Preorder Outlook LVII

November has been a spectacularly unproductive month for me, for a variety of reasons, most of which stem from the fact that I am unrepentantly lazy. Regardless, it’s been a couple of months since the last preorder post so here is a list of figures that I am thinking of ordering. Unlike most of these lists, where I don’t actually order most of the figures I write about, I’m actually thinking of ordering almost everything on this list; the only one that might not be purchased is Asmodeus.

Reviews will resume very shortly, as I have a stack of figures that have arrived recently. First up will probably the one half-naked Gantz girl and I’ve also got a figure of a half-naked loli (and another girl who could pass for a loli) waiting next.

Also, I have quite a few 1/4 scale figures from FREEing – mostly bunnygirls from To Love-Ru and Muv-Luv, but also their Elizabeth Mably and Angela Balzac figures – and a few Western statues that I had planned to review but now am not sure if I will. I have the feeling that people are not that interested in them and I’m curious to know whether anyone would be saddened if did not review them. Throughout the lifetime of this site I’ve taken the stance that I plan to review every figure that I buy, but being that they seem not that popular, I wonder if that uncompromising principle may be outmoded.

February 2019

Aoi Nanami from Melon Books Tapestry
Rocket Boy figures seldom fail to impress, and this one certainly has a lot to offer, particularly to those who respect substantial asses. The high heels are a little strange for a girl who seems to be climbing into or out of a swimming pool, but it’s all good.

Eldridge from Azur Lane
I have to admit that one of the principal factors behind my lack of productivity these last two months is that I’ve been playing too much Azur Lane. There are quite a few Azur Lane figures in the works from various manufacturers – though Enterprise seems to not be amongst them, unfortunately – and one that I’m very interested in is Eldridge. I don’t have her in my fleet – she’s a PVP award and I have no idea how PVP in Azur Lane actually works – but I like her design and personality quite a bit.

May 2019

Morning from kigae
This figure is sort of an odd one – it’s a one-off design based on character artwork rather than coming from an established property. She looks very pretty and of course, the fact that she’s sculpted in 1/4 scale makes her all the more appealing.

Reika Shimohira from Gantz
I like the design of the Gantz characters, and I was curious to see what Reika’s adaptation as a FREEing bunnygirl would look like. I think she turned out alright, though her pose and facial expression are less evocative than I would have preferred. Still, you can’t really go wrong with a good-looking ass like she has, even if her gun is obnoxiously blocking part of the view.

Yuu Usada from Zimakupiza
I am not really sure what is up with the bunny accessories, streetwear jacket, and the pixel art sword and base, but again, it’s all good. It’s an odd mix of styles that looks very nice, mostly thanks to saitom’s artwork and SkyTube’s superlative skill at making figures.

June 2019

Mei Anayama from Petto no M-Jou
I keep saying that I’m thinking of buying one of BINDing’s 1/4 scale ero figures, but I have yet to order one, until now. Mei will be the first one I get, and she looks pretty great. She appears to come with nipple piercings or clamps, which the Native order page doesn’t actually mention for some reason, but I think it makes her all the more interesting.

July 2019

Ade-Sugata Zero from The Art of Mibu Natsuki
Here’s a peculiar thing; having released Ade-Sugata I, magicbullet(s) has chosen to go backwards in their numbering rather than forwards (ostensibly because this was their original design for what turned out to be Ade-Sugata I). Another strange thing: while the first figure was 1/7 scale, this one is 1/6 scale. I like the larger size but I wonder if the size discrepancy might be annoying to collectors who want to display these figures side by side.

Lucifer from Seven Mortal Sins
I have a thing for figures from this series, even though I don’t think I’ve actually ever reviewed any of them. FREEing’s bunnygirls suffer from the fact that they tend to look very similar to each other, but Lucifer at least has the distinction of framing her cameltoe in a very prominent way, which is a nice touch. Strangely, this figure appears to not be available on Amiami’s English website, but I order almost all my figures from Hobby Search so that’s not an issue for me.

August 2019

Asmodeus from Seven Mortal Sins
And here’s the second figure from FREEing’s bunnygirl adaptation of the Seven Mortal Sins characters. Asmodeus looks great here; I wish that Orchid Seed had used this sort of body physique rather than the chunkier build they went with.

