Dizzy from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

Curiously, figure manufacturers don’t often look to fighting games. I’m not sure why; fighting games are rife with awesome and awesome-looking characters. Okay, Iroha briefly achieved it-girl status and Mai Shiranui, Cammy, and Mina Majikina get figures every now and then, but there’s nothing from Tekken, nothing from The Last Blade, nothing from Virtua Fighter. Even the Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, and The King of Fighters series – which feature some of the most iconic fighters in video games – are barely represented in the figure hobby. There are no scale figures of Helena or Lisa, Sophitia or Seung Mina, Kula Diamond or Mars People.

Above all of those, I’ve wanted a figure of Dizzy. She’s my favorite character in all of fighting games, but apart from Max Factory-produced figures of a Shunya Yamashita-inspired I-No and the transvestite Bridget, there seemed to be no inclination on the part of figure manufacturers to look at Guilty Gear X. But fortune works in strange ways, and thanks to the popularity of the Queen’s Blade series, there is now a figure of Dizzy, the Guilty Gear X character who was adapted into a Queen’s Gate book, which is itself an adaptation of the Queen’s Blade series, which is itself an adaptation of Scottsdale, Arizona-based (of all places) Flying Buffalo’s Lost Worlds game books. Strange ways indeed.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

Dizzy’s first appearance in the Guilty Gear series was as the boss of Guilty Gear X, although she was unlockable by playing through the game’s survival mode. Subsequently, she became a normal character in Guilty Gear X2 with her own story path. Despite her appearance, she is canonically three years old, almost certainly making her the youngest character that I am ever going to have in my collection.

The Guilty Gear games take place in the aftermath of a great war between humankind and Gears, artificially-engineered organic superweapons. Dizzy’s rapid maturation is due to her Gear biology. Fearful of her extraordinary powers, she is cast from human society and comes under the care of Testament, a reclusive, androgynous, scythe-wielding Gear. Following the events of Guilty Gear X, she ends up joining the Jellyfish Pirates, a band of seifuku-wearing girls led by the cheerful, irrepressible May and the debonair ladies’-man Johnny.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

Dizzy dislikes violence, and many of her special moves are initiated by her wings, which seem to be sentient. Undine is the angel wing, a long-haired, pale-colored female, and Necro is the reaper wing, a hooded, robe-clad skeleton. While Dizzy throws punches and kicks and attacks with her tail (which can reveal a huge, fanged mouth at its tip), she also spends much of her fights pleading with her wings to stop.

She is gentle and innocent, rather reserved, a bit lonely, and quite cognizant of her debt to Testament and May and Johnny. She also has an extraordinary constitution, as proven by her survival after a fall of four miles after being thrown off of an airship by I-No.

Guilty Gear Isuka Dizzy Wallpaper

Dizzy is one of those characters that is variably drawn as a very young child, a mature woman, or anything between. The official artwork generally sticks to presenting her as a bit older. Here she is from Guilty Gear Isuka, the side-scrolling spinoff.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Dizzy Art

And here she is from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

When talking about Guilty Gear, one always has to mention the soundtrack, which features some of the best music in all of video games. If you like instrumental rock music with lots of thrash guitar work and you haven’t heard this game’s music, you should go hit up Youtube and give it a listen. Simple Life (Bridget’s theme) and Suck a Sage (Chipp’s theme) are two of my favorite songs.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

Daisuke Ishiwatari, the protean South Africa-born game designer who created the series, composed the music, and designed the characters, is known as a huge fan of rock music, and the Guilty Gear series makes numerous references to rock and heavy metal. Dizzy’s name is apparently taken from Guns n’ Roses keyboard player Dizzy Reed, the second longest-tenured member of the band. (I suppose it’s possible that she was also named after Dizzy Gillespie, the famous jazz musician.)

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

This figure comes from Kotobukiya and Hobby Japan. She was technically an exclusive, although as usual there are other channels through which she can be acquired; I got my figure from Tokyo Hunter. She’s sculpted in 1/8 scale and is about 18 centimeters tall to the top of her head, although her swirling hair makes her a bit taller than that and she occupies quite a bit of space due to her lively pose.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

Assembly of the figure is quite straightforward; or rather, it should be straightforward. She comes attached to her base, and the only thing that needs to be done is to insert her wings and each hair tail into sockets on her back and her head. Unfortunately, I found it quite difficult to get her hair inserted all the way, and I wound up snapping one of her yellow ribbons off. I keep super glue around for little emergencies like that, but I still haven’t been able to get her hair firmly locked to her head. I may try filing down the pegs a bit more to see if that helps the fit but until I do that, her hair is quite prone to falling off of her head.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

