Eucliwood Hellscythe from Is This a Zombie? (Bunny Version)

Eucliwood Hellscythe from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

I always like receiving FREEing’s bunnygirl figures. Sure, none of them are exemplars of precision craftsmanship and they are invariably a colossal pain in the ass to photograph, being that all of my backdrops are constructed for smaller figures, but their titanic size commands attention. Their outfits – generally a leotard and fishnet pantyhose ensemble – are also attractive, and even the bunny ears are kinda growing on me. This particular figure features its own unique cachet in that it’s one of only a couple figures – that I am familiar with, anyway – of Eucliwood Hellscythe, the quiet necromancer from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, or Is This a Zombie? The other one is some midget Beach Queens figure so it doesn’t count. Arguably this one shouldn’t count either, being that neither her sunny disposition nor her outfit really fit her, but it’s not like Eu has many more figures to pick from, and so beggars can hardly be choosers.

The show – based off of a light novel, of course – stars Ayumu Aikawa, the male protagonist, high school student, and titutar zombie. He is killed by a serial murderer, and is then resurrected by Eucliwood, who moves into his home. Granted great strength and a robust constitution in undeath, he resolves to confront his assailant and put an end to the killing spree. Along the way, he meets several female companions who also move into his home, and his pursuit of justice and the management of his now-crowded household comprise much of the plot of the show’s first few episodes.

In other words, it’s a fairly conventional high school anime, though the comedy is rather darker than most shows of its type. It also uses a spastic storytelling method, transitioning from scene to scene with little explanation. On one hand, it’s rather jarring – though I’m sure that was the intention – but on the other hand, it’s a helluva lot better than the drawn-out talking-head plot exposition used by way too many shows.

Eucliwood is an unusual character in that she generally does not speak, at least not with her own voice. Instead, she communicates by writing on a notepad, and the only vocalizations she makes are hums and sighs. Being that the other two main female characters are a loudmouthed female tsundere type and a vulgar female tsundere type, her tactiturn nature and placid mien both do a lot to enhance her appeal.

This figure is, of course, manufactured by FREEing. She’s sculpted in an impressive 1/4 scale – God’s scale – and stands about 38 centimeters in height at the top of her head, and around 43 centimeters tall in overall height. She comes with no additional accessories and is basically ready for display right out of the box.

The anime portrays Eucliwood as the very picture of imperturbable serenity; here, she is instead flashing an agreeable smile, quite different from what we are used to. One could suppose that this version of Eu is her as seen in Ayumu’s overactive imagination (in which he fantasizes Eucliwood as being his eager and enthusiastic younger sister). Less justifiable is the lack of rosy blush on her cheeks; the promo pictures of the prototype showed her sporting flushed pink cheeks, which gives her expression an added dimension. Unfortunately, that blush is gone here. Too bad. That said, her friendly look is still pleasant to look at.

Eu’s twintails are splayed out in a rather improbable manner, each sweeping out like a shallow sine wave. Most of FREEing’s earlier 1/4 scale figures lack detailing and definition in the hair, and Eucliwood holds to that standard; her twintails are pretty solid-looking.

Eucliwood’s stance is fairly casual, standing straight up with toes slightly pointed inwards. The one unusual thing about her pose is the way her hands are positioned. I’m not sure if she’s just letting her arms hang down or if she’s trying to make some kind of heart-hands gesture over her crotch or if she’s trying to call attention to her crotch, but their placement adds a hilariously-inadvertent sense of lewdness to this figure. On one hand, it looks like she’s framing a target right over her genitals, as we’ve already seen up at the top. On the other hand, it also looks like she’s making some kind of crass gesture, as if she were trying to support some sort of large, imaginary appendage held out in front of her. All in all, I think her pose looks great.

Her outfit is a fairly typical bunnygirl costume, being made up of a strapless leotard, pantyhose, high-heels, and bunny ears. Eucliwood adds her own touch in wearing an armor-plated visor, but she lacks her breastplate and her gauntlets. I do like this outfit a lot, and FREEing’s done a good job of it (as they should have, given the amount of practice they’ve had). Her leotard has an attractive glossy finish, giving it the look of vinyl, and her pantyhose are nicely snug on her legs. The costume accentuates her physique, which is a bit exaggerated from how she appears in the anime; while she still has the same modest rack and slender body build, she also has prominent hips and rather lengthy legs, giving her a more glamorous appearance than what one might be expecting.

She also has a nice rear, which is emphasized by the arch of her back.

And of course, aside from those other points, Eucliwood also has her size. Compared to 1/8 scale figures, she is huge. Here she is standing behind Naoe Kanetsugu, who is a fairly small character but her kneeling pose makes it easy to place her right next to Eu.

Generally speaking, with FREEing’s bunnygirl figures, you pretty much know what you’re going to get. The figures often don’t feature impressive detailing, the hair is usually sculpted as solid clumps, and the skin tone is typically a bit drab. Nonetheless, I admit to liking these figures a lot, mainly because of their size. When looking at my figures, it’s hard not to look at these ones first, just because they’re so big. The sexy outfits are also a big plus. I like this figure a lot, especially since there aren’t many figures of Eu to choose from. It would’ve been nice if they’d kept those pink cheeks, though.

Eucliwood Hellscythe figure by FREEing
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16 Responses to Eucliwood Hellscythe from Is This a Zombie? (Bunny Version)

  1. Asa says:

    I like her. The only reason to watch the show (the tsuns you mention being huge disincentives). The figure seems fairly typical of Freeing’s bunny line, in that is acceptable quality but not brilliant. Still, giant girls are worth some compromise.

