Dakimakura Review – Vivio from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (NSFW)

Vivio from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Dakimakura Review

Though Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has finished its television run – at least until they decide to animate ViVid and Force – its popularity continues to flourish thanks to a huge spectrum of goods featuring its characters. The list of official goods is impressive, comprising cups, notebooks, cell phone straps, video games with its own impressive selection of goods packed in, and so on … and of course, where licensed makers choose not to provide, doujin circles are there to step in. This is particularly true with pillowcases, and while the Nanoha series has some competition from Madoka for the throne of the magical girl genre, the new contender cannot contest Nanoha’s popularity when it comes to dakimakura covers.
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Strength from Black Rock Shooter (Animation Version)

Good Smile Company Strength from Black Rock Shooter Figure Review

As we get older, it seems that time moves quicker and the world changes more rapidly. However, there are some constants that do not change. Death and taxes are among the less comforting, but for figure collectors, there are at least two happy certainties: Good Smile Company will continue to make exceptional figures of the Black Rock Shooter characters, and those exceptional figures will invariably find their way into Amiami’s bargain bin. I initially waffled on preordering Strength and then decided to pass on her. However, after seeing some reviews of the figure, I changed my mind and thought about buying it for full price. I felt a price cut was likely, though, and the maxim that good things come to those who wait sometimes holds true in figure collecting – more so with the BRS stuff. So it happened that Strength got her price slashed by more than half; not quite the 2,500 yen or so that Black Rock Shooter herself went for, but still a very welcome discount.
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Yukino Hongou from Kowaku no Toki (NSFW)

Giga Pulse Yukino Hongou from Kowaku no Toki Figure Review

Having owned this figure for some months now, I ponder whether I want to take pictures of it and write a post about it. I don’t think it’s a good idea, because it is not a very good figure and comes from subject material of very questionable taste. However, nobody has ever charged me or this website with possessing good taste, and there is a notable dearth of discussion regarding Giga Pulse figures on the web. As I make my decision, I hear a voice in my head …
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Sigui from Queen’s Blade Rebellion (Excellent Model Limited Version) (NSFW)

Sigui from Queen's Blade Rebellion

A holy woman and an inquisitor, Sigui’s official bio says that she is not a cruel person and is generally a good woman, and also that she enjoys burning heretics. Indeed, the slaughter of those people whose beliefs diverge from her own is her mission and she shows no hesitation or remorse in persecuting such people. But aside from her religious fanaticism – which basically comprises her entire life – she’s a good person. Yep.
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Nana Chigusa from Nana to Kaoru (Black Bondage Version)

Native Nana Chigusa from Nana to Kaoru Figure Review

A Native figure … without an NSFW tag? Unthinkable.
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Preorder Outlook XIV

New preorder post but no Fates are listed within … what is this world coming to? Though this post is lessened by the lack of Fate, there are still a lot of great figures that are up for preorder, so let’s get to it.
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Fall 2011 Anime First Impressions

I spent the last week playing Castles II, lamenting the lameness of my fantasy NFL team, and watching anime. I don’t think anybody is interested in reading about the first two but perhaps people might be interested in the anime I watched.
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Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (School Uniform Version)

Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Figure Review

Curiously, I have no scale-size Nanoha figures in my collection. I have six Fates, but no Nanoha. This imbalance must be amended – Fate is a lonely girl and she needs a friend. Somebody who will stand by her and give her a big hug. Somebody who will liberate her from a life of thralldom and unrequited love. Somebody who will occasionally Divine Buster her ass when she needs it.
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Dakimakura Review – Teresa Beria from Seikon no Qwaser

Teresa Beria Dakimakura Review

It’s pillowcase time and while this one is not nearly as salacious as the ones I usually buy, I’m a fan of Seikon no Qwaser and I particularly like Teresa Beria, the reserved and taciturn Maria. In anime and video games, I like quiet, duty-minded girls. I’m more of a Rei fan than an Asuka fan and more of a Yuki fan than a Haruhi fan. I like KOS-MOS a lot though that sentiment is tempered by how bloody awful Xenosaga is. Fate is my favorite Nanoha character, though admittedly I’ve only seen the movie and the first few episodes of StrikerS. I really liked Noir, and that’s mainly because the female characters weren’t whiny, tsundere, or clingy – they just went around doing their business. And that’s what Teresa is like; she’s a quiet tulip enthusiast who helps out series lead Sasha in his quest for revenge. She occasionally steps into the fight with a bow and arrows. And she occasionally gets sexually assaulted, but that’s par for the course for all the Qwaser characters – including Sasha – so it’s all good.
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Shot Breakdown – Triela

I always like it when a figure reveals some aspect of its personality in its sculpt. Not many of them do; for example, Junko Hattori sports sort of a generic angry anime girl expression, Kiriko Hattori has a satisfied, happy look, Dizzy has kind of a neutral, unemotional expression, and Heat Blade looks like a robot. If I didn’t know a thing about those characters, I couldn’t tell you much about them – I probably couldn’t even make a first guess as to what they are like. Triela, however, conveys a strong sense of detachment and loneliness. It’s easy to guess that she hasn’t had an easy life, and unlike Cryska, the way she hugs her gun suggests it’s more than just a prop to her. The mood that her look invokes informs the way I want to photograph her, unlike Junko, Kiriko, Dizzy, and Heat Blade, where it was much more difficult for me to figure out how to shoot them. All this is to say that I am lazy as hell and I really like it when a figure gives me ideas right off the bat, rather than being forced to actually think about how I want to shoot a figure.
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