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First, a housekeeping note; I’ve enabled SSL on this website, in accordance with Google’s dictate that websites should now encrypt communications between host and client. I think this occurred without problems but if anyone notices any errors, I’d appreciate it if you’d drop me a line. Also, Wonder Festival was this past weekend and I don’t really do an impressions post, but occasionally people are curious as to what I thought about it, so I figured I’d post my feelings here in a stream-of-consciousness fashion: there sure were a lot of porno figures there. I really hope these STP figures aren’t too expensive since there’s a lot that I would like to own. A lot of these figures are emphasizing the ass of their respective characters, which is a nice change from the usual practice. Not that 2B figure from Flare, though; I guess it would have been too much to hope that REFLECT would’ve given her a little more definition back there. There’s not as much Kantai Collection stuff there as I thought there would be. Wasn’t the Kantai Collection anime supposed to get a second season? Oh no, I kinda want to buy another Ban! hermaphrodite figure, and I just sold off my first one. It’s an injustice to humanity that Cross Ange never got any figures. I was hoping someone would show off a new tentacle rape figure but I suppose not. No bestiality figures here either, which is a little disappointing; that felt like the next logical step given the sorts of figures we’ve gotten in recent times. There was at least that one figure of the girl with the torpedo inserted in her body; that was neat. I’m going to need to make more money.

Anyway, let’s look at some of the figures I’m thinking about preordering. I left a few off that I haven’t quite composed my thoughts on, like the Lechery figure in wrestling boots and the A+ figure of the blonde maid; I figure I’m behind on these posts so I’ll just save writing about them for next time.

September 2018

Anzu Yamasaki from Gantz:O
The counterpart to their earlier-released Reika Shimohira figure, Anzu will come in two different versions, one clad neck-to-tie in a black bodysuit and this version, which features a highly abbreviated version of her usual costume. Obviously, that’s the one I am going to buy. She looks as lewd as Reika, though her broad grin is a little bit off-putting. I’m sure she will look great in real life, though. This sexier version isn’t available at Hobby Search or Amiami for some reason, but a bunch of other stores are carrying her, such as BigBadToyStore and other places.

October 2018

Bionic Joshi Kousei from ARMS NOTE
This is a figure I really want to buy, but man, that price! 17,900 yen for a 1/7 scale figure is ludicrous. I remember when people were bitching ten years ago about how gangsta lean Saber was 25,000 yen, and that was a super-sized 1/4 scale figure. I’m still probably going to wind up getting this, though. I find it darkly amusing that if an American toy company were to release a figure of a cartoonish adolescent high schooler equipped with tactical accessories and an AR-15, everyone would be pillorying the manufacturer.

December 2018

Annabel from Tony’s Heroine Collection
Also the counterpart to their earlier-released version of Annabel, this figure has her sitting down with a naughty expression. Kotobukiya’s Tony-designed fairy figures are amongst my favorite figures, and while the pose is admittedly a little awkward and I hope her backside has a little more curvature than the previous figure, I’m sure this second figure of Annabel will be a fantastic addition to my collection.

Mayuri Maliani from the Art of Matsuryuu
I thought this figure would be as well, though I’m having second thoughts now. Most problematic is that this figure is only 1/8 scale despite being 14,000 yen plus shipping charges, which is a hefty price for such a small figure. 1/6 scale – like most of the figures that Native sells on their website – would have made this a much easier decision. The manufacturer – Progress – also made a curious decision to not really get that explicit with their Hotaru Minazuki figure, which is disappointing. And finally, there’s just no shortage of extremely high-quality hentai figures, whereas my figure budget is certainly facing a shortfall at this moment, given my future purchasing aspirations. It’s pretty likely that this figure is going to get squeezed out of my ordering plans, even though I really liked the source art.

January 2019

Marie Rose from Dead or Alive 5
And here’s another figure that I’m not sure about ordering about, though for more indistinct reasons. Basically I resent how Tomonobu Itagaki got kicked off of Team Ninja, how Tecmo altered the character designs to be more realistic, and then introduced a bunch of moe trope-inspired characters, including Marie Rose (the cocky and petulant loli), Honoka (the Super Sonico clone), Luna (the quiet, white-haired eccentric with a peculiar speech tic), and Tamaki (a rehash of Kaede Takagaki from The Idolmaster). These additions are all the more inexplicable given their decision to move away from anime-centric character designs.

So in my mind, there’s a lot of baggage against this character, but I generally like Marie Rose’s character design, and I’m a fan of FREEing’s bunny girl figures in general. I think I might buy this figure, depending on what other bunnygirl figures are coming out in the future, despite my misgivings.

February 2019

Rei Tsukushi from the BINDing Creator’s Opinion
Native and BINDing have sold a few 1/4 scale figures but I have yet to order any of them (much to my regret regarding Mikoto Kisaragi, the dark-skinned girl designed by Homare). I think Rei will be the first that I order, as I really like her sculpt. I usually don’t like anime girls with short hair as much, but I think I can make an exception here. I’m not sure that I will order Yoko Akagi though, her counterpart in a red bunnysuit; I don’t think I like her facial expression as much.

March 2019

Satsuki Amamiya from Comic A-Un
It’s a cute half-naked anime girl consuming semen. Obviously ordered. Next!

April 2019

Natsumi from Saitom Original Charger
Here’s a Native figure that I have no problem with ordering; I’m sure she’s going to look great. I think black or white lingerie might have worked better with the school uniform, but the red stockings and gold bikini still look fine. (I’m not actually sure what that series name is supposed to mean, but that’s what the product page says.)

