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Dakimakura Review – Tony Taka Girls from Puella (NSFW)

Tony Taka Dakimakura from Puella

Today’s dakimakura cover features the artwork of Tony Taka, an illustrator who needs no introduction. A number of pillowcases have been produced that feature his work; in fact, the very first dakimakura cover review posted here was one of his, from Comiket 75. His doujin work often focuses on well-known characters – he’s published work based on Clannad, Stellvia, and Working!!, among other series – but this one includes a couple of girls who, as far as I know, are original characters. Also, I don’t know if either girl has a name, as the doujinshi they come from – titled Puella – features only a few pages of text. Incidentally, the product description of Puella states that its title simply comes from the Latin word for “girl”; it has no relation at all to the well-known anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
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