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Happy Christmas everybody. The end of the year is usually a slow time for both figure releases and preorder launches. That’s highly beneficial for me being that my review queue is absurd and even if I decided to stop buying new figures, I’d have no shortage of material to photograph for years. Nonetheless, it’s been a few months since the last preorder outlook so let’s take a look at some figures I’m thinking of buying in 2018. I might squeeze in one more post – maybe the Kuroinu dakimakura cover post that I’ve been sitting on for a couple of months – before the usual five favorite figure post on New Year’s Eve (I think I’ve got my list set; I’m sure it will surprise no one to learn that it’s very heavy on hentai figures).

March 2018

Cammy from Street Fighter Alpha
This is the second bishoujo Cammy figure, the first being reviewed here a while back. It was a good but not great figure, which is a consistent characteristic of Kotobukiya’s bishoujo series. I think this figure looks better than the older version, particularly in the design of the face, but I’m less of a fan of Cammy’s Shadowloo outfit as I am of her Delta Red uniform. Nonetheless, I like Cammy in general, this figure is relatively cheap, and for some bizarre reason, bishoujo figures apparently have some of the best resale appreciation in the hobby.

April 2018

Momo Nekoyanagi from Comic Aun
Considering my enthusiasm for SkyTube’s porno figure lineup, this figure ought to be an instant purchase. I’m having a difficult time reconciling my dislike of animal ears on anime characters, though; that sort of thing is usually a disqualifier and the fact that I’m considering this figure is a reflection of how nice it is otherwise.

Nagisa Sumikawa from the Art of Kazuya Kuroda
This gymnast appears to be an original character, though when I first saw it I thought it might be one of the girls from the old hentai OVA series Shintaisou Kari (released in the US as Princess 69, a title that hasn’t aged very well). I like the theme a lot, as I’m generally a fan of cute anime girls in sportswear, and the 1/6 scale is good too. As Lechery’s Akane Indou figure turned out very nicely, I’m looking forward to this figure.

May 2018

Arusheiru from the Art of Takahiro Tsurusaki
This is another original figure based off of artwork, and another figure I’m certain to order. Amiami has a version with an extra head for another thirty dollars are so, and while I’m not sure it’s worth the additional money, that’s probably the version I’ll order, being that there’s really nothing rational about buying half-naked girly anime figures. I also feel like I need to find an orc statue to go with this figure, given the risque appearance of this female elf.

Daisy from Tony’s Heroine Collection
Kotobukiya’s first figure of Daisy is amongst my favorite figures, so buying this second version of her does not require a great deal of thought. She appears to have dropped the “Peace Keeper” moniker; it didn’t make much sense but I kinda liked it anyway.

June 2018

Jin Lian from T2 Art Girls
Here’s another 1/6 scale figure based off of Tony’s art, but this one looks even more enticing. The normal display configuration looks fantastic, but the hentai option is amazing. This figure has all-time favorite potential.

Mikoto Kisaragi from the Art of Homare
I wrote about my fondness for Homare’s artwork just recently when I reviewed Akane Indou, so it’s serendipitous that another figure based on his illustrations is being released relatively soon. And 1/4 scale, no less. She’s fairly expensive and I was sort of thinking I might skip her just because of that, but her 24,800 yen price tag on the Native store doesn’t actually look that bad now considering some of the smaller figures I’m planning on ordering come in at over the 15k yen mark. Like the next three here.

July 2018

Misae Suzuhara from Magical Girl
I have to admit that while I generally like the theme of Magical Girls, Raita’s style isn’t always to my liking. His characters generally exhibit elongated necks, spidery limbs, and absurdly large breasts, and this style generally carries over to the figure adaptations of his work. This figure is just a little less stylized than most, however, and so I like it more than I think I otherwise would. Her anatomy is still highly exaggerated but not quite as much as one might expect. Her price is the main deterrent to a preorder, as the idea of shelling out over twenty thousand yen for a 1/6 scale figure is enough to give me pause. That said, being that this is an Orca Toys figure, she will almost certainly not be released on time, and so I guess I can count on having the required payment deferred past July.

