Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Cuteness isn’t something that I usually account for when I’m deciding which figures to buy. I much prefer sexy to cute, and many of the tropes associated with young, loli-type cuteness in anime – short stature, pigtails, an undeveloped rack – don’t really do much for me. Nonetheless, when MegaHouse announced that they were putting out a figure of Sora, I was captivated by the publicity shots, and I decided right away to put in a preorder.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Sora Kasugano comes from the h-game Yosuganosora. I have not played the game but from what I gather, the player assumes the role of Haruka Kasugano, Sora’s twin brother. Following a tragic accident which claims the lives of their parents, they move away and, depending on the player’s actions, find comfort in each other’s arms. And bed – after successfully wooing and winning her heart, Haruka becomes familiar with Sora in ways that most siblings aren’t, and Sora does things to her brother that most siblings don’t.

Overall, Sora is depicted as taciturn, sullen, introverted, and willful; in other words, you’ve probably seen her personality in a half dozen or more other characters in anime and video games.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

True to form, Sora is also presented as physically frail, and this trait carries through to her character design, which includes all the usual hallmarks of the classic tsundere loli.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

MegaHouse’s rendition of Sora puts her in a rather revealing bikini, which seemingly contrasts with her personality, as the bandeau top and low-rise bottom leave little to the imagination. Then again, Sora evidently does not care much about what other people think of her, so perhaps it’s not all that unfitting.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Sculpted in 1/8 scale, Sora is just a bit under 18.5 centimeters tall. While many of MegaHouse’s figures feature complicated clothing removal schemes that require a degree in mechanical engineering to comprehend, Sora comes with only two accessories and her clothes cannot be taken off. Her base is a round plastic disc with the game’s logo on the front.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Her two accessories are a towel and a little bunny rabbit toy. The towel wraps around behind her and sort of cups over her fists. While I don’t like it from behind since it obscures her backside, from the front, it gives her something to hide behind, accentuating her insecurity. Without it, her pose is a bit awkward; it looks like she’s ready to start throwing punches but doesn’t quite know what a fighting stance looks like.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Her emotional frailty is also emphasized by her bunny rabbit. With its button eyes and and little neck ribbon, it is clearly a child’s toy, yet one senses that she still needs it.

Yosuga no Sora screenshot
She does not seem amused.

The artwork from the game gives her child-like proportions, with a nearly undefined waist and modest hip curvature, but the figure deviates from the source. In 3D form, Sora is wasp-waisted with wide hips for her body build, and they are subtly thrust to her left by the tilt of her body. There’s a hint of muscular definition around her sternum, and her legs are a bit thicker than what is typical for this sort of character design.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Her backside is also a bit thicker. A lot thicker, actually. Her rump is quite glorious, extending a good way up her back, with her bikini bottom pinching into her flesh, straining to hold her in. It looks rather uncomfortable but her pain is our gain. You don’t normally see this sort of rump on a character like this; I’ll admit that, upon close inspection, the cleft of her buttocks looks strangely oversized, but I’ll also admit that I like big butts and cannot lie, so that doesn’t particularly bother me.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

One of the most attractive aspects of this figure is the muted, monochromatic paint scheme. Simple and basic, it adds a touch of distinctive elegance to a character who otherwise evinces the tired traits of her archetype. The only noticeable color is just a hint of blush on her cheeks.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Cherubic and innocent-looking, Sora is in reality neither of those things, but MegaHouse’s figure is still delightful. I think that the liberties that the sculptor took with the original design only add to the character’s appeal, and even though this sort of thing isn’t usually my bag, in the end I’m quite happy with this figure.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

Sora seems to be a popular girl, and more reviews of this figure are up at Visual Fanfare, HappySoda, Exelica Meteor, and foo-bar-baz. Go clicky.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

The next review up is probably also going to feature a flat-chested character. Ninety-something reviews here with only three flat-chested figures prior to this one, and now two in a row? What is this world coming to? The snowpocalypse blanketing this region must be addling my brains.

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

MegaHouse Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora Review

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35 Responses to Sora Kasugano from Yosuganosora

  1. Iced says:

    I’m really liking the last shot. Such pretty lighting! ^^

    Despite what anyone says, I like the color scheme of this figure. ^^ But from some angles I’m a bit iffy on her face because some parts of her eyes are being covered by her hair and it just makes her look kinda strange.