Sakuya from Blade Arcus from Shining EX
Sakuya/Maxima has gotten a number of figures, some which I like and some of which I don’t care as much for. I definitely like this figure though, which presents her as a sexy teacher, though I think she looks more like an office lady. Regardless, this kind of presentation is very attractive, even though some part of me mourns for what the Shining series of games used to be.

May 2019

Stephanie Dola from No Game No Life
Usually I like to know something about a character before I get interested in a figure but in this case, I have to admit I know next to nothing about No Game No Life. I’ve thought about watching it, as it seems to have a good reputation and the psychedelic color palette is unique if nothing else. Maybe buying this figure of Stephanie will be the catalyst to get me to watch it, as it’s a very nice-looking figure. I’m guessing this depiction over-sexualizes her actual appearance, but I don’t really see the problem with that.

August 2018

Saber Alter from Fate
I recall that the figure of the Fate Zero Saber on a motorcycle was quite popular, though I don’t recall seeing a lot of love for it after it got released. Maybe I just wasn’t looking. Certainly I haven’t reviewed it myself yet. This figure does look pretty nice, though I’m not much of a motorcycle enthusiast. I might pick this up, just because the production quality appears to be very high, but I have the feeling I’m less enamored of it than most Fate fans.

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12 Responses to Preorder Outlook LV

  1. DASD says:

    nice pick.
    i skipped all bunny since they`re too cute, sexy, and wallet killer. still undecided about natsumi, she looks great & waiting for rui from Delightfully Fuckable and Unrefined!! (well you know … she`s … aaarhmm, put her near other drunkard figure …)

    and about tentacle figure … i saw from last WF, that`s the only tentacle figure display i think. and about bestiality figure, you can only hope from another giga pulse figure (Chou no Yume), no manufacturer willing to make them … not even OFE and both of them dying (i don`t see any update from their blogs both OFE and giga pulse).

    • Tier says:

      Ah, the Ixseal figure has tentacles; that’s great since I kinda thought about buying the Amakuni one but decided not to. I’ll just get the Dragon Toy one instead. I guess I shouldn’t be whining about the lack of tentacle figures since I didn’t order that one Native figure with the really bizarre wings, and I’m kinda regretting it now. Well, sort of, I guess it’s hard to regret any individual figure purchase when your collection gets past a certain threshold.

  2. DASD says:

    yes that tentacle, though the pose somehow got similar feeling like marudea (fail to dodge tentacle attack) from dragon toys.
    Sugamo Mutsuki from native ? i always got deja vu feel everytime i see her, when checking her, i just realize its very old VN. no wonder how her eyes done is old style. i`m regret not ordering her too. i even missed marudea and 1/4 scale Escalayer (griffon) because so many lewd figure to buy from native and skytube .. 😡

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I like that old style, but when I noticed that one of the things sprouting out of her back was a penis I kinda decided I shouldn’t get her. I feel like her figure is one of those that’s going to ridiculously expensive after release. I think none of us are going to get that 1/4 scale Escalayer; I checked the MFC page and one of the comments said that Griffon has pretty much disappeared (their website is gone and apparently their former employees are pissed off).

  3. Visitor says:

    All the images in this post still uses http://, which cause them not to be displayed as the post itself is loaded via https://

  4. TomTheCat says:

    I like Anzu very much. And I have to say that I quite like her smile. It’s a different facial expression for a change. Problem is, I prefer the full-bodysuit, and I also prefer the katana to the shotgun. What to do?

    Rei Tsukushi does push many buttons. But when I imagine to stare at those welded boobs in 1/4, I’m out >_<

    I don't know if this meets your requirements regarding tentacles and/or bestiality, but just take a look, lol

    • Tier says:

      I think I would prioritize the clothes over the weapon. The figure might even be large enough to use a 1/6 scale sword (I know I have a few for use by the president, I would guess that there are some doll retailers who sell such things). That reminds me that I need to figure out where I put the president and those swords since I have an idea for them …

      Yeah, I’m pretty much buying the figure for those boobs. Though I looked at the stuff BINDing showed at Wonder Festival and I’m not sure if I shouldn’t hold off; a lot of their upcoming stuff looks really great. I’m not even sure if I’m going to buy their Cryska Barchenowa bunny girl figure just because there are too many 1/4 scale figures that I want.

      Haha, that’s hilarious. I guess I would have preferred it if they had swapped in an anime girl versus the wood print artwork, but at least that should show figure collectors where the tentacle hentai genre started.

  5. TheDuskwalker says:

    After how hard they’re selling out with Dead or Alive 6, I’m personally not picking up any DOA merchandise soon. Is a cute Marie figure though.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I was pretty disappointed with the art direction that they chose to go with. Now that I think about it, I’ve been disappointed in almost every Team Ninja game I cared about since Ninja Gaiden 2; NG3 wasn’t great, DOA5 went away from the anime designs, and DOAX3 cut out half the roster, including most of the characters that I cared the most about.

  6. TomTheCat says:

    Just a reminder: Now’s the time to pre-order BINDing’s 1/4 Olga 😉

    • Tier says:

      Indeed! Man does she look good. Though I remember when a PVC figure with a >25k yen price tag made people scoff. Admittedly that figure was gangsta lean Saber, and she came it like ten years ago, but still.

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