Preorder Outlook XXVI

There’s a certain theme going on here; a certain singular joyfulness, if you will.


Yozora Mikazuki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
The anime adaptation of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai seems to be very popular, and so it’s not surprising that its characters have gotten a lot of figures. And by “its characters,” I really mean Yozora and Sena; Rika, Kobato, Yukimura, and the bratty nun have mostly been ignored, which is unfortunate. Other than the bratty nun, I mean, although a figure of her sexy sister would be nice. Griffon is making a figure of Yozora in another alternate costume, this one looking sort of dominatrix-inspired, which normally greatly appeals to my sensibilities. I don’t think I’m digging the spikes on her outfit, though, and the figure’s small size (19 centimeters, which I’m sure includes the optional horns) is symptomatic of why I avoid Griffon figures.


Masazumi Honda from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
In contrast, figures of the Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere characters have only trickled out. Flat-chested, hard-working Masazumi will be getting her first figure courtesy of Chara-ani, a company that I’m not too familiar with. They’ve picked a good pose to base their figure off of, though (for anyone unfamiliar with the show, this scene involves Masazumi getting de-pantsed in front of her classmates and the Pope). However, I can’t say that the pictures look all that encouraging, and its listed 17 centimeter height isn’t that enticing, either. I think I’ll just wait for Kotobukiya or somebody to do a better figure of her.


Celia Cumani Aintree from Walkure Romanze
Curiously, this character currently has two figures up for preorder despite being from a relatively unfamiliar visual novel (though given that it was made by the same company that made Princess Lover!, and given that that series got not just a TV anime, but a hentai OVA series as well, perhaps we’ll be seeing more of Walkure Romanze in the future). Her other figure – made by Daiki Kougyou – is a far more impressive figure by almost every standard. However, this figure – made by Kaitendoh – doesn’t have its counterpart’s peculiarly-small head, which was sufficient to get me to pass over the other figure. That said, this figure has its own problems, including a somewhat awkward pose. That said, it still looks nice and maybe I’ll pick it up – though I think it’s more likely I’ll wait for a post-release discount if I decide I want it.

Irma from Queen’s Blade


Maya Kamiwazumi from Fault!! A New Rival
Alphamax is skipping over Mio Sugiyama and Rika Hayama, instead choosing to make a figure of new girl Maya Kamiwazumi. She takes a central role in the recently-released Fault!! anime, which continues on from the previous three-episode series. I enjoyed the show, though the sex scenes were a little tame and Reiko’s characterization took a hit; I guess they felt they needed to weaken her to make Maya look more assertive. Though to be fair, I did like how Maya didn’t hesitate to grasp the situation in her own hands. And her voice actress did a nice job, too. Anyway, Alphamax’s figure looks pretty good and I’m definitely looking forward to it. I also like how their promo shots pretty much do nothing to hide its explicitness. I wish more figure companies would follow suit; coyness can be clever but it ain’t gonna help sell figures.


Kuroyukihime from Accel World
I started watching the first episode of Accel World, and it made a poor enough impression on me that I dropped the series after about fifteen minutes. I really doubt that it develops into anything special or worthwhile; as far as I know, Accel World is a fairly run-of-the-mill show with a somewhat mysterious lead female character and a particularly unattractive lead male character (made even less likeable since the same voice actor who did the lead male character in Guilty Crown also voices Accel World’s lead character). However, like the superficially-similar Sword Art Online (which I have not watched), it does have a highly redeeming aspect in that it has spawned a great deal of solid, appealing pornographic doujinshi, and that’s enough to at least get me interested in the lead character, which is who we see here. Originally, it looked like this figure was going to be a rather unique piece featuring Kuroyukihime being covered up by her virtual reality persona. It was a very distinctive and bold figure, unlike almost anything Max Factory has ever made before. Then they revealed that they would give her legs and somehow, this figure seems rather less special – and a helluva lot more perverse. However, while this figure loses something in terms of artistry, it gains a customer, since I don’t normally care for busts and did not intend to buy it before I learned that she’ll be coming with legs. I have to admit that I feel a little uncomfortable looking at it, but I’ll get over it, and her pose opens up all kinds of photographic possibilities. As for the Black Lotus part, I don’t really care for it and I’ll be keeping it in the box.

