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Mona from Genshin Impact (Astral Reflection Version)

Mona from Genshin Impact

Happy New Year to everyone. We recently – relative to my pace of updates, anyway – looked at Raiden Mei from Honkai Impact 3rd, and we will on this first day of 2023 take a look at a character from the game that elevated Mihoyo to international renown. That game is, of course, Genshin Impact, and this character is the perpetually-penniless astrologist and water mage Mona Megistus. My impression is that she was one of the most popular of the game’s early group of heroes and she’s still very much a fan favorite, but other characters like Raiden Shogun, Ganyu, and Hu Tao may have since eclipsed her in popularity. Nonetheless, she’s one of the first Genshin Impact characters to get a figure, and I don’t think that anyone can make an argument opposing that choice.
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