Lancer from Red Stone

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

MMORPGs seem to be quite popular in Asia. This is particularly true in Korea, from whence a dizzying array of titles have spawned. Some – such as Lineage, Aion, and RF Online – have been published on this side of the ocean. Others – principally free-to-play games – haven’t received a formal release in the United States. Red Stone falls in the latter category, and I hadn’t ever heard of the game before I saw pictures of this figure. While I have minimal experience playing Korean MMOs, I do like their character designs, which are almost always awesome. The lancer girl passed the eyeball test with little difficulty, and now here she is.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

I assume that the lancer is a character class in this game, and the game’s website indicates that it is. Unfortunately the lancer girl doesn’t get the benefit of a name.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

Sculpted in 1/7 scale by Orchid Seed, the lancer is castoff-able, and her head and upper torso can all be detached in straightforward manner. Getting her torso reattached is a bit more annoying though, since there’s a large plastic peg on her bottom half that needs to be aligned with a hole in the cavity in her upper half. I had to use a lot of pressure to get her body assembled together without any visible gaps in the separation point. On the plus side, it does keep her together fairly well.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

Fully dressed, she wears this cape. Personally, I’m not a big fan of capes. Or skirts, really. They’re both bright red, and I think that it would’ve been better if they had chosen a more muted color; I like the lancer’s neutral, earth tone color scheme, and the red clothing really clashes with the color of her armor.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

The cape is cast as if it were blowing in the wind, which is a nice touch. I’m going to leave it off of the figure, though.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

Initially, I was a bit confused as to how to make her grip her weapon. I didn’t notice at first, but there’s a hole between her right boob and arm in which the shaft of the spear slides into. I recommend aligning the spear in her right hand – you can detach the tip and the bottom parts of the weapon – and inserting the spear shaft from above. I tried aligning it with her left hand and sliding it in from below and it didn’t work very well.

Incidentally, I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t sculpt the spear so that it slides between her breasts, like Fasalina.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

I really like the lancer’s sculpt. She’s got a cute Rei Ayanami-style bob cut, and her armor is nicely done, struggling to contain and support her majesty. I particularly like the heels; high heels are among the most practical forms of footwear for women to go into battle with. I also like the pronounced arch in her back as well as her garter belt – also a very practical item for keeping your socks up while engaged in combat.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

The paint is more of a mixed affair. As I mentioned, I like her coloring – she’s got a lot of brown and red and black which all go together well. One curious design decision is that the waistband of her panties isn’t fully painted; it goes halfway around her hips and then just stops. I’m not really sure why Orchid Seed chose to do that. I’m tempted to get a Gundam marker to draw in the rest of the band.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

Also, her skin tone is inconsistent. She’s got a uniformly pale face, but her body has a ruddy complexion, particularly on her legs near her clothing. The skin where the garter straps cross is particularly reddish, and it presents a bit of an odd contrast with her face. To be honest, I didn’t notice any of this when I looked at the promo pictures, at other reviews, or even when I was taking pictures. When you do notice it, though, it’s rather apparent.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

The lancer has a very pretty face. She’s got a small smile, which can be shy or sly or something else depending on how you look at her.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

I completely forgot to snap pictures of the base. She doesn’t actually need a base, but she comes with one anyway; it’s a transparent plastic disc with the Red Stone logo and a copyright statement smack in the middle of it. At 17 centimeters in diameter, it takes up a lot of space and I don’t think I’m going to display her on it.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

There are some things that I wish that were done differently, but overall I like this figure a lot, particularly in castoff mode. I’ve got a thing for cute girls in armor, and the lancer certainly is that.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

Polearms have been used in warfare for centuries. They were one of the weapons wielded in phalanx formation during the time of Alexander the Great. In medieval warfare, close-packed formations of pikemen could break up cavalry charges. Pikes were also used aboard warships for repelling boarding attempts; one can imagine that aboard a ship wreathed in smoke, pitching and rolling with the sea, a hand-to-hand weapon might have at times been more useful than a single-shot firearm.

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

Orchid Seed Lancer from Red Stone Figure Review

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16 Responses to Lancer from Red Stone

  1. Ashlotte says:

    Lovely figure and lovely photos! Thanks Tier.

  2. Blowfish says:

    Rrrrrr Thats one sexy little lancer!
    Despite the obvious flaws you already pointed out,its a very nice figure.I cant tell whats so appealing but she definately gets the blowfish approvement.

    Haha now that youre mentioning Fasalina.I didnt buy her because of that staff between her boobs thing.That was the time when I still had some shame left in my body.Look at me now with all my boobielicious figures XD

    BTW: Nice work with the contrasting shadowed there.Make me wanna jump her alot more ;P

  3. Leonia says:

    Amazing review Tier. Yours picture are beautiful ! Lancer is more beautiful that i Thought.

