Amanda Werner from Blassreiter

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular figures on Tsuki-board. There’s this K-On! girl, who’s just a skinny little kid. Black Rock Shooter‘s chest is practically concave. Miku’s head looks wider than her shoulder blades. Dead Master appears to be in desperate need of some Plumpy’nut. Anime girls generally trend towards the anorexic, but some studios appreciate the curvature, and Nitroplus definitely falls in that category. We’ve seen a lot of figures of Nitroplus characters and many of them are busty and full-figured, but Amanda redefines what it means to bring the boom.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Amanda Werner is sculpted and sold by Yamato. The product description lists her as being made in non-scale size, though at about 25 centimeters in height, she comes closest to 1/6 scale.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Amanda hails from the Gonzo and Nitroplus anime Blassreiter, yet another Japanese property with a garbled German title. She seems to wear a fairly typical jumpsuit as her normal uniform in the show, but here she’s wearing something a bit more revealing.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

I’m not certain what she’s supposed to be doing, but her pose does fulfill the most important responsibility of any figure’s pose, which is to emphasize the ass. With her broad hips and chunky thighs, I’m guessing that Amanda’s sculpt will be a love-or-hate affair, but me, I think her ass is spectacular. Usually the face is the most important thing I consider when deciding whether to pick up a figure, but in this case, Amanda’s ass won me over.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Amanda’s face isn’t quite as great as her ass. Her eyes are very dark, the dominating irises combining with her headdress to give her an alien-like appearance. But that’s fine, since really, it’s her ass which is her best part.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

The paint is pretty decent, although there isn’t much to remark upon since she’s showing so much skin. She’s got a fairly basic color scheme that isn’t exciting in the least.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

I thought she was a Chi Alpha Tau sister at first, but apparently XAT stands for Xenogenesis Assault Team.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

When I pulled Amanda out of her box, I was distraught to see that her ankle had broken off. After inspecting it, I found that her foot had simply fallen off of her leg peg. Some super glue fixed that problem, and while I’m hoping that she doesn’t suffer from any leaning problems, Amanda is a hefty figure so it would not surprise me if she did develop a lean.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

I’m a big fan of girls with guns figures, but an outfit like this and an ass like Amanda’s elevates this figure substantially in my esteem. If someone asked me to design a figure, I’d probably come up with something like Amanda. Perhaps with a bit cuter face, but the strappy suit and the ass and the breasts are spot-on to what I’d want. A great figure with a great ass, that’s all I’m looking for.

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

Yamato Amanda Werner from Blassreiter Figure Review

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28 Responses to Amanda Werner from Blassreiter

  1. softz says:

    I absolutely agree with you that the ass is spectacular! Also, she is busty which makes her look sexy. However, I’m not particularly interested in her face which prevented me from getting her.

    Btw, shouldn’t she be cast-off-able? If she is, that would be double sexiness. πŸ™‚

  2. Tier says:

    Yeah, the face bothered me a bit so I waffled for a while before putting in the preorder. I am content with admiring everything else, however.

    She should be! Unfortunately I don’t believe that she is; I didn’t try or anything but her outfit appears to be painted right on so I don’t think it’s coming off without sandpaper or paint remover.

    I wonder if Yamato’s Heat Blade figure will be castoff-able? There was a curious note on Tsukasa Jun’s blog that suggested she might be, and I’ve seen a version of the source art that was sans underpants.

  3. Ami says:

    Well, people collect figures for different reasons. Some collectors would be turned off by a figure like Amanda. Not everyone wants to look at big breasts or a big ass. I don’t think Anime girls generally trend towards the anorexic either. In most cases anime girls tend to have exaggerated breast or ass sizes. That’s why so many people who aren’t familiar with anime think its all about porn.

    Amanda is a nice figure but she does nothing for me. I rather buy some of the popular figures you have have linked from Tsukiboard because they actually have some artistic merit.