As mentioned, this version of Dizzy is patterned after her Queen’s Gate rendition rather than the Arc System Works art, and so she looks quite young here. The Queen’s Gate book was drawn by Takumi Inoue, and curiously there’s a person by that name listed as the voice actor for Robo-Ky in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus; I have no idea if they’re the same person or not.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

Dizzy is given a playful, energetic pose, hair flying with her body thrown forward. I like it quite a bit; it gives her a childlike, girlish quality which contrasts with her revealing outfit. Her youthfulness is also accentuated by her round face, wide eyes, and slender neck. Her mouth is not particularly detailed and while it looks like she has a slight smile from the front, she can take on a more neutral expression from other angles.

Her wings suffer from a sad lack of detail, especially from the top. They look far more like a plastic toy than anything real, which is a shame. Kotobukiya should have looked to E2046’s Caroline figure for some pointers on how to do wings on a figure.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

There’s nothing youthful about her chest, which is quite glorious, as well as her backside, which is sculpted very nicely. She’s supposed to be wearing a thong but it looks like her bottom is bare; presumably the small size of the figure prevented the sculptor from providing greater detail. Either way, it looks great to me.

I should mention that I didn’t try to remove her clothing. Her outfit seems to be cast as a separate piece but I am not certain whether there’s an easy way to get it off. Some enterprising Japanese individuals did remove her clothing, although I think they had to rip her clothes off to do so, and so I know that she doesn’t have nipples. Being that that’s the case, I don’t think it’s worth the trouble to try. She does seem to have a hint of genitalia though. (Man that sounds messed up.) Anyway, if you want to see her in all her bare glory, here’s a review that shows off the goods (or lack thereof).

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

The paint job is more of a mixed affair. She’s got heavy shading on her legs and torso which wouldn’t be quite so noticeable if her face weren’t so pale in comparison. Her clothing has sort of a matte black finish which looks quite a bit like, well, plastic rather than leather.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

However, I freely admit that my objectivity can be compromised or negated by my affinity for a character, and despite this figure’s flaws, I still love it and am very glad to own it. Do I wish it was in 1/6 scale? Sure. Do I think that Alter or Max Factory would’ve done a better job? You bet. Despite all of that, I’m very pleased that there’s at least one scale figure of Dizzy out in the market now.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

The next Queen’s Gate character is Kasumi from Dead or Alive. I would’ve liked a less well-known character such as Yuki from The Last Blade but I’m still looking forward to the book. She does look very young in the cover art though, which is rather off-putting.

Hobby Japan Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

I could have sworn that I saw a resin kit of Yui Kutuna from Vanguard Princess at Wonder Festival the other week. Am I imagining things? Regardless, it’d be pretty cool if some of the characters got turned into figures. And by “some of the characters” I mean Luna.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

I have the feeling that Millia Rage is never going to get a scale figure. What a shame that would be. I know I did see a Noel Vermillion resin kit so maybe she’ll get some PVC love in the future.

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

Kotobukiya Dizzy from Guilty Gear X Review

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26 Responses to Dizzy from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

  1. Vambee-Lacuer says:

    Great review, very entertaining, and amazing pictures too. I’ve got Dizzy pre-ordered at a U.S store so hopefully she gets to me soon.

    A little side note, I’ve been on youtube for the last half-hour looking up Guilty Gear tracks. Good stuff.

  2. Marcucho says:

    this figure is very beautiful!!! she looks very dinamic, besides she has a great boobs jajajaja i could not avoid say that jakjakjak

    great review tier!


  3. Tier says:

    >> Vambee-Lacuer
    Thanks 😀 If you like the GGX music, you should go give BlazBlue’s soundtrack a listen, if you haven’t heard it. Oriental Flower and Bullet Dance are especially nice songs from that game.

    >> Marcucho
    Indeed she does! She is most precocious for a three-year-old.

  4. Leonia says:

    I don’t know Guilty Gear game ^^ But this character is really nice ^^ I like angels ^^ Sadly she was exclusive and a little too expensive for me. I really like the background effect ^^ Nice idea !

