Super Sonico from Nitroplus (Bath Time Version) (NSFW)

Super Sonico Figure Review

Because there just isn’t enough Sonico merchandise out there.
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White Cat from Planet of the Cats

White Cat from Planet of the Cats Figure Review

We looked at the Cat and Chair a little while ago, and now it is time to give White Cat her turn. No name for her, apparently, but at least her title is a bit more descriptive than her counterpart’s.
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Hotori Yoshii from the Native Creator’s Collection (NSFW)

Hotori Yoshii Native Figure Review

Any day where one gets two Native figures is a fairly good day. Add that one Saber-on-a-bike figure to the delivery and that makes for a rather great day.
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Psylocke from the Uncanny X-Men (Sideshow Premium Format Version)

Psylocke Premium Format Figure Review

A couple of years back, I was thrilled when Kotobukiya made a figure of Psylocke. Psylocke is my favorite character in all of comics and I was happy to get any figure of her. Over time, my enthusiasm for that figure – and indeed, Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line – has mellowed to a certain degree. Not that I dislike them, but it’s clear that the Bishoujo figures are meant to be fairly inexpensive products aimed at a mass-market audience. However, this statue is an entirely different proposition, with supposedly only 750 limited edition units manufactured and a price tag that would deter most collectors. How disappointing then, that once again my enthusiasm is tempered – indeed, extinguished; this time, because of a most peculiar and most irresponsible mistake made by the manufacturer.
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Imari Kurumi from Bible Black (NSFW)

Imari Kurumi from Bible Black Figure Review

Figure makers used to regularly look towards eroge and ero anime, but these days, that appears to be a diminishing trend. Fortunately, Daiki Kougyou is here to remind us that hardcore hentai properties deserve figures, too.
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Dakimakura Review – Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force (NSFW)

Nanoha Takamachi Dakimakura Review

As I am waiting for the figure of the year to arrive (AKA Daiki Kougyou’s Imari Kurumi), I think now is a good time for pillow case show-and-tell. This day’s pillowcase features Nanoha Takamachi, renowned officer of the Time-Space Administration Bureau, redoubtable friend-maker, and part-time porno extra. It’s the third pillowcase in my collection that is drawn by BRIEST, joining previous acquisitions Fate Testarossa and Vivio and thus keeping the happy family together.
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Shot Breakdown – Satsuki Shinonome

It can be difficult to come up with an attractive way to shoot a figure like this. Satsuki isn’t exactly what you would call exciting or dynamic, but she does have the advantage of having an unusual backstory. That led to the idea for the main shoot, which was to put her up on a stage with a big election banner behind her. It didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped it would, as is often the case when I haven’t thought things through. This time, I didn’t adequately account for the glare coming off the background, and the wood panel serving as the backdrop doesn’t look that great, either.

When I photograph a figure, I often try to use at least two ideas. This lets me inject some variety into the post (albeit at the cost of consistency) and more importantly, it gives me a fallback option in case one idea doesn’t pan out. It also gives me the opportunity to do something unusual, unexpected, and in many cases, to learn to do something I’ve never tried before.
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Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (Summer Holiday Version)

Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Figure Review

As reliable as death and taxes is Alter’s proclivity for making figures of characters from the Nanoha series. This one was a bit surprising though, as it appeared that they had wrapped up the StrikerS series with Vivio a couple of years ago. It seemed likely that they would begin adapting the new designs from the upcoming movie but contrary to that expectation, they’re going back to StrikerS. Not that I have a problem with that since I feel kinda dirty every time I look at my loli Fate figures.
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Cat and Chair from Planet of the Cats (NSFW)

Cat and Chair from Planet of the Cats Figure Review

Oh the indignity; not only is this character chained to a chair, she isn’t even granted the courtesy of a proper name. And her moniker gets merely equal billing with the furniture that she’s sitting on.
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Preorder Outlook XIX

Preorder time! Man these Roman numeral post titles are getting unwieldy. I really did not think I was going to run this site for more than a year so I did not put much thought into it but generally speaking, I dislike change so I guess they will stay. Not that I think I’m going to run this site long enough to get there but “Preorder Outlook LIX” is going to be pretty funny.
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