Lily from anim.o.v.e

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

Phat Company’s Lily is the newest Vocaloid figure to the market. Unlike the most famous Vocaloid girl, it’s pretty easy to tell what she does for a living. If you looked at Miku, you’d think she was a student at a high-tech school or a high-flying armored superheroine or a troublemaking, rabble-rousing revolutionary. Lily, however, is quite obviously a singer. Perhaps she just hasn’t been in the music industry long enough to sell out yet. It happens to so many who stick around and make it big, though, so time will tell.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

Like all the Vocaloid characters, Lily is a mascot derived from Yamaha’s voice synthesis software. I’m not too familiar with her – or any of the anime-style Vocaloid characters – so I was surprised by her voice in the songs I sampled on Youtube. I thought she’d have a squeaky, high-pitched voice to go with her petite and bubbly look but her voice is much deeper and mature than I thought it would be.

Her voice samples are provided by Yuri Masuda, a singer who is part of the electronic rap-pop group m.o.v.e. I never heard of them before this figure was announced, which is sorta strange since I like m-flo and they’re also a Japanese electronic rap-pop group.

As an aside, I normally detest pop rap but I don’t mind it at all when it’s done in a foreign language. I’m not sure why. I guess I shouldn’t cast aspersions on music since it’s not like what I listen to is any good anyway.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

Lily comes from Phat Company, a company that’s been around but hasn’t achieved much notability in the scaled PVC world until now. They appear to be one of several organizations under Good Smile Company’s aegis. Too bad they don’t share Good Smile Company’s level of workmanship but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

This figure is sculpted in 1/8 scale and stands a miniscule 17 centimeters tall. Lily has relatively realistic body proportions for an anime girl and she thus looks even smaller than her height might suggest. A quick check with a tape measure indicates she might be 17.5 centimeters tall if she were standing straight up, which would be well shy of five feet tall in full scale. I don’t get why it’s so difficult for figure manufacturers to get their scale sizes right. It’s not as if multiplication is difficult and if it is, Google will do it for you. It confounds the mind.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

Lily comes with a microphone, which she can loosely clutch with her right hand. She also comes with one of the ugliest bases I’ve seen in over five years of collecting anime figures. It’s an oversized chunk of slab-sided plastic that spells out her name, and the appalling blue color stands out like a yarmulke in a mosque. The transparent blue clashes hideously with her yellow and black color scheme, unnecessarily diverting attention from the figure.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

The figure is based on the original concept art provided for Lily’s design but there are some noticeable disparities. Most notably the figure Lily has a much more aggressive demeanor than the artwork Lily; her head is cocked to the side and her stare is intense, whereas the artwork depicts her as more sedate and composed. Lily inherits a strong sense of personality from her composure and her wildly-flailing hair and her shirt, which is flying right off of her body.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

The sculpt is pretty good – not only does it imbue her with an animated temperament, it also emphasizes her sex appeal, apparently a key attribute for female pop singers, even those that do not actually exist in real life. She has a lithe, petite body build with rather girlish legs and arms, accentuating her youthful look. Her navel is on full display and her breasts seem to threaten to pop loose. She’s not actually wearing anything under her top but unfortunately we cannot see her nipples because it’s glued right to her breasts. We can admire her sideboob, though.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to praise the paintwork to the same degree. Her skin tone is rather lifeless, which is unfortunate given her lively pose and expression, and her hair has a flat, glossy look with little depth. She has fingernail polish but it is not applied very evenly; it’s just a dab of paint on the end of her fingers and the polish on her left thumb looks particularly bad. It may sound insignificant but it immediately draws the eye, despite being such a small thing.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

The Vocaloid characters are the embodiment of moe tropes but I don’t recall ever hearing anyone describe tattoos as moe. Defying the common stereotype, Lily proudly shows off tats on her left wrist and an oversized tramp stamp that extends to her flank. I don’t actually like tattoos very much but they look very fitting with Lily’s appearance so I’ll make an exception here. They don’t seem to represent anything but they look pretty cool anyway.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