  5. francine says:

    dizzy is one of my favorite characters :))

    nice review..
    i really like it 😉

  6. Ashlotte says:

    I’ve known of Dizz but never played the games sadly. >_<

    Passed on this one because I was sad her wings were so plain like you said…Dizz has such an awesome chara design thats begging for an epic figure if someone took the time to do her wings with the angel and the reaper…Missed opportunities. *sigh*

    It is a shame that more fighters don't get figures…Give anything for some Blazblue or Soul Calibur figures…

  7. Ashlotte says:

    *It’s a shame that more fighter games don’t get figures as you say*

    Bleh thats what I meant to write…Without that part just makes it seem like I’m making a point you already made in the review and thus like I didn’t even read it properly…WTB edit button for comments. >_>

  8. Tier says:

    >> Leonia
    Thanks, you can always tell whether I like a figure by how much effort I put into setting up the photos XD

    >> francine
    She’s one of my favorite characters too, and the only character that I sort of know how to use in Guilty Gear (I’m pretty bad at fighting games).

    >> Ashlotte
    I’d always sorta hoped that this kit would have gotten turned into a PVC figure, preferably with an angrier look on her face. Beggars can’t be choosers though so I’m really happy to have this one, since I’ve been hoping for a Dizzy figure for years and it does not appear that anyone else is going to produce GGX figures (I think the property is now owned by Sega, and off the top of my head, I can’t recall of any figure manufacturers making scale PVC figures of Sega characters).

    Ha, you may want to buy but I’m not selling! I’ve been wanting to revamp the comments system here for a while; at the least I’d like to get threaded comments running so that I don’t have to bulk-respond in one comment.

    (As a personal aside, I usually expect that more people will look through the pictures rather than read the words; I do that myself, to be honest <.<)

  9. softz says:

    I saw the last 2 piece at the online store when I was in the office. I thought it would be better that I order it when I reached home but darn, it was sold out already.

    I don’t think the figure is meant to be cast-off. If it was, the nipples should be missing 😉

    Anyway, I think is a great choice you have there to own this figure! I think it’s a great figure.

  10. Ashlotte says:

    Yea see when you say “Dizzy figure” to me that GK you linked is more of what I had in mind… T_T

    But your right when you have so little to choose from you take what you can get sadly…

  11. Blowfish says:

    Sadly I suck donkey tama`s at Guilty Gear.
    Its such an awesome game and yet I cant master the games mechanics.
    I am able to pull off some of the easier combos with May but she isnt particularly the kind of character id like to use.
    I wish id kick more ass with Millia Rage.

    Im playing Accent Core XX with the Classic Controller and I always wondered if ordering a Arcade Stick would make me better at mastering the controls.
    Any recommendation? I would have to import one and to realize that my lack of skills is responsible for this would be quite a bummer.

    I wonder id she blends in well with the MH Queens Blade girls

  12. Blowfish says:

    I totally forgot but Ive read instead of “Dizzy’s rapid maturation is due to her Gear biology.” Dizzy’s rapid masturbation is due to her Gear biology.

    Wishful thinking eh?

  13. Doriinatrix says:

    She’s named after Dizzy from Guns n’ Roses? Could you imagine a fighting game based on moe-fied versions of the members if Guns n’ Roses? I’d totally play it.

  14. Tier says:

    >> softz
    I’ve had that happen before, I checked up on one figure right before I left work, I drove home, and by the time I got there it was sold out. I wonder what figure that was … it might’ve been Alpha x Omega’s Sheryl Nome, I think.

    I’m pretty happy with this figure, and the fact that I like the GGX games makes me like it even more.

    >> Ashlotte
    Necro and Undine are probably two of the most unusual aspects of Dizzy’s design, so it’s a bit disappointing that they went with normal wings. But yeah, I can’t be too disappointed, since it’s Dizzy XD

    >> Blowfish
    I’m not too familiar with PS2 sticks, unfortunately, but I do know that I much, much prefer to play fighting games with joysticks rather than gamepads. I originally bought GGX and then GGX2 on the PS2, and then I bought GGX2 #Reload on the Xbox because I had built a joystick for that system.

    Hmm … wonder if those Mad Catz Street Fighter IV sticks are still sold out everywhere, I dunno if they were any good but it doesn’t seem like PS3/360 owners have much choice as far as fighting game sticks go. If they are, maybe they’ll reissue them soon with Super SFIV coming out in a couple of months.

    I don’t got too many of the QB girls but maybe I ought to take a group photo of them, just to practice my group photo composition skills.

    Wishful thinking indeed! I’ve noticed that when I misread things, I usually misread them in a very sexual or pornographic manner. Curious, that.