  4. archigram says:

    Have to agree, this really is a beautiful figure. Much higher quality than I was really expecting. And that ass truly is a work of art for any that appreciate a little junk in the trunk.

  5. BIPSY says:

    Yowch, that’s pretty harsh. I’d say Amanda has artistic merit in her own way.

    The sculpt is great – if you can say nothing else about Yamato, they always hire very, very good prototypers. The paint application, however, is a little lacking. This is a pricey figure, at over 10,000 JPY retail and for that price some of the paint details seem a little rushed. Mainly the linework around her costume, and also as Tier mentioned the color of the eyes (which seem a bit dark to me as well). Definitely no “deal breaker” problems – she is a very well made figure. But just a little bit of attention to one or two areas could have kicked her into perfection.

    The prototype shots also made the red in her costume look a little bit more neon, which I really liked. The final color is fine, no problems at all, but I thought the neon red really added some punch to the overall figure. The “head” accessory (can’t remember the dude’s name even though I watched the whole series) is also kind of interesting – I wonder if it was included as a kind of crutch to counteract any possible lean, or if he was just thrown in there for flavor? He wasn’t even mentioned when the figure was first announced (and wasn’t in any of the promo shots), but then suddenly showed up at WonderFest in the winter and then was announced as an accessory on the Yamato site a few weeks prior to release.

    Not trying to read too much into anything, I just wonder a little bit what the rationale behind that was!

  6. lu-k says:

    Woah that’s some great curves!
    5th pic… what a view ^^

  7. rq says:

    I like this figure, but there isn’t much detail for something at 1/6 scale. Great bust and ass but that’s basically all there is to Amanda, and for the price point it’s probably understandable if a lot of people don’t get her.

  8. Aka says:

    I still don’t think Miku’s head is too big, I can’t see it, it seems fine too me. Plumpy Nut? I had to look that one up, she looks like a malnurished child? hmm my taste in woman must be getting pretty skewed these days.

    All I seem to get with this figure is that her ass is fat and “I like big butts” stuck in my head. I enjoy a good ass sure, but this one doesn’t come off as a nice one to me. And curves are nice too, but again, she seems to come off as the woman a friend of mine is interested in rather than myself. Veluptuous woman he says. I suspect a lot of my taste comes from the fact I weigh very little myself and tend not to like women who are larger than me in anyway at all except intellect perhaps. To me it looks as though her ass alone outweighs my entire body which is a tremendous turnoff. Unfortuneately for me, Dead Master, Azunyan, Miku and Black Rock Shooter are much closer to my tastes because they’re all either as big as me or smaller when speaking in life-sized terms anyway. And incase anyone’s curious, I weigh around 110 lbs or ~50 kg.

  9. Tier says:

    >> Ami
    Haha, I should’ve put Saber and a couple more of the K-On! girls in the list. Maybe some nendoroids too, I never tire of bashing them. Fair and true enough, though, you certainly should buy what you like, not what some random person on the internet likes. This website comprises my own viewpoint and I’m not concerned with influencing anybody else’s opinion.

    >> BIPSY
    Maybe too good, given the sort of fuss Ringo caused when people spotted the differences between the prototype sample and the version that got sold in stores. Yeah, my main issue is with the eyes, I don’t have the box with me here at work but I recall that the source artwork gives her green eyes, and I think the figure would be much more attractive that way rather than with black eyes.

    I completely forgot to add the head to the photos (I put it next to Max Factory’s Tamaki instead). I was wondering what the deal with that was, since it doesn’t even attach to the base. I think that’s another candidate for accessory that I am likely to lose at some point.

    >> lu-k
    Indeed! If you’ve got it, flaunt it, Amanda seems to be saying.

