Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters!

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

I guess it’s no shame to admit that I’m a typical shallow, hormone-driven male. When I assess a figure for purchase, I first judge it on whether I like the character but since I’m not familiar with most of the characters that are turned into figures, I mainly judge on looks. In this particular figure’s case, “looks” means panties. I know nothing about the character or where she comes from, but I know that she’s flashing her panties with a smile, and that’s enough to meet the requirements for my collection.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

Sasami Sasasegawa comes from the visual novel Little Busters! It was developed by Key, the same company behind the well-known games Clannad, Kanon, Air, and such. Wikipedia tells me that the game seems to be a typical VN where the player tries to hook up with one of several girls. However, it also tosses in fighting game elmeents. And baseball. I’m not really sure how that works. I’m much more familiar with the other Little Busters, one of the main songs of the spastic Gainax anime FLCL. Performed by Japanese rock band The Pillows, it gets played during the “Fuck yeah!” moments of the anime, like when Canti transforms into a giant cannon or when Haruko brains something with her Rickenbacker. Why Key took that name and turned it into a dating sim, I can’t imagine.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

Presumably Sasami is not a very big girl, because this figure is pretty small, almost certainly the smallest Alter figure I own. Sasami is around 11 centimeters tall, though her head is about the same size as most of Alter’s other 1/8 figures so she’s still in scale. She comes with an oval base striped in a blue and white pattern reminiscent of the classic anime striped panties pattern, though Sasami’s drawers are black, not striped.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

Speaking of her drawers, they’re black and lacy but a bit more conservative than I had anticipated and I find that a little disappointing. I figure that a girl showing her goodies like this ought to be wearing some scandalous underpants, but nope, Sasami’s just wearing some black briefs. We don’t get to see any toe either, which I guess isn’t too surprising, since Alter usually isn’t so lowbrow.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

Sasami’s got some animal ear-shaped hair ribbons and is holding up her hand in a traditional cute catgirl gesture, which should drive me nuts since I hate that sort of thing, but it’s not too blatant hair so I’ll make an exception. I’d definitely have passed on this figure if they were real cat ears or if she had a tail or something, however.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

Her blouse and neck ribbon look quite plastic but the paint application is pretty clean, and the shading in the creases of her shirt gives a nice impression of depth. Maybe you can justify that by assuming her shirt is made out of rayon or something. On the plus side, she’s got a lot of nice details which other manufacturers (*cough*Orchid Seed*cough*) might skimp on. Her right hand features fingernails even though they’ll be hidden by her base or whatever surface she’s sitting on, her blouse has buttons even though they’re pretty hard to notice, and her legs aren’t melded together even though her right leg is pressed up into her left.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

She’s got a very cute face, with sloped eyes and a small, mysterious smile. One thing that looks kinda odd is her eyebrows; they’re very high up on her head. If you alternate looking at her eyebrows and her eyes for a while, they start looking weird.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

I bought her mainly because I figured she’d be flashing her underpants and by that rationale, I guess Sasami isn’t entirely what I was hoping for. Okay, admittedly, that’s a really dumb reason to have bought her, but the other thing is, I didn’t really get any great ideas for taking her picture when I saw her first photos. With many of the figures I preorder, I’ll start thinking how I want to photograph them right away, but with Sasami, I never really got any inspiration. Part of that is my lack of familiarity with the character and part of that is due to her being a typical smiling schoolgirl. I think that if I don’t get any photographic ideas when I see a figure, and if the figure isn’t showing any tit, I ought to think twice about ordering it.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

All that said, though, she’s a pretty cute figure. It’s not the figure I’d hold up as an exemplar of Alter’s status as the preeminent figure maker, but quality-wise, it’s still very nice, without any major problems. I don’t think she’s quite as interesting as the other figures Alter is making, such as test suit Asuka or Buddy or Dizzy, but I’m certain that Little Busters! fans or people who enjoyed Key’s other games will like her very much. Me, I like her, but I’d like her a helluva lot more if she were wearing a thong or something.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

