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The opening and end themes of an anime are vital elements of a series, sometimes gaining recognition on par with the show itself. While there are a number of well-known and loved end themes in anime, nobody ever talks about the end themes in H shows. That’s no surprise, of course, since hentai is very much a niche genre within a niche genre and nobody watches hentai to listen to the end themes. And while there are a number of famous voice actors and singers who’ve performed songs for anime, I doubt many singers want a song in their discography that was used in a cartoon packed with rape and tears. Even so, there are a number of songs in ero anime that I like. A few months back, Fabienne wrote a post about his favorite anime ED themes of 2010; here’s a few of my favorite h-anime ED themes.

Mugen Renga (Taimanin Asagi)

The end theme “Mugen Renga” from Taimanin Asagi is sung by Oda Chieri with backing rap vocals supplied by Shock “S” and is produced by Meeon. It’s an uptempo theme which matches will with the spastic, frenetic pace of the show. Meeon has done a number of other songs and has a Myspace page with some of his other work, a list of his songs with audio samples, and a blog which hasn’t been updated in a couple of months. He does respond to his English-speaking fans though, which is very nice of him. Lyrics for the full version of the song can be found here. I wish Pixy would make an album of end themes available for purchase, since I really like this song; the full version isn’t too hard to find if you look around, though.

Dream Vision (Makai Kishi Ingrid)

This is the end theme “Dream Vision” to Makai Kishi Ingrid, a follow-up of sorts to Taimanin Asagi. It’s sung by Rui Yakushi with production by LOVE★ROCKS. Unlike Mugen Renga, this is a much softer, wispier song, with a melancholy piano melody providing the only accompaniment to the lyrics. I’m not sure that the song’s plaintive tone matches the tenor of the show, but I like it a lot. I’m not sure if a full version of the song was ever released, but it would be a shame if none exists.

unknown (Toriko Hime)

The end theme of Toriko Hime seems to have been sung by an individual named Corrado, but I’m not certain what the name of the song is. Curiously, this song is performed by a male vocalist and curiously, it’s sung in English, though there’s a bit of an accent that suggests the singer is Japanese. It’s also a pensive song, which is a bit odd since Toriko Hime is a show about high school girls who get molested in prison. I like this song a lot and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find more information about it. The video above comes from the second episode; I came across a Niconico video that contains the end theme from the first episode, which has slightly different lyrics and music. Curiously, it cuts some of the dialogue that overlaps the lead-in instrumental in the OVA and loops a couple of times, so I wonder where the clip comes from. At any rate, I used an audio ripper to extract the music, and you can download it here.

Ruri no Tori (Kara no Shoujo)

Kara no Shoujo is an ero game developed by Innocent Grey which received an h-anime adaptation by Platinum Milky last year. The theme song of the game is called “Ruri no Tori” and is sung by Haruka Shimotsuki; an abbreviated version was used in the credits scroll of the anime. The Youtube video provides the full version of the song.

Rengoku (Cartagra – Tsuki kurui no Yamai)

Also sung by Haruka Shimotsuki, “Rengoku” is the theme song to Innocent Grey’s ero visual novel Cartagra. The game precedes Kara no Shoujo, as does the h-anime adaptation. Stylistically similar to the later song, I can hear a few similarities to a couple of songs from the Ar Tonelico II soundtrack, which is no surprise since the singer contributed the singing voices for Aurica and Luca Trulyworth. Lyrics and a translation for this song can be found here.

unknown (Kateikyoushi no Onee-san 2)

First things first, this video is NSFW. Second, I have no idea who the performer is or what the song’s title is, but this is the end theme to the h-anime Kateikyoushi no Onee-san 2. It’s an upbeat song with a funky beat and, like the ED of Pink Pineapple’s Stringendo, a rap verse. Catchy. Fun show, too.

untitled (Wa Wana – Hakudaku Mamireno Houkago)

This video is also NSFW. Like a lot of h-anime, the end theme to Wa Wana – Hakudaku Mamireno Houkago is an instrumental song sans vocals but unlike a lot of h-anime, it employs a jazzy number instead of the typical guitar chords or synthesizers. It’s an upbeat tune with a horn, double bass, piano, and a catchy guitar riff in the middle. What’s really funny about it – depending on how you look at things – is that you hear this theme right after the main character gets gang raped by a couple dozen guys and is left crying and broken on the floor. Dissonant isn’t the most appropriate term to describe it, but it’s hilarious to hear the overlap between the heroine’s sobbing and the slow, deliberate bassline. I like the song and I’m really looking forward to the second OVA episode, which has Maiko-sensei – my favorite character in the show – getting her turn. I hope she doesn’t get too messed up in the end, though, since I like her.