September 2019

2B from Nier: Automata
What will likely be the best-selling figure of 2019 will also likely be the most controversial figure of 2019. Mitsumasa Yoshizawa does not compromise his style for anyone, not even when sculpting a figure of an iconic character from a game backed by a legion of obdurate fans. I don’t mind the liberties taken with 2B’s design, being that I’m a fan of REFLECT and I own a number of figures sculpted by him, but it’s unfortunate that 2B’s lost her ass in the process. To me, that’s really what makes her so iconic.

Curiously, and perhaps humorously, there are at least a few Chinese sculptors who have created unlicensed figures of 2B. I’ve ordered one, though I have no idea how well it will turn out, or if I’ll even actually get it, being that I ordered it from a store in Hong Kong, and it requires some faith to imagine them coming through on the order.

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20 Responses to Preorder Outlook LVII

  1. lonelycat87 says:

    Preorder Aoi Nanami as well.
    My first from Native. Oh boy the price.
    Hope it will be real good.

    • Tier says:

      I’m having to be more selective than I would like with Native figures, since they ship individually and they cost so much money. I’m happy that there are a lot of great figure makers out there but I’m not so thrilled with Native and SkyTube and Amakuni and even Kotobukiya making figures that are only available from their own stores.

  2. Randy says:

    I like most of that 2B figure, but something is just off about the arms. It just looks uncanny, in a sore eye kinda way. It might be, because its way too skinny.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, she does have a very lanky look. I guess that’s typical of REFLECT’s style, and I wonder why they picked him to do the figure; I like a lot of his previous figures and I’m sure I’ll like his version of 2B, but I have to imagine that most Nier Automata fans haven’t ever seen his work before and would have preferred a more accurately-styled figure.

  3. wieselhead says:

    Yay! that Aoi Nanami is wonderful with such a nice butt it was easy to convince me ♥.
    The surrounding base is also interesting and I’m looking forward to take pictures of her.

    Morning from kigae is so pretty. Why haven’t I preordered her alreay, so far May appears to be free. I’m just honest when I say that I would prefer her in 1/6, no idea where to put an 1/4 scale figures :D.

    Haha I really like this second Ade-Sugata adaption of this girl with the figures pretty and horny face, she looks great.

    Lol demon bunny girls, that is a nice pose of Lucifer. Asmodeus from Amakuni is still my favorite, it’s just great

    • Tier says:

      I’m having a tough time figuring out what to do with all my 1/4 scale figures, too. I’m thinking some of the bunnygirls might just have to go back to their boxes and I’ll have to rotate them on display or something. At least the kneeling ones are a little more space-efficient, particularly versus the ones that are lying down.

      Somehow I still haven’t reviewed a 7 Deadly Sins figure yet. I’ve got a bunch of them and even the anime has come and gone – and I vaguely remember that they even did some sort of spinoff anime with angels instead of demons – but I haven’t reviewed one. I probably ought to do so at some point.

  4. Leo says:

    Really like what you’re doin’, amazing. I like most of the figures you review. Great pictures too, best quality i have seen.
    Really tempted to getting that Ade Sugata Zero figure.
    Also got an eye on Shizue Minase figma and on Queen’s Blade Tomoe 1/6.

    • Tier says:

      Thanks very much! I kind of thought about getting Tomoe but she’s not one of my favorite characters from Queen’s Blade. The figure looks great, though (and I guess it just got released). It would be nice if Orchid Seed did a few more figures of Queen’s Blade characters, since Alleyne was great and Tomoe looks like she came out really well, too.

  5. bostonbrandon says:

    My wife preordered Reika as a birthday present for me and I simply cannot wait to get her on the shelf/in the detolf! I will say that while lacking a more dynamic pose, this in my opinion is the first really decent Gantz figure to hit the market.
    Probably not a popular theory; but, I can’t help myself from saying she’s the only high end one that also actually resembles Oku’s artwork. While I can’t afford it, I hope we see more Gantz girls to follow.
    Speaking of money woes, N2 is amazing in so many ways and yet I have to pass due to her steep price. This may haunt me for years to come (Demon Lord Mara) but who knows how she’ll turn out in the aftermarket. After having said this, I realize that this is becoming a more common theme in my life with figures I really want and price tags I have a hard time justifying… isn’t that right Queen Pharnelis and goblin?

    • Tier says:

      I really like the Union Creative figures (and Anzu looks pretty nice too, in my opinion), but I do like the FREEing version a lot. I like a lot of their bunnygirls now, actually, and it’s a little disconcerting how many of them I have. I do see what you mean about her being closer in look to the original manga; the Union Creative ones were based on the CG movie, I think. It’s interesting how I don’t think anyone ever made a figure of Kei Kishimoto, even though she was the main heroine in the early parts of the manga and in the anime, from what I remember.