    >> rq
    Yeah, it’d be a better figure if her pose were more interesting (or at least, if it were more obvious as to what she’s supposed to be doing). Part of that is being handicapped by the source art, and I always wonder why sculptors place such a high priority on faithfulness. Like Kotobukiya’s upcoming Xecty figure, it’s oriented the way it is so that it corresponds to Tony Taka’s artwork, but it’d be a more interesting figure if they had flipped her.

    >> Aka
    Maybe I should’ve linked MF’s Miku instead, but GSC’s was the one on the front page. MF’s Miku’s head definitely looks very large to me.

    Yeah, I can understand that, I’m a stereotypically short Asian person (I’m about 5’1) so I’m pretty much resigned to suffering all the handicaps that plague short people – every woman out there is taller, you can’t ride any of the fun rides at the amusement park (at least, I couldn’t when I was young enough to want to), nobody would ever vote for you for anything, and I can’t count on any of my future progeny funding my retirement by becoming a successful pro athlete.

    I wouldn’t say Amanda is my ideal anime girl … it’d probably be someone closer to like, maybe Mireille from Noir. Mireille wearing Amanda’s outfit, now that would be a figure I’d buy in an instant.

  10. Halbred says:

    DAT ASS. What’s the best viewing angle, Tier? LOL

  11. MONOLITHIC says:

    I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and I bought her for the same reason you did, just like when I bought this last year… A beautiful round booty will almost always get me to shell out cash.:) Of course, the rest of the “package” has to be up to par as well. Still, my Rockin’ Jellybean Invisible Woman has both Amanda Werner and Sonsaku Hafuku beat.

  12. Aka says:

    MF’s Miku definitely looks alien. Not Miku in my mind, an alien impersonating Miku.

    I’m taller than you! by 5 inches! but 3.5 inches shorter than the average in Canada. Though the average female height in Canada is pretty much my height. Damn. I need someone your height Tier, though not you, especially not you.

    Really, Mireille from Noir? Hmm somewhat interesting choice. While I remember liking the show at the time, the feeling I have of it now is that it was mediocre. But I really can’t judge, my ideal anime girl is Horo and that is probably a far less sane choice in many respects…

  13. Chag says:

    I was about to make reference to the “I like big butts and I cannot lie” song, but looks like Aka beat me to it.

    I think the character/figure would look a lot better with a natural hair colour like brown rather than bright pink. That mature body doesn’t really fit with the toony pink. I know the focal point of the figure really isn’t the hair, but when those flat pink locks are in the the way of my view of the big bubble butt, there’s a problem.

  14. Tier says:

    >> Halbred
    Amanda’s got an ass so fat you can see it from the front, but regardless, that back view can’t be beat.

    You know, I still don’t have a Hakufu figure. Got all the Battle Vixens books, got something like a half dozen Kanus, but no Hakufu.

    I wonder if Rockin’ Jellybean is going to do any more sculpts of the Marvel girls? Ms. Marvel would be good, I think … she gets cracked on with fat jokes all the time.

    >> Aka
    πŸ™ But I love you πŸ™ Dang. Now you done gone broke my heart. How will I ever uncry these tears? Bah, I am more woman than you can ever hope to handle anyway.

    Yep, Mireille! Yeah, I wouldn’t say Noir is a great show, though I liked it, mainly due to my fondness for action girls. If the two leads had been dudes, I’d have never watched it. I think Mireille would be a great mate, though … she’s quiet, she can efficiently and silently get rid of the neighbors if they act like assholes, and she’s got a strong maternal instinct so she’d be great with the kids (or the odd stray amnesiac girl who shows up on the doorstep).

    You know, I know nothing of this Holo person … fox … fox thing. I ought to learn who she is one of these days since I see her all over the place (usually with fruit).

    >> Chag
    Yeah, I could see that, darker brown or black hair would give Amanda a bit more grittiness to match up with her costume and her gats. I guess Nitroplus likes the bright-colored hair, though, since I’ve seen a bunch of their characters with wacky hair colors.