One thing about her hair that deserves criticism is the way a couple of locks attach to her head. There are some big huge gaps where they are glued to the rest of her hair. In addition, they are wedge-shaped and hair doesn’t naturally come off of the head shaped like wedges, which makes it look even worse.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what sort of panties Lily is wearing. To my great surprise and pleasure, she’s wearing a black thong under her skirt. I’ve also said that more anime girl figures ought to have their characters wearing thongs rather than plain white panties and I am glad to see that Lily does just that.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review

It’s kinda hard for me to say that Lily is a great figure or even a good one. She’s got some quality issues and I’m annoyed by her small size. I guess I’d say that I do like this figure, but that’s much more because I like the character design than the figure itself. She probably wasn’t worth the money and I think I would’ve been happier had I waited for her inevitable price drop. Still, she is cute and has a certain energetic appeal, and that helps mitigate some of her flaws. Vocaloid fans may be very pleased with her but as I don’t have much affinity for any of those characters or the fan-created works, that’s not a feeling that I completely share.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review
Lily and Mio Akiyama

Here she is next to Alter’s Mio, another 1/8 scale figure. The size disparity is obvious, particularly in the size of their heads and the thickness of their thighs.

Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review
Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review
Lily from Vocaloid Figure Review
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48 Responses to Lily from anim.o.v.e

  1. motaku96 says:

    Hmm…I keep forgetting to check back now and then. Anyway, I really enjoyed this review. I was considering buying her but I’m gonna pass for now. Maybe if she goes on sale.

    The way her hair sticks to the back of her head really bothers me. The hair color looks a little bland, when compared to your other photos, but other than that, she looks pretty nice.

    I really like her design. She’s got spunk in her. Style~ I think the tattoos really help in bringing that spunk out.

    And, well she is pretty short and thin, but maybe that’s just how her design was meant to be. Mio(and the rest of the K-On girls) is noted to be unusually chunky for anime characters. As in, they have realistic amounts of body fat. Maybe Lily’s just an anorexic pop star. I sure like those lithe arms.

    • Tier says:

      I think that’s a good plan; she’d be a decent buy at a discount but I don’t think her quality justifies a full price tag. I do like her look a lot but the production quality is not really great, and I forgot to mention this weird black dot she has on her left shoulder. It’s kinda annoying. She’s got a nice look but the execution is lacking.

      Lily could definitely be artificially skinny, I guess it wouldn’t be the first time a young singer felt the need to abuse her body for the sake of her image. The figure is really small, though; it doesn’t seem too obvious from the promo pictures (I kinda wish it had been, since I wouldn’t have bought this figure) but standing alongside some other 1/8 figures, it’s really glaring. I don’t have any of those 1/10 scale figures that Wave puts out but I kinda think Lily would fit in better amongst them.

      • Cantan says:

        You think there’s likely to be a glut of these figures then?

        I got nervous after many of the usual suspects began to close preorders as I thought she would sell out quickly, so I preordered.

        • Tier says:

          Hmm, perhaps not, Amiami is listing her as sold out, which I did not expect. Hobby Search still has her but they don’t have a stock indicator like Amiami does. HLJ doesn’t seem to list her at all. Curious.

  2. Luth says:

    Thanks for the review! I have to admit, I was more interested in how Phat Company does PVCs more than Lily herself and seeing her dull paint job and especially those wedge hair-things breaks my heart a little. I do like the dynamic look that Lily has though. I’ll just have to pray really hard that they get their upcoming Totori right.

    • Tier says:

      The quality is rather disappointing; I had this (admittedly naive) impression that being under GSC’s umbrella meant that their quality standards would be near GSC’s level. I probably should have known better since FREEing’s Senhime was pretty iffy too.

      As you say, I think she does have an attractive, appealing energy to her. She has a distinctive appearance which does count for a lot in my view. I wish they hadn’t made her base so distinctively ugly, though, since it is really distracting.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Still resent the fact that she got a figure before Luka…ugh.

