Tomomi Aizawa from Welcome to Pia Carrot!! 3

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

I own a lot of perverted figures and I’ve staked out a niche in the figure reviewing community as someone who likes perverted figures, but this figure might be the most perverted one I own. I wasn’t sure if I was depraved enough to buy this figure, and judging by the dearth of reviews, I suppose not too many other people were, either. With time running out in Amiami’s half-price shipping promotion, I finally caved in and tossed her in the shopping basket. Of course, Amiami extended the discount for an entire month the next day. That’s the way life goes, I guess.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Tomomi Aizawa is a character from the visual novel Welcome to Pia Carrot. She first shows up in the second game in the series and becomes a major character in the third game. She also appears in the anime movie Welcome to Pia Carrot!! Sayaka no Koi Monogatari.

Like To Heart, Fate/stay night, and a bunch of other games, Pia Carrot is less noted for its original eroge roots and more for its cute characters. The Pia Carrot franchise seems to not have had the longevity of those other titles, however, with little new media having been released in the past five years or so. Cute characters never fade away, though, and now Wave has brought her back in plastic format with not one but two figures.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Tomomi comes in 1/5 scale, although her sitting posture makes her fairly compact. She has a clear disc-scaped base printed with the Pia Carrot 3 logo, but she obviously doesn’t need it to sit upright.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

My favorite aspect of this figure is her exuberence, arms enthusiastically stretched out, face locked in an expression of joyful, possibly drug-induced rapture. She’s definitely a girl who wants something – another hit, maybe. Contrasting with her youthful elation is the slight spread of her legs and the detailing thereby revealed, adding a bit of an edge to this figure. Just a bit. Yep.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

I also have no problem admitting that I like girls in tight athletic wear. That’s one of the primary reasons I picked up Kyou a few months back and it’s another reason I picked up Tomomi. Her gym suit is very nicely rendered: her shirt is form-fitting but still baggy enough to be believable, and her shorts look quite real despite being plastic, wrinkles on its sides suggesting looseness while the front is pulled up tightly. She also wears athletic shoes, which I like very much; I wish more anime schoolgirls would wear gym shoes rather than the ubiquitous, boring loafers you see so often.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Tomomi isn’t a very colorful figure but I think the color scheme works very well, the striking violet hue of her eyes and her hot pink shorts effectively complementing the subdued, natural tones of her brown hair and white shirt and socks and shoes.

There are some peculiar paint anomalies, though. She’s got a dark smudge on the tip of each of her fingers, and I’m not sure why that is. There’s also some noticeable darkening of her skin around the tops of her socks. Speaking of her socks, I’d also have liked it if they were sculpted so that the elastic band pinched her skin in a bit.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Tomomi is perhaps a bit younger in appearance than most of the figures that I buy, but regardless, I think that this is still a pretty cool figure. I’ve got the feeling that I’ll be able to find her in the bargain bin in a few months and that I probably could have saved myself a few bucks by waiting, but I don’t regret buying her at all. She’s got a great balance of cuteness and perversity, and for a character like this, I can’t ask for much more.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Wave has another version of this figure that features navy blue shorts and longer hair. I think that figure uses her character design from Pia Carrot 2. I don’t like that version quite as much; I’m sure she has the same face as this Tomomi, but for some reason, her eyes look even more crack-addled.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Sometimes, if you just add a prop or two to a figure, you can change the whole tenor of a picture:

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review


Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Oh the detailing. How old is this character supposed to be again?

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

She balances better than you’d expect in this pose.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

You know, Tomomi is 1/5 scale, but her small stature makes her comparable in size to a more adult 1/6 scale figure … like my Barack Obama doll. Hmm …

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Ehh, nah, it was just a passing thought.

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

Wave Tomomi Aizawa from Pia Carrot 3 Figure Review

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11 Responses to Tomomi Aizawa from Welcome to Pia Carrot!! 3

  1. Blowfish says:

    Hmm I wish you would have completed that Obama Fellatio thought.
    I dont know why but I always thought that Pia Carrot was an Childrens Anime and I am amazed that its actually an eroge you probably wouldnt want your kids to watch.