Speaking of erotic doujinshi, I think someone should make a figure based on this picture. Maybe Kotobukiya could do it; I mean, they already have licenses to make figures of Accel World and Marvel characters, so there shouldn’t be any problem there.


Mu-12 from BlazBlue
I was sort of thinking that Alter would make a figure of Mu-12 – they’ve often made figures of relatively less-known characters; they made a figure of Dizzy, who is basically Mu-12’s spiritual forebar; and her design is well in keeping with Alter’s affinity for visually-complex figures, particularly those that are airborne. However, Alter seems content to roll out figures of dudes and Nanoha characters, so it’s left up to FREEing to do the deed. I can’t honestly say that this fills me with confidence, since while I’ve been pretty pleased with a number of FREEing’s figures, I’ve also skipped a number of their figures because they look really bad. Mu-12, at least, looks pretty good in her promo shots, though it’s not too easy to see her face, and her spine looks like it might be snapped in half. But these are minor things in the larger scheme, and the reality is that we’re getting a Mu-12 figure, and I’m glad for that, as she was one of four characters that I really hoped would get figures (the others being Irma, listed above, Subaru from Beat Blades Haruka, and Itsuki Kannagi from Sora Kake Girl; I’m not really expecting the last two characters to ever get figures but hey, a 50% wish fulfillment rate isn’t that bad).

Yuki from Maid Bride
Maid Bride has spawned at least three different figures from three different manufacturers; Orchid Seed’s Yuki is the latest to be unveiled. Like Daiki Kougyou’s Tsuneko, she comes from one of the short side stories rather than the core comic (whose main character has gotten figures by both Daiki Kougyou and BEAT). Her story is sort of an expression of self-indulgence; Yuki is a shut-in who sits in her darkened room playing porn games all day. It’s not exactly the most realistic of scenarios, but it makes for a fun read and the art is as good as expected (the artist, Kizuki Aruchu, is probably best known for drawing a highly popular series of Monster Hunter doujinshi under the circle name Udon-ya). It goes without saying that I’ve ordered Yuki and I’m looking forward to her, but I really hope Orchid Seed doesn’t play around with the scale size again; many of their figures come out a lot smaller than I expect them to be and I immensely dislike it when that happens.


Gamer Girl from Native’s Creator’s Collection
Kizuki Aruchu’s artwork gets not one, but two figures in this entry. While I like Yuki, and I think she looks pretty good, it’s unfair to compare her to anything that Native produces. I haven’t actually ordered this figure yet, but that’s only because I need to find a new favorite proxy service for buying Native figures while Tokyo Hunter gets reorganized.

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35 Responses to Preorder Outlook XXVI

  1. azn0will says:


  2. Ren says:

    Nice! Again with this I took a look at these figures and I just knew you were going to do a pre-order outlook xD (I’m not creepy O.o) xDD Awesome as always!

  3. Asa says:

    Not a single figure I want; though I would have considered that Kuroyuki from Max, if I didn’t already have Koto’s. (which I removed Porky from, and put Azunyan’s cat in his place; because Porky is a crappy character).

    The series does pick up from where it starts, though isn’t really anything special. Especially given how annoying the lead is. It is set in the same world as Sword Art Online, just ~20 years later, which makes it even worse, I think, because Sword Art Online had much better characterisation. I don’t know how the same writer flopped so badly with Accel World.

    • Tier says:

      A good choice. I guess If I got that version of her, maybe I’d have her cradling the president’s head or something, or maybe that little tentacle monster toy that I don’t really use anymore.

