Preorder Outlook IV

It’s been a while since I’ve written up a list of figures I’m interested in, so I figured I’d go ahead and take a look at some of the stuff I’m looking at. Pictures are shamelessly borrowed from Hobby Search which, despite their annoying removal of porno goods from their English website, is still a great place to buy things from.


Tamaki Kousaka from To Heart 2
I’d like to get this figure since it’s cute and I like Griffon’s Sasara figure, but I’m not certain that I like her face all that much; her chin looks like it could punch open a can of evaporated milk. Despite that, I think there’s a good chance I’ll wind up putting in an order for Tamaki.

Haruka from Beat Blades Haruka
Here’s another Griffon figure where I’m not certain whether I like the face. The pose isn’t all that interesting either, although in some cases I don’t mind a simple pose. What I want to know is, what’s that she’s standing on? Haruka comes from one of those porno games where she gets raped by monsters all the time, so is that what I think it is?

Rider from Fate/stay night
There aren’t nearly enough Rider figures out there, which is a damn shame, and there are only a few that depict her in her combat outfit. Now, the problem with this figure is that Griffon seems to be going for a cutesy look and being that I hate nendoroids, that’s not something that should appeal to me, but in this case, it does. Maybe I can pretend that this is Rider at twelve years old, which brings me to …

Tomomi Aizawa fro Pia Carrot 3
Oh god I feel dirty from just looking at this figure. I’m not certain that I’m perverted enough to buy this, even though I really want it. I’ve got a feeling that if I wait, this is the sort of figure that you’ll see in the discount section in a couple of months, but on the other hand, she could sell out and then I’d feel really dumb. I just don’t know if I can compromise my personal purity by buying something like this.

Izulha from Rulilura
This appears to be a recolor of an older figure, which foo-bar-baz reviewed and gave a middling grade. I like her new colors a lot, and if she’s the same figure as the 2007 version, you can take off all her clothes, which always makes a figure worth looking at. I’ll have to give this one a bit more thought.


Birdy from Birdy the Mighty
Uplark made another Birdy figure and she’s still on sale over at HLJ, but I don’t think I like that figure’s face all that much and I’m not certain I like this figure’s face much more. I do like the character design in general, though, and I wouldn’t mind owning a figure of Birdy. However, given that this figure is going to cost upwards of 10k yen, I don’t think this is the figure I’m waiting for.

Spica from Skytube
This figure looks fantastic, and if it weren’t for the $150 price tag, I’d be getting this for sure. As it is, I’m pretty sure I can’t afford this, as nice as it looks.

Vanessa from The King of Fighters
Vanessa isn’t as well-known as Mai and Yuri and Athena, but all the SNK fighter girls are awesome. This figure is from a manufacturer called A-label and I know nothing about them, but Akibahobby reviewed a sample and Vanessa is looking really nice. She’s also not all that expensive for a 1/6 scale figure, so I’m leaning towards preordering this one.

Kakouen Myousai from Ikki Tousen
Preordered and I can’t wait. It’s about time that someone made a figure of Myousai (incidentally, does anyone know what her first name is? I’ve never been able to keep name order straight with any of the Ikki Tousen characters). I really hope that the next season shows Kanu giving up her pursuit of the bespectacled bookworm and hooking up with Myousai in the hottest anime lesbian pairing ever but I know that ain’t happening.

Ryomou Shimei from Ikki Tousen
I might skip Ryomou Shimei, but I’m not certain of that. She’s not one of my favorite Ikki Tousen characters – and I’ll admit that her portrayal in the English adaptation of the manga is a large factor in that – and I don’t really have a big huge maid fetish.

Sister Hell from Prism Ark
I do, however, have a big nun fetish, and being that I liked First Class’s Spider Girl, I’m thinking about preordering this figure. My real hope, however, is that Teresa from Seikon no Qwaser gets a bunch of figures, as the greatest anime of all time deserves to have lots of merchandise put out into the marketplace.

