead. Dizzy was the main reason I first played the Guilty Gear series and while I enjoy the games on their own merits now, Dizzy is still one of my favorite characters across all fictional media. While I did not dislike Kotobukiya’s figure, I still hoped that someone would do a better job of it. I didn’t expect to ever see that happen; after all, I’ve been pining away for an Irma figure – since MegaHouse has done almost all of the other Queen’s Blade figures – and an Itsuki Kannagi figure – since Good Smile Company sponsored Sora Kake Girl – to no avail. But fate works in strange ways and Dizzy now has two figures. I’d still like to see Irma and Itsuki get figures but when it comes to wishes made on a wing and a prayer, one out of three ain’t bad at all.

Dizzy full body shot

Dizzy is one of the fighter girls in Arc System Works’s Guilty Gear series. She made her debut as the final boss in Guilty Gear X and then became playable in Guilty Gear X2. Her backstory describes her as an outcast from human society due to her status as a half-human and half-Gear hybrid, a living superweapon. Her mother is Commander Gear Justice, a very powerful Gear, and as Dizzy is considered extremely dangerous herself, she is continuously persecuted as a threat to humanity. However, she wants nothing more than to be left alone and in Guilty Gear X2, when she is three years old, she quietly lives in a forest with her protector Testament. She later encounters the Jellyfish Pirates, led by carefree May and suave Johnny, and joins them.

Dizzy close up

Although she was a boss character and dresses in a provocative manner, Dizzy is actually a gentle and innocent girl. She loathes violence but shows determination when she must fight. She is soft-spoken and shy and tends to form strong relationships, particularly with Testament and May.

Side of Dizzy's face

And also Ky Kiske. I have yet to play Guilty Gear 2 Overture, but there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence that indicates Ky and Dizzy are married and have a child named Sin. This revelation bothers me far more than it should and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I think Ky is a dreary imbecile. Johnny would have been a better match. Testament would have been a better match. Heck, Sol Badguy would’ve been a better match, although that is hilariously inappropriate. Regardless, Dizzy fans unhappy with this situation have a couple of options: one is to recognize that as Ky is a human, he will eventually expire at some point while Dizzy’s Gear biology will give her a much longer lifespan. The other is to simply assume that this never happened, since it is never canonically confirmed. Ah, the things we feel about fictional characters. Everything I’ve heard of Guilty Gear 2 makes me think that it would upset me, so I don’t believe I’m going to play it.

Dizzy's tail and butt

Like many of the characters in Guilty Gear, Dizzy takes her name from a musician. In this case, she is probably named after Dizzy Reed, the keyboard player of Guns n’ Roses, although it’s also possible she is named after jazzman Dizzy Gillespie. Her wings are named Undine, the angel wing, and Necro, the reaper wing.

Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review

Dizzy is manufactured by Alter in 1/8 scale. Alter generally stays true to scale sizes but this is not the case with Dizzy. She stands about 20 centimeters tall from base to the top of her head and if one neglects her high heels and the risers she is standing on, she’s more like 18 centimeters tall. That would make her 4’9, well short of the 5’6 listed in her official bio. Her small size is a bit disappointing but not surprising given her large wings. She still takes up quite a bit of space, with a total height and wingspan of about 31 centimeters in both dimensions.


One of the things I lamented about Kotobukiya’s figures were the plain and unimaginative wings they gave her. Undine and Necro comprise a major part of her arsenal in the games and it was unfortunate that they gave her simple bird-like wings. Alter, however, is made of more ambitious stuff. Dizzy’s wings slot into holes in her back and seem reasonably sturdy despite being rather heavy. Necro is particularly astonishing; he sports an evil leer with each decayed tooth shaped individually. Undine is elegant although is not as visually interesting; she appears to be asleep or meditating. Even so, the complexity and detail evident in both of her wings are stunning and understandably form a large part of her appeal.

Alter's Dizzy

To be honest though, Dizzy’s costume was what initially piqued my interest when I first saw screenshots of Guilty Gear X. Formed from black leather and comprising a collar, some straps, and a thong bikini, it’s reminiscent of bondage gear, and can certainly be labeled fetish wear. It’s not an overly elaborate costume but Alter has done a fantastic job modeling it. Despite being very scantily-clad, Dizzy still effects an aura of dignity. And innocence as well, from her puffy sleeves and the bright girlish ribbons tying her hair and decorating her tail.

Back view of Dizzy

Dizzy’s backside is very cute and is completely exposed, seeing as how her thong doesn’t seem to actually go all the way back. Maybe it’s more of a maebari?

Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review

Dizzy’s expression is mostly unreadable; it’s a neutral expression, perhaps a bit inquisitive, perhaps a bit surprised, but not displaying much emotion, at least on the surface. It’s an appropriate expression given her enigmatic appearance and turbulent history, although I wouldn’t have minded a smile either. Her character portrait in Guilty Gear X2 is one of my favorite portraits in video games.

Dizzy Figure Review

Alter has sculpted Dizzy with a thin body build, and I would have liked to have seen her with a bit more substantial physique, as her game sprite doesn’t portray her as this skinny. Nonetheless, her body is still very attractive, and her slenderness gives her a slightly younger, more vulnerable appearance.

Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review

More importantly, they’ve done a great job of capturing the essence of her look. She has a monochromatic color scheme by design, her black and white wings separated by human flesh and augmented by an unnatural black tail. As a whole, Dizzy radiates power and presence, as is befitting for one of the most powerful Gears in the plotline. She also evinces disquiet, loneliness, and even fear in the slight tilt of her head, the nervous pose of her hands – and in her face, with her half-open mouth and uncertain gaze, suggesting that when taken whole with her body language, her expression is perhaps not as unreadable as it may seem. Accentuating her solitude are the expressions of her wings – Necro has an insane grin, preoccupied with his own motivations, and Undine is looking away. Dizzy looks dangerous, but she also looks like a girl who is tired of being hunted.

Dizzy Figure Review

Of all these issues, her small size is the only one that I find to be regrettable. I like big figures and it would have been nice if they had made this figure in a true 1/8 scale, although perhaps that would not have been practical.

At any rate, I maintain no pretense of objectivity when I review a figure, and this is even more so when it comes to perhaps my favorite character made by my favorite manufacturer. It should thus come as no surprise that I love this figure and this is now my favorite figure from Alter. Is it their best? Objectively, perhaps not, though it makes an extremely strong argument. But it’s my favorite. I don’t always know much about the characters whose figures I buy but when I get one of a character I really like, it’s all the more special to me, especially when I’m not expecting it.

Now MegaHouse, how about that Irma figure?

Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Kotobukiya and Alter's Dizzy figures

Here’s Alter’s Dizzy compared to Kotobukiya’s earlier figure. The older figure is based on Dizzy’s Queen’s Gate appearance whereas Alter’s version is closer to the game art, particularly her Guilty Gear Isuka artwork.

Kotobukiya and Alter's Dizzy - back view

Backside shot of the two Dizzies. Incidentally, as a Queen’s Gate character Dizzy is set to make an appearance in the upcoming PSP game Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos. I’m looking forward to it, though I’ve still yet to buy a PSP.

Guilty Gear games and Queen's Gate book

Here’s my Guilty Gear collection. I figure buying pretty much the same game three times is enough, so I never did get Accent Core. Also, it never came out on Xbox to my knowledge and I only have a joystick for that console.

Here is “Awe of She”, Dizzy’s theme song in the video games. To be frank, it’s not my favorite song in the soundtrack; I much prefer “The Original” (Faust’s theme), “Suck a Sage” (Chipp’s theme), and “Simple Life” (Bridget’s theme).