      Ah, I did not know that there was an actual connection between the two series but I suspected that there might be a relationship, since their premises are so similar. I did get the feeling that neither show would be unique; at least with Accel World, I pretty much figured out that it’d be about Low Self Esteem Boy Who Meets a Mysterious, Pretty Girl Who Really Is Out of His League But Helps Him Grow a Pair of Balls (in more ways than one, from what I’ve heard of some of Sword Art Online’s prose – though I have the sense that SAO’s protagonist is less about self-loathing and more about being a generic teenaged male than anything else). I’ve not actually seen a lot of series like that, which is perhaps why I keep coming back to Guilty Crown when I think about shows with this kind of plot.

      • Asa says:

        Ah, well that’s where you are wrong; Kirito is actually a decent male lead. I usually loathe males in anime for being angsty whiny emo shitbags, but Kirito really wasn’t. He did have moments of stress, but instead of just whining about it, focused his rage on breaking shit. It was a nice change of pace.

        Kirito, and Rider (from Fate/Zero) are the only males in anime I’ve liked in about a decade. I like them enough to consider getting figures of them, even. But Rider doesn’t have any good ones, and Kirito has no scale figures as of yet (which may well mean never).

        • Tier says:

          I’ll have to take your word for it; he doesn’t actually factor much into the SAO doujinshi I’ve seen. I can’t say that I even know what he looks like. While all the commentary I’ve heard about SAO is mildly interesting, I do not think I will ever have the time to give it a watch, but who knows; Samurai Girls is sort of terrible this season and I don’t know if I’m going to stick with it, so that could free up some time for me to watch something else.

  4. Wieselhead says:

    I actually like the bikini armor version of Celia Cumani Aintree a lot more if only she had a normal sized head. Well on this version here I like the soft look of her slightly squeezed boobs.

    Yay Irma!, I also ordered her. Rather funny that MegaHouse heard your prayers or there were more people who wanted an Irma figure. She looks quite cool and I like her eyes.

    Accel World, well I finished this some months ago, it actually gets better after a few episodes.
    Kuroyukihime you damn lolita XD She’s quite a tease with her legs and optional lower half.
    I think I never seen such a teasing figure that portrays an underage girl in an subtle alluring way. It feels so wrong, but hey she looks very good like that.

    What I’ve seen from Yuki so far was super convincing, she looks so good. Normally a figure like that would be a no go for me. But I can’t ignore her cute moaning face and the sexy body. Ok she’s masturbating, but in a hidden way, I actually didn’t notice it before.
    Seems like Orchid Seed gets more daring with their figures, Princess Milk is another example.

    • Tier says:

      I wonder what took MegaHouse so long to roll this figure out. It’s interesting that they chose not to use the pose that one of the Queen’s Blade OVAs suggested they might use; it’s probably a good decision since that one wasn’t as energetic (though it did show a lot more ass).

      I’ll have to take your word on that regarding Accel World … I mean, I guess it’s nice that it gets better, but it’d be even nicer if it were good from the start. Me, I can’t get over how moronic the lead guy looks.

      I just really hope Yuki isn’t a midget or anything … Orchid Seed is maddeningly inconsistent when it comes to their scale sizes. I got Yui Kotegawa and I was surprised at how small her box is, and I was further surprised when I recalled that she’s supposed to be 1/7 scale.

      • Wieselhead says:

        Well on first try I dropped it, because I couldn’t stand the design of the main character, but after a number episodes the deformed main character develops quite a bit and then it became a nice watch. they even created a really satisfying ending.They have chosen the same voice for the main characters as for Shu, but Accel World is no trainwreck like the infamous, soulless Guilty Crown :p

        hopefully she will be in scale ^^. I had luck so far with my choice of OS figures, they all fit together. With 21, x xm Kotegawa Yui appears like a loli XD

        • Tier says:

          Well, that’s good at least. And possibly slightly detrimental too, since the way Guilty Crown veered into the ground is what makes it so memorable. Though I guess the fan response to Accel World guarantees that it will have lasting power.

          My Orchid Seed figures are all over the place, as far as size goes. 1/7 scale Lala Poplip towers over their “1/7” scale Lineage elf, and so on; it’s pretty annoying when arranging figures on the shelves.

