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Heh, I said in the last preorder post that I’d get it up in a week or two. Whoops. In the meantime, this post has swollen to twenty figures either preordered or receiving strong consideration for my cash money. I think this might be the longest preorder post I’ve ever written so let’s get to it.

July 2017

Scathach from Fate/grand order
I liked their first figure of Scathach; my sentiments may not mirror the zeitgeist, however, as she has a peculiarly low score on her MFC page. Does anyone else ever catch themselves referring to MFC as “Tsuki-board” still? I thought not. Anyway, I think I’m going to get this figure as well. Nice boobs, cute swimsuit and I like her leg garter. The lack of an ass shot amongst the promo photos is a curious omission, however.

Snow from Blassreiter
Like quite a few Orchid Seed figures, it seems like we’ve been seeing this one forever. Her unicycle is an interesting machine but the more salient aspect to most collectors will certainly be whether she has a sculpted anus or not. I’m going to guess no, as I don’t recall that ever being quite Orchid Seed’s style, but barring a delay we’ll find out shortly as she’s due for release fairly soon.

Yukio (?) from Diamond and Zirconia
Another SkyTube figure which requires no explanation as to why I’m going to order it. Strangely, her name is listed as “Yuki Itoguchi” on her MFC page as well as by my trusty kanji converter but is given as “Yukio” on Hobby Search’s and Amiami’s product pages. Yukio sounds kinda like a male name to me, but as far as I know Amiami’s translators are fluent in both English and Japanese so I dunno which interpretation is more correct.

August 2017

Slingshot Babe from the Native Creators Collection
Here’s another figure with a naming discrepancy; her MFC profile gives her name (such as it is) as “Slingshot Swimsuit Girl” while Native’s product page simply lists her as “Slingshot Babe.” Whatever you call her, she looks great. I want to say that this is the first figure to be based off of Cle Masahiro’s artwork, but I’m not positive about it; regardless, hopefully it won’t be the last.

Yayoi B. Lutwidge from Hapymaher
Now here is an unexpected figure, partly because the source is relatively obscure (though Mangagamer is bringing the game stateside uncensored and translated) and partially due to Yayoi not being the main character of the game (though I expected that if any of Hapymaher’s character’s got a figure, it would be the gray-haired goth loli). Mostly, though, it’s because this is a really strange way to do a bunnygirl, albeit not unwelcome in the slightest. SkyTube continues to push the boundaries as far as the tastefulness of their figures go; at this rate, I’d expect to see a bestiality-themed figure from them.

September 2017

Ayano Anemori from Ragnastrike Angels
Alphamax has made a number of figures based on Misaki Kurehito’s artwork. A number of them derive from his ero magazine cover pieces which, obviously, are quite pornographic; this one, however, comes from a video game and a series of anime shorts. The game actually was shut down earlier this year, which makes the timing of this figure’s release a little inauspicious, but the character and figure still look great. (The premise of the video game is a little wacky; the scantily-clad female characters get jacked up to Statue of Liberty size to combat giant monsters. Then again, we’ve seen this sort of thing before in Japanese entertainment so I suppose it’s not that unusual.)

Rem from Re:Zero
I was thinking of watching this show; I haven’t seen many anime series, much less decent ones, in a very long time (my favorite recently-released anime is Cross Ange, if that gives any indication of how little anime I’ve watched). However, a brief perusal of reviews indicates that this anime is yet another series with an angst-ridden, sad-sack male protagonist, which instantly rules this one out.

So that leaves the merchandise for my consideration, and I’ll be getting this figure, in spite of my intentional ignorance of the source material. Bridalwear and bikinis and panties always make a solid combo. Would that the show had more of this sort of thing and less of the ineffective male lead.

Kanna Yuzuki from Comic Aun
This is another figure from Misaki Kurehito’s artwork, and this one is rather more pornographic than Ayano. It’s a cute girl wearing potentially wearing nothing more than a dress shirt and a warm smile. Offering a filled condom. In 1/6 scale. What’s not to like?