August 2018

Erika Kuramoto from Magical Girl
The second Magical Girl in this post and the fourth of the eponymous Magical Girls to be released by Native is big-breasted tsundere idol Erika Kuromoto. She seems to have a more conventional body design than the other three Native-sculpted Magical Girl figures, which I appreciate very much. Unfortunately, she’s listed as 1/7 scale, which puts her a little smaller than the Orca Toys Misae, but I guess them’s the breaks.

Ishtar from Fate/Grand Order
This is the second figure of Rin Tohsaka that Aniplex has released in recent times, except I guess this isn’t really Rin Tohsaka and the previous figure had her in bikini armor cosplay. This figure shows just about as much skin but the pose is more dynamic and the outfit is at least equally as attractive. Ishtar is unfortunately an Aniplex product and thus that means she won’t be sold at Amiami, Hobby Search, or HLJ, but being that I already ordered her from Nippon-Yasan I guess it’s too late for me to worry about that.

Miyu Edelfelt from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya
When Amakuni released Illya and Chloe, I wondered why Miyu did not get a figure as part of the same set, being that she is putatively one of the central protagonists of the show. Well, it took a couple of years but she’s finally getting one. And she looks great. And sexy, which isn’t something one ought to think of a character who looks this young, but anime fans have doubtless long since reconciled with any misgivings they might have regarding this sort of impropriety.

Saber Bride from Fate/Grand Order
Another figure from Type-moon’s highly successful (and profitable, presumably) mobile card-based RPG and another figure where Saber is shedding clothes. (Yes, yes, I know this is Roman Saber and not British Saber.) This combination of leotard and wedding dress and bondage suit is amongst the best costumes worn by any of the myriad of Saber variations, and so I suppose I’ll be picking this one up. Strangely, despite the huge variety of Saber figures available, I actually only own one Saber which depicts her in her iconic blue dress and plate armor, and that’s the gangsta lean Saber released by Daiki Kougyou to scathing criticism so many years ago.

August 2018

Lala Satalin Deviluke from To Love-Ru Darkness
Another figure of a To Love-Ru girl getting married in her underwear! I own them all and yet I haven’t actually reviewed any of them (I guess I did review Mea a while ago but she’s not wearing a wedding veil). I’ll be getting this one as well. Hopefully the review comes a little faster than those of her sisters and castmates.

October 2018

Uzuki Shimamura
I don’t really have a lot of interest in Idolm@ster and Love Live! figures, but I’ll make an exception when the character is dressed up in some sort of latex bondage outfit. I looked at a bio of this character and found that she’s not particularly exceptional at anything, but this kind of costume puts her a step above the other idols in my view.

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13 Responses to Preorder Outlook LIII

  1. il-Palazzo says:

    Aww… they dropped the hold-a-translucent-plastic-sheet-over-her-chest-so-she-looks-topless thing with Miyu.

    What’s the point of the translucent plastic sheet then?

    • Tier says:

      I’m not really sure; I didn’t actually make the connection that Chloe and Illya were supposed to look topless with those accessories but that does make sense since I had no idea what those things were supposed to be. I guess it does keep her thematically similar to the two other girls. She does have longer socks so I guess that’s another thing that will distinguish her.

      Looking at her again, I’m noticing her hip structure looks kinda weird. Oh well.

  2. Lord Frivolous says:

    Have preorders for Jin Lian from T2 Art Girls already started? It’s not listed on amiami English site, and they carry SkyTube figurines.

    • TomTheCat says:

      I’m afraid it has to do with Alphamax’ distribution policy. Jin-Lian, as well as the first figure in this line, Ping-Yi, is released under the “Sky Tube Premium” (STP) label, which appears to be limited. That means Amiami won’t carry that line. Don’t ask me why though…

      I’ve ordered mine at the end of October at Nippon-Yasan. Big In Japan also had her on offer, but she’s not available atm at both these shops. These are my two go-to stores, so I don’t know about other retailers who still might offer her. Check both NY and BIJ often when the release date is approaching, they often put unpaid pre-orders back up on offer.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, they’ve been open for a while now. As TomTheCat says she is not available from normal retail channels, which is irritating. I also ordered mine from Nippon-Yasan. RightStuf has her open for preorders too in the US; they’ve carried other Type-Moon Aniplex products before (I bought that Archer cosplay Rin and Shielder from them). Tokyo Otaku Mode also has her listed but I’ve never ordered from them; I’ve only just seen them advertising on MFC before.