    It’s funny how both figures of her that are out have her in a swimsuit… I admit to having never played Yosuga no Sora (I’ve seen the art though, and it’s gorgeous!) but…is there even a reason to it? XD

    I don’t really mind though, since the Kotobukiya version was so adorable it made me want to research the series. Even now I’m not sure on how I feel about it… seems everyone has a pretty strong opinion on the twincest though. XD

  2. Tier says:

    Thanks XD I wanted to go with a warmer look for this figure since her colors are a bit muted, and also because it is freaking cold outside right now. I can’t believe I’m going to have to dig my car out from under two feet of snow for a second time in seven weeks.

    Yeah, I see what you’re saying about her bangs. I do like her longer hair though, it gives her more of a youthful look (though I’m not sure how old she’s actually supposed to be. Older than the age of consent in Japan, I presume.)

    You bet there’s a reason for it … MegaHouse and Kotobukiya want to sell figures XD Actually, there was an even even earlier figure of Sora that came out last year, but nobody paid any attention to it since it was made by Taki Corp and it doesn’t look very good.

    Me, I’m not really a big tsundere fan but I can’t see how twincest could ever be a bad thing. Never ever.

  3. meronpan says:

    the only reason I don’t already have her is because i wasn’t familiar with her character ^^;; your shots confirm my reactions to the prototype pics… she looks amazing! i’m surprised i like her so much… usually i like the character and i cope with the boring “just standing there” pose. somehow in this case, i know nothing about the character (or didn’t until reading your post) but the figure really grabbed my attention. love it.

    also love what you did with the lighting. both the more sepia toned stuff and just straight up white really turned out nice ^^

    might have to go hunting for her in akiba… 😛

  4. VF says:

    Thanks for the link back, Tier. 😛

    Great shots, as usual, nice touch on the soft shadows! I had hard time with the lighting without a softbox available.

    I agree that Sora looks good with the warmer lighting, her pose and skin tone is already pretty cold feeling. ^_^

  5. Ashlotte says:

    I really gotta stop reading reviews of her or I’m going to succumb to desire here… T_T

    I know you don’t like flat chest Tier, but I thank you for shooting her so sumptuously just the same. *steals pictures. ~_^

  6. Aka says:

    I wish my Sora would arrive already! I keep seeing reviews everywhere and wondering when she’s finally going to be here.

    “Me, I’m not really a big tsundere fan but I can’t see how twincest could ever be a bad thing. Never ever.”
    lol! I’m more for twincest between two females myself.

    Nice shots, seems everyone is doing the low lighting too. I wonder if there’s something I can still add at this point lol

  7. Tier says:

    Shovelling two feet of snow from the sidewalk and around my car is no fun at all, especially when it’s packed down like an iceberg. Also, I’m saying Saints 27 Colts 17 tonight.

    >> meronpan
    Yeah, I feel the same way; this isn’t really the sort of figure that I usually go for but Sora looks really striking despite being very understated.

    And thanks XD I think Sora looks best on a neutral, muted background and that’s how it seems most people are photographing her, but I wanted a slightly different tone for my pictures (probably because I’ve had about enough of winter already).

    >> VF
    You bet! Unfortunately for me, I have no fancy photography equipment; for Sora I used a desk lamp from a hardware store with some construction paper taped around it to block light. I did splurge on some big black sheets of construction paper recently, which I like very much. I’ve used red paper before, but it’s not large enough to completely encircle the lamp so a lot of light leaks out (try saying that five times fast) and it causes localized reddish tinting which I don’t like much.

    >> Ashlotte
    Give in, the global economy is a wreck and we all need to do our part to pick it back up. Your money doesn’t help anybody but yourself if it’s locked away in a savings account or retirement plan or hidden under your bed or in a wallet. We will all have to pitch in to turn this thing around.

    I think it’s more the personality that’s often associated with the flatchest type that I’m not a big fan of; it seems like they are either a quiet, angry tsundere or a rambunctionious, angry tsundere. I really don’t like the tsundere personality, and in my brain, flatchestiness and that temperament are sort of intertwined, like rum and Coke, resto druids and cyclone, the #10 meal at Wendy’s and barbecue sauce, Kobe Bryant and white women. I don’t mind the lack of bustiness if the character seems like a nice person.

