Preorder Outlook XLII

It’s time to look at some figures that are available order. It feels like it’s been a slow year for figures but quite a few nice ones have gone up for order in just the last week or so. Strangely, there aren’t any Alphamax or Skytube figures on this list, but there are still quite a few quite a few lewd figures that have caught my interest.

July 2015

Kagura from Lechery’s Hentai Series
We’ll start off with a figure that has to get automatic consideration. There are at least two versions of this figure, this one and one in pink (I think there are also pregnant versions of both figures). To be honest, I’m not really digging this figure as much as I thought I would, mostly because the face looks a little off to me, but the subject matter more than compensates for any misgivings I have in that regard so I’m going to buy it. I thought that I preferred the pink version due to the lack of tongue protrusion but on second thought, I think I’ll go with the black version instead, being that I like that color scheme much more.

August 2015

Maya Kamiwazumi from Fault!!
I generally liked Alphamax’s Maya figure aside from the length of her neck, which bothered me a bit. Dragon Toy’s version doesn’t have that issue, and she’s down on her knees, which I like better than a figure that is lying down, though I still always prefer a figure that is standing. On the plus side, her kneeling position and 1/6 scale size will provide for photographic opportunities with a certain guest figure that is occasionally seen here (not often as of late, but I’ve come to realize that with the next election scarcely more than a year away, I’m running out of time to make use of him).

September 2015

Takao from Arpeggio of Blue Steel
This is another figure I think I should like more than I do. It’s a 1/4 scale figure, which I appreciate very much, and the saucy pose is quite attractive as well, but the face seems a bit off to me. I’m also not entirely familiar with the manufacturer, though I do actually own a couple of Aoshima’s 1/6 scale dolls from their Lady’s Mission line (this is going back about ten years, well before I started this site). I’m putting this down as a maybe, but a combination of the strong US dollar (which makes this figure cost about $134 right now – not quite as expensive as I’d expect it to be) and the figure’s large size may yet sway me.

October 2015

Black Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia
It’s nice to see Alter make another elaborate mecha girl figure; this sort of thing used to be a staple of their lineups but seems to have become rare as of late. I’m certainly buying this figure and I think I will order Wing’s Neptune, which is getting an unexpected re-release. It’d also be nice if someone would make a figure of Green Heart but as the embodiment of the least popular (by far) console in Japan, I’m not expecting it.

Celia Cumani Aintree from Walkure Romanze
It’s nice to see Celia – by popular acclaim the best girl from Walkure Romanze – getting so many figures. I own one – to be reviewed very soon – and I think I’ll get this one as well, though I don’t know much about the maker (despite owning their Mitsuru Kirijo figure, which is buried somewhere in my closet). It’s curious and disappointing how this figure’s armor is apparently removable but they provide only one picture of Celia’s back and ass. I’d think that selling figures would be their highest priority and more photos would only help in that respect.

Momoka Shijou from Magical Warfare
I watched the first episode of Magical Warfare a while back and it was so generic and uninspired that I dropped it immediately. Perhaps it got better but I have my doubts. (Though on the other hand, there are occasionally shows that I like very much that are neither very popular nor highly regarded. Like Cross Ange; where are all the Cross Ange figures?) I did like the character designs, though; the lead girl looked quite a bit like Accel World’s Kuroyukihime except without the porcine baggage. I am not at all familiar with Momoka, but she looks quite nice; I had thought that this figure was an Alter figure when I first saw it, as it is strongly reminiscent of their styling, at least from a distance. It’s not as easy to tell how good it will look on close inspection, and it’s disappointing that it’s only 1/8 scale, but nonetheless, I think I will order it, even though I expect that it will hit the bargain bin shortly after its release.

Nobody from X-Blaze – Lost: Memories
The second white-haired girl from FREEing scheduled for release in October is Nobody, one of the main characters from the bizarre BlazBlue spinoff Xblaze. I’m definitely buying this figure, for highly obvious reasons.

Rin Tohsaka from Fate/stay night
Every now and then I get this whim to buy a new big-ass doll, and I’m thinking about picking up Azone’s Rin Tohsaka. This despite that she doesn’t look a whole lot like Rin, Azone’s dolls tend to be hit-or-miss, and the fact that I don’t really do anything with the dolls that I already own (I keep them in their boxes). On the other hand, wrapping Rin up in tentacles or dressing her up in a naughty bondage slave outfit has a certain appeal, but as it is, I think that I’d probably prefer to buy the other figures scheduled for release in October.