If you want to see pictures with much more even lighting, check out foo-bar-baz’s review. Funny story while I was photographing Sasami: I noticed that my camera’s shutter sounded sort of strange, and I wasn’t sure why. I hoped that the shutter wasn’t going bad, since I’ve had my camera for only half a year, but I got through most of the shoot without any problems. Then I look at the LCD and I notice the shutter speed is set to 1/15 sec rather than the 1/250 I almost always use. I must’ve been cruising along in autopilot mode not to have noticed that. If you see any motion blur in my pictures, that’s the reason why.

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

Here’s Saya Tokido, another girl from Little Busters! I never did review her, did I?

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

What sort of panties does Saya wear?

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review

All hail the queen!

Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review
Alter Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters! Figure Review
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30 Responses to Sasami Sasasegawa from Little Busters!

  1. Chag says:

    Never mind the rest of the figure — Sasami’s bottom half looks great when her right leg strategically hides the space that lies between her plump thighs. I have a feeling that her pantyshot is best left to the imagination, because I reckon it’d be hard to successful step up to the lofty stage set by her thighs. Aketagawa and Hiromitsu definitely could’ve been more generous with her set of cheeks and choice of underwear, though.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, the zettai ryouiki fans are another group that will like this figure. I’m not a big dedicated fan of such, and of the figures I’ve got of girls wearing skirts, I generally remove it if I have that option. I really have the feeling that most of the fetishes I enjoy are not at all in concordance with those held by the mainstream of this hobby. I do agree that that’s the best view, though; she’s got some mighty fine legs (and a dangerously short skirt) for a loli-sized girl.

  2. Shashin says:

    Eh, I’ll be happy with the figure regardless of the disappointing selection of panties. If only because my obsession with purple haired anime chicks and the fact that I love the dakimakura I have of the character. Still, great photos as always, even if you never figured out exactly what you wanted to do for the background; I always appreciate the photos as they’re both enjoyable to view and help me with future purchase decisions. Though I haven’t posted on the Kureha figure review, your work there is absolutely amazing and I almost regret canceling the figure at last minute.

    And as is always the case with me, on the subject of dakimakura, I’ve just about purged all of my October figure preorders (with the exception of a few I must have/can’t cancel, but I still canceled some ones I really wanted) and went on another dakimakura buying spree. The end result is four purchased from Mandarake (including an Illust Guerrilla that scared the hell out of me because it was held up in customs for 2-3 while one that shipped a few days later arrived today; should hopefully get the other tomorrow) and 3 on their way to the US from SMJ.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I do dig the hair color, it’s a big reason why Psylocke is my favorite comic book character, Senhime is my favorite Sengoku Rance character, and why Exelica is one of my favorite figures. I think this is a pretty good figure, just not the right figure for me. I probably should’ve spent more time thinking it over, since I’m not really a big fan of lolis, catgirls or girls mimicking cats, and while I like short skirts and school uniforms, they aren’t major fetishes of mine. And thanks for the compliment XD I generally stay positive in most of my reviews, but you can tell whether I really like I figure by how much effort I put into the pictures. Other than with big figures, anyway … they’re just too dang big to set up a proper background for, most of the time.

      That’s some cool stuff, I got my second big-ass doll recently and I ordered some additional doll stuff which I think pretty much rounds out most of what I was wanting to get there. Hopefully I’ll get the two dakimakura I’ve ordered in a few weeks; I’m also digging this one and I’m wondering if I should order it. I might not have a big thing for seifuku, but I definitely do have a thing for exercise wear.

      That’d terrify me if Customs started rooting through my stuff. Does that sort of thing show up in the tracking information or anything?