    I will admit though she looks good…when you can’t see her face. She has a nice rock outfit, but that face just seems so out of place with her overall appearance. >_>

    Thats why I’d say shot 04 is easily my favorite of the lot…Its like you see what you think is a beautiful woman from behind. and then they turn around much to your horror…

    • Tier says:

      I’m not familiar in the least with the Vocaloid stable but I’m kinda surprised by that as well; I always see lots and lots of Luka images on Danbooru. I probably see her the second most out of any of the Vocaloid characters, probably because I’m always searching for tentacle stuff and her tentacle head incarnation always gets mixed in with what I’m really looking for.

      Haha, yeah, I guess I can see why her face might not be too attractive. I kinda wish they’d put a little color into her lips, she’s got a protruding lower lip but it looks sorta weird, being the same color as her skin.

  4. Fabienne says:

    This figure looks quite nice judging from your very good pictures and two others I’ve seen on mfc.

    The face looks good with the more detailed mouth and the eyes and also the clothes doesn’t look bad, especially the boots are very nice.
    The microphone is a cool item.

    what I dont like is the texture of the hair and the way they’ve put the two strands at the back of her head looks bad and unclean.
    I don’t know if I should like the color of the transparent base or not,at least the shape looks good.
    Is she really only 17cm tall, that seems a bit small, my loli Nanoha is 16cm in height.
    I guess they would look strange together ;p

    btw your bass/guitar looks great (for some reasons I can’t tell the difference between both instruments aside from the sound they make XD)

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, she is really short. I’m not sure where they got that 200mm height that Hobby Search lists; she’s not close to that even if you include the height of her base. I guess maybe they do not know how to use a ruler or tape measure either.

      Those two long strands of hair look pretty bad, I wish they could’ve puttied over where they joined them to her head. Normally I don’t notice seams and gaps in the hair but those two pieces of hair looked so bad that it was impossible not to see them.

      Thanks XD It’s a bass, you can tell by the four strings (a bass will usually have four or five strings – occasionally six – and a guitar will typically have six or seven strings).

      • Fabienne says:

        Now I have some doubts about ordering the upcoming Chen from Phat Company since its exclusive and expensive, I don’t know if its worth the money, the quality and look of other figures from the sculpor Yoshi left me with mixed impressions 🙁

        Thx for the explanation , now I got it 😉
        do you actually play in a band?
        I had in mind to buy myself an e-guitar, just for making some noise XD

        • Tier says:

          Yeah, it’s tough to say how that figure might turn out and it’s especially difficult to decide since it’s an exclusive. I say go for it anyway; who knows, it could turn out great. Almost every manufacturer makes duds, other than maybe Alter, so hopefully they’ll clean things up and improve with time.

          Nah, I do not play in a band. Nor do I know how to play an instrument, which is one of the greatest regrets of my life. I bought it hoping to learn but I never had the discipline or motivation to keep at it. It really did not help that I started playing World of Warcraft about two weeks after I bought it.

          • Fabienne says:

            Ok maybe I should just give it a try on the Comiket 79 event she looked quite good 😉
            Ah I see, too bad 🙁 this wow seems to be dangerous XD
            but a bass in a room is a nice eyecatcher, I guess.

          • Tier says:

            Yeah, Warcraft sucks up a lot of time and when you look back, you’re amazed at how much of your life you spent on it. I don’t regret playing it but I could’ve done much more productive things with my time.

  5. Cantan says:

    Grrr – downside of using SAL is that my Lily still hasn’t arrived… Hate you Tier!

    I have to say that I do prefer the lifelike proportions.

    Something that worried me a bit about the promo shots however were the pictures of her mouth. I’m not entirely sure why, but it just appeared too distinct and over emphasised. It almost gives too much contrast with her pale skin tones.

    You should be used to dodgy fingernails by now; after all, Kaguya has indistinct digits with a blob of colour on the ends!

    She still looks pretty cute from the pictures. Looking at my desk at present, I have to wonder whether there is a great disparity in the colour of her base from those of the Alter Kanu and Ryomou.