    To be honest I cant see any pervertedness in this figure.She looks like the usual female figure to me but maybe thats just because I am way to desensitized.

    Ill hijack this comment for an Keuyama realted question:
    Where can I find some genuine figures by them?
    Ive looked them up on Ebay and judging by the Quantities of the figures and the prices ranging from 15$ to expected high prices are turning me somewhat off.
    It seems that all of them are heavily bootlegged and a high price isnt a guarantee that youll buy the real thang.

  2. Tier says:

    I gotta get the president into more of these shoots. I’ve had this idea in my head that I’ve been kicking around for months, but I just need to find a decent alien xenomorph toy and a few more props to get it going.

    I think the first time I heard of Pia Carrot was off of MegaTokyo years and years ago … I think it might’ve been the inspiration behind some of the comic’s characters. Incidentally, I haven’t read that comic in something like six or seven years, so I dropped by just now and it doesn’t seem to have changed much at all since the last time I looked at it. I found that there actually was a Pia Carrot hentai flick; it was released in the US by NuTech, and it has their typical cheesy warning graphics all over the front with “TOTALLY UNCENSORED” scribbled across the bottom and portraits of the porn actresses that they got to do the English dub at the top.

    Yeah, that was sort of a tongue-in-cheek way of suggesting that I don’t usually buy loli-looking figures … I was looking at the Anime on DVD forum while slacking off the other day and I read that the US localization of Dance in the Vampire Bund is going to be censored due to naked loli content. I thought that was sorta weird, since they’re releasing an ostensibly-uncut version of Strike Witches this month here.

    Hmm, I got HNPKer Kotone-chan from Yahoo Japan Auctions and Violet from eBay. I think that most of the high-priced figures sold by Japanese-based sellers on eBay are legit; I got Violet from a guy named vegetable_juice2006. If you’re interested in Hyper Nurse Commander Erika-chan, Toranaona still has her up for sale (edit: looks like they have a very limited number of Hyper Nurse Victory Yuno, too … how weird, coulda sworn she wasn’t up for order just five minutes before I wrote this); they don’t ship outside of Japan so you’ll have to hit up your favorite proxy service to go that route. There’s also Yahoo Japan … I think that link searches for Circle Keumaya (I’m not positive about that, though, being moonrune-illiterate). You’ll have to use a proxy for that, too, and probably an auto-translator like Google Translate to determine exactly what you’re paying for.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Pia…Ya know I feel like I should know this series, but its just not ringing any bells in my head at all….hmmm…

    Ah well was a nice reminder for me that at one point Wave actually made something other then freaking swim suit figures 24/7. >_>

    Oh and Revoltech is making a nice affordable Alien figure if you want one Tier. :p

    @Blowfish Actually those ones that you see for cheap are Legit…Hell I even bought one. What happened was because of the bruha from them getting kicked out of the event they released Kotone/Black/Pink Goat at they ended up with a large surplus and they had already planned a internet re-release if memory serves right before all the trouble started…

    Ah anyway to make a long story short theirs a surplus of those 3 particular figures. You’ll also notice the ones that priced her at 20ish jacked the shipping to absurd prices to try and trick you. >_>

    But yea I bought my Kotone for 50 some bucks off Ebay and unless she’s a perfect forgery doujin and all she is very much Legit.

    Only thing I can think of why theirs some for a lot more is they originally bought them for more when they were actually scarce right after the event and don’t want to take the lose in profits maybe I dunno…very weird situation…

  4. Wolfheinrich says:

    I really thought you were going to bring Barack into this photo shoot lolol. Pia Carrot was a relatively popular franchise back in the days, but I don’t think it’s decline is due to the lack of longevity, but because of most of the developers left fandc after Pia 3. Pia 3 was one of the best SLG/AVG dating simulation back in it’s era.

  5. GREW says:

    The dream for all loli fans out there?
    loli + bunny ears + bloomers = nosebleed? xD

    Well, she looks nice, her pose is charming (if you have the Onii-chan sydrome xD).

