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It’s been a couple of months since the last preorder post and I was a little worried that this post would be overly long. To my surprise I only found six figures that have gone up for order that I am interested in, or at least interested enough in that I’ll pay a full-price preorder rather than wait for a price drop. I figured I’d get this post up anyway, though, and then I’ll post the long-delayed favorite figures of last year post early next week, and that will be followed by some porny Tony Taka figure reviews, of which quite a few are in the queue.

April 2015

Mu-12 from BlazBlue Alter Memory
Alter’s Mu-12 is certainly a figure that I’m looking forward to, and I’m pleased that she looks as good as she does. I didn’t know that Mu-12 shows up in the anime but now I suppose I might have to give it another look. I do wish that Alter’s version of Dizzy had been 1/7 scale so that these two figures would match more closely, given their thematic and stylistic similarities, but I guess one can’t have everything.

May 2015

Isuzu Sento from Amagi Brilliant Park
I enjoyed Amagi Brilliant Park, though perhaps not as much as everyone else did. Isuzu was one of the best things about the show and I’m looking forward to all the figures she will inevitably be getting. The first from a major manufacturer is this one, by Kotobukiya. It looks nice, though I’m a little disappointed at how assiduous they were in concealing her underwear (contrast their photographic philosophy with Alphamax, who would probably dispense with censoring if it were legally permissible). I’m expecting there to be better figures of her, though, and I’m thinking that it’s not a great idea to jump on the first thing that comes along.

June 2015

Jack the Ripper from Fate/Apocrypha
Ahh, the Fate/stay night franchise … so classy and sophisticated compared to the borderline pornography that constitutes so much of contemporary anime. That’s a little ironic considering that Fate/stay night is itself a porno game. It’s amusing to observe the extent that this property distances itself from anything that might be considered fanservice while heaping loads of it onto its spinoff properties. We can see that here, with this character being an assassin (I’ll refrain from making the obvious and immature joke) of some sort from some related Fate series. I don’t really know much about Fate/Apocrypha, though I’ll assume that it reprises the same silly interpretation of history as its parent series. Without the Type-Moon sycophancy, what’s left is to judge this figure on its merits, and those merits are very visible, and I guess they’re enough to get me to order this figure.

Wang Bailong from Blade Arcus
I’m not really sure what Blade Arcus is, but a YouTube check indicates it’s some sort of poorly-animated 2D fighting game. Fortunately the character images are much better, as expected from Tony’s work. It helps that Bailong (or Won Pairon, I’m not really sure how her name should be romanized) looks a helluva lot like Final Fantasy’s Tifa Lockhart. I’m pretty sure that I’ll order this figure, even though she is rather pricey for a 1/7 scale figure with a relatively simple pose and outfit.

July 2015

Matsuri Tougetsu from Comic Aun
Of all the developments in the figure world in the last couple of years, Alphamax’s enthusiasm for producing ero figures through their SkyTube imprint might be my second favorite (the improving dollar/yen exchange rate, of course, is the first). This is the first figure they’ve produced of Misaki Kurehito’s artwork, from what I remember (his work is also visible in the ongoing anime Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata). It is, obviously, a lovely figure that combines exquisite elegance with mind-boggling lewdness. I’m still impressed that they made this figure at all. That it’s 1/6 scale just makes it that much better.

November 2015

Leviathan from The Seven Deadly Sins
I kinda like these secondary figures of these Sins girls better than their primary figures. This is particularly the case with Leviathan, though I guess her appearance here isn’t drastically different compared to her first figure, unlike Lucifer, Asmodeus, and some of the other characters. Obviously the fanservice is ramped way up here, particularly with her accessory parts, which are pretty cool. Leviathan is definitely going to be a preorder for me, and I guess I really should review Lucifer and Asmodeus already. (Considering that this figure became available for preorder months ago, a November release date is just ridiculous, though.)