Kasumi from Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
Dead or Alive is a big franchise, having spawned a ton of video games and even a live-action movie, but for some reason, there aren’t a ton of figures of its characters out there. That’s a bit odd, seeing as how its major claim to fame is its cast of bubbly, bouncy females. I like the Kokoro figure in this line, but I don’t think I’m digging Kasumi much – her face looks a bit like she has Down syndrome. No offense to anyone who actually knows anyone who has Down syndrome.

Hattori Hanzo from Hyakka Ryoran
I liked Jubei, but I don’t like this reimagination of Hattori Hanzo all that much. As I said, I don’t have a big huge thing for maids (is it me or are there a ton of maid figures coming out this month?) and her pogo shoes and especially her expansive forehead and eyebrows don’t appeal to me.

Lineage elf girl from Lineage II
Preordered already and she looks amazing. foobarbaz has a review up already and she truly is mighty fine. This elf girl might be the figure I am looking forward to the most right now.

Alphard from Canaan
I know I can’t be the first person to think that Alphard looks like Sei’s evil twin sister. Does anyone know if there’s a reason why Canaan and Alphard look like less sexy versions of Jo and Sei from Burst Angel? I’m probably passing on this one since I don’t like the face a lot, but the pose is awesome, with her coat flapping upwards and her gat held gangsta-style.

Amanda Werner from Blassreiter
Oh my god Becky, look at her butt. It is so big. She looks like one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.

Haven’t preordered this one yet, but I’m pretty sure I will. I don’t care much for the horns but I surely approve of everything else.

Elwyn from Shining Tears
Elwyn (Elwing?) is preordered already, and the promo shots look great. 1/6 scale is good, too. I’m hoping that the complementing Xecty figure turns out as nicely.

Psylocke from the Uncanny X-Men
Psylocke is my favorite character in all of Marvel comics so this figure is preordered. I’m not sure that her face looks all that great; her mouth particularly looks a bit strange. It’s all good though, I can hardly pass up a Shunya Yamashita-designed Psylocke figure.

Tamaki Kousaka from To Heart 2
Preordered already and this looks like the best Tamaki figure of all time. Her breasts are about at the upper limit of what I’d find attractive, but she still looks outstanding. Her 1/6 scale size just makes this figure all the more appealing.

Senhime from Sengoku Rance
Also preordered; April is shaping up to be a great month, if these figures come out on time (and I know they won’t). Senhime is one of my two favorite characters in Sengoku Rance, and being that FREEing is sculpting her in 1/5 scale, I can hardly pass up this figure. Plus her clothes can be taken off, as Akibahobby’s review illustrates. Her head looks a bit large while she is half-naked, but I suppose one can’t have everything.

Rika Shiraki from Bible Black
I’m not too familiar with Miyabiya’s work, but this figure looks awesome. I like the character designs in Bible Black a lot, but there haven’t been too many figures from that series that I like. Rika’s probably going to be the first Bible Black figure I get. Curiously, there’s a limited edition version exclusive to Amiami that they’re selling for a couple of bucks less than the ordinary version. I think I’d rather have the regular version though, since I really like the red, black, and white clothing color scheme.

Ayane from Dead or Alive
It’s nice to see a figure of a Dead or Alive character in her normal fighting costume rather than a bikini (and I do realize how strange it sounds for me to say that). Ayane’s pose looks a bit awkward here, although she does have an eccentric fighting style. I’m waffling a bit on this one but depending on whether I owe the tax man money this month, I might add her to the preorder list.

M.M. from Kemeko Deluxe!
I am unfamiliar with this show and character, but anything with tentacles and a cute girl will instantly get my attention. Kaitendoh’s sort of a strange company; they’ve done a Tamaki figure that I like a lot, and then they’ve done this figure which inexplicably has two versions that are both sold out at Hobby Search. I’ll have to think about this one, but I really want a good tentacle figure and this might fit the bill.

Black Rock Shooter from, uhh, Black Rock Shooter
I’m pretty sure that one Black Rock Shooter figure is enough for me.

Nothin’. Maybe MegaHouse will surprise me and announce an Irma figure for release this month? Ha! Yeah right.


Miku Hatsune VN02 from Vocaloid
I really like this figure, except for the banana hair. She’s got a great face, but given the price, I don’t know that I can compromise on the hair. I’ll have to give it some thought. Max Factory’s other upcoming Vocaloid figure (the one of that blonde girl) needs a lot less thought, as it looks awful. Rin looks anorexic and why do all these anime bass players use picks?