      I keep telling myself I’m going to cut back on hobby purchases and it never happens, which is a really big problem since I’m hoping to buy a house soon (it’s sort of funny how Amazon throwing their new headquarters about fifteen miles up the road from where I live is going to force my hand in that respect; I really didn’t see that coming when I started saving a few years ago). There are so many figures I want (and the review queue has gotten absolutely ridiculous in the last couple of months since I haven’t taken any photos recently) and I just preordered a dakimakura cover that I don’t really need, so maybe I should just give up on deluding myself.

      • bostonbrandon says:

        As a fan of Kishimoto, I wouldn’t say it’s interesting so much as it’s reflective of the manga. She was completely sidelined which was a real shame as she was one of the only early characters who actually had an interesting paradox that could have been flushed out and developed.
        At least in my opinion.
        I do find your constant purchasing of Freeing’s bunny girls a bit amusing, as I recall the near constant reminder that you didn’t care for animal ears on your girls whilst you reviewed or made mention of your intent to purchase them.
        And whats worst we now have binding 🙂

        • Tier says:

          Ah, I see. I never actually got into Gantz that much; the manga was so long that it was intimidating to start at the beginning, and the anime had a reputation for edginess that I wasn’t too interested in at the time (the violence and sexual aspects and nihilism look sorta ordinary nowadays, though). Oddly enough, Prime 1 showed off another 1/4 scale Reika a couple of weeks ago which I guess I will have to get as well.

          Yeah, I still don’t like animal ears. Some part of me recoils a little bit whenever I order a bunny girl. The leotards are just so cute, though (I could probably do without the pantyhose, though, since I’ve had a couple of figures suffer some annoying stains from the fabric).

  6. Kiks says:

    Any advice on cleaning and maintaining figures? I just purchased the orchid seed alleyne and also got some of the dark marks on her. I saw that you used isopropyl alcohol but I’m afraid if that will leave marks. Also I don’t know where else to post this. Thanks and I love your blog, it got me interested again in figures

    • Tier says:

      Ah, that’s unfortunate. You could try using isopropyl alcohol on an inconspicuous spot (like the bottom of her foot) to see if it rubs any of the finish off; usually the skin will become dull and matte if it does. I have never used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on a PVC figure but some people say that works, and I came across this post on MFC suggesting using a white pencil eraser. I’d still suggest first trying those out on the bottom of her foot just to make sure they aren’t too abrasive.

  7. zzzzzy says:

    Are you getting
    Honkai Impact 3rd Statue 1/8 Shine Saki Mitama Yae Sakura
    made by Mihoyo? I think she looks so good, and wanna hear some thoughts. I guess she’s not up on myfigurecollection and stuff because she’s made by a chinese company (?).

    Anyways. what are your thoughts? Thanks!

    • Tier says:

      Holy smokes, 18k yen for 1/8 scale. I think she looks pretty nice but I do not think I will order her myself because that price is pretty steep. It’s funny that you mention MFC not allowing figures from Chinese companies since I bought a Seven Knights figure (with sort of a similar pose) a while back but couldn’t find it in the MFC database; it took me a bit to realize that KingKong Studios is not a Japanese company and they don’t allow that, which I think is really silly.

  8. Dennis Duong says:

    Wow! I just googled Seven Knights figure and that one looks totally amazing!
    Too bad me and other MFC users miss out on contents and discussion only because certain companies are chinese. Japanese figure stores are selling chinese figures like the one I mentioned, so I agree it’s silly of MFC xD. Myethos is another example. I kinda regret not buying their Seele Vollerei.

    What do you think quality wise of these chinese figures, based on the one(s) you have? Thanks for the opinions! I’m thinking of picking up one of those Seven Knights figure!

    • Tier says:

      Wow, I totally forgot to respond to this comment; my apologies for that. Yeah, I don’t really understand why the MFC admins have put that prohibition in place. I have not yet opened either of my Seven Knights figures but Eileen is packaged in a completely transparent box and from what I can tell, she looks pretty great. The paint’s a little bit more matte than I expected but that’s not really an issue to me. Given how many Korean and Chinese mobile games have been developed, and given how many of them rely on attractive character designs to draw publicity, it’s not a stretch to imagine that they”ll get figure adaptations. I wonder if one day we’ll see a thriving Korean and Chinese figure industry based on indigenous properties rather than Japanese anime and video games.

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