      • hule says:

        I have also preordered Yuki, though I share your concern about size issues. I’m relatively new to figure-collecting, so I wonder to what extent one can avoid those concerns by looking at the dimensions listed for the figure. Sites say Yuki is 13.5 cm, which seems about right. (If I’m measuring correctly, then it’s actually a bit taller than one figure I have that’s supposed to be 1/6, once I adjust for the fact that Yuki’s sitting.) Or are the heights listed also sometimes misleading in your experience?

  5. Steve Chen says: for Irma? 100% agreement to infinity!

  6. Wolfheinrich says:

    Maya, checked; Kuroyukihime, checked; Gamer Girl, checked; Looks like we have a lot in common in the coming months. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Kuroyukihime, I probably wouldn’t have liked Accel World as much as I do. While I agree on point that the lead character is not exactly likeable, but he does have his own story and I respect the characterization for a weak lead male discovering his potential through difficult trials. However, the main reason that kept me rooting for Accel World is still Kuroyukihime and her ever obvious sexual appeal. Originally, I didn’t care too much for Death by embracing either, but my interest level peaked when they revealed she was to be a two parts figure, pre-order thus became a reality.
    I am really starting to like the SkyTube line of figures a lot, I even managed to secured their Yui Takamura and Maya is an obvious choice since I already have Ai.
    When it comes to Native Gamer Girl though, I am not so certain. At least the promo photo doesn’t seem to be able to capture Kizuki Aruchu’s style, but if Native can’t do it, no one else can.

    • Tier says:

      I guess the idea of the porky little kid who discovers his inner strength has some level of appeal but personally, I think it can be presented in a less artificial and superficial manner. It’s one thing for a character to have a poor self-image of himself, but it’s another to make it such a dominating aspect of his personality that he becomes easier to loathe than to be sympathetic to. I’m mildly curious about Kuroyukihime’s character but I do not expect to ever watch the show, and thus my only connection to her character is going to be through various pornographic doujinshi – of which she has quite a few good ones.

      I think Gamer Girl comes closest to matching his style; Orchid Seed’s Yuki looks good but the artistic source isn’t so obvious for me, and I’m not as sure about Daiki Kougyou’s Tsuneko (I own the figure but it’s buried in my closet now, awaiting its review). I kinda wonder if his style – which is very distinctive – isn’t easily translated to a figure. Some artists, like Taka Tony and Ni-theta, seem to work well with figures, while other artists – like Nishieda and Hyung Tae-Kim (hypothetically, since I don’t think anyone’s ever made an official figure based on his art) – don’t seem to work as well.

  7. Halbred says:

    I’ll probably end up ordering Celia. The pose is unique, and I like her realistically-falling breasts. I’d also get the armor bikini version if her head wasn’t so damn small. Can’t say I’m interested in too many of these other girls, though. Gamer Girl caught my attention early, but her rack looks so ridiculously fake!

    • TomTheCat says:

      I have to agree, Gamer Girl’s boobies looked very much better on the unpainted prototype. Now they’re looking like air balloons. What’s more, I don’t like pantyhoses AT ALL. That’s why I shouldn’t like Gamer Girl and Maya. But I’m still getting both because they’re just so devil-may-care explicit.

    • Tier says:

      It does! It’s pretty glorious. I gotta admit, fake, inflated boobs on anime characters doesn’t bother me too much, since it’s so common. I’ve got the two Nanoha bunny girl figures on my desk and I keep noticing how their breasts look like balloons. I guess that won’t be a problem with Kuroko, though.

  8. Furuba says:

    from which shop do you buy figures like the natives?

  9. John says:

    I’m disappointed in both Celia figures; none of them capture her dignity and charm that is present in the artwork. This one’s face is somewhat off, that one’s head is too small.

    Mu 12 is nice, though I have no idea who she is. The sculptor responsible for her has quickly become my favorite; the way he emphasizes curvature is really quite skillfull. However he also takes it too far at times, and as you said, people’s spines can’t make those angles. If I knew the character I’d probably get this though, even with the magic spine.

