Alisa Ilinichina Amiella from God Eater Burst

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

When this figure went up for order, I barely knew a thing about the character, but her exotic, elegant appearance and her enormous weapon appealed to my sensibilities. I vaguely remembered hearing of a game called God Eater, though I could not remember where. Later, I learned that it is a PSP game, which explains my unawareness; despite having owned a Game Boy, Game Gear, Game Boy Advance, and a PSP, I don’t really care for handheld games. I like to be able to sit down and devote time to video games, and that’s difficult to do when on the move, and when I’m at home, I’d rather not play a game on a relatively small screen. There are a lot of PSP and DS games with good character designs, though, I must admit. Alisa is one of those good designs and though I know nothing about her, I had no trouble deciding that she looks pretty good.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella is a 1/7 scale figure made by Plum. My only previous experience with the manufacturer is with their figure of Nymph which, to tell the truth, is a figure I’d cheerfully offload if I found someone who wanted to buy it. They’ve since released a few more figures but prior to Alisa, they had not yet made anything that would convince me to esteem them, and so it was with some trepidation that I ordered this figure. That said, I thought that Alisa looked pretty good in her promo photos and if they could get reasonably close to what they showed, she’d still be a decent buy.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

Alisa seems a bit undersized for a 1/7 scale figure; she stands about 21 centimeters tall including her hat. However, she’s listed as being 5’3″, and so her listed scale is reasonably accurate. Despite her nominal short stature, she still looks fairly impressive, thanks in large part to her giant sword, which boosts her overall height to about a foot, depending on how one positions her weapon.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

Anime-style character designs span the gamut of wardrobe ensembles, from the staid to the fantastic. However, for some mysterious reason, one seldom sees anime characters wearing anything reminiscent of contemporary fashion. Alisa is an exception to this curious trend; minus her massive motorized broadsword-slash-Gatling gun, she wouldn’t be out of place strutting down the runway of a fashion show. Her outfit comprises a variety of contrasts: her hat and miniskirt are a vibrant red, accentuated by an eye-catching spiderweb pattern, while her boots and gloves – themselves incongruent, with one being short and the other being nearly elbow-length – are a solid, glossy black. Her abbreviated vest manages to be form-fitting yet tantalizingly loose at the same time.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

Her stance is strikingly casual, with one hip strongly cocked and one hand in position to caress her sword. It gives an impression of nonchalant confidence, conveying the sense that she’s skilled at what she does and that she knows that she looks good. That may not be an accurate assessment of her actual character, as she’s said to be mentally unstable, but at any rate, she does look quite attractive. The sculptor did a nice job of modeling her midriff, which adds a great deal to her sex appeal. Again, there’s an appealing element of visual contrast in the way her hair is whipping to her right while her skirt flares to the left.

It should also be noted that she’s said to be 15 years old in God Eater Burst. I’m choosing to ignore that, much as I’m choosing to ignore that she’s supposed to be 5’3″. She looks taller than 5’3″ to me.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

One thing that cannot be ignored, of course, is her sword. It’s a massive weapon that requires its own plastic pylon for support.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

Much of its intricacy cannot be observed from the most likely viewing angles, but a close inspection reveals its details.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

Her sword looks best from the rear, where its unique industrial design vies with its sheer size as its most impressive aspect.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

There are only so many ways to draw an anime-type eyeball, but Alisa’s eyes might be the first I’ve seen that are shaped like rhomboids. They give her sort of a feline look that adds an exotic element to her look. Too exotic, perhaps. The narrowness of her eyes make her appear older than her listed 15 years.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

An unexpected feature of this figure is that her skirt can be removed. She separates at her waist and her skirt comes off in a typical manner, though some care should be taken not to damage her left suspender strap, since it has to be lifted up and over her outstretched arm. Without her skirt, she seems to lose much of her classiness, although her bearing is still dignified – insofar as one can retain one’s dignity in one’s underwear, anyway.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

Up close, one can study Alisa’s pantyhose and panties and the way that they fail to surmount the cleft of her buttocks.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