Yui Takamura from Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
As recent reviews here have shown, I’m quite a fan of FREEing’s bunnygirl line. In fact, I’ve got two more in the review queue, and hopefully they will be gotten to sooner rather than later. Yui will one day be in the queue as well, as I’m sort of a fan of Total Eclipse, in spite of the indifferent anime adaptation it received. She looks pretty great here and the yellow suit is quite nice, too – I’m not sure if they’ve ever done a yellow one before.

Yukina Himeragi from Strike the Blood
I have to admit, this figure was purely an impulse purchase, based mostly on its resemblance to Kuroyukihime. If anyone wants to educate me on who she is and where she comes from, I’m quite happy to listen, but I’m really buying this figure for the panties and open shirt.

October 2017

Alice from Bishoujo Mangekyou -Kami ga Tsukuritamouta Shoujo-tachi-
Way, way back in yesteryear, I posted a review of a Mafuyu Orifushi dakimakura cover. It was one of the most popular pages on the site for a time, which I suppose indicates that a lot of people have an appreciation for Mafuyu and more generally, Happoubi Jin’s art. That might also explain why Alice resembles what Mafuyu might look like as an adult.

Charlotte from Shironeko Project
This figure is the biggest maybe on this list; I like it but it’s probably one I could do without if I did decide to skip it. She does look nice, though; there’s a little bit (or a whole lot) of Sena and Kobato in her design, she’s got a cute outfit, and perhaps most significantly, Kotobukiya has done some really nice fantasy-themed figures recently, Olivia (whom I have somewhere around here) most notably.

Ilfriede von Feulner from Muv Luv Alternative: The Euro Front
The third Muv-Luv bunnygirl is Ilfriede. Like Yui, she looks great. Like most of the bunnygirls, she has a spectacular ass. Being that it all of the Muv-Luv bunnygirls have come from spinoffs rather than the core series, hopefully they make a figure of Lilia, since it would be hilarious to have a US Marine in my figure collection.

Kirie Kagarino from Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo-
The second Happoubi Jin figure distributed by Native is Kirie. This figure is apparently manufactured by magicbullet(s), who seem to be a relatively new organization (they did do the recently-released figure of Kotori from Nanairo Reincarnation). Anyway, this figure looks superb. They added a bondage theme, which is nice, and apparently it comes with another set of hips with an inserted dildo. I guess they want to keep up with SkyTube.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen a figure of Shizuku from Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo-. Apparently I own a dakimakura cover featuring her. I don’t remember ever buying such a thing. I think that may be a sign of a problem, when I can’t remember buying figures, pillowcases, comic books, or video games.

Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Here’s a figure that seemingly came out of left field. It’s similar in theme to a Yamato figure that came out ages ago (my old reviews sure were bad). Yamato has since exited the Japanese anime figure business; their mecha toy production is under the Arcadia label, their 50 (or 48)-centimeter doll business is now manufactured by Quarantotto, and their United States operation is still called Yamato but makes figures based mostly on western properties and themes. Strange times. Meanwhile, it looks like a lot of their sculptors still work under the Flare name, which is where this figure comes from. Moreover, this figure is based off of Shunya Yamashita’s artwork; I was under the impression that Kotobukiya had him chained to a wall somewhere, doomed to endlessly produce sketches of Marvel and DC comic book superheroines. The figure is looking amazing, aside from the flat ass that pretty much all of REFLECT’s sculpts feature. A real shame, that, but that is to be expected. There’s two versions of this figure, the normal one and one that features an alternate smiling face. Being the Yamato, Yamashita, REFLECT, and Rei fanboy that I am, I went with the more expensive edition. I doubt that the extra head will be worth it in a practical sense but for this sort of thing, I’m okay with spending the money.