      Like a lot of people, I had a ton of figures preordered for October and this was looking like a painful month, but they’re all getting kicked back to next month. I know that I probably ought to just save the money that I would have otherwise spent, but the irresponsible part of me is telling me that now I’ve got some more free money to spend on goodies, and while I keep telling myself not to buy more camera stuff, I gotta admit that a new flash and maybe a new memory card are looking very appealing.

  3. Shashin says:

    I’m just generally fetishistic; don’t have any major ones, except for maybe the purple hair, but I do like almost all mainstream fetishes. You know, cat girls, schoolgirls, and all the like.

    I like it, and I’d consider it. Honestly, of the three dakimakura I received so far, only one hasn’t disappointed me. My expectations were admittedly high for the first I received; it was a Fate (as in the character) cover from the circle that I ordered the Saber/Rin cover from; which was an absolutely exceptional piece. This one wasn’t scaled well, and looks a little off, nor is it as graphic as the other. The other was of a To-Love-Ru character; I was actually pretty happy with the poses, but it went for the traditional level of detail when it comes to certain areas (a line and a dot.) The one that really pleased me I received today; Kampfer cover with Shizuku/Natsuru on one side, and Natsuru/Akane on the other side. Hopefully you’ll do some more dakimakura reviews in the future; I’d love to see what you have coming in the mail.

    I’d highly doubt it, and I’m only speculating that they searched the package. It entered customs on the morning of the 12th, then the Kampfer cover entered the afternoon of the 13th. The Kampfer cover cleared yesterday in the morning, and the Illust Guerrilla finally cleared in the evening today.

    Same here, but I started checking Mandarake against on a daily basis, and they had added some covers I wanted. So I said screw it, looked through their list, and decided I would pick up 4-5; managed to find the Illust Guerrilla one hidden in the mix of dakimakura. Then I said, “okay, I’ll order a few from here and then just go check out YHJ for some I want.” Bought 3/3, paid for the ones on Mandarake, and the next morning they had added the Kampfer dakimakura. I had already really wanted it, but I missed the preorder on D-Stage.

    • Tier says:

      I’ve got certain ones that I like … guns, swords, bikini armor, long hair, spandex, thongs, gold-colored eyes … and then there are the ones that I dislike and usually negate anything I might otherwise like about the character, like animal ears, tails, futanari (more of a doujinshi thing), tan lines, anything scatological, and so on. Oh, and particularly tsundere personalities, although I usually don’t know whether a character is such because I’m so often unfamiliar with their backgrounds. I gotta admit, I’m not digging the anime version of Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls as much as I had hoped because it comprises a rehashed set of the generic, derivative personality types you’ve seen in a couple dozen recent anime series.

      Yeah, I guess that’s one of the tricky things about dakimakura covers, you don’t always know how it’s going to turn out since you don’t always get full images of the front and back. I’m thinking really hard about picking up the one I linked, and assuming preorders don’t shut down soon I think I will, but it’s a tough decision since pillowcases aren’t my primary focus and the exchange rate seems to be showing no indication of climbing out of the toilet. I did use a new proxy service recently (Yokatta Web) which seems reasonably cheaper for web orders than M-World, so that might be one way for me to save a few bucks.

      I had planned on shutting down doll purchases recently, but then I found someone selling a nice leash and cuff set which looked nice, so I got that, and then I stumbled across a Yahoo Japan auction with someone selling a nicer bondage harness that what I was already using on my big-ass doll and as I had already spent a ton of money on doll stuff, I figured hey, why not. And if Canon puts out some new rebates this month, I might think about getting some more camera stuff. I’m guessing this is not what anyone would consider healthy behavior.

      • Shashin says:

        I haven’t picked it up yet… mostly because I’m a pervert/like to watch things in one block, so I wait for the DVD release to watch it uncensored and all at once. I have recently picked up my anime viewing however, and am following a few shows this season as well as watching a few from the last season.