    And nice photos ^^

  6. super rats says:

    Pia Carrot was the first hentai I saw and was the last for a while. It wasn’t perverted enough I guess. Anyway, I like the hand-plant shot.

  7. Aka says:

    A number of things caught my attention this post.

    “I wish more anime schoolgirls would wear gym shoes rather than the ubiquitous, boring loafers you see so often.”

    I agree entirely! I’ve always liked a girl who could look good in running shoes. I detest highheels… Running shoes and boots, I like a casual girl.

    “I gotta get the president into more of these shoots.
    That made me lol I immediately pictured what I do with Drossel. I so want to get an Obama doll… are they still available? Though at 1/6th scale that makes him too big really for most figures.

    Kind of a cute figure, I almost thought about perhaps adding it to my wishlist for later, until I realized JESUS 1/5th?!

  8. Tier says:

    >> Ashlotte
    I wonder what the deal is with all their 1/10 scale figures; 1/10 scale sucks. It’s even more consternating that they’ve got the only Itsuki Kannagi figure out on the market.

    I’m thinking about ordering that since it has a facehugger, but it might be too small for what I have in mind. I think NECA’s 7″ tall xenomorph might work; I just need to get it sometime (I went to a Toys R’Us a few months back to look for it but they didn’t have it. Incidentally, Toys R’Us isn’t nearly as cool a place now as it was when I was a little kid.)

    >> Wolfheinrich
    Ah, that would make sense then. I recall Pia Carrot got high praise from a lot of people, I always wondered why it didn’t have the staying power of similar series.

    >> GREW
    Possibly! She’s got a lot of the fetishes covered, and she wants a big hug XD

    >> super rats
    I think the first hentai flick I ever watched was F3: Frantic, Frustrated & Female. I have no clue why I remember that. The second might’ve been either some of the episodes from Cool Devices; those were quite a bit different in character from F3 (or Pia Carrot, I am assuming).

    >> Aka
    Thigh high socks and sneakers is one of my favorite combinations on an anime girl. I like heels too, though. Like with the moneygrab Saber Lily variant GSC chucked out, those heels are awesome; nothing says badass like throwing down in three-inch pumps. And a garter belt, a strapless bustier and lipstick.

    They might be; the one I have is made by a company called DID. I got it off Amazon, although they say they are temporarily out of stock right now.

    1/5 scale is a good scale! Not as good as 1/4, though; 1/4 is the king of scales, the alpha and omega, the Kwisatz Haderach, the Jolt Cola of figure sizes.

  9. Lylibellule says:

    Honestly despite those both suggestive poses you made her take, i don’t see any perversity in this figure. On contrary, i think she’s cheerful, simple and beautiful to look at. Even her outfit is all cute. The small pink short is delightful.
    Her face shine off joy and it’s a criteria i like very much.

    Still i wonder where those stains on the tip of her fingers came from… ^^

  10. Ashlotte says:

    Its sad isn’t it…I had fond memories of ToysRus as a kid too and they just really managed to make them suck over the years…no wonder most of them closed up near me…*sigh*

    Also reminded me I have no Alien memorabilia despite Aliens being my favorite film ever…hmmm…might have to rectify that… >_>

  11. Tier says:

    >> Lylibellule
    Yeah, she really is cute XD I’m wondering the same thing about those stains; I’ve never seen those sorts of paint problems before. Then again, I didn’t notice them at all till I looked at the pictures at 100% on my computer monitor, so they don’t bother me a great deal. (I’m sorta wondering whether I should mention technical problems that are only visible when looking at high-res pictures in the future).

    >> Ashlotte
    When I was walking through there all I could think of was checking for the alien figure, getting my games (I was there for a buy 2 video games, get 1 free promotion, now that I think about it), and getting out. Actually, that’s the way I shop at most retail stores, these days; the only stores I like to hang around in are Lowe’s and Michael’s >.>

    You should get the Hot Toys Big Chap alien and let me know if it’s any good, I’m kinda tempted by that.

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