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  1. Shashin says:

    Hmm, interesting post. You do make a good point, though; ending themes in hentai are a niche of a niche, if anything. I didn’t even know ending themes existed in h-anime until this post! (Okay, not seriously, but I can count on zero fingers how many I’ve actually watched past the first couple seconds of credits… unless you count h-games.)

    As far as Kateikyoushi no Onee-san goes, I really liked the first two animation episodes; though I wish they had spent more time with the cat eared girl. I didn’t like the second set of episodes at all; the animation just seems too far off from what I liked in the first series.

    • Tier says:

      The cat-eared girl was, hmm, Amane, I think? I remember I liked her scene a lot. I haven’t watched a whole lot of the second series; I pretty much just fast-forwarded to the most relevant parts.

      Yeah, i hardly noticed them as well, until I watched Asagi. Now whenever I watch an ero anime, I often skip around to the good stuff and then listen to the ending theme.

  2. Drydan says:

    heh, yeah, doesnt happen often that im listening to the ED themes.
    but here is one of the themes i liked:

    (ed from ane haramix)

    • Tier says:

      I like that song as well; Meeon’s produced several songs that I enjoy. He has the full version of the song available on his Myspace page; curiously, I have an MP3 of the full version and I have no clue where I got it from. I checked his blog to see if he made it available for download butI don’t see it. Hmm …

    • PafuPafu says:

      COOL LINK! Now im in love with that song too and I cant stop listening to it! Its just too catchy. And thx to you Tier for posting up Kara no Shojo ED theme! I wouldve never known there was an animation for it and such a beautiful song 😀

  3. Wrathkal says:

    Hmm, Micchi usually only puts the OP videos, so it’s nice to actually see some belonging to the ED instead.

    Usually though, I rarely find EDs that interest me. So far, the only two that have managed to attract me enough were:
    Majikoi – Akanezora
    Hime to Majin to Koisuru Tamashii – Zutto Futari Dakara

    Not the sort of H games that fit the content on this site though.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I suppose they don’t XD I did not see the second song on Youtube but I found the Majikoi theme. I’m not too familiar with Kotoko other than knowing she’s one of the few well-known singers who has contributed songs to ero games, but I like the song. The Youtube video also had a slideshow of some of the game’s CGs, and I like them as well XD

      • Wrathkal says:

        Any chance we might get to see some new daki reviews from you soon? XD This site is pretty fast to come out with stuff featuring characters from upcoming anime.

        As for the second song I named, yeah it’s fucking rare, since the game isn’t that well known. I managed to get the video file while downloading the game of Hongfire though.

        And also, my all-around favorite song comes from Kotoko, it’s ‘Wing My Way’, from Farland Symphony, though I’ve never played the game due to time constraints. Really love her songs.

        • Tier says:

          I meant to take some figure pictures this weekend but something came up and I don’t know if I will have the time, so the next post is probably going to be a dakimakura post, since those are quick to do. I’m not sure which one I’ll do, since I’ve got a few in the review queue.

          I’ve only heard one other of her songs, which was Hitorigoto. I think it was somewhat popular a while back. I still like it, it brings back a lot of memories since that was around the time I started buying a lot of anime-related goods.

  4. bamboo says:

    Nice post. To be honest, I actually don’t like too many of the H-anime theme songs I hear. I feel like many of the those that have vocals fall into one or two generic (for lack of a better term) styles, and many of those that don’t are boring. This could be because I just haven’t heard enough of them, though. It also doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of Yakushi Ruri’s style when she performs for so many OVAs that I’ve seen.

    They are worth paying attention to, though, as there are some gems in there. Loved the Taimanin Asagi ED (thanks for linking to me, by the way). Others I enjoyed:
    -“Mienai Katachi”, by rie kito, from Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro
    -“A Naked”, by meeon / Oda Chieri, from Ane Haramix
    -the untitled ending theme from Renketsu Houshiki episode 1

    • Tier says:

      My opinion of them is probably enhanced by the fact that I can’t understand the lyrics, so I have no idea if they’re singing about something completely inane. I imagine I’d have a similarly improved opinion of American pop music if I couldn’t speak English.