        My favorite has to be High School of the Dead; I watched the two DVD episodes and was pleasantly surprised that there was quite a bit more than fanservice (though there’s a metric ton of it.) So I ended up watching the entire thing on tv broadcasts, granted it was the ATX version, so it was at least slightly uncensored. If I hear that the remaining DVD episodes significantly ramp up the dispersal of clothing/shadows/hand placement, I’ll definitely be willing to watch it again.

        Then I’m watching three shows this season so far (after seeing screen caps of Samurai Girls, I decided I’d wait for DVD.) Panty & Stocking, which I thoroughly enjoy… and it has one of the hottest transformation scenes I’ve seen in an anime. Yosuga no Sora, which is surprisingly enjoyable to watch for other than the obvious reasons; I watched the first episode because of the promise of boobs and found myself enjoying the introduction to the characters. And I guess I have a thing for jealous loli sister goodness. Which brings us to Ore no Imouto Didn’t know what to expect going into it, but it has been fairly enjoyable thus far.

        Very true. I’ve had a few that absolutely blew me away when I couldn’t really see much based on the preview image, and then had others that were very disappointing even though I tried to do quality control by scouring Google for previews. I got my Illust Guerrilla dakimakura today, and I haven’t opened the shrink wrap yet, but I couldn’t help but laugh by the freebie pack in: several packs of tissues.

        I might check it out and see if they’re willing to bid on restricted auctions (like fwisy’s.) He happens to have a dakimakura that I absolutely must have, but no one else has listed it in the last two weeks. I did manage to track down the original site that sold it, and I think they may make them to order, so I may try that first; even with extra special order deputy fees, it would still probably come in at a good $100 cheaper than what fwisy is listing it for. I’m really not sure if I’m misunderstanding the website, though. The page says to email about order inquiries, but the dakimakura cover was originally releases in 2006, so I’m not that hopeful that they’ll still print them up. Still, I’ll try getting SMJ or another deputy to email them after I pay down some of the current dakimakura debt.

        Oh, I hope you’ll either upload some photos with one of your current dolls or do a new doll review specifically for the purpose of showing off those fun items.

        • Tier says:

          Yeah, the censoring kinda drags down Samurai Girls, though I’m more annoyed by the generic personalities. The male lead is a typical spiky-haired anime guy who knows how to swing a sword but gets flustered any time he sees a tit, Senhime’s a tsundere, Yukimura is a loudmouthed, rambunctious loli, Hanzou is a submissive (at least that makes her more interesting than most of the cast) … oh, and Yagyu Jubei is ripped right out of Ikkitousen. She’s relatively immature, cheerful, and harbors some sort of inner power that dwarfs everyone else’s. I guess I enjoyed watching the first two episodes, but damn, one of these days I’d really like to see an anime that isn’t a derivative rehash of generic archetypes and plotlines.

          I didn’t make it too far into High School of the Dead; the lead girl annoyed the hell out of me at the end of the first episode and I didn’t watch any more. Maybe I should give it another shot. dunno if I’m gonna watch Yosuganosora; I skimmed the first episode real fast and felt that Sora was a bratty, belligerent bitch and that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as a result. I did like that weirdo skit after the first set of credits, though. And I dunno if I’d like the other incest anime much; I hate tsunderes and I have the impression that the manga’s creator was just trying to make the female of his dreams, which is his prerogative but I don’t think that it makes for a compelling premise for a story. (Incidentally, I watched a movie titled Weird Science as a kid, and it involved a couple of nerdy kids doing just that; they build a machine that will make the perfect female. I remember I liked the movie, but it comes to mind now that the female they made was definitely not a belligerent bitch, and I wonder now what the hell is with anime culture’s obsession with snotty, argumentative, needy female characters. Why can’t female anime characters stand on their two feet? Why the hell does a guy who essentially runs a semi-pornographic anime figure site need to ask that sort of question?)

          God I feel old now.