November 2015

Haruna Sairenji from To Love-Ru
I’m also going to preorder this figure, as I have Momo and Mea and like both figures quite a bit. I have to wonder how Yabuki Kentarou, the creator of To Love-Ru, feels about this figure, though; apparently Haruna was patterned after his wife, who later royally screwed him over (leading to an acrimonious divorce and custody fight over their daughter). The sexy bride outfit certainly cannot help, though it looks awesome anyway.

Nurse Momoi from the Native Creators Collection
Any figure from Native is worth a look and Momoi definitely looks fantastic. I think I’m going to get the regular version, which comes with the gynecological examination chair; there’s a cheaper version that dispenses with the furniture but I think the chair adds a lot to the appeal of the figure.

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23 Responses to Preorder Outlook XLII

  1. Tian says:

    I also ordered the Haruna figure to go along with Momo and Mea. Mea’s my favorite of the set so far but they’re all pretty great.

    I’ve always liked Takao’s design… maybe shoulda bit on one of the earlier figures from QuesQ or Phat Company. I’m not a fan of the bikini design but she is 1/4 scale… decisions…

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, Takao’s size is the best thing she’s got going for her, I think. Looking at the Phat Company and QuesQ figures, I guess the Aoshima figure’s face doesn’t really look that odd; that seems to really be the way her face is supposed to look. Hmm …

  2. Cerberus says:

    I was pretty interested in some of these you listed here but in the end ordered none. Haruna is very surprising to me I thought MaxFactory would go for Yami or Yui instead. Celia made by Vertex is stunning too, I believe there are pictures of her front after remove the armor on The nurse’s chair is definitely a must have and I could see it adds a lot more fun to many other figures with roughly the same scale.
    Alter’s black heart is another one I was once interested in. Unfortunately they don’t have a cheaper version with less weapons and I don’t have enough space for a character I don’t really know too much of.

    • Tier says:

      I kinda thought Yui would be a higher priority too, or maybe even Mikan, since figure makers seem to like piling on particular characters (like God Eater’s Alisa a few months ago, or that peculiar Super Pochaco character in recent times). Celia’s looking good too, though I’m wondering if I ought to get Daiki Kougyou’s Bertille instead, particularly since it’s going to be a much larger figure. Space is also kind of a problem with her too, since her lance is enormous and I definitely don’t have enough shelf space to display her holding it.

  3. I pre-ordered Black heart (best Goddess) but the fact that Dwell are behind Celia, I’m really not sure as their quality are very hit or mess. I should be liking Takao as well but there’s something which doesn’t sit well for me.

    Completely missed the Nurse Momoi tho. That might be a fun one to have!

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I’m a little wary of them as well, although I guess I should inspect their Mitsuru figure and see what I think about it for myself. I’m kinda shying away from the Takao figure too, at least at full price; maybe I can pick it up at a discount too, perhaps from Amazon JP.

  4. Halbred says:

    LOTS more pictures of Celia on MFC; she looks good.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, looks like they have the pictures from the Akibahobby preview. Hmm … this would be an easier call to make if the figure were 1/6 scale, or if I knew exactly how large the figure is going to be; I have the feeling the height value includes her cape, which would annoy me greatly.

  5. il-Palazzo says:

    Despite the look, there is no mention about cast-off function in Nures Momoi’s product page so I would assume that she cannot. That would be kinda missing the point about the gyno table. Why would you go up there on the gyno table without removing your panties?

  6. Devastator001 says:

    Nobody makes me wonder if she has hidden cast-off features 😕 Rebbeca from P.O.P. certainly had that surprise XD

    • Tier says:

      I kinda doubt it, since she’s technically part of the BlazBlue franchise. But who knows, they could surprise everyone; I certainly didn’t think Arc System Works would start rolling out visual novels along with their fighting games.