  3. Aya says:

    Spreading legs galore XD All looks great however, I believe erika is the most promising one 😀
    those golden nunchaku might gave me bad dream @_@ …I might miss your post, also order the sonico hot limit ? at least they will erase all those memory of Tm revolution dancing in those outfit above the sea XD
    well i somehow not sure what to say about misae from orca toys(i mean the face) but it’s still keep the usual raita’s proportion 😀

    • Tier says:

      Indeed XD My favorite figure of this group is Jin Lian but I like them all. In fact, I’m likely to order them all, which is pretty rare as I usually skip maybe half the figures that I write about in each preorder post. Then again, I guess it’s been about three months since the last such post so there have been a lot of figures that have gone up for order since then. The accessories that Jin Lian are pretty incredible XD I really didn’t expect such a classy-looking figure to come with such lewd toys.

      I didn’t order the Sonico figure just because I’m trying not to order too many more Sonico (or Tamaki, or Miku Hatsune) figures just because I have so many of them already. It’s also the sort of outfit that doesn’t look too out of place on Sonico but looks completely inappropriate for Uzuki, which makes that figure more appealing to me, I think.

  4. BostonBrandon says:

    Uzuki is wearing the same bondage strap outfit as Sonico’s hot limit ver. I think they even have the same base. Also, I’m pretty sick of Tony’s girls but Jin Lian is amazing!

    • Tier says:

      Haha, I said the same thing about Tony figures maybe half a decade ago. Then Kotobukiya made those butterfly figures and SkyTube started chucking out really good and pornographic ones. I guess I’m all-in on the Tony bandwagon now; the figures that are coming out now beat the hell out of the old Shining Wind/Tears/etc. figures for sure, at least.

  5. wieselhead says:

    Momo Nekoyanagi looked quite appealing to me before I noticed the crude sextoy as extra part, it’s still something I just don’t want to have, even though it’s optional, I feel no need to buy hardcore figures XD Well, I actually really like the Hatsukoi Ribbon figure from Orchid Seed, she has an optional buttplug, which is not ideal for a character with an elementary school bag on her back 😀

    Lol I was quite a bit interested in the Elf, but after all the teasing pics, I had to notice how big her head is :p There is still the other Elf figure lying on the ground that I could get (。♥‿♥。)

    I kind of regret that I did not order Native’s first Magical Girl. I never was really impressed with the illustration for this Erika. Anyway the scuptor made a beautiful adaption of it, after he made a few small design changes. With less balloon boobs and a really gorgeous face,
    I was enchanted by her beautiful smile and ordered the Erika figure.

    • BostonBrandon says:

      Who is this “Elf lying on the ground” which you speak of?

    • Tier says:

      Haha, that extra toy is one of the best parts of the figure XD It’s gonna be kinda weird, I’m gonna have a large mini-dildo collection because so many figures are coming with them. I noticed that Native’s newest figure preorder has a similar pose and doesn’t have the cat ears so I’m not sure if I should get just that one or both her and the SkyTube figure. I guess I’m not hugely into loli figures but the Orchid Seed figure is cute XD And while it kinda seems inappropriate for such a figure to come with a little sex toy, it’s not wrong if it’s not real XD

      She does indeed have a pretty big head and a petite body. I think that makes her look pretty cute. I like the other elf figure too, I think I did preorder that though I’d have to check my Hobby Search account to be sure.

      I have Native’s Misae, honestly I think I’m a little less of a fan of it now than I was when I got it. I’d probably feel differently if she were standing up, like the Orca Toys version is. Hopefully the size difference between that figure and Erika is not too noticeable.

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