          Haha, that’s a hilarious gift they sent. It kinda reminds me of this one time when I was in college and there was this girl who was part of some student group and handing out free condoms to every male who walked near her.

          I recall that Yokatta Web offers a translation service for a small fee, so that might be worthwhile if you can’t find someone trustworthy who’ll translate for free. I figure for a holy grail item, going to unusual and extraordinary lengths to acquire it is justified.

          I think that’s a good idea, I got this 18″ tall Terminator T-800 endo-skeleton doll for that purpose. I guess it’s more of an action figure, but I call anything that’s 1/6 scale or bigger and has articulated limbs a doll. It’s a little bit shorter than the vmf50 dolls, but that’s fine, it’s not too apparent when the girls are on all fours.

          • Shashin says:

            Oh, fun. I see your point, though; there seems to be very little anime these days that has any hint of originality (even if you overlooked the fact that most seem to have a manga/eroge background.) It would be nice to see something new, but since I don’t watch that much anime, as long as the rehashed plot lines continue to be entertaining with a healthy supply of boobs, I’ll be moderately happy.

            Yeah, I never grew to like her, even after I finished the anime, but being easy to please, the purple haired Saeko makes it all worth it in the end. I got the same impression, but she’s just too damn cute for me to care otherwise; and once again, as long as I’m moderately entertained throughout the episode and provided with a healthy supply of fan service, I’ll continue to watch it. We’ve already established that I don’t have much criteria when it comes to anime I watch, but I’ll admit I don’t particularly care for the sister. Despite that, the show is just really easy to watch for me.

            I’ll definitely check them out when I have the money to do so then. I wouldn’t mind snatching the one fwisy has now if I could go through SMJ, and there are two versions of the cover (one has fluids) and he doesn’t specify which it is. I’ll probably just keep my eye out for it on YHJ this month, pick it up if I see it listed by someone else, and if not I’ll try to get someone to email the creator.

            Heh, I can’t wait.

          • Tier says:

            I didn’t overlook that so much as I didn’t think it was pertinent; I dislike generic, archetypical characters in manga and video games as much as I dislike them in anime. I like my porn to be as exploitative as possible, but I get annoyed when normal shows and games are exploitative.

            I might give High School of the Dead another chance; I find it hard to imagine that zombies, thongs, and guns can be a bad combination, but that’s what I’ve been led to believe so far.

          • Shashin says:

            Ah, I just meant that if you were to look at the very few anime that didn’t come from another work, they’re still generally full of the typical anime story lines/character types; and it’s truly a shame that even in the few cases someone does create an original property that they can’t deviate from the standard archetypes as well.

            It’s by no means groundbreaking; they don’t really introduce anything new in terms of character personalities and as always, some of the leads can be a bit annoying. However, there’s a great deal of zombie killing and the fan service really is over the top.

            In terms of taste, I’d probably compare it with Kampfer; an enjoyable ride, with a balance between characters you love and those you hate, no real conclusion, some cool fights, and an ample amount of bosom.

            On the subject of Kampfer, I remember being disappointed in one of the DVD releases; in a few episodes they have a couple scenes that you just know they put in for people to buy the DVD (usually because of the yellow caution tape covering the goods.) I recall that in one of the DVDs that got rid of the caution tape, they either didn’t take the time to add nipples or still found a way to cover up the goods; I don’t remember which. If you do give High School of the Dead another chance, you may want to wait for the DVDs; though there aren’t any offensive rays of light that I caught, they still have a good amount of hand/shrubbery over boob action going on in some of the more erotic (i.e. bath) scenes. I just really hope they go all out with the DVDs and not down the road of Kampfer.