I was initially apprehensive about ordering this figure, but I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out. This figure represents an attractive synthesis of fashion and action girl tropes, giving it a fairly unique look amongst anime figurines. Alisa is quite pretty, her boots and underboob look particularly fantastic, and her giant sword is obviously very impressive. My concerns about Plum’s manufacturing quality are mostly assuaged, though I would not say that problems do not exist, particularly when looking very closely. More generally, it’s not surprising that Plum went with a simplified pattern on Alisa’s skirt and hat rather than the tartan pattern of her official art, and it’s telling that Good Smile Company seems to have had no problem implementing such with their figures of Sena and Yozora. But even so, such issues seem forgivable; Alisa looks good and she looks distinctive, and in the end, that’s what’s important to me.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review

A couple of administrative notes: I’m out visiting some friends for the rest of this week, so the next post won’t be going up until sometime next week. Also, for anyone who read my Psylocke post, I heard back from Sideshow the other day and my replacement statue should be on its way shortly. That means I must destroy my current statue and I intend to take pictures of the process. Sideshow explicitly suggests that the statue not be destroyed by fire – a sure sign that I am getting old is that this idea never even crossed my mind – nor that it be dropped from high altitude. I suppose that also means it should not be launched via homemade catapult.

Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
Alisa Amiella from God Eater Burst Figure Review
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52 Responses to Alisa Ilinichina Amiella from God Eater Burst

  1. Asa says:

    Ah yes, this one. I saw her, and was very tempted (appealing sculpt + giant weapon is right up my alley) however I have stopped ordering figures from sources I don’t know, both as a way to cut my spending, and to slow my display cases filling so rapidly.

    Your shoot really shows off how nice she is, and makes me sad that I did pass on her. As you say, there are flaws, but nothing I’m not used to already in Griffon figures. Nothing that’d stop me buying her at any rate. If I had more room and could just buy any figure that looks this good, I would, but alas I am running out of display space. Going to be a lot of figures I miss out on due to it. ;.; Maybe I should try to sell the ones I’m not so keen on. Though the domestic market is insignificant and international buyers rarely want to pay Auspost shipping prices. Oh well.

    Cutting back on figure spending gives me more money for photography, anyway.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, as much as I’ve tried to clear up space, my efforts are hitting their limit and I will have to be boxing up more figures very soon. I’ll probably also be looking to move some of them. I could use some extra money to pick up some more doll stuff; I found out that Azone is making a doll of Inori from Guilty Crown and I am deciding whether I want it.

  2. Shashin says:

    This figure looks really nice. I really regret not ordering here now; I remember almost preordering her when she first came up but for some reason I remember her order closing absurdly fast. And she was also available in stock for a day or two at Hobby Search after her release. I had her in my cart but didn’t go through with it because of all the other expenses I have piling up right now. Still, your review has just convinced me that it would have been for the best had I been able to swing the finances in my favor.

    And I’m almost always for girls being as naked as possible, but if I had picked her up, I don’t think I’d even consider displaying her without the skirt. It just fits so well with the rest of her outfit and it isn’t like she’s getting much more naked without it.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I’m going to let her keep her skirt; she looks unbalanced without it.

      It’s always tremendously annoying when you think you want to buy something but waffle on it, and then it gets sold out while you deliberate. I had this happen with a doujinshi just the other week; it was in stock at Toranoana and I was thinking of typing up an e-mail for Yokatta but delayed doing so, and a day or two later, it was out of stock (and not in stock almost anywhere else; I found it on Yahoo Japan a little while later, though). Still, priorities must be made and there are a lot of dakimakura covers to consider. I’m still considering the Taimanin Yukikaze one.

      • Shashin says:

        Heh, I’m dead broke right now but I ran into this issue with Mandarake about 3-4 times in the last week. They had a tan girl from IdolMaster (I think) that I had wanted but missed out on; was up for a good few hours and when I finally decided to buy it (after checking 20-30 times through the day and it being available all those times) it was gone. Then earlier today with EC’s Rias and the one Pretty Cure chick. I had really wanted both, but missed out on EC and was seriously considering them today but they sold before I had decided. My policy with Mandarake is always buy first and think about it later, but it’s a lot harder when you actually don’t have the money and have to weigh if you can afford it somehow. >_>

        • Tier says:

          True indeed. Yeah, I wouldn’t go bankrupt buying hobby goods; I don’t exercise a great deal of financial discipline when it comes to buying toys and electronic goodies but I maintain an emergency fund that’d last me at least ten months if I were to lose my job. That money isn’t going to be allocated to anything unless I were to need to buy a big-ticket item, like a car or something.

