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Dakimakura Review – Kimi Aoi from Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere (NSFW)

Kimi Aoi Dakimakura Review

The last few dakimakura covers featured here have been mostly of rather young-looking, physically-undeveloped characters, so to speak, so this time we’ll look at a pillowcase depicting a full-grown lady. This character is Kimi Aoi, the older sister of Toori Aoi, the lead male character of the light novel and recently-concluded anime series Horizon on (or in) the Middle of Nowhere. Although the anime seems reasonably popular – surely due in no small part to its attractive and expansive cast of colorful, likeable characters – it hasn’t gotten a lot of love from the figure industry. That’s rather unfortunate, since I really like the character designs and they would lend themselves well to figures. However, we’ll talk more about the anime and the few figures it has spawned later on; for now, let’s take a closer look at this dakimakura cover.
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