    Also, as always, yay tentacles! That first shot really makes it seem like she was designed for them.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I’m kinda feeling the same way … I’m up to the sixth or seventh episode of the first season and it’s been an odd enough show to hold my interest, but I think I’m going to cringe when the romantic elements come in (being that this is still a fairly standard anime, I’m sure romantic elements are going to come in sooner or later). Eu is pretty cute, I guess Seraphim is alright, if only because she’s pretty, and I don’t particularly care for Haruna. I’m not too sure that I like the direction that the plot is going, but I like it enough to keep going with it. I think the English-language Blu-rays are supposed to be coming out in a few months, so I might just wait for those to finish the series.

  2. Baronight says:

    For something this big…the quality is definitely superb. Although her hair detail is severely lacking, the facial expression made up for that loss (she hardly smile in the anime, so this bring out a lot of her hidden charm).

    • Tier says:

      The smile looks really nice on her. Maybe it’s out of place, since she’s not supposed to be emotive, but it’s good to see her smile once in a little while.

  3. Tsunami3k says:

    Freeing’s definitely got the bunny girl thing nailed. I even like that they typically go for realistically proportioned characters for the most part. (They could destroy me if they ever teamed up with Tony Taka!) I’ve heard a lot of people make excuses for not getting a quarter-scale figure. Of those who have eventually gotten one, the excuses seem to evaporate. ;D

    I’m getting a bit behind on my Freeing backlog and this one is certainly a worthy candidate as well. It seems like a lost opportunity that they don’t ship them with tentacles!

    • Tier says:

      It’s kinda funny, I’ve got a ton of figures, and some of them are really high-quality ones, but whenever I look at my collection, it’s hard not to look at the bunnygirls first, just because they’re so darn big. Whenever I look at photos of other people’s collections, if they have any Dollfies or other big-ass dolls, I tend to look at those first as well.

      It’s too bad that getting good tentacle props is a bit difficult. It kinda makes me want to learn how to make molds for silicone props, just so I can make some custom-sized versions for smaller figures. I can’t imagine that a tentacle is too hard to make.

  4. Wieselhead says:

    Uhhhh that smile hits my heart ♡♡♡, it’s a great seductive smile.
    The figure is so out of character, without the eyes and the funky helmet I couldn’t tell who she is, still she manages to look attractive in her little bunny suit. Haha what the heck is with the position of her hands, like she wants to grind a pole.

    I liked Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? from the start, since the strong scene where Ayumu and her met the first time before the supermarket. I found the communication via notepad really charming..

    Well, I think her normal dress is already pretty enough, why does no one make a figure like that?

    • Tier says:

      Haha, yeah, I didn’t notice the positioning of her hands at first but when it was pointed out how perfectly they are placed over her crotch, whenever I look at her, her hands are the first thing I glance at. It does give her a little more personality than a lot of the other bunnygirl figures.

      That scene was pretty funny, I didn’t expect him to start dancing like that. It’s nice that the male protagonist of the show has more of a backbone than most lead males in anime (though I guess it helps that he is really hard to kill).

      That is a good question; for some reason or another it seems like companies aren’t too interested in that, even though the show seems to have done okay in terms of merchandising (I remember Eu and Seraphim got some dakimakura covers from Cospa or some other company, too). Every now and then there are some shows that don’t get a ton of figures; I always wondered why Kampfer never got any figures, either. (And oddly, it’s too bad Guilty Crown didn’t get more figures. The show sucks balls but the female character designs are really good.)

  5. TomTheCat says:

    Regarding her gesture, I couldn’t help but thinking of Germany’s head of government, Angela Merkel:

    Last September, Germany had elections for a new parliament. During the campaign, her party put up a gigantic billboard. I may be wrong, but I assume it was at the party’s headquarters. It showed just her trademark hand gesture: The text translates as “Germany’s future in good hands”

    Now we’re stuck four more years with her. Something like this comes to mind: Many, many jesters had a field day manipulating this picture 😀

    • TomTheCat says:

      It appears you don’t allow links to photobucket? 🙁

    • Tier says:

      I dunno what happened with any links; your comment showed up in the moderation queue, which happens whenever any hypertext link is included, but I didn’t see any link in the text. I don’t think I have anything that blocks links to certain sites; I get several hundred spam comments per day packed with links to malware or porn sites.

      I did look up that slogan in Google Images; one of the first pictures I found was a Photoshopped version with Hitler’s head. Completely predictable and obvious, I guess. The second picture was of the chancellor with Mao Tse-tung’s head … that’s a little weird, I guess, since as I understand it, Merkel is the opposite of an atheistic socialist. The third picture was of the chancellor with the head of a cat Photoshopped onto her shoulders, which I guess is not surprising, since the internet loves cats.

  6. Bry says:

    Do you use prime lens? Is it possible to get the same kind of sharpness you did with 50mm kit lens or 18-55 as long as we use propoer lighitng and setup?

    • Tier says:

      For this set of photos, I think I mainly used a couple of prime lenses (a 35mm and 60mm), but I use a zoom lens (a 15-85mm) a lot in my other pictures. You certainly can get this level of sharpness with just about any 50mm prime lens, and you can probably get really close with an 18-55mm. The main causes of non-sharpness (or blurriness) that I see in photos seem to be due to operator error rather than inadequate lenses.

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