Shoujo S
Preordered, or it will be, when Native opens up the preorder period. She’s looking great, as all of Native’s figures do. I’m still waiting on Shoujo M, who is due for release in March.


Saber from Fate/stay night
I was bored at work this past week so I went looking through Animenano for some interesting stuff to read, and I kept coming across blogs with whole posts written up celebrating this Saber figure’s preorder opening. I guess that means that a lot of people like this figure. Me, I can’t get over the fact that when I see this figure’s face, I see Emiya Shirou.

I want to take his face … off. Eyes, nose, skin, teeth. It’s coming off.

Shirou’s one of those anime characters that if he were a real life person, I’d punch him in the balls until he fell over and then defecate on his head. My view of this Saber is thus necessarily tainted, and I’m not sure I can get over that.

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18 Responses to Preorder Outlook IV

  1. Aka says:

    Lots of good stuff here, GSC’s Saber & Alphard, Native’s Shoujo S, Koto’s Elwyn/Elwing and Alter’s Hatori Hanzo.

    I’ve got Saber, Alphard, Elwyn and Shoujo S on pre-order myself. Though no idea how my pre-order of Shoujo S will go since she’s pre-ordered before pre-order opens?

    As for Izulha, I prefer the “other version foo-bar-baz reviewed. I prefer her breast size over the one you linked, though ideally I’d prefer somewhere inbetween.

  2. Tier says:

    Hmm, link is broken, do you mean this one? (I should probably mention that this link is mildly NSFW after scrolling down some.)

    My guess is that domestic retailers should get her in stock; a lot of places got Kotone Ousaka, and I even saw Emuko (the tentacle girl) in stock at three American retailers. In fact, I think Kid Nemo is still selling her, albeit at a nutso price. It’s kinda weird how Native’s figures are seemingly exclusive in Japan but are released to general distribution overseas.

    I’m sorta wondering why none of the big manufacturers have taken a crack at making a definitive Saber Alter figure. I know a Saber Alter figure would sell like iPhones.

  3. Aka says:

    Ooops, that happens a lot now when copying text out of TweetDeck. Changed my keyboard over to some other language for some reason. Anyway, that’s the version I meant!

    What do you mean by definitive? there are many Saber Alter figures, two by Alter themselves though one’s a maid.

    Volks has a great Saber Alter dollfie as well, but that’s off topic.

  4. Tier says:

    Ah, yeah, that’s a really nice figure too. Maybe a bit young-looking. She seems unhappy compared to the other one.

    I think that a definitive figure needs to show the character according to its original design, so a definitive Saber/Saber Lily/Saber Alter figure would have to put her in her armored dress holding a broadsword. Actually, now that I look at all the Saber Alter figures, this one probably qualifies. Funny how I never noticed it before, since it looks quite cool. Still, I’d like to see what Alter or GSC or even Daiki Kougyou take a shot at Saber Alter.

  5. Aka says:

    That one does look pretty badass though I too would prefer her done by a ‘good’ manufacturer, she seems to be lacking in the quality department there.

    She does look a bit unsatisfied with whatever it is she’s doing. I don’t mind the young-look but as mentioned, if I could get an inbetween I’d be happier. I’m just not a fan of breasts larger than my hands (assuming 1:1 scale) generally.

    Semi-related news, apparently GSC’s doing a Tohsaka Rin figure. I’m so excited and I don’t even know what the figure will look like yet.

  6. Katsura-chan says:

    Looks nice 🙂
    I have also preordered Lineage elf girl from Lineage II and BRS saber version.
    Miku looks completely amazing O_o i need it too even if her hairs looks like bananas loool

  7. MONOLITHIC says:

    I’ve had some of those pre-ordered for awhile now… the Lineage Elf, Alphard (and Canaan), Amanda Werner, Elwyn, the Max Factory Tamaki, and the Miku VNO2.

    The Shoujo S is available at Hobbyfan (where I pre-ordered mine from yesterday, along with the Tsukasa Bullet Compact Hog), Kid Nemo, and Toylet with a release date of July 30. Maybe somebody else will have it out sooner, but I’m in no hurry.

