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Dakimakura Review – Kinmokusei from the Art of Carnelian (NSFW)

Kinmokusei dakimakura by Carnelian

It’s time for pillow talk. Right now, the new hotness in the pillowcase world – and the anime world in general – is the Kantai Collection, further proof – in case anyone needed it – that you can slap a pair of big eyes and tits on any concept and it will sell. This pillowcase, however, is a bit older, having been releaased in 2012. I thought about picking it up at the time but passed on it. A while later, I began thinking that that was a mistake, and started looking through the usual secondary market sources to see if I could amend the error. Fortunately, the circle who produces this dakimakura cover occasionally restocks out-of-print pillowcases, and so I was able to purchase this cover.
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