  4. Fabienne says:

    Oh and I thought she really has animal ears =O
    I wouldn’t buy her myself but the pose is nice as well as the legs, stockings are always win
    The slanted eyes are cool I’d liked to see that on more figures.
    striped panties would be more fitting to her base but then I think the base isn’t intended to resemble these kind of stripes XD

    the autumm like background setup is really really nice
    whats the stuff under her? nuts or bird seed?

    this post reminds me that I want a new figure, thx for delaying my BRS Anime Version to November GSC

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, she’s pretty cute, but not really special. I think I preordered her back around early summer, when the US dollar/yen rate was like around 90 yen. If I hadn’t preordered her, I’m not sure I would get her now, with the exchange rate being what it is.

      Thanks XD The ground is just a straw dinner table mat. I wonder if anyone can notice my famous, favorite can of sliced pears in the background? It’s right there in the open.

      Haha, yeah, I figured she’d get kicked back, GSC never gets anything out on time. Alter was doing a pretty good job of staying on schedule but I guess neither Buddy nor Asuka will be on time, either. I suppose that’s not all that bad a thing for me, I need to let my credit card cool off a bit after getting some new camera stuff and another big-ass doll recently.

  5. Ashlotte says:

    You bought a tastefully clothed non-curvaceous figure?!? Who the hell are you and what have you done with TIer…

    Mmm this review reminds me I need to get back to playing Little Busters…Along with god knows how many other Eroge in my backlog…All I will say about the game from my limited time with it was it was very odd in a good way and the baseball minigame was damn fun! So fun in-fact I lamented that you were restricted in how long you could play it…

    Oh yea the figure…Mmm not bad? I guess…I dunno doesn’t really make much impact on me. Like Fab said above though I love the autumn-ish thing going just don’t quite know how much I like it with this figure…Sasami is a PITA oujo-sama so seeing this nice farm rustic feel is sortof…errr confusing haha.

    • Tier says:

      I did! Tier is a chump, a poseur. He’s not nearly the pervert he makes himself out to be.

      Yeah, that’s how I feel as well, she’s nice, but well, when I see Buddy or Dizzy or GSC’s Saber Alter, I’m instantly impressed, but when I see Sasami, I’m like, “Oh, it’s a little schoolgirl.” And yeah, I didn’t know what the backdrop was going to look like since I’ve never tried doing it this way before. I ran the shots through Photoshop and I was like dang, it looks like the apocalypse is going on behind her, or a volcano is blowing up or something. That wasn’t entirely what I was going for but at least now I know what sort of results I’ll get from that setup. I might re-use this idea whenever I get around to snapping shots of Kotobukiya’s old Asuka figure; I think they’d be more appropriate for her.

  6. BioToxic says:

    Sasami is really cute, but seems to lack any flare. While she stays true to her source character design and looks stunning her sitting pose just seems so bland and uninteresting. I can see this being a great figure for Little Busters fans, but I can’t say I’m “wow’d” by Sasami.

    Bleh Saya is bleh. MegaHouse really dropped the ball face-wise on that one. I notice her skirt is unclipped, does she do full cast-off?

    • Tier says:

      Haha, yeah, Saya’s face doesn’t look very much like a Key design. I like how she looks, but that’s partially because I’m not a very big fan of Key’s designs to start with (I remember seeing the art for the Air characters years ago and I had absolutely no clue why so many people like them) and mainly because she’s got a very nice rack.

      I don’t think her clothes can be removed; you can kinda pull back her shirt if you want to look at her nipples but her clothing appears to be attached to her. Well, I guess you could wrench them off if you’ve got some skill at repairing the damage, but I definitely do not.

  7. Aka says:

    I too bought her for the same reasons as you, Alter’s choice of angles for the promo shots really worked. And I too am disapointed with what’s been revealed to be her panties, they’re black, boring, too wide… meh. She’s a cute one though, but I feel the pantyshot not living up to expectations makes her pose pointless. It feels like now I’ll have to explain it to people, where if she had fancier underwear people would just understand. Now i have to explain the disappointment.

