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Hakufu Sonsaku from Ikki Tousen (NSFW)

Hakufu Sonsaku from Ikki Tousen

It feels like it’s been a while since a notable Ikki Tousen figure was released. That’s sort of an odd thing to think, as a common complaint from a few years back was that too many companies were making Ikki Tousen figures. However, most of those figures were of fan favorites Kanu Unchou and Ryomou Shimei; nominal lead girl Hakufu Sonsaku never got that many figures. I suppose that’s not that surprising; while she was one of the first characters to be introduced in the manga, she wasn’t really all that interesting, and she never seemed to achieve the sort of popularity that the other characters gained. That alone makes this figure peculiar; what makes it even more unusual is its styling. Ikki Tousen’s character designs don’t stray far from typical anime conventions, but this figure provides quite a different take on Hakufu, so much so that one might not have been able to identify this character at first glance, even if one were familiar with the series.
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Izumi Shizuno from se.Kirara

Izumi Shizuno from se.Kirara

Cognizant of the fact that well-known titles move more merchandise, most figure companies make figures of characters from licensed properties. However, Max Factory took a rather unusual approach with their figures of the se.Kirara characters; rather than seek out an existing franchise, they developed the title themselves, making them (to my knowledge) the only figure maker to also be an eroge producer. Another unusual thing about their strategy is that Max Factory released the game for free; unfortunately, while it was originally downloadable from the Nico Nico website, it seems to no longer be available. However, even if we can’t enjoy the game, we can at least admire the figures. The first to be released was Aya Kagura, who I actually have – somewhere around here – but we’ll be taking a look at the blue-headed Izumi Shizuno first.
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Reiko Date Wingfield from Fault!! (NSFW)

Reiko Date Wingfield from Fault!! figure

We looked at Ai Saeki a few weeks ago; now it is time to look at Reiko Date Wingfield, the half-British, half-Japanese director of the tennis club.
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Ai Saeki from Fault!! (NSFW)

Ai Saeki from Fault!!

Not too long ago, Alphamax was a niche manufacturer in the figure hobby, a purveyor of really expensive polystone statues of characters nobody had ever heard of and that nobody ever bought. But in the last few years, anime figure collecting has really taken off and it is only sensible of Alphamax to want a bigger piece of that action – thus, they’ve repositioned themselves in the market as a mainstream manufacturer of PVC figures, particularly of popular characters wearing swimsuits. Now, they’re staking out another niche – namely, hentai figures – and so having looked at a Tony Taka dakimakura cover last week, we’ll look at Alphamax’s figure of Tony Taka’s Ai Saeki today.
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Satsuki Shinonome from Love, Election & Chocolate

Satsuki Shinonome from Love, Election & Chocolate Figure Review

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And elections?
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Rider from Happoubi Jin’s Sweet Body (NSFW)

Orchid Seed Rider from Sweet Body Review

The Fate/stay night franchise has had numerous figures made of its characters, with two upcoming notable ones being Good Smile Company’s Rin Tohsaka – who has an incredible backside – and their amazing Saber Alter, who is set to redefine badass in a way that’ll leave the world walking bow-legged for a month. However, Rider doesn’t get a lot of love from figure makers, which is really a shame, as she has a unique and interesting character design and an enigmatic personality. Fortunately for us, we have here a figure of Rider and –

Wait, this isn’t that Rider? What the blood clot? So who dis girl, then?
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