    I was reading a review for Amanda a week or so ago, I think on Tomopop, and the writer pointed out that Amanda’s hair is split in a most unlikely fashion just so that her backside is revealed in all its glory. I completely overlooked that aspect when I glanced over the promo photos, but now I think that’s hilarious.

  15. Aka says:

    Well since you don’t know much about her I’ll forgive that you called her a fox, she’s a wolf. Yes a wolf. Though she is foxy. I imagine you usually see her with apples, she has a weak spot for apples. Spice & Wolf I think is pretty hit or miss, either you love it or you think it’s a terribly boring show full of economics with a cute girl. Which while it is about economics, it’s more about Lawrence and Horo’s growing relationship more than anything. So there’s lots of dialog at times with not much happening necessarily beyond character development, but still never did it seem boring to me. But if Horo wasn’t in it and was replaced with any other character, I think it wouldn’t have worked at all. They had a certain chemistry together that really worked, and Horo’s personality really grew on me. Plus she’s attractive and I have a tail fetish, apparently.

    I suspect you’re right about Noir, I doubt I’d have watched it at all if it were men, and I recall being in highschool back when it aired. I recall I once told someone Kirika was my kind of girl back then, or something about Kirika and finding her attractive. Because they gave me this strange look and said “But she’s under 18 isn’t she?” This was strange because I myself had only turned 17 midway through the TV shows run. Additionally, I think I remember watching Soldats release of that show. I have the sound track as well, it’s sorta catchy… But I think the main reason I recall liking the show was because I was young and stupid.

    Anyway I suppose that’s a valid reason for liking Mireille, it seems as valid as my reason for liking Horo if not more so. I have some neighbours I’d love to get rid of. There’s not enough parking for the 3 cars at my house, we have a one car garage and a one car driveway. So the 3rd car always has to park in visitor parking. The neighbour at the corner however has 2 cars and the same parking space. But instead of using their parking space and garage, they decide to use visitor parking for no reason other than convience at the expense of others. As soon as our 3rd car leaves any of the visitor spots (usually all full) next to this persons house they’re out in their Forester taking the spot. It can be any time of day or night, and these parking spot stalkers will steal it immediately. And if they can’t get it, they park in a No parking zone across from their house in the fire route. If we park in the fire route we get a ticket, they don’t. There fore they’re the one’s who call, it has to be. Such dicks.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to complain about my neighbours on your site, but it’s too late now I’m not deleting all of that.

  16. Sora says:

    i got her last week on saturday , i was happy but annoyed at the same time because i thought it would come this week , so i had no money for taxes and had to borrow it
    and that at 8 in the morning, i wasn’t even half awake

    its that what i thought it would be “a unique figur”
    the last pic of her looks really extreame

    i am really happy that i got her , but now i have to find a place for her ( i need more space )

    i got Kiki Oki ( very good )and Himari ( average – good ) aswell with the parcel

    and once again a great review

  17. I have to say that I really can’t stand this figure of Amanda. It’s nothing to do with the sculpt, which is actually pretty decent but it’s due to the simple fact that it’s so out of character, I don’t even know where to begin!
    I endured the whole of blassreiter and not once did amanda come even close to this getup, pose or, well, anything to do with this figure!! For me, The Arnie Grand one is better

    That’s not to say that this figure is bad, it’s just not amanda!

  18. Sora says:

    i tried to watch the anime , but it was too bad for me
    so i can’t tell if she is similar to her , But you are probably right
    and i think nobody buyed her because he/she likes Blassreiter
    but because of this figure i give it a last chance (maybe)