    • Tier says:

      That was most sneaky of them, not to show a straight-on pantyshot. I’m going to have to be more wary of that in the future. I put her over by my TV, she makes for a cute ornament by herself, and she’s far away enough that I can’t see her panties so I’m not reminded about why I bought her. Yeah, it’d be pretty difficult to explain how such a cute skirt gets paired up by such unflattering underpants, and I guess explaining why you’re so concerned about the underpants could spark an interesting conversation as well. Unless you’re explaining it to anime fans; they’ll understand right away.

  8. Tier says:

    >> Shashin
    Ah, okay. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to avoid them, and I do not dislike them only in adaptations, I dislike them in original properties as well. Actually, I’d think they’d be more likely to show up in an original show because the creators can’t count on tapping an existing fanbase for sales, so they’ll have to pander to the largest denominator to maximize their chance of commercial success.

    I never did finish Kampfer, and I don’t recall if anyone ever picked it up for US release. I ought to go ahead and finish watching it since i got through about half of it and that’s further than I get with most shows, and I did enjoy it. I don’t think there were any characters that I disliked in that show, which is pretty rare for me since I have no problem hating on characters, but that could definitely change if I watch the last half.

  9. Shashin says:

    I guess it’s the same as any other industry. Americans blame fast food for making them fat, yet they continue to eat it. Or in a more relevant example, the video game industry is fairly tapped on innovation because companies churn out nothing but sequels as it’s the only thing that they’re willing to take the risk on (they know they’ll sell this many units versus the potential of a flop.) Anime is no different; they’ll continue to churn out the same crap as long as it’s keep on selling, with an innovative title coming out once in a blue moon.

    I enjoyed it all the way through, with the exception of the thrown together ending/absolutely terrible last episode that followed the true end. I think hate is a strong word for my previous post; thinking back on it, I didn’t hate any of the characters, but they may have occasionally gotten on my nerves a bit.

  10. Tier says:

    Yeah, though I’ll admit, a lot of the games I’ve played recently and liked were sequels. I’m thinking the best thing for me to do is to simply remain ignorant of the backgrounds of characters whose figures I buy; that way, I can remain blissfully unaware and my blood pressure will stay normal (an important thing for me as I am now old as hell and my family has a history of heart of disease).

    One funny thing I was thinking of recently was that the first anime I ever got into – the Macross saga of Robotech – had a lot of the elements I don’t care for, and yet it remains one of my favorite shows. It had a moeblob in Lynn Minmei, a yandere in Miriya, and a tsundere in Lisa Hayes. And Rick Hunter was sort of an angsty, indecisive male from what I recall. It’s still a great show, though. I ought to pick up the Robotech box set sometime; man, it must be near twenty years since the last time I watched an episode of that show.

    On a completely unrelated note, E2046 is running a 20% off discount off their selection of in-stock prepainted models, and they happen to have Kenshin in stock. Just a heads up if you were planning on picking up that figure and got a wad of bills burning a hole in your wallet.

  11. Shashin says:

    I honestly can’t remember the last mainstream game I played… Okay, that’s not true, it was StarCraft II. However, before that, as far as console/PC games go, I have no a clue. I have been playing some Phantasy Star on PSP, and P3P before that, but handheld games are a bit different; nor do I think either of those games are really that “mainstream.” I’m not going to lie; while I do read most of your reviews word for word, there are time when I skip some of the character background stuff. If it’s easier on yourself and you want to keep an unhindered view of certain characters, I’d say go for it.

    Sadly, I’ve never watched Robotech. I’ve watched the original Gundam and loved it, but was never able to find Robotech on tv/never bothered to look for it online. My brother grew up watching it and has fond memories of it, but I never really had the chance. My Robotech knowledge is limited to the awesome arcadey Xbox game that came out like 7 years ago. Was either Invasion or BattleCry; whichever came first. Remember having a blast with it and that the sequels to it sucked.

