Preorder Outlook LXII

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a preorder post – or any post at all, really, but it’s been particularly long since the last preorder post, so let’s take a look at the figures I’ve either already preordered or am thinking hard about picking up. But first, I like to use these preorder posts just to talk about general life updates. My life is going pretty well for the most part – certainly the last sixteen months or so have reinforced how good I have it that I work in a relatively safe and secure job that affords me the opportunity to buy pervy girly figures and wristwatches. But that said, there is no reason to settle; having been vaccinated, I’ve returned to working in the office on a new project whose environs I don’t enjoy, and I’ve spent the last month contemplating looking for new opportunities. These thoughts have weighed me down some, hence the paucity of updates, but I’ve got some time this weekend and a backlog of photographs to edit. Unfortunately, none of them are hentai figures, which some have asked about. On the plus side, I’ve received in the last couple of months all of the remaining figures I ordered that had been trapped in Japan due to the limited shipping options available for much of the last year. I certainly have no shortage of figures to review, particularly R-18 figures.

September 2021

Teresa from Iron Saga
Having terminated by World of Warcraft account recently due to antipathy towards the present state of the game and revulsion at the current state of its developer, I’ve become primarily a player of gacha games on mobile platforms, and thus it seems apropos to start with a character from that genre. This character is Teresa from Iron Saga, a Chinese game that seems to not have much mindshare in the communities I hang out in. Nonetheless, she looks great, and I actually have her earlier figure, and I’ve preordered this one already.

December 2021

Dicya One Wing
I’ve also preordered this figure, more because of her unusual design more than anything else. I’m honestly at a little bit of a loss as to whether I’d say that she looks good, but with her distinctive look, revealing outfit, and submachine gun, she certainly makes an impression. We’ll see how I feel about her when she gets here.

Mei Raiden from Honkai Impact
Here’s another character from a gacha game. I’ve not played Honkai Impact, and I have to admit the peculiar recent incident involving geopolitical and cultural norms manifested in the form of bunnysuit costumes doesn’t motivate me to try the game out, but I really like the game’s character designs. There’s two versions of this figure, one with a more elaborate backdrop and a significantly higher price, and I’ve gone for the cheaper version.

Reiko Hagi from the BINDing Creators Opinion
I’m a little hesitant to buy BINDing’s (and FREEing’s, actually) bunny girl figures just because they make so many of them and it’s difficult to know whether an upcoming one is going to look better, will have a more appealing pose, or will be more lewd. That said, I think it’d be difficult to get more lewd than Reiko here, and as such, I’ve preordered this with as much confidence as I think as I can have. Thinking about it, I believe I’ve only reviewed one BINDing figure on this site (Erika Kuramoto), and I have at least five more in my collection, and I think I ought to photograph them sometime soon.

January 2022

Erina Nakiri from Food Wars
This – or Erina’s original version, I should say – is another example of a bunny girl figure that I waffled on and ultimately passed over purchasing, partly because I like FREEing’s bunnysuit figures better when they are bare-legged and I thought there was some chance they might do another release sans pantyhose. Happily enough, they’ve done so, and I think I will buy this figure, though I’m a little dismayed at having purchased one other of their Food Wars figures; now I need to decide whether I’ll keep it or pick up its bare-legged counterpart, assuming they produce one.

February 2022

Chie from the Art of Ishikei
This is the second figure of Chie, the first having been released a number of years ago. I’m still deciding whether to pick this one up, since it looks rather similar to the original and the above-mentioned Reiko Hagi has a similar pose, a similar level of salacity, and is a good deal larger.

Yuuki Nikaido from the Art of Izumi Mahiru
For some reason, I thought this figure was from SkyTube rather than Daiki Kougyou, and that’s probably a compliment, given that the latter’s product portfolio could charitably be categorized as uneven. It’s a really sexy-looking figure with a lot of display options, and hopefully the end product is as good as it looks now.

March 2022

Yukiko Amamiya from the Art of Kekemotsu
Here’s an actual SkyTube figure, and it looks great as well. There’s less to say here; I’m expecting a superb figure and I have full confidence SkyTube will deliver.

June 2022

Ahri from League of Legends
I’ve never played League of Legends nor have I ever been interested in learning anything about it. This is partly due to my apathy towards MOBA-type games and also because I’ve heard its playerbase is particularly puerile and toxic. That said, I do like the character designs and I enjoyed listening to POP/STARS, from which this particular character design comes from. Purchasing this figure is about as close as I want to come to investing in the game.

Okita Souji from Fate/Grand Order
It’s yet another Saber figure, or a figure of a character that substantially borrows from Saber’s design, I should say. She looks pretty nice, and she’s got the bonus of looking sort of like she’s coming out of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games with that jet pack she has on.

July 2022

Chiyo from Ane Naru Mono
I guess I haven’t paid a ton of attention to figure news in the last few years, but I was surprised to see that Chiyo has gotten like nine or ten figures already. I haven’t bought any of them, but I’m thinking about buying this one, as it’s one of the boldest and it also shows her entwined in tentacles. I guess I’m less fond of the horns coming right off of the top of her head, but I think I can get over that.

August 2022

Musashi Miyamoto from Fate/Grand Order
And it’s another figure from Fate/Grand Order, this time depicting Musashi in what appears to be an America-themed costume. She looks great, and I guess I’m a little surprised it took this long for someone to make a figure of her in this outfit.

September 2022

Mona from Genshin Impact
And concluding this survey is one more character from a gacha game. Genshin Impact is full of telegenic characters, many of whom are sheathed in pantyhose and leotards, and I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t yet tried playing the game. I like the character designs quite a bit and maybe I’ll try it someday. Until then, I’ll be happy collecting figures of its female cast.

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8 Responses to Preorder Outlook LXII

  1. Aya says:

    Not only my social media feed , Even this pre-order post dominated with stuff from gacha games XD
    I really curious about Chie after 10 years, what improvement a figure can be with a head to head comparison of similar thing and same character

    • Tier says:

      Man, I am a degenerate gacha game player now. I’ve tried out Counter Side and I kinda want to try out Nier Reincarnation, though I have not heard the most encouraging things about it. I also need to play Azur Lane to get Helena before she goes away.

      In the end I didn’t buy the Chie figure … I should probably buy fewer of the BINDing bunnygirls too, there are so many of them. But many of them look so good and it’s hard for me to resist.

  2. ProbablyNotMyRealName says:

    Sorry to hear that work isn’t as enjoyable as it ideally should be, glad to see the post and happy to hear that you’ve got some 18+ figures to share with the world. 🙂

    • Tier says:

      Thanks 😀 Work’s actually stabilized a lot in the last week or so and I’m feeling a lot better. I was pretty down and depressed through most of July and early August.

  3. dp says:

    Nice selection. I like Teresa, Dicya, Ahri and Mei best. Dicya has a very unique look with her multi-genre mix of elements and interesting pose.

    • Tier says:

      I hope Dicya turns out well. I preordered her without putting a ton of thought into it and some time later, I was having second thoughts about her since her design is so idiosyncratic. But I think she’ll look okay in the end; I’ve bought Vispo-designed before and I generally like them.

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