    Yuki from Maid Bride is another nice one, though in general don’t like open mouth figures. I just don’t find open mouth to translate well into figure form.

    Gamer girl is nice, except the boobs look like glued on implants. I’m not sure why they strayed from the original art here, since there the breasts were done properly. I still consider it a very well made figure though, and if I were rich I’d get it without hesitation.

    And finally, Irma. The most neglected Queen’s Blade character finally gets her own figure. It really was disappointing how she only got like 3 minutes of screentime in the anime. Actually there was a lot of disappointment in the anime, considering how awesome most of the characters are. In any case, this one stirs up conflicts for me. On one hand, this figure is well done and Irma is awesome. On the other hand, I already have her combat book and I’m running low on space. Back to the one hand, If I miss out on her I’ll probably end up regretting it, also dark skin is seriously like the best thing ever. Back again to the other hand, I don’t feel like spending money since there are still many more figurines in the works, also the whole issue of space.
    TL;DR – I gotta stare at Irma’s firm abdomen and ass some more to make my decision.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I didn’t think either figure looked all that faithful either, which is sort of disappointing since I like Ricotta’s artist (I don’t know the name off the top of my head). I guess I’m not too surprised about it, though; the Daiki Kougyou one is sculpted by Toshirou and he’s always had his unique style (though Celia doesn’t actually show it much) and the other is by Ken Yokota, and he kinda went his own way about sculpting GSC’s Rin Tohsaka, too. (I’m still sorta disappointed that Princess Lover! didn’t really get any significant figures. The anime adaptation was boring but the OVAs were pretty good and I still really like the character designs.)

      As I recall, Mu-12 is Noel Vermilion in some sort of empowered form … I’m not really familiar with BlazBlue’s story (I kinda skipped through a lot of it) but I don’t think she’s entirely human, so that’s how I’m rationalizing how her back can bend like that.

      Yeah, I hoped she’d get more time in the anime, in both series. I’m not really a big huge fan of Tomoe, but she seems to be the second main character, and with so many other characters being fan-favorites, I guess Irma was going to be one to get squeezed out. I’m kinda disappointed that she didn’t get more time in the OVAs, though.

  10. Dvalinn says:

    I wouldn’t include Kobato on your list of neglected Haganai characters; she’s got a bunch of figures now, like the ones from Max Factory, Kotobukiya, Media Factory, a nendo and others. Rika though…a BQ and a prize figure. Why?! Ah, oh well. And we really do need Kate figures.

    I’ve been getting into Horizon lately (on your recommendation, for that matter), so it is nice that there’s a Masazumi figure now. I don’t trust Chara-Ani too much though, so I doubt I’ll pre-order her. I hope another manufacturer picks her up – going by the previous Wonfes, the amount of Horizon figures is growing, at least. I wish someone other than Volks picked up Kimi though.

    I personally liked Accel World myself, though I can see why one wouldn’t. I thought the world was more interesting than the bland SAO one, and the characters were less cliché and more played with than in that show as well (and I very much prefer Piggy over Kirito the insufferable Mary Sue with plothax powers). Kuroyukihime was the best thing about that show regardless (I got Koto’s figure) so I’m glad she’s getting figure recognition, because she does have an interesting design. I think MF’s version looks interesting despite being a bust, which I have an aversion to as well, though she’s too expensive for me to take the plunge. Not to mention her face looks kind of weird and the legs option, while sexy, just looks awkward imo.

    Also, that Mu-12 figure is rather painful to look at for me. That poor spine! Cannot unsee!

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I should’ve said relatively ignored; I think she’s got like four or five figures while Yozora and Sena have more than a dozen each (I didn’t know about the Media Factory one – actually, I’ve never heard of Media Factory before – and nendoroids never factor into my calculus; I pretty much prefer to pretend that they do not exist). I’m kinda surprised she isn’t up there with Sena since her merchandising power seems to be very high.