    • Tier says:

      I like the more realistic proportions as well. One of the things that bothers me about my other Vocaloid figure (the old MF Miku) is that Miku has a giant head – it makes her look kinda like a space alien. I often call her ET Miku. It’s easier to see Lily as being a rock girl.

      Or at least it would be if that base didn’t keep calling attention to itself. It has a similar color to the Ikkitousen girls’ bases but it is a lot more conspicuous because of the weirdo shape and the big speaker cabinet sprouting from it. I really wish they went with a solid black or a transparent black or something.

      • Cantan says:

        Is her scaling really worse than Buddy’s? Was very disappointed at Buddy’s small size among other things (and someone I know rated her highly anyway!)

        Buddy only had black knickers, if Lily has a black thong, does that mean she’ll be top of your favourites 2011 (despite her other flaws)?

        • Tier says:

          Yeah, she’s shorter than Buddy and she’s noticeably out of scale for her actual height. Buddy’s scale height translates to a real-life height of just over five feet tall, which looks reasonably accurate, whereas Lily would be well under five feet tall, which doesn’t seem plausible. Who knows though, maybe she actually is a performing midget.

          Nah, I liked Buddy mainly because I liked her face; I singled out her underpants for criticism, since they don’t have the detail they ought to have. More shame that, given her H origins. Lily will surely be near the bottom, though I have some doubts she will be pulling the anchor herself as I’ve got BEAT’s Tamaki on preorder, in complete and brainless defiance of both past experience and my common sense. I had made up my mind to cancel her but then Hobby Search changed their cancellation policy, much to my chagrin. I’m a bit tempted to just ignore the payment request for her, whenever it comes.

          I only do favorite rankings at the end of each calendar year, but your suggestion does give me an idea to do a ranking of the most beautiful and appealing panties on my figures. I think maybe I’ll start putting that list together.

          • Cantan says:

            Oh I’m sure Beat’s figures will be a triumph. Why, just the other day I was admiring their new Maid in a Nappy (diaper for those of a north american persuasion) figure. Looks alright, but she should have been toilet trained a long time ago IMO.

            Did think Lily looked pretty stunning first time I saw her promos. I’ll have to wait and see what I think when she finally arrives. She should at least be able to displace Siggy (60% off HLJ sale) from my desk for a while… I hope.

          • Tier says:

            Yeah, Akira’s choice of underpants is pretty disappointing. You’d think a girl like that would try to dress a bit sexier. She looks a lot better with them removed, but even so her ass is not nearly as awesome as Tsuneko’s. Technically she’s a Q-six figure though their past stuff doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence, either.

  6. Chag says:

    Good Lord. Yeah, you weren’t kidding when you said the base is hideous. It has such a messy look to it, like a big puddle of antifreeze. Bleh, just awful.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a review of a Phat Company figure, so this has been very helpful in measuring what can be expected out of them. It’s not really a great first impression, but I suppose they have to start somewhere. They’ve been getting a lot of interesting licensed lately, and if they are successful, they might join the big boys of the industry. Some of the details on Lily look pretty decent, like the zippers and boots, so they’re not all bad. Maybe if given the time to work out a few kinks, Phat Company might ultimately come back to wow us in the near future.

    • Tier says:

      If they do shift over to becoming a big-time scaled PVC maker, I hope they step it up. It could certainly happen; I’ve got some really old figures and they don’t hold up so well compared to modern figures. I wasn’t aware of what they have planned so I checked their Tsuki-board page and, uhh, I see a ton of nendoroids. That doesn’t really put me in their corner but maybe they’ll announce some other stuff in the future.

  7. drakanity says:

    Hmm never heard of Phat company before. I just looked them up. They seem to have a unique look though.

    The Bakuman trading figures look pretty cute. Also the Tohou 3D Dot Heroes look is interesting too.

    What made you decide to get this? I’m not as familiar with her as she seems rather new, but is it because she wears the least amount of clothes than the other vocaloids? Lol j/k.

