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Doll Review – vmf50 Super Sonico (NSFW)

Yamato's vmf50 Super Sonico

Yamato’s vmf50 line continues apace, with the company having recently released Image Girl #5 Ami and having shown off a couple of concept dolls at Doll Show 31. And Super Sonico’s popularity continues apace, with both Orchid Seed and Yamato having released PVC figures of her this week and with her game SoniComi scheduled for release this August. And even before all of that, Yamato revealed a vmf50 version of Sonico. I hadn’t planned to get her since she was really expensive. The first round of preorders opened up late last summer and closed down almost instantly, prompting Yamato to do a second run, which is when I changed my mind and placed my preorder. I received Sonico back in February and she’s been quietly lying in her box since then, but with her PVC figures having hit the market, I figure now is a fine time to take her out and put her in front of the camera.
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Doll Review – vmf50 Yumi (NSFW)

Yamato vmf50 Yumi Review

I’m a big fan of Yamato’s vmf50 doll line. They’re fun to dress up and display and not too many people buy them or even know about them, and as I’ve got this odd tendency to dislike anything that becomes mainstream, that’s a big plus in my view. I bought Yumi a couple of months ago but she got ensnared by the printer ink cartridge bomb scare fiasco. Fortunately that blew over reasonably fast so we can take a closer look at her now.
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Doll Review – vmf50 Risa (NSFW)

Yamato vmf50 Risa Doll Review

The vmf50 series are the newest dolls in my collection, but my doll-collecting habits go way back. In fact, before I collected anime figures, I collected dolls. I think I got my first doll back around 2003 and my collection rapidly grew to around a dozen 1/6 scale dolls. When I got into PVC figures, my doll collecting tapered off and nowadays, I don’t buy very many of them. When I first saw Yamato’s vmf50 doll, though, I decided that this was something worth getting. I got my first vmf50 doll earlier this year and I’ve since built up a small collection of doll clothes and accessories. I named her Simone, but Yamato calls this doll Risa and that’s what I’ll call her for the purpose of this review.
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