    here a scene from my imaginations because of your first lines in the review

    wrestling showdown :
    Armanda vs. top 5 of Tsuki-board

    Referee: today starts the first battle of 5 and the first one is Nakano Azusa !
    will she be able to win ?
    while the referee was talking, Nakano Azusa was walking in with a cheerful smile and playing with her guitar
    fans : yes whaaa yeah ( loudly cheering )
    suddenly dropped a shot and a loud crack followed
    Nakano’s guitar was shot out of her hands
    in the same moment a wild motor noise howled and Armanda drove with hi-speed to the ring
    she jumped of the motorcycle and enteret the ring
    a few seconds later the motorcycle (GARM) transformed into his demonic form and takes his action pose wich you only see in movies
    armandas fans had only a evil perverted grin in their face and the clicks from hundrets of camaras could be heard
    Nakano Azusa was still shocked ,but she could regain her power because of her faithful fans who where louder than ever
    she entert the ring pointed her finger at Armanda and cried : “You will pay for it , when you are defeated with my graceful play , you will be our maid forever!”
    Armanda only smiled and waited for the referee to start the match
    Referee: 3 ,2 ,1 go !!!
    Azusa : Die !
    she ran without thinking towards Armanda with only victory in her had
    she reached out for a mighty shock on the face
    Armanda already knew what she had to do and was ready for her counterattack
    suddenly the referee shouted : where is Azusa !
    Aramanda laughed and shouted : Didn’t you knew my speciality was “butt attack”!
    everyone was searching for Azusa ,as childish laughter from Armandas fans rise , the referee screamed : ” she is completle concealed under her ass”!
    Armanda heared odd murmuring under her and started laught while being ashamed and thought to her self :
    “why did you learn me only this attack GARM”
    and so the battle ends with sad Azusa fans going to cry all night and The Armanda fans overcrowding the toilet to ……………..(poor toilet cleaner)
    and so no one wanted to fight Armanga again, because nobody was brave enough to fight against the
    “butt attack”

    i hope it doesn’t matter Tier
    and sorry for the boring story telling ;i was bored

    This story is fiction it has no relation to K-On! or Blassreiter (have to watch them )
    so don’t be mad at me

  19. Alex says:

    I did think in buying this one, but the face didn’t look convincing to me.I don’t know much about anime so I don’t know in what series she appears or maybe game. Now I’m fascinated with the Selvaria Bles figure.

  20. Tier says:

    >> Aka
    Wait, what, economics? Like supply side theory and the invisible hand and stuff? Suddenly I am less interested in exploring this wolf girl … god … whatever’s origins … I think I pulled a C in ECON201. Not that I did any better in my engineering classes. I don’t really like animal ears or tails … I’m not sure why, but it’s one of those things that I can’t stand. I’ve still got my Strike Witches DVDs sitting here unwatched entirely because I dislike the ears and tails, even though I am certain that this anime was entirely targeted towards people like me.

    Your neighbors sound like a bunch of motherless fucks. Back when I was in school, I think I had some illegal Chinese immigrants or grad students or something living above me. One day the bathroom ceiling was leaking and neither my roommate nor I could figure out why; it was a really old apartment though so we figured a pipe must be leaking somewhere. However, the problem didn’t go away so we called up the leasing office, and the guy who went to check it out said that these mental giants weren’t using a bloody shower curtain in their bathroom, so water was getting all over the place and leaking down through the floor. Geniuses, I tell you. We moved out a few months later but I wonder how much damage they caused; I hear water damage is pretty expensive to fix.

    Kirika was cool too. There should’ve been a romantic triangle between Mireille and Chloe to win Kirika’s heart and mind and hand and virginity. I dunno if they could have fit it in, though, since it seemed like they were more enthusiastic with showing pan shots of young Mireille’s eyeballs and that pocketwatch she had over and over and over.

    >> Sora
    I wasn’t going to get Kiki Oki, but I was surprised to learn that she has a castoff option. That’s twice in just a few months that Yamato’s surprised us like that. Maybe it sounds a bit strange that I like that figure a lot more now that I know that her skirt is removable, but that’s the way it is.

    >> gundamjehutykai
    Having not seen the show, I will take your word for it. I’ve seen some Nitroplus art with Amanda in this outfit, though, so I guess it technically counts as official.