  3. zzzzzy says:

    interesting review Tier =). She is still on her way for me.
    Does her feet/shoe look as strange as I find them on pics, or do they look alright irl?
    I kinda have a leg and feet fetish xD good work Tentacle!

    • Tier says:

      I do not think they do, or at least, I did not notice anything unusual about them. I do not have the figure in front of me to check right now, though.

  4. Adam says:

    It’s funny to hear my thoughts on portable gaming so perfectly echoed by someone else. I have a stack of largely unplayed DS and iPhone games from having repeatedly fallen into the trap of thinking I would play some interesting-looking game or another only to find that I don’t want to touch such devices whenever I’m within reach of a proper TV. It irks me to no end that the JRPG genre has almost completely abandoned traditional consoles in favor of the portable platforms.

    I was very much on the fence about Alisa because of concerns having never seen Plum’s work first-hand, nor having been impressed by photos of their handful of past releases. In the end, her striking appearance won out and I finally ordered her a couple weeks in advance of the street date. My Alisa is on the slow boat from Japan, so I don’t expect to see her first-hand for another week or so, but it looks like she came out reasonably well from your photos.

    • Tier says:

      That it seems like most JRPGs seem to be produced for handhelds bothers me greatly as well. There are already a number of games I’d like to play (like Luminous Arc) that I’d like to play that I will not be able to, but it’s even more annoying that major franchises like Valkyria Chronicles have shifted over to handhelds.

      I’m also often apprehensive of buying a figure from a manufacturer I have no experience with. This is particularly true recently, since I’ve gotten figures from Ques-Q, Gift, and empty this year despite having no familiarity with the makers.

  5. Steve Chen says:

    Lol! Finally! There is justice! You mean to say Sideshow will replace the fig w/o you returning the original turd?

    A cute curvaceous and busty petite with a BFG! With that combi, what can go wrong? Nice shots with those shadowing, helps enhance Al…………….well too long a name mystique.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, if I had to return the figure, I’d just ask for a refund instead; I’m not paying to return a 10 pound statue.

      I definitely had a hard time figuring out her name; figure sites seem to give her name one way and video game sites seem to spell it another way, so I went with the way the video game sites spell it.

  6. This is one I found VERY appealing but ended up passing on since I’m being super picky about what I get nowadays. The most appealing part for me is actually…her pantyhose. Complete pantyhose like that, like the kind you can buy at Walmart for $1 in those little plastic eggs, is so rare in the figure world. Usually it’s thigh-high fishnet stockings. And the brown just looks so good with that color scheme.

    I actually play a lot of handheld games though I can see the issues someone would have with playing on such a small screen. Even I don’t put handheld games in the same field with their big console brethren, though I’ve played a LOT of fantastic ones. But nowadays I don’t have time to play my 3DS/PSP while out and about. :/

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, pantyhose seems to be quite uncommon compared to the ubiquitous thighhighs. I’ve always wondered why thighhighs have become so popular in anime despite being extremely uncommon in real life. I’ve also wondered why blue jeans and trousers are so uncommon in anime; off the top of my head, I can only think of one anime figure (and maybe two or three anime characters) that wore blue jeans.

  7. Elixir says:

    PLUM is coming up in the ranks. As a huge Steins;Gate fan, I’m really looking forward to their Okabe Rintarou, possibly the only male figure I’d buy.

    I’m not really into portable games either. I have a DS Lite, DSi, and Vita that I never use. If I do end up playing them, I’ll end up playing them on my bed, or at my desk. I’ve never even taken any of them out of my place. Still, there’s some nice exclusive portable games, and with the Vita it’s possible to map God Eater’s camera to the right analogue stick, so I’m interested in actually playing it now. The “claw” Monster Hunter style (holding the left stick with your thumb, using your index finger for the dpad to control the camera) is just something I could not get used to.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I bought P3 Portable for my PSP (pretty much the main reason I got it), and I don’t even know where I put the UMD now. Maybe I should’ve gotten the downloadable version instead, but I almost always buy the physical media version when I can. Oh well.