    • Tier says:

      I thought she looked pretty cute, and she does, but I also thought she’d be bigger since Hobby Search listed her height as 20 cm, which is a reasonable height for a 1/8 scale figure but she is quite a bit shorter than that. I’m not sure what they were measuring to get that value but I don’t think I’ve seen a company misstate the figure’s actual size like that. And yeah, her top flying right off of her is pretty cool XD I’m kinda hoping maybe MF or someone makes a better version of her, as I like her character design.

  8. glockenpop says:

    God I wish I passed on her, but I liked her design, but when she arrived I was bitterly dissapointed. :/ Hideous base, and crappy scaling. I was getting her to display with the GSC vocaloid set since it’s by the same sculptor as Miku, but sadly her scale is smaller than that set, guess that’s why GSC threw this to one of their lesser brands. :/

    The seam lines weren’t very well thought out in this figure, there’s also a giant one joining her arm that’s under her shirt, luckily it’s pretty hidden, but shows their laziness, they should have at least covered it up like how they usually do seams. D: Mine also has a weird paint smudge on the top of her head, like they dipped the black paint into the yellow by accident and decided to paint it anyway. D:

    I think I’m going to have to sell her soon. XD

    • Tier says:

      I feel the same way, looking at the promo shots and the actual figure, the figure in the promo shots just looks so much better than what they actually produced. Like in this promo shot and this picture, where’d those seams in her bangs come from? Did they just clone them out in the publicity photo? And where did they get that 20 cm height from? I mean, I’ve been sitting here with a tape measure and I can’t figure out how you can get that unless you’re counting her microphone stand.

      Ugh, that’s even worse; that flat, lemon-yellow hair calls a lot of attention to itself and it’d be even worse with a dark stain up on her skull. I might be following your plan too, if I decide to start moving stuff to free up some shelf space.

  9. Cantan says:

    Just noticed two differences between your shoot and the promos – first up the base – clear plastic circular base on amiami, also her hair looked almost translucent in the promos – seemed a much lighter shade (though it could be your lighting I guess).

    Will have to wait and see what mine turns out like – always annoying when the figures differ substantially from the promos.

    • Tier says:

      It’s probably the lighting, Lily’s hair is translucent at the ends and then graduates to opacity about an inch from their tips. Real-life Lily’s hair is bright yellow, perhaps too bright; it’s almost overpowering and highlights some big seam lines in her bangs. Looking at the promo shot, I also see that prototype Lily doesn’t have those huge-ass gaps in those two strands of hair coming off the back of her head. Heh, she does look good in the promo shots, doesn’t she? Too bad that’s not the figure they actually sold. That clear plastic base is a lot better than what’s in the box, too.

  10. super rats says:

    My favorite parts are the mic and the monitor. The mic isn’t really attached to her is it? Not that I’d get it just for a mic stand, but if I did and would retire it as soon as I needed space, I’d look to keep the mic as a prop for someone else at least.

    • Tier says:

      The mic is loose in her hand, though unfortunately the speaker cab is fixed to the base. At least I think it is; I haven’t tried prying it off. Recycling the mic stand with other figures would probably give you the best value for Lily’s cost.

  11. Aka says:

    I love how in your opening paragraph you call Miku a sellout, I’d never really thought of it that way before. I always thought she was more of an idol than a musician in the first place making all the cosplay-ish stuff make sense. Lily on the other thand seems a bit more rock than Miku ever did. Definitely so with that black thong of hers.

    I need to use a thesaurus more I think in my posts, reading through yours I’m remembering words that would be of great use if only I could remember them when I wanted.

    I’m a little disappointed that they glued her top to her breasts, while it was expected I did hope for some potential wardrobe malfunctions. I’d definitely rather see Lily’s breasts than Michael Jacksons… er I mean Janet, whatever.

