Random Thoughts VI – Fixed-up Meiya and Cheap Lens Impressions

I got Meiya put back together and as one can see, she’s actually holding her sword now. Am I making a note here, huge success? Hardly; I did an awful job of reattaching her arm, but fortunately the paint is dark and her armpit isn’t visible from the front. Given a choice between ugly arm joint and a straight sword versus a clean arm joint with her sword passing over her right hand, I prefer the former.

I’ve been playing with the new cheap lens; it’s tempting to abuse its capabilities by jacking aperture width as wide as it’ll go. It’s noticeably sharper than the kit lens I’ve been using for all my earlier shots, but it seems more difficult to focus where I want it to. It’s also unusual in that I have to position my camera farther away from the subject than I’m used to; with the kit lens, I’m usually no more than a foot away from the figure, but with the f/1.8 lens I usually need to move back a meter or more to get it in the frame. It’s fun to experiment with, but it does provide a humbling indication of how little I really know about photography.

In miscellaneous news I looked at my preorders and I have something like ten figures scheduled for release this month. It’s gonna be spensive.

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4 Responses to Random Thoughts VI – Fixed-up Meiya and Cheap Lens Impressions

  1. Rather sneaky, not showing us how the joint ended up! I’m sure it’s not that bad. Just maybe a little extra sanding and whatnot needed to make it look awesome.

  2. Tier says:

    Ha, I’ve been caught! I was pretty tired last night so I didn’t finish processing all my pictures. I do actually have one picture here though (can I use HTML on my own blog’s comment box? Let’s find out!).

    Edit: Man that picture is dark on my home monitor. Here’s a different picture that hopefully shows up a bit better.

  3. Yup, as I thought. You just needed a little more putty and then just to sand it down into a smooth finish. Pretty good job with the colour tho!! It doesn’t stand out at all!!

  4. Tier says:

    I think I’ll go ahead and slather more putty on the joint then. Thanks for the encouragement!

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