      It’ll be interesting to see what PLUM and the other smaller, newer makers (like Ques-Q, Lechery, and Wing) can do. Heck, I’m even interested in some stuff that BEAT is making, and I’m very much not a big fan of their products.

  8. Just finished my Alisa shoot last night for her review… I was really looking forward to this figure as she exactly the type of figure I’m into. Sexy outfit without showing too much, no outrageous boobs and she’s got a kick ass looking weapon. XD

    I was also thinking of doing a dark red background but realized I didn’t have one when I began setting up the shoot, so I went with a plain black background. I felt I wanted to put more visual focus on her as she has so much eye candy. Your review has pretty much all that I wanted to say bout the figure too, so now I’m not sure how to write mine. LOL

    Had reservations about Plum, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and it looks like it paid off – they did a good job with Alisa – I’m interested to see how Soma will turn out next.

    • Forgot to mention that you did a superb job with the lighting on Alisa – particularly capturing the details around her abs – it’s subtle, but it’s there. The lighting + shadow combination in your photos helped those detail pop really well. =)

    • Tier says:

      Thanks! I was debating whether to photograph this figure or one of the other ones in the queue (like Samus or bikey Saber); this one won out since I could get it done quickly and easily. This was one of the more straightforward shoots I’ve done since I’ve done it a number of times before.

      I think that that’s a good idea. Not that I’m a skilled photographer or anything (the pictures I brought back today from walking around DC are proof of that), but I think that clutter in the background is really distracting and damaging unless there’s a reason for it to be there. It’s something I’m watching for since a lot of my pictures feature tons of extraneous clutter in the background and when I look at these pictures I think to myself, “Why did I put that there?”

    • icelava says:

      her boobs are rather outrageous for a supposed 15-year-old….


  9. Aaron says:

    I am still not interested in this figure. Yeah she looks great and is really impressive with the sword, but her face just doesn’t do it for me. I also hate her hat. Other than that, I think Plum did a great job on the design and like the things you pointed out (uneven gloves, sword-gun, etc). I even like her paint scheme, but none of these things make me want to own her.

    On a different note, I have never liked the underwear/pantyhose combination on real women, but for some reason I love it in anime, so I really like it on this figure. That was a nice surprise to see.

    • Tier says:

      Aww … yeah, her hat’s a big part of her outfit, and since it’s not removable it’s going to be very detrimental to one’s opinion if one doesn’t like it. And yeah, I can understand why one wouldn’t care for her face; it looks a bit pinched. In truth, i would’ve preferred a more conventional anime-styled face (with the standard rounded eye style).

  10. Mike C says:

    Superb write-up and figure. Really enjoy your stuff, mate. 🙂

  11. Devastator001 says:

    Hrm… still on the fence on this fig… 😕 Might finally decide on getting her when she arrives at my regular store

    Also since wonderfest 2012 has come and gone seen anything there that got your interest?

    As for suggestions on destroying the chipped paint Psylocke… Might I suggest use as target practice? or Sledgehammer? XD

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I like this figure but it’s not one that I’d go out of my way to acquire. She’s pretty nice, but I would quality that by saying that she’s pretty nice for a manufacturer who hasn’t made anything noteworthy prior to Alisa. I’d also qualify it by saying that I have a thing for weapon-wielding girls, particularly weapon-wielding girls who are dressed in a unique manner (to me, this usually means being dressed in revealing clothing but in Alisa’s case, it means being dressed in a fashionable manner).

      Man, Wonder Festival … yeah, I saw a lot of things I liked that I think I might buy. Probably the two Max Factory L2 elves, I liked those (and it’s funny to see Max Factory beat Orchid Seed to the punch, even though the latter has shown off dark elf artwork at Wonder Festival for like the last two or three years). I liked the Steins;gate girl on the bicycle that Alter showed off, but the fact that I don’t know her name shows how familiar I am with her character. I liked Kaitendoh’s Mikado, and BEAT’s Konomi looked decent, too. But, it’s BEAT, so that’s a big black mark in my evaluation right from the start. I really liked the 50 centimeter tall dolls that Azone showed off – Sigui, Girlfriend, and Inori. I really want Girlfriend but I don’t know if I’ll get her, and I kinda want Inori just to toss her in some bondage gear (if she’s wearing a dress) or to cuff her up if she’s in her stripper outfit.