    You know, I’d seen the Amie Grande one but I didn’t know it showed so much ass. If I’d learned about that and if it weren’t so expensive, I’d have given it some consideration.

    >> Sora
    Haha, it’s all good, thanks for sharing XD Though to be honest, I’ve got no problem with the characters that I listed at the top – I own figures of all of them except for the K-On! girl (though I do own a Mio figure). The intro is meant as a statement that there aren’t a lot of curvy girls out there rather than as a targeted criticism of those characters.

    >> Alex
    I’m still waffling on that figure. I don’t know anything about the character, though I do own a copy of Valkyria Chronicles. Unfortunately it’s still shrinkwrapped as I don’t have a PS3, and I can’t justify getting one until there’s a couple more games I want for that console.

  21. Ayra says:

    “I canÒ€ℒt count on any of my future progeny funding my retirement by becoming a successful pro athlete.”

    I think nearly everyone can say that πŸ™‚

    Selvaria is awesome, and so is Valkyria Chronicles. If you are talking about the Alter Selvaria figure, I found her a bit too expensive for a 1/7… She sure looks nice though, so she’s in my “If I win the lottery I’m getting her right away” list. My favorite character from that game is Rosie, actually.

    I was never going to buy Amanda, but I was curious to see a review of her: I’ve never seen any figure with a behind like that. Overall, the figure’s a bit under what I was expecting: The hair looks odd, especially the bangs and the last pic is a too bit much! She’s okay overall, though.

  22. Tier says:

    Quite probably! Though the list of handicaps that short people suffer goes on: I have to slide my car seat all the way forward and I’m sure the airbag will kill me should it ever pop open, the urinals in the men’s bathroom are too damn high up on the wall to comfortably use, and my feet don’t touch the floor while sitting in a chair.

    I’ve heard so much about this game that sometimes I think that it might be worth getting a PS3 for. Heck, I’m going to get a PSP in a month or two just for P3P, and I’ve already played the first version and P3 FES.

    Haha, yeah, I had the feeling that this figure was going to be polarizing. I buy a lot of the same figures that everyone else does, but I’ve noticed that some of the figures that I own and like aren’t all that popular.

  23. Sora says:

    i didn’t mean it as an insult
    most of the populare figures on Tsuki-board are amazing , nice , cute ,…
    and i don’t know much about the characters
    it was only a crazy and funny imagination in my head and i tried to write it down (bad – average success)
    and i know that you didn’t meant that in your statement

    Valkyria Chronicles is really great anime and game and you will probably need a guide for it
    i orderd the alter Selvaria (will display without the lance)
    i hope a Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Ver.) figure will come out someday

    i think every figure polarized ( more or less)
    but when i had the money i would buy them all

  24. Aka says:

    Yeah it’s somewhat hard to convince people to watch Spice & Wolf after you tell them what it’s about. I do still recommend it anyway, but I do have an animal ear and tail fetish so I’ve got some bias in that respect. That said, I never watched Strike Witches, though super rats over at HappySoda has sorta convinced me to try it out.

    My neighbours are as you say, a bunch of motherless fucks. Sounds like you had worse neighbours though, we haven’t suffered any damage as of yet due to their antics. Though I suspect the kids that keep wanting to play baseball outside are going to break something. Playing baseball in the middle of a bunch of houses and cars seems like a very bad idea. But at least that’s an obvious thing, not like water damage that can be hidden.

    Yeah… less panning shots of those and more losing of Kirika’s virginity. I wholeheartedly agree.

    Also, like you, I now want Kiki Oki more now that I know she’s cast off and where that tail of hers goes. I wanted her until I found out she was Yamato, now I want her because of tail. She’s too expensive though.

  25. phossil says:

    very ass-delicious.
    She has nice….. uhm, guns. πŸ˜›

  26. MONOLITHIC says:

    I noticed you didn’t mention/use the strange horned head prop that came with Amanda. I didn’t know what to do with it until I saw it mentioned on Tomopop about putting it under her right foot to help her potential leaning problem.

