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Dakimakura Review – Kanane Kurashiki from Kokuhaku Lovers (NSFW)

Kanane Kurashiki from Kokuhaku Lovers

The winter Wonder Festival convention will be upon us in just a few days and as the tradition here is to not write a post about it, we will instead take a quick look at a dakimakura cover. This one is by Yoshiaki Katsurai, an artist perhaps most famous for his erotic doujinshi, which are published under the circle name Basutei Shower. He’s also known for his contributions to the character designs of Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai (officially translated as “So I Can’t Play H” but occasionally rendered “So I Can’t Have Sex With Her” or “So I Can’t Fuck Her!”). The particular character presented here is Kanane Kurashiki, one of the main characters in the manga Kurohaku Black Rubbers, which is a volume of the larger series Kokuhaku Lovers.
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