      Hammer will probably be the way I go; it’s the easiest and simplest way to do it. Target practice would be good if I owned a firearm and had an area I could shoot, but I lack both of those things. I’m interested in seeing just how sturdy polystone is, so this is a very good opportunity for me to evaluate how much force is needed to damage the statue.

  12. BioToxic says:

    Alisa turned out really nice. I’m glad Plum didn’t mess her up since her prototypes looked so good – possibly their best figure to date? Her pose looks great and she makes good use of the Blade by stretching across it. She’s also one of the few figures with skirt cast-off that I actually like. Her pantyhose don’t look jarring and blend in with her outfit.

    Alisa is one of the more enjoyable characters from God Eater, both in terms of design and characteristics. I particularly like the tartan colour scheme, we don’t see many stripes or patch-work outfits. Plus the underboob is nice.

    I love the weapon design in God Eater, in the game it’s called the God Arc. Alisa is a “New-Type” God Eater and as a result her weapon is a 3 part piece. The Blade and Gun are rather obvious, but there’s also a shield in there. The two half disks split either side of the blade would join together into a full circle to act as a shield. Another cool feature is it can conjure a giant mouth from the weapon to consume enemies and their powers.

    I’d recommend playing God Eater if you can stomach the PSP (the name got changed to “Gods” instead of God for the US release xD). It’s similar to Monster Hunter – only with AI bots and more fluid controls. The story is dull and generic as hell, but the gameplay is enjoyable. I’m looking forward to God Eater 2 ^^.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I’d say probably their best figure to date, though they haven’t made much (Nymph is not really great; I remember Fabienne liked their Astraea but I do not know how it compares to Alisa in terms of manufacturing quality).

      I was surprised that her skirt was removable, partially because it is, as you say, implemented quite well. The skirt is still fairly thin and doesn’t look bulky, which is often a problem with removable figure clothing.

      Ah, thanks for the information about that. I was thinking of picking up the game since I enjoy hack and slash games, and I’ve heard nothing good about Diablo III (which I have no intention of buying). I did see that it got a name change; I guess the US publisher feared the wrath of the monotheists.

  13. icelava says:

    yeap. this one. i saw her – without knowing anything about the game – i knew i had to buy it.

    she oozes way too much style to ignore. certainly not one of those cliche character designs.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, that’s how I felt as well. A schoolgirl with a sword is pretty cool (like Max Factory’s Katanako), but a girl dressed like Alisa with a sword like that is an uncommon thing, even in the super-stylized world of anime.

      • icelava says:

        mine arrived over the weekend and i am sad to announce she’s got some spots and stains around. fortunately not too noticeable until one makes a close-up inspection.


        • Tier says:

          That sucks >.< Mine had some paint transfer around her hips from her skirt, which probably occurred while I was figuring out how to get her suspenders off of her body. I've also got some dark spots; the most prominent marks are on her hair and her right thigh.

          • icelava says:

            know how to properly remove them? i perform the rather drastic and damaging measure of using a knife to scrape the spots. sometimes successful.

          • Tier says:

            I usually use a Q-tip moistened with a bit of rubbing alcohol. I’ve heard of people using clean pencil erasers, but I have no idea how well that works. (I will also mention that there’s always the possibility of further damaging your figure; I’ve damaged two figures with this method [I messed up Buddy’s scythe and Sideshow’s Darth Talon, which was apparently painted with acrylic paint]).

  14. Wieselhead says:

    Oh cool, I didn’t expect her to look that nice, mhh I had her on my list, but never got around to order her, too bad. The pose look great and very appealing overall. I love girls with hats, the red one suits her very well. The suspenders at her skirt are a nice little detail. Also face and hair work very well together in creating a beautiful look.