Curiously, the Korean version of Guilty Gear X2 #Reload got a revised soundtrack done by Korean band N.EX.T. It still features thrash guitars and the heavy metal sensibilities of the original Guilty Gear soundtrack but it has a much different feel than Daisuke Ishiwatari’s compositions. In particular, I like “Child of the Wild,” the revised version of Chipp’s theme. It starts with a menacing riff and then the militant, staccato drum track kicks in before the psychedelic guitar, a perfect song for a drug abuser. Perhaps even better is “Blacklight Babe,” I-No’s theme. The irresistably seductive hook kicks off right away and the song segues into a funky, energetic beat that jacks control of your neck muscles. Dizzy’s theme is “Tears are Forever“; it begins with a jarring, dissonant, almost repulsive set of guitar notes but then a smooth, heroic riff begins before giving way to more dissonance; this alternation between melody and chaos is a continuous motif throughout the whole song, juxtaposing Dizzy’s own personality, history, and struggle to control her own body with music. It’s hard to imagine three themes that fit their characters more perfectly than these.

Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review

I really would like a Millia Rage figure too. Just saying this randomly.

Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
Dizzy from Guilty Gear Figure Review
ギルティギア ディズィー
Dizzy Figure
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110 Responses to Dizzy from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Alter Version)

  1. Kyzel says:

    Superb review/writing, I’m loving that Dizzy figure and the way you describe it is pretty vivid! Again, you know how to make people very jelly haha. As much as I love Dizzy, I preferred Millia for character design, kinda shallow if I think about it but I’m not attracted to Dizzy like that. Also, the links to their korean songs were also pretty great, thanks for the good read and great shots!

    • Tier says:

      Millia has a great character design, too XD Millia was actually the very first character I ever played in Guilty Gear; admittedly, that was entirely to play through the survival mode to unlock Dizzy. I still enjoy playing as her though, particularly because most of her moves are fairly conventional and her rapid hair attack is a bit like Chun-Li’s kick, Chun Li being the first character I ever used in Street Fighter. I really, really hope Alter makes more Guilty Gear figures, because I’d love one of Millia, too.

  2. Congeal says:

    Wow, she looks absolutely stunning. I must say that now I really regret passing on her. The promo shots had her in a really flat light that made the figure look far less impressive than she does here, so I didn’t feel nearly as guilty for not ordering her.

    Great shots as always, your creative use of background and lighting hit the target right on.

    • Tier says:

      Ah, yeah, that is a shame – I do remember her promo shots looked a bit odd, particularly in color, and I actually had some difficulty with that, which is why I used warmer lights for some of my pictures. She looks fine in-person though, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

      Thanks for the kind words XD

  3. Leonia says:

    This is probably for the moment my favorite 2011 figure. I prefer Kotobukiya children face but Alter adaptation is just amazing. Can’t wait to have mine. Thanks a lot for these pictures they are beautiful !

    • Tier says:

      Mine as well, and I’m certain she’s going to be #1 in my end-of-year list, since there are only a few characters in anime and video games that I esteem as much as her, and none of them are getting figures this year.

      Kotobukiya’s figure definitely has a very different feel. Posing them together I was struck by how the color patterns made them look similar, even though they look wildly different.

  4. radiant says:

    I unfortunately was on the fence about her, and ended up missing out on preorders. So now I don’t have one.

    Now, I hate you, and your incredibly beautiful photos of her, and excellent review. 😛
    Looks like I’ll have to live vicariously through your photos for now though.

    The background setup you have is awesome! Where did you get?!

    You’re totally right, this adaptation of Dizzy is far better than the Koto version. It’s so sweet!

    And yes, I’d love a Milla figure too.

    • Tier says:

      Ouch, that is a shame … perhaps a few will show up on Mandarake on the future. She’s a great figure and I’m guessing we won’t see any more Guilty Gear figures (and I’m kinda doubting we’ll ever see any BlazBlue figures – not counting pack-in nendoroids – which would also be a huge shame).

      The columns come from a local crafts store; I think they’re actually meant to decorate wedding cakes, since I found them in the baking section next to some muffin tins. They look awesome though; I wish I hadn’t wasted time trying to roll my own in the past, given that these were cheap and work great for my purposes. The big angel statue comes from Design Toscano; it was pretty cheap, only $28 not counting shipping. I figure this is the sort of thing that I can re-use so I don’t mind spending a bit more on that.

      Hear that, Alter? The masses want a Millia figure! Let’s make this happen.

    • zzzzzy says:

      Ouch, that happened to me to about the Saber Distant Avalon figure! I started collecting figures since last christmas, which means i never got a chance to buy the Saber figure that “everyone has” -_-… I really wanted her, so I ended up paying 260 dollars. =o
      Anyway! I’m having my Dizzy figure shipped by the end of this month along with Hattori Junko and Matabei Goto =)

      • Tier says:

        I’m really looking forward to Matabei, though I keep forgetting about her. I hope she gets released on time this month, but I also kinda don’t, because I’m really backed up as far as building backdrops go. I have this idea for her but I don’t think I’m going to be able to pull it off in a reasonable amount of time, so I might just go with something simple.

  5. Ashlotte says:

    I was worried when those first few shots had such harsh lighting Tier, but thankfully you threw me some softer ones later so I’m a happy camper. :p

    12 in particular was lovely! Looks like she’s staring directly into the camera with that air of trepidation!

    But geez when you said you were making a backdrop you weren’t lying…Been raiding the Crafts store again? Well wherever you snagged that stuff from it looks mighty impressive and gave me no shortage of inspiration on future locations to shoot at!

    • Tier says:

      Ha! I am always up for throwing people for a loop. I went with hard lights for the rim lights since I generally don’t get great result using soft lights (and since rim lights are often used to enhance drama, hard light makes more sense there), but then again, I’ve never taken a picture of a figure with wings like this. In retrospect I ought to have experimented with going softer there but I started running out of time since I wanted to get this review out by the end of the day so I wouldn’t get stuck with only five posts in April. If anyone’s curious, my schedule for Saturday was to pick up Dizzy at the post office before noon, put the last touches on the backdrop by 3PM, clear off space and set up, start shooting at 4, finish shots at 7:30, post process until 9:30, research and write until 11:55 (and I spent the entirety of last week building this backdrop, since I didn’t think Dizzy would drop on time until last weekend).

      Yeah, there’s a crafts store near the office; it’s absolutely great, they’ve got all kinds of wonderful stuff there. I can’t believe I’ve barely got a week to get Saber Alter’s backdrop ready. I’m gonna be glad to get her but man, GSC, you’re killing me here.

  6. Luth says:

    Wow, awesome shots! The background looks like part of a Guilty Gear stage. Can’t wait to get mine and take photos of her. A shame about her scale but it looks like Alter didn’t skimp on the details. Especially the wings, wow, they look a lot better than I had hoped for. Thanks for the great review.

    • Tier says:

      Thanks! She’s definitely amazing and I’m so glad that Alter was the one who did this figure; I don’t think any other figure company could have done justice to Dizzy.

  7. Cantan says:

    Thought this would be your next review. Even Foobarbaz had posted this and he seems to be posting relatively few these days – 5 so far this year from what I can see and the others were of generally boring figures imo.

    Do (sort of) regret not ordering her, but I know nothing about the character and, whilst she is cute, she seems outshone by the details on the wings. Am disappointed though – seem to be missing the ubiquitous cleavage shot on the angelic wing (though the fifth image is pretty good as an undershot).

    Still pretty cute figure (and good photography – prefer the darker shots myself), but I have plenty on the way at the moment so am not too peeved at missing out.

    • Tier says:

      A lot of review sites seem to be slowing down … I’ll often check the Tsuki-board aggregator when I post a review and my site will be the only one in the list with a figure review. I guess it’s easier just to post stuff on message boards and on the individual figure pages on MFC and in MFC’s internal review system.

      Yeah, I don’t do a lot of extremely low angle shots, mostly because of impracticality; nobody wants to see the bookshelves over my desk in the background of my pictures. I didn’t actually think about taking a shot of Undine’s breasts mainly because I’m more interested in Dizzy; I was actually very surprised by the enthusiastic reaction her wings got from the figure collecting community because I hardly noticed them back when I played the game.