      I hadn’t ever listened to any of the end themes to Renketsu Houshiki so I went to go listen to them just now. The end theme to episode 1 is very nice, very mellow; I wish I’d listened to it earlier. While listening to the third episode’s end theme, I couldn’t help but think that it could fit in with the soundtrack to the old Sega Saturn game Panzer Dragoon Saga. That’s not something I ever expected to think of any anime’s end theme, much less one from an H series.

  5. Fabienne says:

    thx for the linking ^^

    Well, I barely watch hentai, but it seems like the darker toned and rough ones have songs with more standard. When I watch hentai I always pick “friendlier” ones with some comedy like Mizugi Kanojo, but the endings in this ones are often very simple like lounge or elevator music.
    I like the Toriko Hime ed and the Makai Kishi Ingrid ed, you had posted in my comments a few months ago, its a beautiful song, Well afterwards I watched this show, which probably wasn’t my best idea, ova 2 was too hard for me X( , I hope there is supposed to be a happy end and the doc gets what he deserves XD

    • Tier says:

      Ahahaha, yeah, Ingrid is not a show I would watch if I weren’t into hentai XD And yeah, it does in fact have a happy ending. Well, for the two main characters, that is; me, I wanted to see them get it on with Cerberus and I was sorely disappointed how the creators ducked away from that. But overall I enjoyed the series. I can certainly see how it would be to everyone’s liking though XD

      • Fabienne says:

        Well I watch a few hentai now and then, I could handle the first part of Ingrid, but part 2 was a bit too much ^^ Ah good that theres a good end unfortunately I couldn’t find part 3 and 4 in a subbed version so far.

        • Tier says:

          I liked the first half of the second episode … I wasn’t too big on the belly inflation or scat part towards the end. Fortunately the third or fourth episodes don’t have any of that, as far as I remember. The subs are out there for episodes three and four if you look hard enough XD

  6. xXProject_ZeroXx says:

    The ending theme for Toriko Hime is a song titled Silent by Cyclo Music, however the version of the song used for the ending is a remix by Studio Swell Box with vocals done by a guy named Mandoli Corrado.

  7. Annoonimus123 says:

    Does someone know what is the name of the ending song of Princess knight Catue??, kinda catchy song….

  8. bombom says:

    does someone know what song is play before the ending…when keisuke want to go…i really appriciate if you can tell me…this is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEqbAJioPss the song is played at 7:36 until 9:07…

    • Tier says:

      Unfortunately I do not … I’m not sure if it has a name or not. I kinda wish there were more resources for this sort of thing, since Renketsu Houshiki has very nice music.

  9. Tetsamaru says:

    Actually, alot of H-games(which get H-animes sometime down the road) eventually do get full songs of their OPs or ED songs that will come in a bundle with other 1 shot songs. I was looking for the Full OP song for one of my H-games for a while untill i relized it didnt exists. Then come 4 months later, it was released on a cd along with a bunch of other songs from various other singers. Most of the songs on that CD were also from H-games or some niche Visual novel.

    • Tier says:

      Ah, good deal. I saw that Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo had gotten soundtrack CDs and I’ve seen soundtracks for a number of h-games I’ve heard of. I’d buy the soundtrack to Zanjibaru if one existed.

  10. vncn0035 says:

    Wow nice stuff O_O. I watched Wa Wana ~ Hakudaku Mamireno Houkago 2 and I was wondering…what is that piano piece they played during the scene with Hiiragi and Misaki on the ferris wheel !?!? I like it a lot. Any ideas? It plays for like only a minute during the episode :S Anyone know? (Sorry if this has already been asked ^^; )

    • Tier says:

      Unfortunately I have no idea; I don’t think it was mentioned in the credits. As hard as it is to find information regarding the end themes of many H shows, it’s even harder to learn more about in-show music.

      • vncn0035 says:

        I figured 🙁 thank you though for looking

      • vncn0035 says:

        Hey Tier, I just rewatched the episode. Isn’t the piano piece considered the part 2’s ending theme? o.o Considering it plays right when Hiiragi kills himself and the credits roll during that time??? So it’d be in the credits possibly? anyway, just thought i’d mention that. I think maybe part 1&2 have their own ED themes.