  7. Kass says:

    I just ordered nurse momoi, she’s perfect! It’s a shame native figures are so limited in quantity and only exclusive to the native website, i really like native they always put a great deal of details in their figures, plus i like that their 1/7 scale is as big as a 1/6 in 90% of other figure makers that’s a big bonus for me. Also I appreciate the fact that their figures don’t come apart specially the head part like with daiki and the head popping off with the least handling in most of their figures at least. The only thing that I don’t like about native is the large amount of figure accessories, they do add a nice touch but i have to keep them in the box so I don’t end up losing them, my gamer girl is perfect but she comes with a lot of small accessories and that’s just a lot of hassle to me.

    • 00haters says:

      rest assured this nurse moimoi actually has very few accessories

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I just toss the stuff back in the box; it was pretty neat with the first few Native figures I got, but now I don’t really bother with them (and I don’t even feel compelled to photograph all the stuff, whereas before I’d always include all the accessories in at least some of my pictures). I guess that stuff isn’t nearly as bad as the fabric outfit that Touko had, though; hopefully they never, ever do that again.

  8. Kass says:

    Knowing your passion for black bondage you should add the new Q-six kawai Rei to this lovely collection, she was just added to ami and she looks pretty good, I normally stay away from the Q-six figures despite their figures are of a decent amount of appeal they show signs of lack of quality sometimes but seeing Rei changed all that, she is of a good scale 1/5 and just the bondage suit and her optional fabric shirt make her a terrific looking figure.

    • Tier says:

      Indeed! Yeah, I’m not familiar with Q-six (though I kinda wish I’d bought their Kanoko figure) but I’m guardedly optimistic about Rie. I figure she has some anatomical quirks due to Taki Minashika’s style and hopefully that’ll cover up for any sculpting deficiencies, and hopefully her simple pose and lack of clothing will compensate for other problem areas.

  9. Souther says:

    If I have to choose one, I take Maya Kamiwazumi. But I have too many figures and I exceed my budget. Anyway, I have another question about your pictures. I let you a question on your email.

  10. wieselhead says:

    The tentacles with figure are an interesting idea, but personally I think it’s too hard to be on display. Also the tentacles look super creepy and huge XD Still would look forward to see them reviewed by you

    I actually wanted to, but haven’t preordered Black Heart yet, normally I never had a problem with not knowing the Origin of my ordered figures.

    It’s amusing that the rights for Haruna “belong” to his EX wife now.
    After reading more into it, she’s a terrible wife and I hate her for making Haruna’s character drop out of the cast as consequence of all. Well, the figure is beatiful and a good keepsake for me, since I really liked her character when TLR started.

    To be honest I am still waiting for a different Native figure, but the Nurse is a real attention grabber with her playful and seductive appearance. That makes two Native figures in 2015 (hopefully) ;D

    • Tier says:

      That’s part of the appeal! How can the tentacles satisfy if they are small?

      I haven’t played any of the Neptunia games yet, though I own the first three Playstation 3 games (I bought a PS3 a year and a half ago … and I never took it out of its box. It’s been sitting in the living room ever since I brought it home from Best Buy.). I’m kinda guessing that there isn’t much to the storylines of the games; I think I can kinda guess what the characters are like just by looking at them, so I guess I don’t feel too bothered by not knowing much about them.

      Haha, yeah, that was a really sordid story; assuming the news reports are accurate, she sounds insane. I suppose we will not be seeing much of Haruna when the next To Love-Ru anime airs.

      You must be looking forward to … hmm, maybe the loli succubus? Or Erika from Mahou Shoujo? Her rack is the eighth wonder. This Native talk reminds me that I’ve still got the Gamer Girl in her box somewhere around here; I probably should review her already.

      • wieselhead says:

        Hahaha, well there is big and stretched to barn door levels XD
        That said I like the pink version/girl more.

        I watched half of the Neptunia anime adaption, the games are hopefully better lol The representation of Game consoles feels somewhat silly even more since the little sisters are handhelds ??? Still a great characterdesign ;D

        Oh these Rocket Boy labeled figures look amazing (*´▽`*) I want Mary and Chitose too. Actually it’s the Chuunyuu! Sakurako-san based on Mebae artwork, I’m really waiting for, took long enough.
        Hopefully Erika will be as lovely as Misa, the small ones look a bit weird in terms of expression ;p

        Oh Gamer Girl looks really good, at least unbox her ^^

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