    Seeing Lily compared to a high schooler she looks like she must be in elementary school which really seems out of place given her physique. Well, they say kids are growing up fast these days…

    All this talk of music is reminding me of some of our conversations on IRC… I’m sorry that I’m so argumentative! And only half the music you like is bad! Okay, actually looking at the list perhaps it’s all bad but sprinkled with some awesome here and there.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t so much calling Miku a sellout as lamenting that so many musical artists that I have liked in the past have sold out and shifted their music and lyrics to a more mainstream norm. You’re right, Miku or the other Vocaloid characters can’t sell out because their whole reason for existing is to sell stuff. And they seem to do it extremely well, just looking at all the figures they’ve got on the way this year. Who’d have thought that what’s essentially a singing advertisement could perpetuate itself for so long?

      I thought the same with Lily, that she looked like a rock star. The funny thing is that I listened to a few of her fan-made songs and none of them were rock songs, and her voice comes from a singer who does vocals for a rap group. Part of me thinks that it’d be really cool if there were an anime girl character who likes rap music but another part of me would probably recoil in horror.

      Ha, it is all good. And I am comfortable with my musical taste, I’m old enough now that I’m not bothered at all. A writer that I respect once said that the music you listen to at 30 is the music you listen to for the rest of your life; I’m thinking that’s going to be completely true in my case.

      • Aka says:

        I have no idea how vocaloids have managed to perpetuate for so long, more so for a single “character”…. I wonder when she’s going to get her own anime?

        I’m not sure I’ve heard any Lily songs to be honest, I’m much like you and don’t follow the vocaloid thing that much. That said, I do listen to Hatsune Miku songs, they’re catchy in that foreign way where you can’t really sing along but you try to anyway. I’ve yet to hear any of the other vocaloids with such a catchy tune, well I suppose there’s one or two by the twins or at least one of them.

        In a couple of years I’ll be hitting that 30 mark, I’d like to think the music I listen to will be what I listen to for the rest of my life. I’m assuming you mean just genre, I don’t see it changing much, but artists could.

        • Tier says:

          Yeah, that’s what I’m curious about too, if an automobile maker can get an astronomy anime, I’d think the Vocaloid girls ought to get some sort of singing anime. Especially since there’s such a tight relationship between anime shows and J-pop music.

          I haven’t heard too many Vocaloid songs other than the ones I checked out just to write this review and my review of the Black Rock Shooter figure. I think that was a mistake on my part because I really did not like the Black Rock Shooter song much and it colors my perception of the other tracks people have made. I’m sure people have done some really great stuff with the software and if I had any musical talent at all, I’d probably be right there trying to make songs myself.

          Yeah, that’s what I mean, I just don’t have much motivation to listen to what the kids are listening to these days. I’m actually going back and buying albums from artists I liked back in the 80s and 90s but only ever heard their singles on the radio or on MTV and VH1. Damn I’ve been feeling really old.

  12. Devil Dan says:

    Her hair looks kinda plasticky in the pictures. I like tattoos, tribal designs are OB but what I really love are big colorful yakuza style back tattoos. Like in this pic of Momohime, or like those in Oni Tensei. I don’t remember ever seeing a figure with something like that. I guess it would be difficult to paint and wouldn’t look as good as a sticker or on a small figure.

    • Tier says:

      A yakuza gangster girl figure would be awesome. I don’t recall many (or any) off the top of my head; I’ve got a Revy figure who has a tattoo on her shoulder, but it doesn’t look that great; it basically just looks like black paint rather than tattoo ink.

  13. Cantan says:

    Yay, Lily just arrived and she has this amazing blue base and… yeah, she’s not great is she.

    Ironically some of my major whinges about her may differ from your own:
    1. She has a heavily receding jaw line – a characteristic I really don’t like.
    2. She has been assembled in tiny little parts, most obviously on her left arm. Each separate part is immediately identifiable as such (all those bloody bangles!), whilst the section immediately before her wrist (with the tattoo) is not even stuck on straight. She has a ruddy kink in her forearm FFS!
    3. When I saw your review and the hair wedges, I assumed that they were detached in the box and required insertion… it’s very lame that it comes like that, particularly as the publicity model did not have this issues.

    Personally I’m not particularly worried about her small size. I have a wide variety of scales on display at the moment and in terms of figure height she is a bit taller than both Alter Ryomou (kneeling) and Megahouse Echidna (showing T&A).