    —> whislist

  4. Tommy says:

    I like the lancer’s neutral, earth tone color scheme, and the red clothing really clashes with the color of her armor.

    I agree that they could’ve used a more muted tone of red instead of using a near pure hue. Other than that, she looks really sweet.

    I really like the design of Korean MMOs as well, especially that of Ragnarok Online. I’ll be all over it if they ever make one of a female hunter/sniper, knight/lord knight, or priestess/high priestess.

  5. Wolfheinrich says:

    High heels and garter belt is as practical as a uniform can go! Don’t know a thing about this girl, but she does look hot!

  6. Tier says:

    >> Ashlotte
    Thanks for the kind words!

    >> Blowfish
    There was once a time when I would have reservations about acquiring risque figures, too. Those days are long gone; now I only have reservations about buying male figures. I ain’t buying no dudes. Other than Barack Obama, I mean. Speaking of whom, I really need to find a way to incorporate the president in more reviews. Hmm …

    >> Leonia
    Thanks! She’s got a few flaws but she looks really good nonetheless. I’ve been pretty happy with Orchid Seed’s stuff recently. Come to think of it, is Orchid Seed the only major figure manufacturer these days that doesn’t seem to have plans to chuck out poseable action figures?

    >> Tommy
    I’ve never played Ragnarok Online but I definitely wouldn’t mind a priestess figure. I’ll admit to having a bit of a thing for sexy nun costumes but RO really does them right. I wouldn’t mind a dark knight figure either. Or a Cora character from RF Online.

    >> Wolfheinrich
    Indeed! Add in the battle underwear and this girl is ready for a fight.

  7. Guy says:

    Well, they’re not all spears, or lances, or poleaxes. They each have a different name once you go into specific uses and formations, and grouping them all is not exactly kosher.

    I think it’s a neat figure, and I really like her leather-chain combination armour at the top.

    I for one think that shaft between the breasts looks ridiculous, especially on the figure you’ve linked (no, not that shaft :P), this looks much more natural, and she looks more at ease this way, which is good.

    The panty-line disappearing seems really odd. It almost seems like some weird crack from the front.

    You should’ve taken some “Natural light” shots, otherwise we can’t really compare on the redness of her garments, as some of it could be from extra vividness added by the camera and lighting. My camera in one specific mode also adds a slight red tilt which I’ve talked about when I’ve reviewed Yoko’s nendoroid.

    You know, when she had her skirt on, I didn’t realize these were garters, and thought it might have been another case of “Torn pantyhose”.

    Also, with her skirt on, she appears to have cellulitis, which is something of a turn off… might be the painting, dunno.

  8. Tier says:

    Heh, if it’s not kosher, is it halal or vegan?

  9. Guy says:

    Cute 😉 “It’s not kosher” is a figure of speech, as you know.

    But, kosher and vegan are not mutually exclusive, and orthodox muslims who go on flights ask for kosher food, because that’s as close to the halal as they can get. I think kosher food is almost entirely halal, but I’m not sure. I know Jews do drink alcohol.

  10. ELTboy says:

    This is a really nice photoshoot. Love the softer photos especially.

    For the figure, I was tempted for a while when she was announced. In the end, she wasn’t among my higher priorities so I pass her up but a nice figure. Now your photography made her look great and tempting again. ^^”

  11. Lylibellule says:

    Despite the few flaws that you mention, “Lancer” is pretty (especially in castoff mode :P). Yet I can’t love her face. 🙁

    Like you, I don’tt understand why the waistband of her panties isn’t fully painted …????

    Beautiful photoshoot!!!! The lighting is perfect.

  12. Tier says:

    >> ELTboy
    Thanks! I am happy to encourage people to empty their wallets and bank accounts; it’s better for the people, it’s better for the retailers, and it’s better for the hobby.

    >> Lylibellule
    Thanks too! Yeah, the face is a little bit different. I notice that Korean anime-style art has a lot of similarities to its Japanese counterpart, but sometimes there are some noticeable differences so that you can tell the artist (or sculptor) isn’t Japanese.

    The waistband is the biggest problem I see on this figure. I really wonder if drawing it with a Gundam marker would look alright.

  13. DaSaru says:

    Bit late in reply but i think the reason the waistband disappears is because it supposed to look like it got trapped in the flesh between her hips and thighs.

    I love capes. I wanna let hear wear the cape..and just that.

  14. Tier says:

    Yeah, that could be it. And I agree, I wouldn’t mind seeing that at all XD

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