    >> Aka
    Yeah, I guess twincest between two dudes wouldn’t be something I’d go looking for XD Not that I’ve got anything against that or people who dig that; it’s just not my thing, myself.

    Hmm … you could do something with Aldra, maybe?


  8. Wolfheinrich says:

    This figure caught my attention as well, but I didn’t go for her… even as a loli style figure, she look amazing. I donno if I am going to play this game… but the figure sure looks hella hot! No, I am not a pedo!

  9. Aka says:

    You know… I’m a bit jealous. I meant to say this before but, 2 feet of snow? give me some of that! I don’t get why I have to go SOUTH for snow this winter. I live in Canada, where the hell is my snow?!

    I’m tired of cold weather without anything fun about it. Snow is tons of fun, but -22°C? That’s not fun at all! At least when there’s snow I can forget about the temperature, but so far this winter we’ve had like one snow fall, and it was pathetic. Last year this time, we had a pile of snow over a storey and a half high! This year? no pile at all.

  10. Tier says:

    Hey, my Super Bowl score prediction wasn’t too far off.

    >> Wolfheinrich
    I’m not a pedo either! I can look but I’m not tasting. I guess I need to decide if I want that one loli figure from Pia Carrot pretty soon. Man I’m going to feel like such a pervert if I get that.

    >> Aka
    You can have some of the stuff here; the local paper said that northern Va. road crews moved 500,000 tons of snow this weekend. They also had a great headline the other day.

    You know what’s even more annoying? The weather people say we’re going to get hit with another snowstorm on Tuesday, and this one might dump another half foot on top of the two feet we’ve already gotten. I am really, really glad I have a telecommute option for work.

  11. softz says:

    “her pain is our gain” <– you pedophile but I like it 🙂

    Your photos are great. Your warmer tone on her makes her look more emotional. Though I prefer busty girls, but these photos of yours really bring out the cuteness in her. 😉

  12. Ashlotte says:

    Ah yes Tsundere…Eh if its done right I love it (Rin from FSN), but when their just over the top violent and obnoxious it just ruins the personality type thoroughly (Louise from Zero).

    I always lament the fact that in Anime flat has become synonymous with Loli…Legal age girls can be flat too damnit japan and you know it. :p

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  14. Aka says:

    Ashlotte, Louise isn’t Tsundere.. she’s Bitchdere. In fact I’d remove the dere entirely if I could, she’s almost totally just a bitch.

    I generally like Tsundere like characters that have the right balance of dere and tsun. I have nothing against them. Rin is win though.

    Tier, I hate you so much, I want my snoooow! Great headline though.

  15. Tier says:

    Here’s today’s headline on the local paper’s metro site. Another six to sixteen inches on top of the two feet we’ve already gotten!

    >> softz
    Bah, I admit it, my perversion knows no bounds. When it comes to female characters, anyway. And maybe Bridget. Crap, what did I just say?

    I think your comment got caught in the spam filter or something, I dunno why it flags some comments like that. We could definitely use more people to dig out the street, especially with another snowstorm on the way.

    >> Ashlotte
    One of these days I’m going to have to play FSN or finish watching the anime. I figure if I’m going to blow the sort of money that I do on FSN products, I ought to learn something about who these characters are. But it’s so hard, with Shirou being such a tiresome douchebag.

    >> Aka
    I, uhh, do not understand the language you are speaking <.< I will have to go Wikipedia these terms.

    Oh, so this word comes from two words. Most curious.

    All this talk about contemporary female anime archetypes really makes me miss all the girls with guns shows I used to watch fifteen years ago. Are there any good Action Girls around these days? I wonder where my Gunsmith Cats and Iria DVDs are …

  16. Lylibellule says:

    Sorry to be late. I saw your review yesterday but it was late and i didn’t had enough energy left to comment.
    You did quite beautiful photos for this figure. I especially enjoy the welcoming atmosphere that shine off the series with the bruin background.
    Sora has a body quite adapted to light sets.
    After seeing the review from you and VF, i’m tempted to take her in a near future. And the bunny is so cute.
    Do you have the same problem as VF : a slightly difference of skin color between the top and the bottom ?