  8. Chag says:

    You were spot on: it’s pretty amazing how Dizzy can look dangerous/slutty and innocent at the same time. Asides from all the points you pointed out, I really like her pose. Dizzy’s pigeon-toed feet has a lot of child-like charm to them, yet at the same time she’s sticking out her lovely thonged bum out there. The character designer did a great job of extending the dichotomy theme beyond just her wings, and this figure builds upon that really well. I like what you did with the light/shadow contrast in some of these photos too, and they really complete the feel, so to speak!

    On a side note, I really do love her thighs. They remind me of a pair of tightly bound hams. MmmmmmMmmm.

    • Tier says:

      I always like to go for a heavily-shadowed look rather than a nice, evenly-lit picture but that seems even more appropriate for Dizzy, with her mismatched wings and black and white outfit. I also had some thoughts to break out the tentacle stand but it seemed inappropriate for this character … yeah, I’m a soft-shelled chump, I admit it.

      Man, what a great character design she has, though. Thong, thighs, underboob … I’m not a big fan of tails but I make an exception for Dizzy.

  9. Fabienne says:

    You are pretty fast Tier, when did she arrive at your house?
    Some month ago I checked out her origin, looked at some nice fanart and watched the story mode on youtube ;), her soft voice is so enchanting and I also liked her character design.
    This figure turned out very good, the outfit is cool and detailed, the face also turned out quite pretty oh and the black lizard tail is so cute I have to say^^
    Her “wingmen” are also very cool, Undine has a nice pastel look and Reaper looks scary and evil like is supposed to be.

    In your pictures her face appears prettier and a bit more interesting than in the official shots.
    Overall she looks very well made and pretty, but I don’t feel that tempted to get her for myself, I don’t really understand why, since she has nearly everything I like at figures: twintails, ribbons, expressive eyes, beautiful shoulders and collarbones, a cool and sexy outfit, stockings and cool footwear. Anyway my favorite picture is dizzy-24.jpg she looks just great from this angle ^-^

    your props are so nice in this shooting , I’ve never could found such nice looking pillars of that size, maybe I should check out a wedding stuff store to get such things.

    The Spiral Chaoes game looks like a lot of fun, I would like to play it, the trailer with the song is awesome and elate me a lot :p.

    • Tier says:

      She arrived yesterday and I got started on the pictures that day. Nowadays, I’m not too concerned with getting reviews out in a timely fashion (I dunno when I’m going to get to Xecty, with all the other figures coming out now) but for characters that I know and like, I want to get those posts out right away.

      Ah, if you do change your mind, she is a great, great figure. She’s also a great character. Though admittedly, there are a ton of great figures coming out right now. It’s a great time to be a figure collector.

  10. drakanity says:

    Nice, where did you order her from? I don’t think mine even shipped yet. I didn’t get a payment notice though, so there was a 3 day delay on that.

    Awesome background. I have to say it really fits in. You seem to have more shots than your other reviews also. =) She’s my favorite Guilty Gear character. Would definitely like more figures from the series.

    Good info. Didn’t actually think about their names coming from musicians. Guess I never paid any attention. Actually, I just read the wiki haha. Some interesting info. I actually read some of the Guilty Gear origins and story a few months ago while reading about all the Blazblue characters. I really like the Blazblue characters. Would really love a GG x BB game.

    • Tier says:

      I got her from Hobby Search, they shipped it out pretty fast (and then the next day, I got a notice Haruka Morishima and Ms. Marvel were in stock).

      Man, a BlazBlue x Guilty Gear crossover would be awesome. I never much got into BlazBlue, though, mainly because none of the characters appealed to me like Dizzy and Millia Rage (and Bridget >.>) do, and also because I never got the hang of any of the characters so I just mashed buttons like an absolute noob. However, I’m really tempted to go pick up Continuum Shift now and give it another go.

  11. Blowfish says:

    It is still a mystery to me how I seem to be the only person that doesnt doesnt think that Dizzy is wearing some sorta Fetish Wear. It looks to me like a perfectly normal outfit ( in the sense of Anime Visual Normal) and not bondage wear.
    To me Dizzy was always about the interaction between her and necro and undine.

    One of my favorite moves animations is where Necro tips Undine on the shoulder to make her look the other way while he pounds on the enemy!

    Judging from your pictures I am pretty sure that shell come in as one of my favorite figures in my collection.She simply asks to be recognized with her sheer size of her wings. I sorta wish they would have sculpte dher 1/7 or above though.
    One of the things I really dig about her figure is the fact that they managed to capture the character of Undine and Necro so well.

    Huge Props on the backdrop its pretty darn awesome!

    Final Verdict? Dizzy is the only 3 year old Id jizz all over

    • Tier says:

      Collar, straps, buckles, leather, that definitely looks like a fetish outfit to me. It’s not that dissimilar to Ninja Gaiden Rachel’s outfit, which is definitely a bondage outfit.

      Yeah, that move is great. I also like her taunt, when Undine and Necro squabble with each other. Actually, I think my favorite animation of hers isn’t a move, but one of her victory poses when she collapses into Undine’s arms; I didn’t know a thing about her when I battled her in Guilty Gear X but it made a big impression on me when I saw that.

      Yeah, 1/7 scale would’ve been awesome. 1/6 scale would have been epic. Man, 1/6 scale would’ve been enough to topple Kenshin from the pinnacle of my collection. Right now she’s battling for the #2 spot, I think. Speaking of which, I keep planning on reviewing the other contender for #2 but it keeps getting bumped back because I don’t have time to build her set. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to that after Saber Alter.

  12. Devastator001 says:

    Yup I agree that by herself Dizzy’s on the small side of the 1/8 scale but with the wings she easily goes up into the 1/6 territory. Great Photos! the background is definitely fits her character. For me I personally wish for a Noel Vermilion or a MU-12 Unit 😀

    • Tier says:

      I’d love figures of those two as well. Well, Noel for sure, since she’s the character I tried to use in BlazBlue and I like her character a lot. I even really like her English voice acting, and it’s very rare for me to prefer the English voices over Japanese. I’ve yet to play Continuum Shift so I haven’t seen Mu-12 in action, but I like her character design a lot for obvious reasons. Dang, now that I’m done with this review, I’m thinking I ought to go out and pick up Mortal Kombat and Continuum Shift this week.

  13. CMSkyes says:

    Great job with the review! I have her preordered (just gotta wait for my shipment.. damn golden week!) This review has made me really anxious to receive my shipment!

    You’ve taken some really amazing shots, by the way. The background you selected goes perfectly. Not only does the background match the overall theme, but the colors complement each other well.

    I’ve finally got Spiral Chaos, but I don’t know if my Japanese is adequate enough to understand how to play or what’s going on. @.@ I look forward to seeing Dizzy, though!

    • Tier says:

      Thanks! I’d been thinking about this set for a while, ever since Dizzy got announced, actually. However, I didn’t get started building it until about a week ago because I was positive Dizzy would get delayed … I mean, when does Alter ever get figures out on time? I’m pretty happy with how it turned out even though it was a complete rush job.

      Oops, the game Dizzy is in is actually titled Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos; my mistake, sorry about the misleading statement. It should be out this summer … I think I’ll pick it up despite being Japanese-illiterate, since I understand the PSP is not region-locked.

  14. I saw the picture of the day over at myfigurecollection and instantly knew that you had done a review for Dizzy. Amazing pictures as always.

  15. Oh boy, I’m glad that alter raised her arm to cover her chest. I can’t look at a still pic of Dizzy ever again without remembering something which a friend of mine pointed out many years ago on the character portrait for dizzy in the original GGXX and it hold true for almost every image i have seen of her now…
    I’ll just say this… Futa.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I don’t notice it myself unless I’m thinking about it but Dizzy’s arm does disrupt the outline, so no worries there.

  16. armorknight says:

    Such an amazingly tight ass on this one. How I would love to fuck that. I’m also liking the contrast of nice and naughty that this figure conveys.