        • Tier says:

          Yeah, I think so, but I’m not sure who did it. It’s kinda hard to get information on H ending themes, and that seems to be particularly true when there’s no vocalist.

    • Felipe says:

      I found the piano piece!!! The name is 悲しみへ(ピアノインスト楽曲) by CYCLO MUSIC ^^ – http://www.myspace.com/cyclomusical/music/songs/40-41-81345627

      • Tier says:

        Awesome, thanks for the link XD I should do a follow-up post, some of the newer ero shows have had great music. I really like the end themes to Rei Zero and euphoria.

        • Mahdi says:

          Any chance you ever found what the song is for the ending to Euphoria?

          • Tier says:

            I don’t know what the end theme for the first OVA episode is, though the credits makes a mention of “A.F.D.K. (Rave In Groove).” The end theme for the second OVA is パンドラの楽園 (Pandora no Rakuen) and is sung by Aoba Ringo. The single was released last week; it also contains the opening 楽園の扉 (Rakuen no Tobira) for the PC game. I ordered it off Amiami a few days ago but it’s backordered right now; hopefully they ship it soon.

  11. sina says:

    hi ty for this amazing post 🙂 can u direct me to Dream Vision (Makai Kishi Ingrid) end theme with lyric pls , i sw the lyric in orginal anim and lke it a lot but search the whole net for it and could’nt fine it till now, if u give me this i’ll be servant 😀

    • Tier says:

      Lacking anything better to do this evening, I transcribed them from the subtitled version of the anime:

      Chikazukeba hanarete yuku
      Hakanai omoi
      Me wo tojiru ano hi no mama
      Toki ga tomaru
      Kurikaeshi yume mita natsukashii omoide
      Wasurerarenakute ima wo ikiteku
      Nani mo suterarezu
      Ano hi no keshiki wo furikaerazu
      Watashi ikitekuno

      • sina says:

        wow txxxxxxxx, i dono what to say ,i’ll be ever ure servant 🙂 ,im waitin for this for to long and just think of it consume me , ty again and again

  12. sina says:

    woot , it’s take my time, i need to go and learn Japanese but finally i did it . so this is the meaning of the song,now i know it’s much more better than i just listen to it and enjoy the music without understanding it,amazing choice for end of dark knight ingrid. so i’ll share it here in case anyone interest in :

    every time it comes near,it slips away
    this fragile felling
    i close my eyes,just like on that day
    time comes to a stop
    a recurring dream, and found memorise
    i won’t forget,nor will i live in the past
    nor will i throw anything away
    i wont look bazk on the scene of that day
    i will live on

  13. Vash says:

    Do you know the piano piece at the end of the episode for this hentai if you can tell me please i have looked everywhere and and about to give up its Ryōjoku Family Restaurant Chōkyō Menu (OAV) episode 1

    • Tier says:

      Unfortunately I have no idea; the credits just attribute the music to CycloMusic. I would guess that it’s just a stock piece that they licensed for the show.

  14. JR says:

    i like the “Hell Knight Ingrid” ED theme, it was beautiful song, i mean..really, the song makes me forgot that i just watch an H- anime. i spent a full week to find the chord and the lyrics MANUALLY, and i’m play it almost everytime with my keyboard. but I’m still trying to gather more info about this song and the singer, i will be happy if someone can give me some…

    • Tier says:

      It’s called “Dream Vision” and it’s sung by Ruri Yakushi. She has several compilation albums featuring her music but unfortunately, none of them seem to include this particular song; I’m hoping that it gets added to one of her future CDs.

  15. Ray77 says:

    can anyone tell me… i want the ending song of samayou midara na lunatic really bad!! its so hard to find… anybody knows where I can download it…?


    • h music says:

      2020 Still can’t find it as before T_T

      • Tier says:

        Uhh, man, I’m not sure if the song is available anywhere but it’s called 夜光虫 (Yakouchuu) by エレキプランクトン (Electric Plankton). I feel like it might be available someplace because I think Lilith did release some soundtrack CDs, but I have not seen it after a few minutes of googling. I will let you know if I do find it, though.

        (Edit: Well, if you can figure out how to register a Baidu account, it seems to be available here. It’s probably a rip right from the anime; my guess is there may not be a longer version.)

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