    Tomomi Aizawa sure is inviting, isn’t she? I honestly want it, but all of the pre-orders I have lined up won’t allow for such a purchase at this time. : ( I like the detailing on her sneakers.

    Sister Hell is one sexy nun! Ditto on the thought of purchasing tho. : (

    Rika Shiraki, I might make an exception for ’cause the sculpt is good… and I have a schoolgirl fetish.

    Amanda Werner has a very nice booty, but true BIG booty lovers should check out the Super Mixture/Marvel vs. Rockin’ Jelly Bean #1 Invisible Woman: Now that’s what you call “boo-tay”!!! : )

  8. softz says:

    Looking thru’ your pre-order outlook. I agree and disagree with you. Also, you did open my eyes quite a bit too. 😉

    I wanted to P.O the Griffon Tamaki. I didn’t realize that her chin is so sharp. After reading it, you made me know that (a can opener huh). Haha. As for the Haruka, I think the face is totally a NONO. She looks like a guy to me, that’s my thought I guess. Nothing beats Alter’s Haruka yet. And I thought Kasumi is cute until you mentioned about down-syndrome. Goodness. No P.O for that.

    I’ve PO. the Lineage Elf and Alphard (since I PO Canaan already).

    Banana hair, what a description. I’m still wondering if I should get the Miku. It’s not cheap though.

    I find that Amanda very hot but I can’t convince myself. Is there something wrong with her face (it doesn’t look right to me)? Probably, you can enlighten me here. Psylocke is my fav too. But her face… sigh…

    When I saw the Black Bible figure, first thing comes to my mind is to ask if you are going to get that. You are the “hentai man” =D

    Btw, there is a third BRS coming soon? As for Saber, I gotta disagree with you. I’m one of those who like Saber ;p

    Lastly, I enjoy reading your post. Banana hair, can-opener, etc.. you really made me laugh at times 🙂

  9. Lylibellule says:

    Wooow, that’s a lot of planned figures all this!
    In all this, i’ll pick Rulilura which i lamely missed the first version. A bad for good because i prefer this one a lot better.
    Birdy prototype is nice but this editor often comes with bad surprises therefore i’m waiting the release before committing, especially regarding her price.
    Vanessa is sexy and really want to buy her. In the unknown, i’m waiting for post release photos as well.
    Elf Girl, i canceled my pre-order on E2046 because they’re preparing great things with this figure, indeed they’re planning a unicorn alongside her and i don’t want to miss it for any reasons.
    Amanda Werner is too sexy! Impossible to not buying her 🙂
    Miku is also pre-ordered.
    And i’m waiting the official announcement of Shoujo S to add it to my other Native.

  10. Tier says:

    >> Aka
    That’s my deal too; I don’t mind buying stuff from manufacturers that I don’t know about, but I usually expect a quality drop from something that I’d expect from Alter. I’m looking forward to seeing GSC’s Rin figure too; I wonder if they’ll do Rider too?

    >> Katsura-chan
    I might change my mind and order Miku, but I’ve got a tough time shelling out >10k yen for a 1/8 scale figure >.< Unless it's super-rare or something. There's a new BRS figure in an action pose which I'm sure everyone has seen, but I'm still thinking one BRS is enough for me. >> MONOLITHIC
    Gee, I didn’t know that Yamato’s two Jun Tsukasa figures were up for preorder already. Compact Hog and Heat Blade are the two figures I am most interested in that haven’t been officially announced yet. Hopefully that means a general preorder announcement will be coming really soon.

    Yeah, Tomomi is cute as hell, but I’d feel real weird having this 1/5 scale schoolgirl loli figure on my shelf <.< I don't know if I can resist though. I'm about 95% sure that I'm going to order Rika, especially since I think that Bible Black has the best schoolgirl uniforms in all of anime. And that Susan Storm figure truly does have a glorious backside XD It's pretty cool to see something like that from a Japanese artist; I kinda wish that more anime characters would take after that style. >> softz
    I’m thinking the same thing on Haruka, her face doesn’t look right. Still, I’m hoping Griffon makes a figure of Subaru if Alter doesn’t. I’m not sure why nobody seems to be able to make an accurate Dead or Alive figure; all the girls in that game have typical big-eyed anime style designs, but only Kotobukiya’s Kokoro comes close in my opinion.