  17. Aka says:

    What a great figure, I’m glad I ordered her. Originally I was a little on the fence, I’d ordered her because she was unique and perhaps a little over the top. I didn’t really like her character design and not much of the fanart either, but I look at the figure and I find her pretty attractive. Now I read that she’s thinner in the figure than the artwork and I wonder if that’s why I like her a little more. She always seemed a bit thicker than my preferences, and while she still is in some ways she’s much cuter.

    Yout set seems to have turned out pretty well and I like how in some shots you have a blue hued light matching well with undine. And in the header you have a shadow on Necro’s side. I think it helps highly the duality between the two, drawing one’s attention to either or.

    • Tier says:

      I was very surprised that Dizzy got such an enthusiastic response, since she’s a somewhat obscure character and while she’s one of the more moe characters in the Guilty Gear cast, she has a number of attributes that don’t lend themselves to popularity. I’m happy to see her get her just props though, because her character design is fantastic. I really hope Alter (and GSC and MF) keep making more figures of characters that aren’t nearly as well known as the cast of BRS or Bakemonogatari or Railgun or whatever.

      • Aka says:

        Yes, less BRS and Railgun… Bakemonogatari is fine though.

        Would be nice to hear what they have in store down the line, perhaps drop them a few requests…

  18. Guh, I’m still beating myself up over missing Max Factory’s I-No and Bridget…and now I go and miss Alter’s Dizzy as well. Only got myself to blame, I decided to pass on her thanks to her price. Really starting to regret that decision, though. If I’m lucky there might be one at this anime convention I’m going to soon, though it wouldn’t surprise me to see her going for $200+ there.

    Great pictures. Really loving the background set pieces.

    • Tier says:

      Ouch >.< I remember wanting Bridget and seeing him up for sale at NCSX but I passed since I had no money at the time. And I remember seeing I-No for sale at the same place and linking the page to a friend who was a fan of I-No, and I passed on her too. What a mistake. Especially since I-No was fairly big and was done by REFLECT, if I remember right. If you've got some spare money in the future hopefully you can pick up Dizzy, I think she's going to be an all-time classic figure.

      • Definitely going to try to add Dizzy to my collection somehow. I really could use another blue-haired girl. Plus I want at least ONE GG PVC. I can at least take some comfort with Bridget (my favorite character in the series) : I may have missed the Max Factory PVC, but at least I have this little trading figure of him.

        • Tier says:

          A good plan, hopefully you can track one down. And hopefully more GGX figures get made; I read Daisuke Ishiwatari stated he plans to make more GGX games in the future, so that’s also a bit of good news.

          Ahh, thinking about those Max Factory figures fills me with regret. And nostalgia. And more regret since MF doesn’t make figures like that anymore – or many figures at all, even. Though if they wanted to make some GGX Figmas, I’d have those preordered with the quickness.

  19. The Endless General says:

    I’m really happy I got her, she’s already my favorite in my collection. I agree that she would have been far more epic if she were 1/7 or 1/6 scale (considering her wings kinda push her up there anyway). Just imagine if she were 1/4 scale……….oh the majesty………..

    • Tier says:

      God that would be amazing. No joke, I’d happily drop a G (or more) on her if she were 1/4 scale. Or even 1/6 scale (a real 1/6 scale, not a Volks 1/6 scale). I don’t care if I’d have to build a specialized shelf just to display her, she’d totally be worth it.

  20. Halbred says:

    Well, first off, excellent pictures as always. The figure itself doesn’t draw me in, but the wings really do, especially Death. The sculpting is just wonderful on both of the wings. I get a “generic” vibe out of Dizzy herself though. Maybe it’s just me.

    As for the PSP, I’m on my third one. I had a PSP Phat back in the day and while I liked it, the PSP-2000 appealed to me more when it launched, so I sold my Phat and bought the sexier one. A few years later, its disk drive broke. I considered a Go at that point, but decided I had too many UMD games (Go doesn’t play UMD–thanks, Sony). So I bought a refurbished PSP-3000, which I like a lot. However, I’m gonna go ahead and recommend that you do NOT buy a PSP. They system is on its last legs (it never really had any), Sony stopped producing the Go, and we’ll hear a lot about the “NGP” (PSP2) at E3 this year.

    In all likelihood, it won’t play UMD disks either. However, most of the good PSP games are on the PSN, so I’d just jump on digital copies when they go on sale (or drop in price).

    • Tier says:

      I had a different reaction when I first saw Dizzy’s character design; when I first played Guilty Gear Dizzy stood out to me even amongst the other members of the cast, and that’s an unusual thing given how bizarre the other characters are. Though BlazBlue arguably takes it to another level. That reminds me that I ought to look around for Continuum Shift tomorrow.

      I’d mainly be buying the PSP for one game, Persona 3 Portable. I’m not really a big fan of handhelds. Or gadgets; I don’t own a smartphone, my MP3 player is an antique iRiver IHP-140, and I’ve never even used a portable device with a touchscreen. I am a big Persona 3 fan though, and I like it enough that dropping a $130 for a PSP is okay with me. Admittedly, it’s not a high priority for me; I haven’t even bought a PS3 yet, though I intend to. Someday.

  21. Tian says:

    This one was a great success! A magnificent sculpt. I liked the vulnerable-looking Dizzy being flanked by the protective/angelic Undine and the imposing Necro. The only drawback, on mine at least, is that she gets top heavy and wobbly with the wings attached.

    As for her underwear, maybe she has an Echidna-like deal going on where it goes up… well, you know.

    And funny story, the rest of the figure is so eye-catching that I totally forgot she has a tail. Bless you, Alter.

    • Tier says:

      Thanks! Haha, that could indeed be true and now that you mention that … I hadn’t actually ever thought about how Echidna wears her snake, I just unconsciously assumed that it wrapped around her hips in the expected fashion. I think I like your hypothesis about Dizzy’s mysterious disappearing bikini better than the conventional explanation.

  22. Archie says:

    Superb review. Love your pics and the background information and all the detail you poured into it. I got this figure about 3 days ago and while I think it’s an excellent figure and give it a 10/10, I’m kinda worried that over time, Necro will start leaning because of his weight. He’s pretty much the heaviest piece of the figure and he’s only being supported by a peg. Also, the plastic he’s made of feels slightly malleable, and not the stiff and brittle type. So I also worry that the base of the wing will eventually warp as well due to the weight.

    What do you think? Should I worry? Or is the build sturdy enough to stand the test of time?

    • Tier says:

      Thanks XD I think it’ll be okay; I’ve had to move Dizzy around quite a bit the last few days while trying to figure out where to display her and she seems to be quite sturdy. Also, the only contemporary figure I’ve bought with leaning problems is one of BEAT’s, and they wallow at the bottom of the barrel when speaking about quality. (On the other hand, the two other figures I’ve owned with major leaning issues were made by Alter. Admittedly, they are very old figures – one is their first KOS-MOS figure and the other is their Saber in a white bikini figure).

  23. Very beautiful pictures, Tier and great background – matches the figure perfectly. I’m really jealous of those columns, I’ve been looking forever for columns like these. Would’ve been great for my Saber Lily review.

    I just got Dizzy in the mail and she is definitely smaller than I expected, but I haven’t taken her out yet to see the size of the wings. I really liked the box / packaging too – it was interesting to see the figure not in the middle of the box like all the other pacakging designs.

    I got Dizzy after much deliberation, but glad I made the pre-order, she’s definitely a beautiful sculpt and very well done by Alter. It was also good to read about the character from your review as I have no clue about her background. lol

    • Tier says:

      Thanks! Man, I lucked right into finding them; I would have never, ever thought to have looked for small-scale columns in the baking section of the crafts store near where I work. I wish I had found them before I had spent a ton of time trying to make my own columns, since they don’t look nearly as good as these.