      I’m pretty hesitant on ordering Masazumi as well; I have the feeling someone will do a better one and if not, I’m thinking I can get it cheaply off Mandarake or something later on. It’s a little depressing how slowly they are rolling out, but it’s nice to see a big variety of manufacturers making them. Hopefully Alter and Max Factory do more than just Kazuno and Tomo.

      Hrmm … well, neither show sounds very appealing to me now. I cannot stand the insufferably self-loathing protagonist archetype, and I don’t care for characters with plot armor, either. Unless they have some sort of redeeming quality, I mean; like in Queen’s Blade, I recall a lot of people didn’t care for Leina’s plot armor, since it was pretty much mandated that she would be the winner, but I found her thong costume to be a mitigating factor in her favor. I’d imagine Kirito has nothing like that, and in this specific example, it’s probably for the best. (Not that I actually know what Kirito looks like; the only SAO doujinshi I’ve seen focuses on Asuna and leaves him out. For all I know, he could rock Leina’s costume like a boss.)

      Yeah, Kuroyukihime’s legs look kinda grafted on, and without her virtual persona behind her, you notice that she looks not just underaged, but a bit malnourished as well. And kinda stretched out, now that I look at the picture again. I’m still looking forward to it but to me, it’s weird how much the figure loses by being able to be displayed separately.

  11. Aaron says:

    A lot of interesting figures this time (and a lot that I really like the design of), but a lot that have a minor item that kind of bugs me.

    I like Yozora’s look but the gold spikes on the crotch annoy me to know end. That reminds me of futa and I have no interest in that.

    Masazumi appears to have a nice sculpt, but I think her pants look ridiculous. She kind of reminds me of MC Hammer.

    I really like Celia’s look with her open shirt, bra off, and panties pulled down. In fact the way the panties are pulled down are my favorite part. I am not a huge fan of her breasts though. While the look soft and supple, they seem way to big for her body and they are definitely way too large for her bra.

    I like Irma’s look and he tan skin really works well with her color scheme. I’m not interested in this figure but I don’t think there is anything I don’t like about her.

    Alphamax is doing a great job with the Fault! figures and I really like Maya. The only thing I am unsure about is her cloth nylons. They look a little funny to me mainly because they aren’t nylon.

    Kuroyukihime’s only draw to me is what is hiding underneath her hair. Is Max Factory really going to sculpt nipples? I want to know but the legless version is creepy and the leg version is just too bland.

    I don’t like this rendition of Mu-12 and I don’t feel that she is captured well at all. Maybe the final figure will be better, but it is really a shame that very few BlazBlue figures have been made. Noel at least had a good figure, but I want a Taokaka and a Litchi.

    I like Yuki’s pose and what she is accomplishing, but she doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

    I like Gamer Girls look. She has great eyes in my opinion and the hair color works really well with her look, but her nylons look more like vinyl. Lets hope Native doesn’t forget to fully sculpt her this time. Nylons must be a big fetish craze right now, because there have been a bunch of figures with nylons half pulled down.

    • Tier says:

      I wouldn’t disagree with many of your assertions, and it kinda makes me think when I’m shopping for figures, I ought to not buy a figure if I’m not completely committed to liking it. I’ve had numerous figures where I bought them despite not liking one or two aspects, and I found myself regretting the purchase.

      I have the feeling that Max Factory will glue the hair down onto Kuroyukihime’s chest … though who knows, maybe they won’t. Five years ago, I would not have predicted the way that anime culture embraces sexuality (I definitely would not have predicted that incest would become a big raging theme in so many series) and maybe MF will just go with it.

      I think a lot of my fondness for this Mu-12 figure stems more from the fact that we’re getting one at all. In truth, I’d much rather see Alter make it. I’m looking forward to it with cautious, tempered optimism – and I’m trying to forget about the other BlazBlue figures FREEing has made.

      I sorta notice that certain aspects of fashion in anime can get real popular very quickly (maybe it’s like this in real life too … I’m pretty much a polo/slacks for work, t-shirt/shorts for everything else sort of person, so I don’t know jack about fashion). For example, I don’t recall ever seeing those stupid, tiny crooked hats on an anime character before one of the K-On! characters wore one, and now they’re everywhere.