    Damn you… I just won another two dakimakura last night on YHJ (a Strike Witches cover + another Illust Guerrilla that I won for cheap.) I really can’t afford it now, but the total should round out at just about $300, and I really can’t pass it up. On the E2046 note, I preordered the Hatsune Miku figure they have. It’s amazing that while I’m not a fan or even really attracted to the character that I have so much merchandise.. two BRS figures (technically different, I guess?), VN02, a dakimakura (actually.. 3, I think if the Evening Call one is supposed to be Miku) and Tony’s figure on preorder… craziness. I do have to say that I really like the E2046 version though.

    • Tier says:

      Man, what was the last one I played … I think the only game I’ve beaten this year is Zanjibaru (which I’m going through again really quickly so I can write an adequate plot summary). I don’t even know where I put my copy of Mass Effect 2 but I know it’s still in its shrinkwrap; I probably should’ve held off on buying it since I could’ve saved myself $40.

      Yeah, I don’t really expect most people to actually read all that I write … I seldom do myself, when I visit other blogs. I try to make things entertaining, but when I don’t know much about characters, I usually just do a quick Wikipedia and Google search to grab some quick information.

      Ah, yes, I think that was Robotech Battlecry. What a great game that was. I really liked how they got a lot of the voice actors from the TV show to reprise their roles; it was like I never grew up, when I played that game. I never did play any of the subsequent games since I heard they weren’t very good.

      Ha, I aim to be of service. I wonder if that Miku figure comes with that huge-ass base? I don’t believe that the garage kit came with it, and I wonder if E2046 would go through the trouble of fabricating it.

  12. Shashin says:

    Hmm, you make a very good point there; one of the reasons I like the figure so much is because of the base. I still like the figure otherwise, but it was definitely the selling point.

  13. Sloth says:

    I missed this review for some reason so here’s a late comment.

    You know, the main attraction here for me is her eyes. They are just so devilishly playful and yet adorable at the same time. I like the look of her purple twin tails, especially the ribbons that make her look like she’s got animal ears without them actually be the real thing.

    There are a couple of things that look strange to me. First is her pink ribbon It looks too flat and mushy IMO. I would have liked to see something more “sharp” looking, not sure if you know what I mean. Second is her feet/shoes. They look too fat and round.
    I do see how people would be disappointed with her drawers though. After leaving us with suspense, Alter disappointingly presented her with very dull “centrepiece”.

    Regarding her eyebrows, I actually think they look fine. They help make the eyes look like they do. I imagine her look to lose that curious and playful appearance with her eyebrows lowered.

    • Tier says:

      Yeah, I was struck by how plastic her bowtie looks; Alter usually does a better job than that on clothing. I also agree about her shoes, I guess maybe I could accept it if they were platform shoes but they’re supposed to be loafers. Her right hand kinda has the same problem, it looks like a fat round pastry.

      I do like the look on her face, but I guess it’s one of the things that also presented a problem; for me I don’t really have any great photographic ideas for cute, playful-looking schoolgirl, particularly since I don’t buy many of those sorts of figures. Wave’s big Tomomi Aizawa figure presented a similar problem and in retrospect I really don’t like how those photos came out. I’m a lot more comfortable photographing an action girl. Or a porn figure.

  14. Pingback: Shadonia » Sasami Sasasegawa – Alter

  15. Cyroselle says:

    Honestly I would have thought that ‘Little Busters’ was a seinen spin-off from the Gunbuster franchise, not in a million years would I have guessed it to be based off a song in FLCL’s soundtrack.

    Cute figure! I like it that A) yes, she’s unabashedly doing some excellent panty-flashing, and
    B) that mischievous look to her face. This figure is altogether adorable.

    • Tier says:

      It is! I think Little Busters is getting an anime soon, so we will get to see what it is about. This reminds me that I really ought to do a review of Saya Tokido; I’ve had her sitting on the shelf for about two years now and I really like that figure, even though it hit the bargain bin everywhere soon after it was released.

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