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18 Responses to Preorder Outlook XL

  1. blackice85 says:

    I didn’t hesitate to preorder Matsuri Tougetsu myself, and I’m pretty close to getting Bailong as well.

    • Tier says:

      Both good choices. It’s a little odd how popular Tony has gotten in the last year or so; it’s not like figure makers weren’t aware of his work before that.

  2. Devastator001 says:

    Yeah MU-12 shows up towards the end with the anime XD.

    Also looking forward to Mu-12 and Hot pants LEviathan XD both are on my PO lists XD

    • Tier says:

      Interesting; maybe I should give it another look. I heard the show was pretty bad and my own impression after watching the first couple of episodes is that it is indeed pretty bad, but then again, I’ve enjoyed anime that wasn’t really top-notch, so maybe it would be okay.

  3. Wieselhead says:

    My plan of buying less this year gets a lot of support with the lack of must figures in these last few months, I guess it’s really time for Wonfes ^o^

    I guess I want something different involving Isuzu Sento, the Kotobukiya figure is too tame actually. As unbalanced as the proportions of Jack the Ripper are, I find her damn attractive, she actually looks quite stylish in her outfit and the thunder thighs. As normal flat chest girl character with big butt she would have probably looked great too.

    Oh my Matsuri Tougetsu! Her blush is beautiful and in 1/6 she has a great presence
    It’s very friendly that they gave this figure another display option, I honestly feel so uncomfortable with having this dildo as optional item, it’s as lewd as it gets, well you can’t put it in her butt yet XD I was surprised it wasn’t in AmiAmi’s H category. I will try to buy her after release.

    I already ordered this Leviathan, too bad I didn’t order her with the special item, this time I really liked it. I already have Amakuni’s version with the uncloseable tshirt, but the OS figure is bigger and shows a more refreshing also distinctive pose.

    I ordered Moco special version from Embrace Japan recently, I was more driven by my affection for the anime instead of being that convinced by the figure, though I think she’s pretty I’m curious about what I will get in the end. It’s not like any other manufacturer will make another Moco figure ( p′︵‵。)

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I’m still hoping to cut down on purchases. I have enough figures in the review queue to last for months anyway, so I don’t really need new figures to keep this site going anyhow.

      I agree with Isuzu; her face looks kinda off to me, too. Isuzu doesn’t really look like the sort of girl who would pose and smile like that, either. Matsuri is pretty awesome, and it’s great that you can buy her through the normal stores. Moco is pretty cute; she reminds me a bit of the Mika Jougasaki figure that I didn’t buy, but that I’m wondering if I should have bought, since she looks kinda nice. It’s good that at least one manufacturer made a Moco figure at least, then XD

  4. Steve Chen says:

    I think you meant “1/7” for Dizzy to scale with Mu. She’s 1/7. Either way, not even getting a second though, pre-ordered her. i let go of the one done by Freeing. Iirc, the Alter also has some light effect gimmicks.

    • Tier says:

      Whoops, thanks for the catch. Yeah, I remember seeing that it needs a battery or something for the LEDs; I guess that’s kinda neat though I don’t think I’m going to take advantage of that.

  5. icelava says:

    Items I decided to skip,

    Tougetsu Matsuri – Her cheongsam is splendid indeed. And she at least an option to avoid being so lewd, even though the posture is still questionable. But, gosh, those helium-inflated breasts are such an eye sore. Artists really need more remedial classes in human anatomy.

    Leviathan – Such a charming tsundere expression “you can touch them only once! ok? But then looking at the “alternatives” I’m not sure if I’m charmed anymore.

    • Tier says:

      Matsuri’s breasts are one of her best parts, I think XD Realism isn’t too important to me in terms of anime character design, but maybe she has a really good surgeon.

  6. Tsunami3k says:

    I’m really curious what your take will be on Alter’s Mu-12 given that you’ve already reviewed the already very pleasing Freeing figure of her which I also have. Unless you’re blown away, I’ve probably got the one Mu-12 I’m ever going to have.