      I also like how the box is very compact for its size; there’s not a lot of wasted depth. I keep all my figure boxes in case I need to box up and transport my collection, and space is definitely at a premium now.

      I’m glad the description was helpful XD These reviews are a helluva lot easier to write when I know something about the character, versus when I either copy something straight out of Wikipedia or just gloss over my ignorance, hoping nobody will notice.

      • Yeah – I really appreciate the design of the box. But moreso, the figure of Dizzy is amazing. When I saw it for pre-order, I just knew you’d get it and have an awesome review.

        Once again, beautiful pictures, your love for this figure really shows! =)

  24. Shashin says:

    Great review as always, Tier. I had kept from posting this as long as possible, because my acquisition of Dizzy was questionable and still is. I had put in an order with AmiAmi, but never got the email when it become available, or so I thought.

    Just checked now and they did indeed bill me a few weeks back, along with the last Yosuga no Sora BD… which I had really regretted adding. I was already past the payment due date and they had sent me another email that I had missed (I really need to switch all of my stuff from Hotmail to the Gmail account I use for more important stuff.) I was still a bit hesitant, but after checking some US sites and seeing them all sold out at around $200, I figured I’d take the $275ish hit (after shipping and all) and hope that they can still fulfill my order. They said that since I’m already past the initial payment deadline, that they may move items to other customers who want it… so I have to hope I’m lucky enough to get mine. Despite moving away from figures, this is an absolute beautiful one, I love Dizzy, and I think it’s the only figure I’ll openly display on my desk or something.

    Man, it’s been way too long since I’ve played a Guilty Gear game. I’ve purchased three of the titles, myself: a Guilty Gear X DC import, and then the PS2/Xbox versions of X-2. Dizzy is my favorite character aesthetically, but with as bad as I am at fighting games, I was never able to do anything decent with her. I liked using Faust, Zappa and Baiken.

    • Tier says:

      Ouch, hopefully you get yours, assuming the financial hit isn’t too burdensome. That’s one reason I haven’t switched all my orders to Amiami, I really don’t like having to check my e-mail to look up my order number and then manually send a Paypal payment.

      I’ve been getting the itch to play a fighting game again. I ordered Mortal Kombat since people say good things about it and I enjoyed the first couple of games in the series, and I’m going to see if I can get BlazBlue Continuum Shift for cheap too. But man, I miss Guilty Gear. I think I rated it in my top three favorite fighting games and now that I think about it a bit more, I think it might be my favorite, with the character designs and the music pushing it over the top. I really suck at it though. I’d love to try to get good at a fighting game but my attention deficit disorder and advanced age are working against me.

      • Shashin says:

        They’ve already sent me an email saying they’ll be shipping it in a few days. I really have learned my lesson on BDs; as much as I love supporting anime I find that’s of quality (and that’s not even necessarily the case with my Samurai Girls BD and such) I really can’t justify spending $80 for 2-3 episodes. Some of the extras you get are cool, but it’s not really worth it, especially when I don’t really have any moral qualms about downloading a non-licensed anime (and honestly, I’ve probably done it with a fair amount of licensed material too.) As it is, I haven’t watched a single one of the 5-6 anime BDs I have. On a related note, I’ll probably pick up the High School of the Dead English set for $40-60.

        Still, despite the unnecessary hit, I think Dizzy will be worth it. Your shots are outstanding, and I’ve seen some others that lack the visual flair, but still showcase how beautiful the figure is. The AmiAmi payment system is a bit of a bother, and I do like Hobby Search’s menu but since I’ve really cut down on how much I’m buying, the points are no longer the better option for me (when I was spending a couple hundred a month, it was really easy to rack up free figures on HS.) Combined with the possibility of being able to order from their Japanese site, I’ll probably do most of my few purchases on AmiAmi in the future, given the price is cheaper (was the case with Dizzy and HS had already closed reservations.)

        I always enjoy fighting games for a few days/weeks, but quickly lose interest generally. I liked the old school Mortal Kombat games, but haven’t found a single 3D iteration that I’ve enjoyed thus far. The semi-related Tao Feng game was terrible, and the couple of MK games I’ve purchased have all been an absolute bore to play. The new MK does look great though, but I don’t think it’s a game I’d buy given my tendencies with even the fighting games I love. As far as they go, I’ve probably spent the most time with Capcom Vs SNK 2, Fatal Fury 2, and Guilty Gear X2, most likely in that order.

        On the subject of games, I’ve played through Big Bang Age twice in the last two weeks. I still don’t know if I like it or Sengoku Rance more, but there’s definitely a lot going for it. And the hard mode is actually fairly challenging to start; with Rance even a 5 star game wasn’t all that difficult once you had a solid foundation. I guess it’s mostly the same with Big Bang Age, and maybe it’s just my memory of Rance, but it seemed a bit harder.

        Alicesoft released another game along the same type of genre recently, and I’m really debating whether I want to give it a try without a translation. The few CG I’ve seen look great and I really do love the way they do the territorial style of gameplay. But there’s just generally too much going on in this type of game to succeed without some basic understanding; I’m sure I could do it, but it’d take too much trial and error and I wouldn’t get any satisfaction out of the story… and I could just imagine doing character clears without understanding the requirements.

        Hmm, been awhile since I’ve posted anything; my USPS box came the day after my DHL shipment, and the same day as my Mikuru dakimakura cover. Unfortunately, the cover was SK, but it’s still a cool cover and probably a fairly rare one. I actually haven’t gone through all of my doujinshi yet, as it’s quite a large stack. Of the ones I have opened, there have been some nice and unpleasant surprises, as well as adding a couple of doujinshi I had enjoyed digitally to my physical collection.

        • Tier says:

          I don’t watch a ton of anime myself, so I’m more than happy to wait for the R1 DVDs. I still don’t have a Blu-ray player either; I’ve got the feeling that by the time I get a PS3, its replacement will be right around the corner (kinda like what I’m going to do with the PSP). Unfortunately for my bank balance I’m not immune from making wildly spendy purchases either, since I’ve been buying a bunch more doll stuff recently. I bought a few blank doll heads recently with the intention of painting them, even though I have absolutely no experience or competency in painting faces. I figure everyone’s gotta start somewhere, though, so I’m looking forward to giving it a shot.

          Yeah, I don’t play fighting games much myself, though there are a few games I can play a lot. I played a ton of Marvel Super Heroes through an emulator some years ago, and I enjoyed Street Fighter 4. On the other hand, I didn’t spend much time playing Tekken 6 or Soul Calibur IV. I’m kinda thinking maybe I should build a joystick for the 360, if that’s possible. Or I guess I could just buy one, since I much prefer to play with a stick (or at least, something other than the stock 360 pad) and this console generation doesn’t look to be ending any time soon.

          Yeah, I don’t think I’m even going to give it a shot unless someone translates it; I don’t mind playing a visual novel with an auto-translator but I’ve got the sense that a strategy game would be really difficult. Even a very simplistic RPG like Beat Blades Haruka was awkward to play with machine translation. Admittedly, it’d probably help if I had a basic understanding of the Japanese alphabets.

          Sounds like you got some cool stuff. I haven’t ordered any new dakimakura covers myself, though I’m really thinking about Evening Call’s Charlotte and I’m nearly certain I’m going to order HOP’s Vivio pillowcase. Neither of those are scheduled for release any time soon, unfortunately.

          • Shashin says:

            I guess I didn’t realize how much stuff gets picked up these days. Years ago, I don’t think I ever would have expected something like Highschool of the Dead to be picked up, so I figure it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a BD or two. We’ve certainly had the talk before on how it’s funny we’re willing to spend crazy amounts for very strange items but aren’t willing to drop a relatively low amount for an item that would likely bring at least enough enjoyment to justify a purchase.

            Personally I think it’s cool that you bought some blank heads. The best way to learn something is to do it and improve as you make mistakes and such, and who knows, maybe you’ll really enjoy it. I’ve been working on some credits for a year or two now at a community college but had absolutely no fucking idea what I wanted to do. Just within the last semester or so I’ve finally found some areas that interest me and I’ve had a lot of entertainment hearing a professor lecture on something that piqued my interest and then researching it a bit on my own.