  12. Adam says:

    Irma was a pretty easy choice. She features a nice action pose, martial weapons, dark skin, and skimpy fantasy apparel at a reasonable price. I think I even read that the cast-off will be implemented as alternate parts rather than removable clothes, which is a big plus in my book. Unfortunately, I can only go on the visual appeal of the figure, as I never made it far enough into the anime to get introduced to Irma’s character.

    I’m still on the fence over Kuroyukihime. On the one hand, I really dig the unconventional pose and ominous ambiance that Black Lotus adds to the figure. On the other, I don’t like bust designs that make it look like the heroine’s legs are cut off. Swap Black Lotus out for the legs and the figure takes on a very different vibe, one that I’m not sure I like as it’s both much less unique and much more overtly erotic.

    I’m certainly keen to see more BlazBlue figures, but Mu’s pose seems problematic from certain angles. She looks stunning in some shots I’ve seen, but there are as many, if not more, examples where the figure doesn’t look so hot.

    • Tier says:

      That would definitely be very nice; I wish more manufacturers would do that, since that gives you the best of both worlds. Also, I’ve found Queen’s Blade figures to be somewhat difficult to cast-off in the past, so if they do it that way, it should make things a lot easier for collectors, particularly given MegaHouse’s reluctance to toss an instruction sheet in with their figures.

      Yeah, I would’ve really preferred that they had just foregone the Black Lotus thing, or offered two different products, one as a bust and one with just the girl. I’m personally not too fond of her panties, and since they’re the only article of clothing she’s wearing, they take on more importance than they otherwise would. I don’t think they look all that flattering on her; it kinda looks like she either didn’t put them on right or doesn’t know her own underwear size.

      I wish they’d put up more photos; it’s pretty hard for me to get a good idea of exactly what the figure looks like. I’m mainly concerned about how sharply her back is bent, but being that this is a FREEing product, I will not be surprised if there are other problems as well (though I’ve got my fingers crossed).

  13. I really want to like the Mu12 figure but FREEing has done 2 other blazblue figures thus far and both sucked…. HARD!!!

    Not to mention, they decided to shrink the clothing even further from the actual design in some weird attempt at showing more skin. Bottom line is that my expectations are incredibly low for her…
    Oh, and yeah, Mu is basically a powered up Noel and, technically, her true form. A bitch to use properly though, as her tactics are basically all about zoning as her drive allows her to deploy bits which fire lasers. Tsubaki gets a powerup in the newest game too. Really interested in seeing how she plays.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I didn’t remember those until I was writing this post and then I remembered not really liking their Makoto figure at all (I vaguely remember that the other one was Rachel but I don’t remember what it looks like, and that’s probably a good thing for me).

      I was pleased to find that Noel’s moves are thematically similar to Dizzy’s; I was less pleased to find that the DLC I bought for Continuum Shift doesn’t transfer to Continuum Shift Extend; I liked Mu-12’s Dizzy color scheme (I think it’s unlockable in Extend but I didn’t play the game long enough to get that far).

  14. IRMA.


    AT LONG LAST YOU HAVE ARRIVED. But…why did you have to show up when I’ve got absolutely no money to buy you?! Endless_woe_and_sorrow.jpg! Oh well. If I really want Irma I’ll find her some day, price be damned.

    • Tier says:

      Ahhh, that sucks XD I’m guessing she won’t be too hard to find on Mandarake and such, though; it seems like a lot of Queen’s Blade figures end up reasonably cheap on the secondary market.

  15. icelava says:

    I ordered maid yome and gamer girl not because they flaunt their naked bodies, but because of their headphones… i have a weakness for headphones…

    And yes, i’ve always ignored super sonico because i don’t quite like her headphones.

    • Tier says:

      I asked a friend of mine (who cares nothing for anime or anime culture) what he thought of Gamer Girl and the first thing he said was “HEADPHONES … buy it.” It seems to be a really popular fetish amongst not just anime fans, but the general populace.

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