More Figure Picture Re-shoots

The re-shooting project continues apace, with my first three reviews ever getting do-overs. Looking back at my older pictures, I cringe at how bad they are. I haven’t been taking pictures for very long but I think I’ve made some improvement. I’m not saying that I’m any good now, mind you, only that I’ve begun doing things differently as of late.

Here’s a few comparison pictures of Haruka:

And a couple from my Nanjyou Ran photo sets:

And finally a couple before-and-after sets of Senhime:

I like how the flowers turned out, particularly on Nanjyou Ran’s shoot; they’re kinda psychadelic. I usually use plain black or white backgrounds but I think I might try to change things up a little bit with props every now and then.

Part of me says that I should keep the old pictures the way they are as a sort of historical record that shows how bad my pictures were. On the other hand, a much more strident and overpowering part of me says that this is my blog and I should do what I feel like and that newbie pictures aren’t something that I want to show off to the world.

Next up for reshoots are probably Lala and Canal. I’d like to re-shoot Alter’s Senhime too; I have some ideas for what sort of setting I’d like to use but it’s going to take some time to put it together.

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3 Responses to More Figure Picture Re-shoots

  1. Seditia says:

    Sweet photography work, man.

  2. BMecha says:

    nice photos. i love the haruka’s photo where the image is really sharp and tell the details of the figure.

    i’m exploring toy photography as well, need to wait until my camera is here. mind to tell me what camera you use and the settings?

  3. Tier says:

    >> Seditia
    Thanks mang!

    >> BMecha
    Thanks! I use a Canon Rebel XS, their entry-grade DSLR camera. I only have one lens, the kit lens that came with it. It’s an 18-55mm lens and to be honest, I have no idea what that means.

    I usually shoot in aperture priority mode; sometimes I shoot in manual mode if I can’t get the exposure I want, but that doesn’t happen often (it usually only occurs if I’m using very dim lighting). My black-background shots are done with the exposure set as low as it can go (-2 on the camera, I have no clue what real-world value this number represents). I usually shoot at f/3.5 for close-up pictures and f/8 for everything else. ISO is set at the lowest value on my camera (100) and I use either auto white balancing or daylight white balancing, depending on which looks better to me.

    My pictures also go through a great deal of processing in Photoshop before I upload them.

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