            Heh, I’m the same way when it comes to a stick. Even though I play maybe 0-2 fighting games a year, I’ve definitely contemplated dropping ~$200 for a good stick. I’d likely never get more than a couple hours use out of it, but I doubt I’d regret the purchase.

            I know it will get translated eventually, but even a partial translation is probably months down the line, and who knows how long it will be before the game is completely translated. I’d be willing to give it a try if the partial translation worked on the system of the game first, versus story text, which would hopefully make it playable… though you’d still probably miss out on a lot of “hint” text that the characters drop.

            The real problem is the Kanji, I’d say. Hiragana/Katakana are really easy to pick up. I don’t have an extensive vocabulary, so it doesn’t help that much, but I can understand a few words every now and then for Hiragana, and Katakana is almost entirely phonetic sounding foreign words so if you can read the characters you can almost always figure out the word unless it’s shortened in some really stupid way. When it comes to Kanji though, there are just too many and the few I know can be read in more than one way… and being able to read one symbol in a sentence doesn’t really do much and makes it even more impossible to guess how they want it to be used.

            Yeah, I did. I’ve been really behind on keeping up with my stuff though; I still never photographed the last 3-4 dakimakura covers I got a few months back. Maybe I’ll get around to it eventually and include some shots of the newer stuff. I’ve been trying to stay away from the dakimakura blog as much as possible so I don’t see covers that I really want and decide that I have to have them. I still do check it every now and then, and passed up on quite a few covers, but I’ve been doing fairly well. My biggest problem is likely that I still check Mandarake every day.

  25. Steve Chen says:

    Tier…………great presentation with the Graeco Romanesque backgrounds! You never disappoint, sadly, I wasn’t able to pre order her……….boo hoo hoo(all sold out despite the whooping price)

    • Tier says:

      Thanks! And that’s a shame, since she is really an amazing figure. Hopefully she’ll turn up again, if circumstances change.

  26. BioToxic says:

    This Dizzy from Alter is one of those figures that I knew would turn out great, but because I know little about the character herself I skipped on. Guilty Gear is also one of those fighting games I know very little about. My first exposure to Dizzy has been through Queen’s Gate.

    Her wings are simply amazing to look at, perhaps overshadowing Dizzy herself. Necro looks total bad ass and Undine, while not as interesting as Necro, looks divine and placid. Is there a particular reason from the game she has these two chums on her back?

    I think I prefer the softer face of her Queen’s Gate counterpart, but really there’s not much in it between the two. Her outfit is nice to look at as well. The black leather tightly clenches at the essential parts of her body while still leaving her lovely stomach, rear and shoulders exposed for our viewing pleasure.

    I can’t wait for QG:SC myself. I played through the first and found it enjoyable enough to play through to 100% completion, even though I understood 0% of the text. It’s easy enough to pick up and play. The thing I’m looking forward the most is seeing the QB characters who didn’t appear, or had limited appearance in the first game, show up.

    • Tier says:

      I don’t recall ever hearing how she got her wings; the story says she got ejected from human society when her tail sprouted and her rapid maturation became evident, but I don’t know if she got her wings at the same time.

      Yeah, her outfit is one of my favorite aspects of the character, even more so than her wings. I’ve got this thing for cute girls in strappy leather, which I suppose is no surprise given how I’ve dressed up some of my vmf50 dolls.

      Ah, that’s good to hear about Spiral Chaos; I’m still planning on picking up a PSP soon to play P3P (and Pangya Fantasy Golf). I actually don’t know what the game is like; I remember seeing some screenshots with chibi-style characters and they seemed to be fighting each other, but I don’t know more than that. I wonder if Irma is in the upcoming game?

      • BioToxic says:

        From what I’ve read about QG:SC all the QB cast minus Shizuka (so far from what I’ve seen) will make an appearance. They can be fought against and can have their armours broken off. I’m not sure if they are all going to be playable though (Nyx, Melona, Menace & Claudette could only be fought against; and Shizuka, Risty, Alleyne, Echidna & Aldra only made a brief appearance).

        Irma was a playable character in the first game and I’ve seen screenshots of her in QG.

        If you’re interested in seeing how the game plays you can search on youtube for the user “Playongo”. He’s done basic walkthroughs on how to play the game. Also worth noting there is no exposed breasts that you’d find in the anime; PSP game + Sony.

        • BioToxic says:

          Gah crap. I meant:

          “(Nyx, Melona, Menace & Claudette could only be fought against; and Shizuka, Risty, Alleyne, Echidna & Aldra only made a brief appearance in the first game).”

        • Tier says:

          Ah, good stuff. My favorite characters would be Irma, Nyx, Dizzy, Ivy, Iroha, and Mai Shiranui so it sounds like this game will meet my expectations. Yeah, I’m not expecting boobs … it seems like none of the console makers will let a game with boobs slip by unless it’s one of those gritty Western games. That sorta sucks, I remember the Sega Saturn got all kinds of steamy games.

  27. Tier says:

    >> Shashin
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to screw up my first attempt at painting a doll face, but at least they aren’t too expensive. I’m hoping to get decent at it, though, and running this website gives me some confidence; my pictures really sucked when I started but I think I’ve gotten progressively better.

    You know, I went into college having no clue what I wanted to do, and I graduated having no idea what I wanted to do. Actually, I was just happy to have graduated at all, since it was looking very unlikely for a couple of years. In fact, I picked my major mostly by accident; I wanted to study biology or political science but I didn’t read the application very closely and wrote down computer science as my tentative major, not knowing that CS was in the engineering school. When I got there, I found that CS was filled up so I declared electrical engineering because another guy in my dorm said he was going to do EE. It’s pretty cool that you’ve found something that you’re interested in; it took me a few years before I really warmed up to the EE curriculum.

    Yeah, I don’t play many fighting games either so a stick isn’t a great investment for me, but even so I really enjoy the ones that I play. Maybe I’ll take a look around and see what’s available; I’m disappointed that Arcana Heart 3 seems to be PS3-only but maybe Phantom Breaker will make it stateside someday.

    I’ve got several Japanese textbooks that I bought to try to teach myself a bit of the language but I’ve never even started. Languages aren’t really my thing; I took five years of Spanish in high school and still can’t even read a menu. I’ve been telling myself to at least learn to read katakana. Maybe I’ll take my books to work, since my job is truly boring.

    • Shashin says:

      Exactly, you’ll certainly suck at it to begin with, but you should be able to improve upon your work with time, effort, and lots of screw ups… so it’s certainly a good thing that they’re fairly cheap. Of course the more effort you put in the better the results will be; for example, I’ve played my fair share of fighting games, but have never really evolved beyond controlled button mashing, or stringing together simple combos.

      Heh, that sucks but I guess it turned out okay in the end. I’m actually fairly lucky in that aspect I guess; community college seems to be pretty laid back as far as majors go. I enrolled a couple semesters back just to get a feel for things, taking a few classes from a wide breadth, here and there. I spoke with a counselor a few months back about majors and they basically said that Admissions wants you to choose something, but they can’t force you, and you can switch back and forth pretty easily if you really wanted to (though obviously if you were working towards tons of credits in a certain area, switching to the opposite end wouldn’t really be to your benefit.) I just declared a place holder major last week so I can be eligible for financial aid.

      I still don’t know with 100% certainty what I want to do, but definitely something Science-y… whether it’s Biology or Chemistry, I’m still very much unsure of. I’m really enjoying it so far though, so that’s certainly a plus. Guess the standard route would probably be to get a B.S. and then go looking at medical school or grad school, but we’ll see what opportunities present themselves and if I continue my interest/build even more passion for the area.

      All the more reason to buy a PS3, I say! It’s likely to see more use than a dakimakura cover or two (granted that’s coming from someone who has 2-3 boxes filled with them.)