Rie Kawai from Lovers
Rie Kawai is getting another figure, following the bondage-themed figure that Q-six released not too long ago. This one is equally as salacious but much more bright and romantic. I was leaning strongly towards getting it but at second glance, I’m bothered by the large seam lines under her arms and bust. It almost looks like the top of her torso is detachable, and I’m not sure why that would be. I think the more I look at this figure, the more I’m going to talk myself out of getting it, even though I’ve been a fan of Rie’s character design for well over a decade now.

November 2017

Sigui from Queen’s Blade
Just one figure for November on this list, which is a good thing as this list is already ridiculously long. This is kind of a random figure, as the original Queen’s Blade series seems to have run its course, but for some reason or another figure manufacturers seem to really like Sigui. She’s not my most favorite character (anyone who has read this site for a while knows who that is) but she still looks pretty good. More bondage stuff going on here, too; figure makers seem to be big on bondage as of late.

Incidentally, it looks like Hobby Japan is rebooting the Queen’s Blade series, but there hasn’t been an update since February. I wonder how that’s going? I don’t recall Airi’s chest being nearly that large in the original series.

December 2017

Futaba Sakura from Persona 5
I really loved Persona 3 and I quite liked Persona 4. I bought a PlayStation 4 a few weeks ago solely to play Persona 5; it is perhaps the most affirming evidence of my laziness that I have not actually taken that PS4 out of its box (in fact, I haven’t moved it from where I placed it after the UPS guy dropped it off). Nonetheless, I mean to get to it. At some point. One of these days. In the meantime, I’ll buy figures of its characters. I don’t know who Futaba is, having scrupulously avoided spoilers, but I assume that I’ll like her. Probably, anyway.

Matsuri Tougetsu from Comic Aun
The first Matsuri figure was one of the best figures SkyTube has ever made (and that review is also one of the most popular pages on this site). It’s only natural that they make another figure of her, and this one looks even better in my opinion. In keeping with the spirit of the original figure, Matsuri can be displayed while penetrated by a dildo and some classy anal beads. Sublime stuff.

Anne Takamaki from Persona 5
All the things I wrote about Futaba apply here, plus this character is a twintailed, hooker boot-wearing big-breasted blonde part-Japanese girl encased in a latex catsuit and flashing a whip. Obviously this figure is going to be a must-buy.

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17 Responses to Preorder Outlook LI

  1. crazycat100 says:

    Yeah persona fan!
    I end up buying matsuri becoz of your matsuri review,
    Really amazing figure.

  2. TomTheCat says:

    Out of all these, I only have two on pre-order: The first is Native’s Slingshot Babe, the second is Yuki/Yukio. With almost ever other one there’s something that bugs me. Namely squished breasts, which Alphamax are currently focusing on. I like boobies in their natural shape. Sadly for my bank account, Yuki/Yukio appears to come with an alternative bust part, which can be used to display her without that chain cutting across her chest.

    Regarding Rie Kawai, the seamline under her arm is simply her armpit, and the one under her breasts is just the way naturally big breasts are drooping. Normally, big breasts are not looking like glued-on basketballs, you know… 😛 (I would have ordered Rie in a heartbeat, but I already got her some time ago from E2046’s Gathering label, which must do for the moment.)

    Sigui has an awesome body, but she’s rather big (Which would be good) and thus rather expensive (Which is bad). Plus, as expected, she has a barbie crotch. Too bad.

    Scathach’s first figure by Plum did have a significant problem which caused many figures losing their heads still within the box. I assume that’s responsible for her low score on MFC. I’m eagerly waiting for Alter’s sweater version. That one will be an instant po.

    Yui Takamura looks breathtaking. However, like Sigui, she’s too big and expensive for the moment. I’m trying to become more selective and responsible with my available space and money.

    • Tier says:

      Yes, I am aware of that. I’m still not convinced, though; or if it is just part of her armpit, I don’t think it’s done particularly well. I probably should have left the figure off of this list, given how long it became.

