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Reika Shimohira from Gantz: O (Prime 1 Studio White Version)

Reika Shimohira from Gantz: O

First, a couple of administrative notes: this site recently went through a database upgrade and I’ve noticed a couple of odd things. One is that the sidebar mysteriously disappeared until I tweaked the site layout, and another is that special characters appear to be corrupted. I don’t use non-English characters that often but this might have rendered some commenter usernames unreadable. If anyone notices anything that looks awry, please let me know. Second administrative note: I’ve historically done a Five Favorite Figures post but I haven’t yet photographed most of them, and I’m not entirely sure when I’m going to get to them, as I’ve got some other figures that I’d like to shoot first. Therefore, I’m just going to list them here: 5) Ch’en 4) Prince of Wales 3) Kelly 2) Rika Shiramine 1) The Literary Type. My favorite figure that I received in 2021 is Luna.

With that aside, let’s take a look at Reika Shimohira. We’ve looked at a couple of Reika’s figures before – this one from FREEing, which is derived from her manga appearance and this one from Union Creative, which takes rather more liberties with her design. This statue, however, is a relatively faithful representation of her look from the Gantz:O feature film, aside from the stylistic changes made to her clothing. It’s also considerably larger than the other two, even though it’s nominally of the same scale size as the FREEing figure.
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Anzu Yamasaki from Gantz: O (Sword Version)

Anzu Yamasaki from Gantz: O

The series Gantz is experiencing a somewhat unexpected revival, not with respect to its original manga or anime adaptation but rather at the hands of figure and statue companies. Union Creative released two figures of Reika Shimohira a couple of years ago – one dressed in a black bodysuit and the other wearing a much more abbreviated version of that outfit – and FREEing is due to release their 1/4 scale version of Reika in a bunnysuit soon. In addition, the Japanese statue company Prime 1 Studio will be producing two versions of Reika, one called the Black Version and the other called the White Version, for reasons that are obvious to anyone who glances at each statue. And then we have this figure here, which came out late last year, if I recall correctly. This figure is the counterpart to Union Creative’s Reika, as she and Anzu seem fated to be paired together forever.
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Reika Shimohira from Gantz: O (Sword Version)

Reika Shimohira from Gantz: O

Union Creative’s Hdge Technical Statue lineup is an eclectic grouping but the figure we’re looking at today isn’t too different from Motoko Kusanagi, the last Union Creative figure we looked at – that is, female, sexy, scantily-clad, and sourced from a sci-fi series. The Major, of course, was recently featured in a big Hollywood movie (that, by most accounts, wasn’t particularly well received). The figure we’re looking at today is of Reika Shimohira, one of the stars of Gantz – and more specifically, Gantz: O, a CG-animated feature-length film released last year. The series features significant thematic similarities – notably, that of hapless participants forced by a sadistic entity to struggle for survival – to some other big motion pictures, and its blend of graphic violence, action, drama, and fanservice would be quite popular in current times. One wonders whether Hollywood will someday seek to put its own Western-style spin on the Gantz franchise.
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