      Quickest method I’d say is flashcards. I’ve unfortunately been out of practice, but I took two semesters of Japanese when I first entered school and they invaluable when it came to learning the required phrases/kanji/kana/vocabulary. I’ve probably purged the majority of the information by now, but it allowed me to ace most of the tests by creating a stack of flash cards 3-4 days in advance, then going through them in 20-30 minute segments a couple of times a day. Have a blank sheet of paper with you, have the cards romanji side up, then write the katakana before checking to see if you were right. I’d imagine you’d be able to burn them into your mind and keep them their if they saw even limited use, within a week or two of going through the characters (46, I think?) even once a or twice a day.

      • Tier says:

        Ah, that’s a pretty good deal your school has. I was locked into engineering from day one and I gave serious thought to transferring to the liberal arts school, particularly after I flunked out the first time. The curriculum was also quite restrictive, since all the higher courses had a bunch of prerequisites (versus the arts & sciences school, where almost everything was elective).

        I had grown up thinking I’d major in biology, but my main area of interest is zoology and the school I attended didn’t really offer anything in that field; most of the biology department was focused on microbiology, which doesn’t interest me as much. In the end, things worked out well for me, though I definitely did not take the route I had expected to take going into school.

        That sounds like a good plan; I remember one of my friends and I had discussed our future prospects during freshman year. We both expected to get EE degrees and make lots of money right out of school. It didn’t turn out quite that way to say the least. I think it’s best to be adaptable and open to alternatives, particularly at a time of transition like college.

        Haha, quite probably. But man, my game backlog is getting bigger. I still want to get back to Top Spin 4 and finish out my tennis starlet’s career. And I guess I should at least finish the first generation in Agarest War.

        Yeah, I think that’s what I’ll probably do. I’ll probably also just write it out a lot; I find that I learn much more effectively if I write things down over and over. The nice thing about my job is nobody ever bothers me so I ought to be able to get some study time in.

        • Shashin says:

          Yeah, I certainly wasn’t complaining; though it it a community college, so I guess that seems to be the general deal unless you’re entering a specialized program like Nursing (which is big at this school) or something – but even then you need to get prereqs out of the way before you can apply for that program.

          It’s a bit like that here for most classes. With Biology, for example, you have to take an introductory course before you can take Micro, Anatomy, or whatever else they may offer. However, past that you have a lot more options though course still do build up on each other in a logical manner (have to take Anatomy/Physiology I before you can take APII.) And before you can even in enroll in math/English classes you have to take a placement test which dictates where you start; you could also take optional tests for the sciences which would allow you to bypass the introductory courses, but without the credits for them.

          Back in high school I was thinking about going into business or something along those lines. Didn’t really enjoy it, as I did the sciences I took in high school, but I was able to accurately judge that I was far too lazy to put in the work and go to medical or law school. I guess I’m fairly lucky I didn’t jump right into college and go with something I hated doing, and instead actually took the time to see if I might be passionate about something else. I’m likely a couple years behind my peers, but I’d consider them years well wasted if I get it right the first time.

          I feel you, I have just as many games I could be playing, but I haven’t been. Haven’t loaded up Big Bang Age in a week or two, and have instead been focusing on some reading and school work as the semester wraps up. Also in the same boat with Agarest War – I’m probably 3-4 maps away from ending the generation, but I just found the scenery/enemies way to repetitive that it drags down what could be a pretty cool combat system… that and story elements aren’t found after every battle… that would give you some motivation, but instead doing 2-3 fights that are largely the same in the row is very stale.

          That’s essentially what I did. I’d write down the symbol after viewing the flash card, flip it over, and then write it 10-20 times before moving onto the next.

  28. Saber says:

    Another great review, with nice pics. I think Alter have figure of the year sewn up already with this one, I can’t see how it will be topped. Glad I got my pre-order in, just in time.

    I’m also a Guilty Gear fan, though I don’t use dizzy, my favorites are I-NO, Millia and May. What would I give for a new I-NO figure made by Alter !

    The new Mortal Kombat is looking pretty good, I’ll get it at some stage, though the game I’m looking forward to above all else is The King of Fighters XIII.

    • Tier says:

      Thanks XD I agree, I’m pretty sure this is going to be my favorite figure when I do my writeup on New Year’s Eve. If I weren’t a big Dizzy fan I think Saber Alter would provide strong competition, assuming GSC doesn’t find a way to screw it up, but I love Guilty Gear and I haven’t ever played Fate/stay night (and I intensely disliked the anime) so Dizzy is going to win that contest.

      I really hope more GGX figures get made. Heck, I’d be happy with more figures of girls from fighting games … what’s the next one scheduled for release, is it the Queen’s Gate Ivy figure? If so, that’s pretty dang sad.

      I’m looking forward to KOF as well, though I’m not sure when it’s supposed to come out for home consoles. Hopefully it’s soon. Oddly, I’ve no inclination to go pick up Marvel vs. Capcom 3, even though Marvel Super Heroes is one of my three favorite fighting games and I also loved MvC2. I’m just not that enamored of the roster in that game, though. That’s also kinda my problem with BlazBlue, I don’t have the same feeling for the characters as I do for the GGX (or Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, DOA, and SNK) cast.

  29. Tier says:

    >> Shashin
    Ah, okay. Yeah, the engineering school that I attended did a similar thing with placement tests. I think I scored like 25% on the calculus test. That pretty much set the tone for my entire college career. Regardless, I wouldn’t trade my college experience for anything; a large part of who I am was formed during that time. Not to mention that my current job required an engineering degree, and no job would mean no figures and pillowcases and video games for me.

    I’m hoping to make some time to play Mortal Kombat this week, but I just got a stock notification for Saber Alter and I haven’t even begun building her backdrop yet. And I’ve got several other figures that I want to build sets for. And I’m also busy watching the NBA playoffs, though with the Celtics about to duck out I’ll need a new team to root for. There really is not enough time to do all the things that I want to do. It’s kinda funny how back when I was broke and looking for a job, I had all the free time in the world and basically spent it all playing Warcraft, whereas now I’m a helluva lot more productive (and happier, I would say).

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  31. duqs says:

    Damn, this review was very well done. I’m about to review Dizzy in a “quick and dirty” manner (without a background lol), but seeing this review made me think twice on how i wanted to do my reviews also in the future.

    Great write-up and shots man, keep it coming!

    • Tier says:

      Thanks! And you should go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with straightforward shots. I usually only do wacko backgrounds like I did here if I have peculiarly strong affection for a figure, or a figure moves me in such a way that I’m compelled to present it a certain way. The rest of the time though, I just do simple shots.

      • duqs says:

        Yeah man, but i was moved by “strong affection towards a figure” hahaha. I might as well do an awesome shoot like this one, lurve Dizzy. Main’d her in GGX and subbed her in GGXX (used Ky as my main, LOL NEVER EXPECTED THEY’D GET A CHILD)

        • Tier says:

          Ahhhhhhh! As strange as this must sound, I was crushed when I learned of the events of Guilty Gear 2. I was like, “No! Not that wanker Ky!” Arc System Works is planning on doing another Guilty Gear game (someday) and nothing would please me more than if they retconned GG2 Overture out of series continuity. Or if they made Blazblue vs. Guilty Gear. I’d be pretty happy with that, too.

  32. great review of a great figure ( and character). I just got her in the mail a few days ago, and I’m realy amazed by the quality of it. Pose, modeling, and paintjob are breathtaking and pretty much any figure I own atm pales in comparison to it. She’s also one of the reasons why I got GGX in the first place, though in the end I liked almost all of the characters. I would love if arc systems would do a GG vs BB crossover – it will most likely never happen, as arc systems doesn’t own the rights to GG anymore, but it would still be pretty slick.