      That’s unfortunate regarding Sigui; I think that might be another figure I’m talking myself out of. There are a number of other Queen’s Blade characters I would have preferred to seen in this sort of situation rather than her and the length of this list (and having six figures scheduled for October, though I suppose I technically only need to account for five since I already paid for Rei) is giving me some pause about how much I am willing to spend.

      That’s also unfortunate regarding Scathach. I guess I should be happy my figure suffered no such damage. She has a peculiarly low score on MFC and I can only assume that you’re right, since I don’t read the comments there. The Alter figure definitely looks great, though I’m kind of amused how GSC companies always do the Fate characters in their normal outfits while Alter puts them in sweaters, swimsuits, maid uniforms – anything but what they usually wear.

  3. Afreet says:

    Persona 5 is the game that I just can’t put it down once I started. I really hope I could have played it slowly and took my time.
    Really good list and again we have quite a few overlapping picks, I feel like eye-catching figures are more and more common nowadays that it really becomes a struggle deciding which are the ones to give up on.

    • Tier says:

      I still have Persona 5 sitting here, along with my PS4, unopened. Hopefully I can get some quality game time with it during the upcoming holiday weekend.

      Yeah, I definitely agree; there are a ton of companies making really great figures. It’s a happy situation, but it’s also a cause of distress.

  4. Tian says:

    Something looks off about that Ann figure. But Futaba, that was an instant preorder. Anyway, if you enjoyed P3 and P4, you’ll definitely enjoy 5. Assuming you ever set up your PS4 haha

    • Tier says:

      To be honest, I don’t really know what Ann looks like in the game, as I haven’t read too much about it (though admittedly, I haven’t read too much about most games in recent times). Yeah, I’m sure I will love 5, I just need to get around to playing it. That should be soon, though, since it’s at the top of my game queue (which is a very substantial list as well).

  5. nero-asuka says:

    thank you for all the things you do here.

  6. Devastator001 says:

    You should def. give re:Zero at least the 3 episode rule XD.

    In Subaru’s defense, his powers really can drive a person insane, as powerful as it is it’s also quite a sucky as well as it has certain “limitations/conditions” attached to it. Also have that Rem for Pre-Order even though am more of an Emilia person XD.

    • Tier says:

      Maybe I will; nothing about this season seems too appealing. I was kinda thinking of watching the new Fate/stay night series (whatever its actual name might be) but I have the feeling it’s going to be more of the same as its predecessors (lots of walking, lots of talking, lots of walking around while talking). I vaguely remember that one Jack the Ripper character (uhh, the small-chested girl in the black underpants) comes from that series so maybe I’ll watch it if she shows up. Meanwhile I might take an interest in Re:Zero given the number of nice figures it is getting.

  7. Lord Frivolous says:

    Wow, Blassreiter figurine was postponed to November. That is an impressive delay, 1 month is normal and expected but 4 months indicates serious problems.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, that’s quite the delay. I guess that’s not too unusual for Orchid Seed, though; I think I remember a few of their figures getting punted across the calendar in a similar manner. I can’t say I mind right now, since I had a bunch of preorders slated for a July release and I didn’t really want to pay for the mall at once. Hopefully the delay does not indicate a major issue, though – or if it does, hopefully that gives them the time needed to fix whatever it might be.

      • Lord Frivolous says:

        According to amiami, now the release date is set to even more vague “Winter 2017.” Maybe the Orchid Seed staff did read your blog post and realized the character was missing a crucial detail (namely anus). Back to drawing board, folks!

  8. cantan says:

    Hang on a minute… “quite a fan of FREEing’s bunny girl line”?

    Pretty sure that you have previously professed a dislike of animal ears… but here you are with two bunny girls…


    • Tier says:

      Ha! I have wondered whether people actually read the reviews rather than just look at the plastic asses and titties, and now I have my answer. If you had read my bunnygirl reviews, you would my thinking regarding FREEing’s big-ass bunnygirls has evolved significantly. My antipathy towards animal ears remains, though. I can overlook them if they are artificial. And if the figure is 1/4 scale. And if the ass looks good.

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