  17. Ashlotte says:

    Sadly where in the “Moe” era now Tier for better or worse and the kinda kickass gals from the 80’s or 90’s are nowhere to be found…The last truely badass female character I can remember is the Major and thats really cheating since she’s still technically 90’s just getting a more contemporary TV show.

    All I hear these days is how the moe bubble is gonna burst though so hey theirs still some hope…

    I can’t really recommend the TV series, but I fully endorse your interest in playing the VN of FSN for sure…110% worth the time! ~_^

  18. Tier says:

    >> Lylibellule
    It is all good, I know I can’t keep up with commenting on blogs XD You should definitely look into picking her up, she’s a great figure. I don’t think I noticed that but if I squint really hard, maybe I can convince myself that her torso is a bit darker than her legs. That might also just be the dim lighting in my room, though.

    >> Ashlotte
    Yeah, it’s a real shame. I guess Revi is another female action star, looking at my wishlist reminds me that I was thinking of picking up the Black Lagoon DVDs since the box set came out a few months back.

    I will hold out hope, just like I’m going to hope that MegaHouse makes me an Irma figure and GSC stops making Vocaloid stuff long enough to make me an Itsuki Kannagi figure.

  19. Katsura-chan says:

    I love her so much ! I founded a way to pre-order it somewhere, i am not sure i’ll be able to obtain a copy but … finger cross ^^
    It’s so great you did a review on her because i learned to enjoy your reviews and photos.
    And woooooow, what a gorgeous photos 🙂 I think what i like the most in Sora is how her pantie look like on her back and the form of her cute ass.
    Thank you so much for this review.

  20. DaSaru says:

    Ooo..I like the lighting.
    Don’t know the character, but I do like the figure.
    I think I just discovered a new fetish: Less than covered girls in boxing stance.

  21. Tier says:

    >> Katsura-chan
    Thanks and good luck with acquiring Sora, she’s definitely worth the trouble to track down XD And I agree, the sculptor did a fine job on her backside, especially since Sora is a loli-type character.

    >> DaSaru
    That’s a great fetish, I’m really hoping that a schoolgirl boxing anime comes out. We’ve got anime about making a band, anime about school children beating up school children from other schools, anime about little girls who like panties, breastfeeding anime, why not schoolgirl boxing anime?

  22. Xine says:

    Pretty figure. I also like its color scheme. Nice to read a very good review. Great job with the photos too. ^^

  23. Doriinatrix says:

    Holy crap. I’m not usually into the oh-so-delicate, I-act-like-hate-you-because-I-like-you moe moe blobs, but…she’s just too cute. Good review, as usual.

  24. softz says:

    Oh so it was the spam thingy. I was wondering if I posted my comment or I accidentally activated the back button. zzz…

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  27. Tier says:

    >> Xine
    Thanks! A lot of times my photography technique is of the shoot-and-pray type, but I’m happy that Sora turned out alright. The muted colors probably helped a lot in that respect.

    >> Doriinatrix
    Me neither … if she were from a slice of life, garden-grade school comedy, I probably would’ve passed, but it boosts her image in my view that she’s from a raunchy h-game.

    >> softz
    Yeah, the spam filter catches a legitimate comment every now and then. It’s sorta weird to scan through all the Viagra spam and all the weirdo comments written in Cyrillic and then come across a real comment with a user avatar.

  28. Blowfish says:

    Shes definately not my kind of character ^^;;

    Kudos for the lighting in the first few pictures! Really love how they turned out there!
    As for teh colour scheme its definately fresh to see something going away from the flashy norm

  29. Tier says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t usually go for this sort of character either XD I like her look though, I’ve got love enough for all sorts of anime characters except for that one from Kodomo no Jikan.

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  31. BB Fraülein says:

    Loli shoujo is my weakness. I thought my wallet could be save, but when I saw Sora’s review… U_U OMG!
    I love the black bunny… I wish I could have one of those for myself.
    Perfect shots!!!

  32. Tier says:

    The bunny rabbit is too cool XD I don’t really go for lolis most of the time but Sora looked too awesome to pass up. Well, awesome’s maybe not the right word … hmm, melancholy? Pensive? Bah, I’ll just say she looks awesome.

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