    • Tier says:

      That’s a game I’d very much look forward to, and it could actually happen; Daisuke Ishiwatari seems open to the idea. Apparently Arc System Works got the license to Guilty Gear back from Sega Sammy, and it sounds like they plan to do a new game in the series … sometime, anyway.

  33. Shabby says:

    So, I’ve been waiting for this figure for ages, and when pre-orders came around, I couldn’t quite afford her. 6 months later when she’s supposedly supposed to be released, most places are sold out, or are charging roughly $180+ for her. I was hoping to pick her up for $130 frankly (One of the lower prices I saw during the pre-order phase)

    Any help for a figure newbie? Am I supposed to get the pre-release because after than the price goes up 50% and becomes a real pain to find? Any help would be great…

    • Tier says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to be able to find her at $130, unless perhaps it’s a preowned figure on eBay. Some figures don’t sell out upon release and you can get a pretty good deal on them when they hit the bargain bin, but some of them are in really high demand and if you don’t preorder, it can be really difficult to find them even a couple of weeks after they are released. It’s been a really long time since I’ve preordered anything from a US retailer, but I think their stock situations are typically even more spotty.

      • Shabby says:

        *Le sigh*

        All right, well, any suggestions as to where shy may be the cheapest? Google Shopping has her at $200, but that doesn’t include all stores. I don’t mind waiting, or shipping from Japan, I just don’t know too many stores. Again, this is going to be my first (and most likely only) figure.

        • Tier says:

          I quickly checked through some Japanese stores that I’ve purchased from and none of them have her in stock. I also checked through Yahoo Japan Auctions and I think that route would be more expensive than buying her from an American retailer. RACS has her in stock and that’s probably where I’d get her; I’ve bought from them before, they’re pretty good to deal with, and their only drawback is they are usually more expensive than everybody else (though they do offer free shipping on orders >$100).

          • Shabby says:

            Man, runs a great site, AND helps random people? I like it 🙂 I’m glad I bookmarked you. Thank you 🙂

  34. Lewis says:

    Good news guys! Alter announced at Wonfest 2011 Summer that they will be re-releasing Dizzy in the near future!

    • Tier says:

      That is good news indeed for anyone who missed out on her. Also possibly good news for me; maybe I’ll pick up a backup figure in case anything happens to mine.

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  36. Shabby says:

    Amazing! Thank you, I was just about to either give up on the only figure I’ve ever really wanted, or was about to shell out ~$200 for her. Where is the cheapest you’ve guys found her? I’ve found her about $130 on a few sites.

    • Tier says:

      Dizzy is scheduled for a December re-release, and the figure is about $122 (US) on Amiami right now at the current exchange rate. Of course, who knows what the exchange rate will be in December … I thought things were looking up until it collapsed a few weeks ago.

  37. Axe says:



    I live the player DIZZy !!!!

  38. EchelonV says:

    I think this is definitely the #1 figure I’d like to somehow get someday. Maximum sexy and Dizzy is love. I jelly.

  39. Steve Chen says:

    Been always sitting on the fence on which version to get( I was first partial to the QG version) but your review was the pitch hitter! At first I wasn’t to attracted to her character design……kind of mehhhhhh, but after taking a closer look………….
    Again! I missed my pre-order for the re-release at amiami(much lower price), but I’ll be d@mned if I let her escape me again……..so I hunted her, the way her foes did in the game. Good thing, by a couple of hundred yen, I snagged her at hlj. And thanks to the long Christmas rush back log, I just picked mine via sal 3 days ago and just found the time to free her from her cardboard prison.
    Your review is smart on the target accurate! Alter got themselves a winner and I thank them for the 2nd pressing on such an exquisite figure that commands such crazy price in the 2ndary market! If only Milia and the Anchor girl gets the pvc Alter figure treatment(or Max Factory) too.

    • Tier says:

      Nice, congrats on getting your figure XD It’d be great if Alter made a figure of Millia – who was originally my most favorite character in the game – and May, and I-No and Jam and Baiken, too. In the meantime, I’m hoping Hobby Japan’s Noel Vermillion is decent; I’m expecting to be let down but hopefully she’ll look good standing next to Dizzy, at least.

      • Steve Chen says:

        You are welcome Tier………..my great influence in collecting. That Noel V fig you mentioned looks……..average at best. Though sometimes pics tend to be very different at full 3D reality (same thing that happened to me when I first got a look see at Dizzy..

        • Tier says:

          Yeah, I’m thinking average is what I’m hoping for, and I’m expecting worse. Really I suppose I’ll be satisfied if the figure isn’t grossly undersized like Ivy was. I’m also curious as to what she’s wearing under her dress, since it’s a great mystery among BlazBlue fans that still hasn’t been solved.

  40. Steve Chen says:


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  42. Kusano says:

    Hints of KyxDizzy pairing can also be found in Accent Core. Ky ends up taking Dizzy under his care in one of the endings. (-_-)b

  43. Teffianne says:

    Does anyone know how much she is actually worth? I just found one in box at my local second hand store and bought her for 11,000 yen so about ($120) but when I look her up on ebay she sells for twice that.

    • Steve Chen says:

      Much of ebay is populated by greedy slime balls. In Japan, pre owned, she goes at around 11,000 to 13,000 up

    • Tier says:

      They seem to be going for around 12k yen on Yahoo Japan, so that seems like a fair price. eBay, as noted, is full of overpriced listings, and I hope to use that to my advantage whenever I get around to selling my excess figures.

  44. Carter says:

    Awesome figure.
    Dizzy is actually the character I am best with in GGXXAC, so this figure is sort of a “good luck charm” when I’m playing as her (The figure is displayed on top of my TV) and I gotta admit, even with that tail, I still find her majorly attractive. Hell, I think the tail makes her twice as hot! Still would like to see a Millia figure get made by Alter so I could display her next to Dizzy. (Sadly, Tier, Ky and Dizzy do get married. >:(|) It sucks, I know. I wanted to break my 360 when it showed THAT ending. What a unpleasant surprise that was…
    Anyway, Incredible figure, Alter really outdid themselves this time!

    • Tier says:

      I’m kinda liking the tail more and more now. I’m really glad they didn’t give her animal ears or something, though; I don’t think I could’ve gotten over that (I don’t really care to play as Makoto in BlazBlue, despite my tendency to play as the most attractive female character in fighting games).

      I’m still completely in denial about that. For one, the last Guilty Gear game I bought was X2 #Reload, so I know nothing about this Accent Core stuff. For another, there is no concrete, definite proof that such an event occurred, and if there is, I’m purposefully ignorant of it. Even if Daisuke Ishiwatari comes out and says that is so, I think I’m still going to ignore it … the moon landing hoaxers are going to have nothing on me when it comes to denying reality.

  45. Afreet220 says:

    I can’t believe Alter is going to make a 2nd time re-release for her. I definitely won’t miss it again!

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I was rather surprised to see her pop up again too; off the top of my head, I’m not sure if Alter has ever reissued a figure twice (though I’m sure they have … actually, didn’t Yagyu Jubei get two re-releases?) but of all the figures Alter has made, Dizzy certainly deserves it.

      • Steve Chen says:

        Technically, this is her 3rd release. Same with Jubei Yagyu, she’s also going for a 3rd hit. If only Hanzo gets a 3rd stab at it (Kanetsugu is on her 2nd rev)

        • Tier says:

          I hope this doesn’t portend manufacturing and sculpting problems on Alter’s end; it’s been kind of a lame year for them. I wonder when Suzuha Amane is going to get released? That seems to be their next “big” figure but it feels like it’s been in preorder limbo forever.

          • Steve Chen says:

            Ah…the Stein’s gate gal on a bike? Notticed that too, summer’s here and going and still no signs of release.

          • Tier says:

            Yeah, it’s a bit peculiar. Well, okay, no it’s not, since Alter is well-known for not being on time, but it’s another element in a long-running trend of them falling off a bit from what they’ve accomplished in the past. Hopefully they’ll show off some cool stuff at Wonder Festival and make us forget about the delays and boring figures.

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