    >> Doriinatrix
    Now that’d be kick-ass. (Alternatively, I wouldn’t mind at all a slice-of-life high school girl anime show in which the main characters form a heavy metal band instead of the cutesy j-pop stuff we usually hear. I’d definitely watch it if the main character bites the head off of an animal while performing at some point during the series.) Japan’s corrupted everything else … their own medieval history, World War II, the Necronomicon, President Obama and Prime Minister Putin, why not Guns n’ Roses?

    Speaking of the president, this isn’t strictly anime-related, but I still can’t believe the most patriotic American game ever made never actually came to America.

  15. DaSaru says:

    I should hate you for having this..but I love your review. 😛
    Sad and true that there’s not a lot of fighting games girl figures. There are some, but not a lot.
    I thought Helena was part of the Kotobukiya DOAX line?

    Mars People..?

  16. VF says:

    Sweet job on the background of the pics! They just get better and better! 🙂 Interesting figure and being an exclusive too! Doesn’t it make you feel all empowered inside when you get your hands on an exclusive edition figure? LOL

    Didn’t know abou this character at all, as I never paid that much attention to the GG series, good to know some background on the figure!

  17. Tier says:

    >> DaSaru
    If memory serves, Helena and Lisa got left out of the DOAX figure lineup … I think Christie might’ve gotten the short end too, but I’m not sure about that. They did do some trading figure-sized toys of those characters, though.

    Yep, Mars People! Technically he’s from SVC Chaos (and the Metal Slug series) and technically it’s many individual people, but for some reason his name is given only as “Mars People.”

    >> VF
    Thanks! It does indeed, although given the expense, I wouldn’t mind if these figures got general releases instead. I’m having a tough time keeping up with all the exclusives that I want.

  18. DaSaru says:

    OIC..too bad for Lisa..she was my favourite. She looks like Anesthesia from Rumble Roses, only not evil.
    I wouldn’t mind new Rumble Roses figure btw. 😛

    Maybe Mars People are asexual? The only difference I saw when he/she/it got Midnight Bliss-ed by Demitri in SVC:Chaos was a ribbon. LOL.

  19. Tier says:

    Yeah, I liked Lisa best too, since she had the raunchiest suits in the first DOA game. And I definitely wouldn’t mind some Rumble Roses figures XD

    They could be! Or maybe they reproduce the way every other tentacle monster in Japanese media reproduces? I wonder if there’s any Mai x Mars People doujinshi out there …

  20. Lylibellule says:

    mMine is on it’s way …. i couldn’t resist on it’s announcement because of her wings. 🙂
    But reviews i’ve seen of her so far still disappointed.I’m not really surprised seeing the average quality kotobukiya offer to us.^^
    The lack of finishes on wings is very sad…. and the castoff! omg. ^^ 🙁
    Even if i don’t expose my figures naked, i like their body to be greatly shaped. And for an exclusivity they could have done an effort.
    If you broke a part of the yellow ribbon, i’ll have to be careful because i’m very clumsy.

    Despite this, great photos who give her a tru angel look…. and a very instructive text. Bravo! 😉

  21. GREW says:

    She looks nice. And I like the effects on the picture.
    But I would do that effect in only one picture. Like an Wallpaper or something.

    The figure itself should stand alone in the first line.

  22. Tier says:

    >> Lylibellule
    Yeah, I hear you on the quality thing … even for a Kotobukiya figure, the quality is a bit low here. The castoff thing doesn’t surprise me too much since I don’t think any of Kotobukiya’s figures have ever been anatomically accurate, but this figure would’ve been a nice place to start. Still … I really can’t complain, since this is Dizzy XD

    >> GREW
    I concede that the effect might be overdone, but that is what I am all about. If I shot plain pictures on a solid background, I’d just be doing what Hobby Search does. I’ve got some even more distracting and overpowering backgrounds lined up for some reviews in the very near future.

  23. BurntHam says:

    I like how you called her boobs “glorious”. Now I will use that word when I see such things.

    This is a nice looking character. I will surely have to look her up.

  24. Katsura-chan says:

    Looks nice, i see a lot of things i like in this figure but i wouldn’t buy her even if i can’t clearly explain why.
    Very good review by the way as usual 🙂

  25. Tier says:

    Hmm … maybe it’s the skinny neck? Or the plastic wings? Or the tail? <.< I love Dizzy so I had to buy this, but I'm really hoping that one of the more consistent manufacturers takes a shot at making GGX or BlazBlue figures.

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