    Maybe it’s Amanda’s eyes? She’s got really dark eyes and they look almost solid black. That’s kinda weird since I looked up her character art and she actually has green eyes.

    Yeah, I’m not entirely digging Psylocke’s face. I guess beggars can’t be choosers though. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed that it turns out alright. There’s actually a big Psylocke statue that’s being done by Bowen Designs that I’m also looking at which looks very nice.

    Yeah, that Bible Black figure is too good to pass up, I’m thinking XD I wouldn’t mind if they did an Aki and Yukiko figure of that quality, too.

    And thanks, I try not to take myself or the hobby too seriously XD

    >> Lylibellule
    A unicorn, that sounds pretty cool XD I forgot to list some of the E2046 stuff I’m ordering, I’m gonna order the Misato figure which doesn’t really look like Misato, but I like it a lot anyway. They’ve got a lot of upcoming stuff in their ORI lineup which I like a lot.

    I’m thinking I’ll wait on that Birdy figure then. I haven’t yet seen much of the anime but I’ve heard that it’s not that great in a technical sense, so I’m not sure if I’m going to make the time to watch it.

  11. MONOLITHIC says:

    Yeah, that Heat Blade is (even Stevie Wonder can see this coming a mile away) hot!!! I missed out on getting the painted GK version that Hobbyfan had back in stock almost a month ago, but that’s cool ’cause the PVC version will be available there in October or so… I’ll place a pre-order when I get the chance.

  12. Tier says:

    Yeah, both of them are instant preorders for me too. I’m not really liking this trend of Yamato putting out figures at >10k yen price points, but for those two, I’m going to pay happily regardless of the price tag.

  13. Lylibellule says:

    @Tier : Frankly, with this unicorn, this figure is even more attractive!

    Ah yeah, Misato. A nice achievement too. I own Asuka from the same set. And Rei but from Yamato… ^^
    Maybe Misato will join me but she’s not a priority.

  14. Tier says:

    I don’t have the Asuka, but E2046 always seems to restock it so maybe I’ll pick it up sometime. Misato looks great though XD Some people didn’t seem to like it much (complaining about her boob plate and stuff) but it looks perfect to me.

  15. After taking a closer look at Senhime, that brown piece across her chest (I assume it’s supposed to be a piece of wood) looks like a piece of poo. o_O

  16. Tier says:

    Ha, it does! It’s there in the game CG pictures too, but I’ve never noticed it before. I wonder what that’s really supposed to be?

  17. Blowfish says:

    Her name is Kakoen Myousai!
    And as you I am more than happy that we finally get a kickass figure of her.
    I take it for granted that you dropped the Horrible Tokyopop Ikki Tousen Translation?
    I would have never thought that Id say this but I am really glad that our German translations are kinda edgy and sloppy but stay rather true to the source material.

    I enjoy the Ikki Tousen Manga alot 😀

    No love for Ryomou? Meh! My favorite! What does that say about my fetishes? Its not the maid outfit ;-P

    As far as Sister Hell goes I checked out some promo pics a while ago and she seemed very sloppily executed.Do you have any links to newer promo shots?

    Alphard and Canaan….They have Guns and great poses but the anime sucked…I think ill drop them because I cant really appreciate them.

  18. Tier says:

    I’m still reading it, but the volumes are coming out pretty slowly here; the last volume came out last February and I don’t think the next volume is due out until sometime this year. They got a different translator recently so the translation is more faithful now, but I didn’t mind the quirky localization of the earlier volumes.

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen any more of Sister Hell; as far as I know First Class didn’t even show up at Wonder Festival. However, I think Orchid Seed is doing a figure of Sister Hell so I’m thinking I may just wait for that, since I generally like Orchid Seed’s stuff.

    Maybe I’ll just watch the episodes of Canaan that are prime numbers, if I watch it at all … although then again, girls with guns anime are sorta hard to come by these days so I should probably appreciate what I can get.

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