    Alisa also looks good in her pantyhose, I don’t like these things in real life, but the semi transparent rubber look it always has on figures is appealing.
    Great background that you used there, very fitting, I like 6 and 10 a lot.

    They are quite picky with the destruction of Psylocke, you should use a hammer and safety glasses. Im looking forward to these pictures XD

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I don’t have a huge thing for pantyhose in real life either (particularly sheer or nude-colored hose), but I like it a lot on anime characters. Actually, I like any sort of long legwear on anime characters.

      I do have a thing for anime girls with cool hats, too; that’s pretty much the main reason I got GSC’s Nadeko Sengoku last year. Her big hat is awesome.

  15. nagisa says:

    Everything that needs to be big seems to be incorporated in the figure. Ass, breasts, hips and weapons, haha. The figure is undeniably gorgeous, but not 15 year old gorgeous. Those people who bought her must really loved her design, despite of the unfamiliarity of the source material.
    Oh and congrats on your psylocke replacement. Time to bust the old one into oblivion, haha

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, 15 years old is a bit hard to believe. I did hear that the legal age of consent in Japan is 13 years, so I just sort of add three or five years to the ages of any teenaged anime character to get the most likely Western equivalent.

      Yep, the old one is going under the hammer. Unless my replacement is somehow even more damaged. I really hope that that won’t be the case.

  16. Jenn says:

    This is a cool figure 🙂 Is Alisa from an anime fighting game? I really like the way she looks and the colors are vivid. She also has a nice outfit, but the sword is totally badass!

    About Psylocke, nice to know you’re getting a body replacement. I just got my replacement base and smashed the old one. So, it’s all good now.

    • Tier says:

      She’s from a PSP game called God Eater Burst, which is a hack-and-slash action game. It sounds like a pretty good game, and I’ve been looking around for a good hack-and-slash game (I’ve been thinking about playing Sacred 2 again. I guess there’s also Diablo 3.).

      Ah, that is cool. I am hoping that this new body resolves the cracking issues. I’m still tempted to get Lady Death should they re-open preorders but ehh … it’s tough for me to have faith in Sideshow now.

  17. Jenn says:

    Cool. I don’t have a psp, but it sounds like a cool game. Diablo III is a wicked game. Usually, in any rpg, I always play as a Mage. But in this one, I love the Demon Hunter. She’s awesome.

    Pre-orders for the regular Lady Death are still up last time I checked. She looks badass in person when I saw her at comic con. It would be a good idea to see in hand pics and video reviews before jumping on board.

    • Tier says:

      I must take your word for that; a couple of my friends (both of whom were big Diablo and D2 addicts, as was I) have not said many good things about it. I think they are displeased by how big an influence World of Warcraft was on its game design. That doesn’t greatly please me, either, but then again, I’ve reactivated both of my WoW accounts recently (though not exactly by choice).

      Yeah, I think I will wait; she’s tremendously expensive and Sideshow’s stuff never looks as good as the promo photos. Plus there’s a couple of big Azone dolls I’m interested in and they are going to require a big chunk of my fun stuff budget.

      • Jenn says:

        Really? Many of my friends said Diablo III is really good. I don’t see how WoW influenced it, because they’re two very different games. Then again, everyone has their own opinions.

        I’m saving up on a new Mortal Kombat statue that will go up for pre-order in the fall. Aside from playing rpgs, I’m a huge fighting games fan.

        • Tier says:

          Other than spending a few minutes with the beta, I have not played D3; however, one of my friends mentioned not liking its quest-centric gameplay, which he felt was reminiscent of World of Warcraft (versus doing Canyon/Chaos Sanctuary/Pindleskin runs in D2 and Lazarus runs in D1). He also really didn’t like the streamlined character progression, which is similar in philosophy to Blizzard’s stat simplification in Wrath of the Lich King (that was one of the reasons I stopped playing Warcraft).

          That sounds pretty cool; I was thinking of getting the statue of Kitana by Syco Collectibles, but it seemed a bit expensive and I am not at all familiar with the company.

          • Jenn says:

            Kitana is my overall favorite from Mortal Kombat. Syco’s statue of her is nice, but the paint and overall quality didn’t appeal to me. So, I passed on that.