    Despite the initial outrage over Isuzu’s improbable smile, she looks really well done. I haven’t seen a bit of the show yet but I’m curious as to whether most viewers are even aware of the Bonta-kun homage.

    I’ve been on the fence about Jack the Ripper since seeing her but oddly the view you’ve chose is the on that puts me off. She certainly has shapely assets but something about them makes me wave off. Perhaps it’s because her ass seems disproportionately larger when affixed to a such a diminutive lass. Perhaps the master will turn me over to the dark size upon her inevitable critique.

    Even I’d concede that, feature-wise, Wang Bailong is very close to Tony Taka’s core design but I very much like the Chinese dress motif and the cut is a highly unusual one…a cheongsam with an underskirt..and dragon gloves!?! Yep, definitely in!

    Matsuri has me confused. I’m trying to figure out whether her cast-off style is just a second body or if they’ve somehow come up with an excellent way of doing away with the bulky top bit. Cast-on I see no sign of bulkiness in her top yet-cast off I see no clear inset. Maybe swappable boobs?

    Man I really like both of the Leviathan variants. I’ve already got the original but I can’t deny that “hot pants” has me highly compelled to do a double-dip on her…so to speak.

    I had kinda hoped to see Native’s Nakahara Tomoe make the lineup but I suppose she only just became available very recently. She’s based upon my #1 favorite piece of Tony Taka art so I’m hoping with all my might that they make her absolutely perfect.

    • Tier says:

      I’m sure I’ll like the new Mu, though the light-up thing probably isn’t something I’ll care too much for. Ha, I didn’t catch that reference either, being that I’ve never seen Full Metal Panic, but it’s directly mentioned in the show (the character gets incensed when people call him a rip-off mascot).

      Yeah, Jack – or whatever her name is supposed to be – does have a lot of junk in the back, and it’s not at all proportional, but I think that’s one of the things I like about her, since it makes her look very distinctive. I’m wondering the same thing about Matsuri; I have no idea how her panties can be removed when her dress seems to fit very closely to her body. It’ll be interesting to see how they do it.

      To be honest, I’m kinda undecided about the new Native figure. The straight-across hime-cut hairstyle really isn’t amongst my favorites, and the way Touko turned out has me a little wary now.

  7. Preordered matsuri as well. She’s just on the right side of ero for me. However, I’m not so sure about Mu-12. One problem about being quite into a video game is that you pick up on a few things in the design which you may not have otherwise, in this case, the headpiece obscuring the eyes. That’s actually part of her taunt where it falls down and she needs to move it up again to be able to see!
    Having said that, It is alter so I have some faith that she’ll turn out decently. I wasn’t impressed by the FREEing version at all!

    • Tier says:

      I have the feeling a lot of people are going to have to reconcile how much ero they are willing to accept – or display – since Matsuri looks so nice.

  8. byte says:

    really want the matsuri figure but would like the one with the gold base directly from skytube website. is there anyway to order that for the US or do I need someone local in Japan to do it?

    • Tier says:

      I have no idea; I would guess that you will need to find a proxy service to order it for you. There are a whole bunch out there so it’s not hard to commission someone to do it.

  9. BostonBrandon says:

    After first viewing this post I decided to check out Amagi Brilliant Park, and I’ve been very happy with the series so far. Some of the dialogue between those two cutesy mascots is so good that I can’t help but wonder who is doing the translation for the subs.
    Regarding Isuzu, her face doesn’t really line up with the character and hopefully you are right that this won’t be her only release. What I’m hoping for is a particularly lewd figure of Latifa. I’ve seen the hug pillows already so I know theres a market for her!

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I enjoyed the show a lot (though I didn’t think it’s the greatest thing ever or anything). The mascots were really great, particularly since everything else was played more or less straight. I kinda have to imagine someone’s going to do bikini figures of Isuzu and Latifa (and maybe the fairy girls too) at some point; they seem to be prominent in some of the official artwork of the show, even though they did not wear them for very long.

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