    As for Rockin’ Jellybean… She Hulk and/or White Queen (in her classic outfit) get my votes – EASILY!

  27. here-and-faraway says:

    I’ve never seen the word “ass” appear so many times on a page. ^_~

    May I ask you a general question about figure collecting? I know you buy from amiami and hobbysearch. Are there any tips you would give a new collector for saving a few bucks when doing so? Like is it better to order things all at once to save on shipping and handling or is there not really that much of a savings? Do you try to combine things to save on shipping and handling? I’ve pre-ordered a few things from amiami, but, if I’m reading the info. on their site right, shipping and handling won’t be calculated until the figure is released and they have it in stock. And it seems like they only combine things if they are released in the same month. Any advice on how to save a few dollars would be appreciated! Thanks!

  28. Tier says:

    >> Sora
    I didn’t take it as such, I enjoyed reading it XD

    I probably ought to go ahead and get a PS3 already so I can try it out … I know I’m gonna get the console one of these days so I guess there’s not a lot of reason to wait unless a price drop is imminent, and there’s nothing to make me believe that one is.

    >> Aka
    Yeah, if some kids were throwing around and hitting baseballs around my car, I’d be very concerned. It might even be worse than having dumb neighbors above you who don’t know how to install a shower curtain, since you can always call up the landlord to report the problem, but I’m not sure what you can do if some dumb little asshole busts one of your windows (especially if you don’t know exactly which asshole did it).

    I absolutely agree. We need more of that in anime in general … I sorta thought that uhh, that one anime running this season … B Gata H Kei or something … I thought it’d have some of that, but after watching the first episode, I figured they’d never get around to it so I haven’t watched any more.

    Yeah, I think I’ve got like four or five figures due out for release this month so it’s tough to squeeze in an unplanned purchase. We’ll disregard all the doujinshi I just bought and that one figure on YJA that I bid on that I already have.

    >> phossil
    She does! Nice straps, too, helps hold up all her clothing.

    Yeah, I put Amanda up on the high shelf while getting ready to do the photographs so she wouldn’t get dusty, but the head kept rolling around so I put it behind Tamaki so it could ogle her backside. Then I forgot all about it. Maybe I’ll take some shots of it later on and stick them in at the end. I might do the same, since my copy’s ankle already had some damage.

    White Queen would be great, I think it would’ve been better if Kotobukiya had gone with that costume for their upcoming Marvel Bishoujo figure rather than the pants. I mean, I know she’s more Mrs. Summers than White Queen of the Hellfire Club, but Emma Frost doesn’t look right in pants to me.

    >> here-and-faraway
    I aim to set records! Gee, lessee, for saving money … well, if your bank or credit card issuer charges for foreign transaction fees (and as I understand it, most of them besides Capital One do), you may want to roll with Amiami instead, as they only take Paypal so you’ll be charged in US dollars. On the other hand, Hobby Search will hold your orders so that they can ship at once, which may help save on shipping costs; you’re generally looking at about 2800 to 3200 yen to ship one figure by EMS, and you may save some money by having them ship multiple figures in the parcel (substantial money, in some cases; one of my recent orders had two figures, but cost the same to ship as just one figure). I’m not sure if Amiami gives you that option or not. I generally ship my figures individually unless I believe that their release dates are within a couple days of each other, but that’s because I often want to get my figure review up on this site as quickly as possible.

    If you live in the US, you might also look at some domestic retailers. OtakuFuel doesn’t have the widest variety of stock but their prices are very good and most importantly, they do free shipping for orders over $100. They also have very good customer service, which unfortunately seems a bit uncommon among US-based stores. There’s also Amazon; sometimes you can find figures with free super saver shipping there.

    Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions if you have any, I am happy to help.

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