            Pop Culture Shock recently previewed their version of Kitana, and it looks great so far. I’m waiting on the full reveal and when it’ll go up for pre-order through Sideshow’s site.

  18. Tier says:

    Yeah, Kitana is my favorite character as well; besides her appearance, which I am quite fond of, I also have this thing for princesses who can fight. I also like characters with complicated histories, and Kitana embodies both.

    Ah, I did not know that they were doing a Kitana statue. I remember seeing their Morrigan statue at the local comic book shop some years back and thinking it looked pretty neat. Their Kitana statue definitely is looking very nice, in unpainted form at least. I wonder how expensive it will be?

    I went looking around for pictures of Syco’s stuff and now I’m thinking their statue of Jade looks nice, too. I do not need to be thinking these things when I have to pay for a big-ass Saber doll and a Comiket doujinshi order, among other things, but now I am wondering if anybody’s reviewed that figure because I’d like to see bigger pictures.

    • Jenn says:

      Nice. I like strong female characters whether it’s anime, video games, movies, etc. It’s cool to see women, such as Psylocke and Kitana, who are independent and can kick ass.

      Yeah, I’m wondering the same about the price as well. Another thing is what will be the exclusive. Someone hinted Kitana’s performing a fatality, but no confirmation on it yet. It’s a waiting game right now.

      Syco’s Jade looks cool too. So far, I’ve only seen in hand pictures. One person said it’s a little hard to slide her staff in her hand, because it’ll scratch the paint. Just have to be careful.

      • Tier says:

        I like the same sorts of characters, as well; I’ve always been a big fan of action girls. It always kinda bothers me at some level when I play a video game or something and the lead guy is some muscular swordsman and the lead girl is a squeaky-voiced healer or something.

        Still waiting on my shipment notice from Sideshow, if they’re going to send one; I’m getting a bit concerned since they said to expect shipment in 8-10 business days, and now it’s past that. I’m going to be extremely displeased if I see another $300 charge appear on my credit card.

        • Jenn says:

          I agree. I’m not into the meek damsel types either. I also read in a game magazine that in the PS VITA version of Assassin’s Creed 3, the protagonist is a female assassin, which is really cool. Hopefully, a female lead will be in a future game for Playstation and Xbox consoles.

          I’d suggest contacting Sideshow to get an update on the replacement shipping since it’s past the estimated date. It would not be cool to get another charge on your credit card. I’d be displeased too if I experienced that.

          • Tier says:

            Yeah, that was a cool thing to hear; I think she’s even dark-skinned, which is a pretty rare thing in video games. I’ve not ever played the Assassin’s Creed games (in some part because I watched a friend play the first game a few years back and whenever he needed to shake off a guard, he’d jump into a haystack. I thought that was hilarious but it did bias my perspective of how serious the game is.) but perhaps the third game would be a good jumping-on point for me, with the setting shifting away to the New World. Hopefully, as you say, a future home console game will have a female lead character, and hopefully it’ll be better done than in something like Rogue Ops; that game’s background story always cracked me up (I even bought the game, though I never played it. Maybe I should give it a try, sometime.).

  19. Jenn says:

    I played Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood and Revelations. They’re very good games and I really liked Ezio Auditore, the main character. However, I won’t be getting the new Assassin’s Creed III on Xbox. Maybe I’ll try it out on the VITA with the new female assassin. I think it’s cool she’s dark skinned, because that shows diversity in characters. 😉

    • Tier says:

      One of the reasons I never got into the series was because it seemed like the story was continuous across the games, and so I felt that if I were going to play the game, I’d have to start with the first one, and with the sort of backlog I’ve got that seems unlikely to happen (I’ve got Persona 4 Arena here and I haven’t even taken the shrinkwrap off). That’s the same reason I never got into the Bioshock series. I have the feeling I’d like Assassin’s Creed, though, since I enjoyed Splinter Cell a lot (the Xbox demo was one of the reasons I flunked out of college).

      My favorite Dead or Alive character is Lisa, in part because of her dark skin. Okay, yeah, the DOA series is not exactly one to cite when it comes to fully-realized female characters, but I happily admit that I am an insensitive male cad.

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