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Dakimakura Review – Mercy from Overwatch (NSFW)

Mercy from Overwatch

So once again I have lied; I had hoped to get a few figure reviews done this month, particularly Olga and a couple of other Native figures, but that hasn’t happened, partly because of Azur Lane (I’m trying to get Baltimore), partly because of me watching the debates (I need to see whose doll I should next get), and mostly because I am lazy. Rather than skipping this month entirely, let’s take a quick look at a pornographic pillowcase, since we haven’t done so in quite a while (not since Olga, ironically enough). We’ll take a look at this depiction of Mercy, which seems apropos since playing Blizzard games is one of the major reasons why updates on this site have slowed down in the last few years. Though not so much because of Battle for Azeroth; that expansion is just dreadful.
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