    My major gripe these days is the bit part assembly of some characters. I recently bought a second hand Shii Arisugawa which is a very nice model… except for her underwear. The way it is cut into the figure is horrific (she is definitely keeping her skirt on). Some manufacturers do it very well – a good example is Daiki’s Leina (which I am still disappointed didn’t make it into your top five – maybe if you had bought the black armoured edition) whose hips are actually fantastic, with her curves accentuated by the straps.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I think if I’d taken her out of her box when I got her and had her sit on my desk for a week, I’d have ripped her harder. She’s not impressive at all. Maybe I’ll stay away from these smaller GSC-affiliated makers until I see someone else’s review; what I’ve seen from FREEing and Phat Company doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence (don’t think I have anything by Gift yet so I dunno about them).

      I like Leina but I think her pronounced eyebrow furrow knocked her out of the running. You’d think I’d notice her tits and hips (which, as you say, are world-class) but I always see that fold between her eyes first.

      • Cantan says:

        Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on Leina. She’s top-lit on my desk so her hairline casts a shadow anyway. I’ve always quite liked her expression – almost wonder whether you can combine her with the new tentacle stand – arm-covering-breasts stance and that expression, she’d fit right in and really have something to worry about! Guess it’s all a matter of scale though.

        Yeah, I’m starting to go off Lily more-and-more. Ironically it’s not the shiny plastic hair, nor the kinked arm or the base (which I never really notice anyway)… it’s that bloody jaw line. She looks inbred FFS.

        • Tier says:

          I need a tentacle stand that is closer to 1/6 scale. I mean, the tentacle stand can work with stuff that small but it looks like the tentacles are gonna punch through them Zanjibaru-style.

  14. OeKintarouG says:

    That’s called butterface. Nice body… but her face…

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I shoulda ripped this figure a lot harder than I did. I stashed it away beside my television, faced towards a wall. I don’t really think about it all that often anymore and I’m thinking it’s one I ought to offload on eBay at some point.

  15. Kamugin says:

    42 comments already, it diminish my desire to add one more but I’ll do an effort.
    I like your pictures, although the colors are over saturated, but this and the guitar you pick to compose the scenes gave a vibrant felling to them. I owe a copy of this figure myself and I can say she looks better in your pictures than in person. I agree with your comments about the base, it’s awful, but I’m being more and more used to it over the days. But I can’t agree about the fingernails polish, they aren’t the best I’ve seen but they’re fairly good. Like you I think Phat Company have a good chance to iprove their figurines with the given time. There are some things you didn’t comment and are worth to mention: the whole figure, not only her legs, is very sturdy, they’ve used a better plastic to make her than the ones used by respected companies sometimes. They used a real screen to cover the soundbox, that was a nice attention to the detail. The microphone ia also pretty good, but I dislike it being loose on her hand thus failing to keep in place. I think the original artwork has a better face that shows a confident look, the sculptor failed to catch that and the figurine face, although isn’t bad, displays a silly smile. They cheated on us saying this figure is 1/8, she is more like 1/10, since she is the same size of Asuka apron ver. by Wave Like you I praise the black panties, I’m tired of the white ones too, but I dislike it being a thong. Lily doesn’t seems to be that over sexualized girl… perhaps her produtor is exploiting her =) This figure deserves an 8/10, but I’m growing more and more fond of her.

    In the end I wrote so much that I should have written my own review…

    • Tier says:

      The small size is the thing that displeases me the most about Lily. I like larger figures and I don’t buy any of Wave’s 1/10 scale stuff, even though they have a few figures that I’d otherwise be interested in. It thus annoys me that I have a figure that is effectively 1/10 scale. I’d forgive most of her faults if she were appropriately sized.

  16. icelava says:

    Just got my box today, which was a lucky find given the age of the product.

    However I was aghast to discover as I pulled her out of her plastic sheets that her fringe right in front of her face is damaged with small scrapes and shreds. Or what appears to be defective moulding process. I am unsure if it is possible to repair these.

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